Savyolovo ( _ru. Савёлово) is a microdistrict of the town of Kimry in Tver Oblast, Russia. It lies on the right bank of the Volga River and is connected to the left-bank part of Kimry by a 554 m long bridge over the Volga (the longest bridge in Tver Oblast).

The expansion of the ancient village of Savyolovo at the beginning of the 20th century was due to the opening there in 1900 of a railway station on a new direct line to Moscow. The station was chiefly intended to serve the town of Kimry, with which Savyolovo eventually merged, on the opposite bank of the river.

Railway station

The station is the terminus of an "elektrichka" (short-distance passenger electric train) service from the Savyolovsky Station in Moscow via Dmitrov and Taldom. Savyolovo has given its name to the line itself (the Savyolovsky Rail Terminal), as well as its terminus and a number of related toponyms in Moscow (Savyolovskaya Metro station, Savyolovsky market, etc.).

In the northern direction (i.e. opposite to Moscow direction) the railway serves mostly rural locations in Tver Oblast and Yaroslavl Oblast. These are two railway branches:
* Savyolovo – Kashin – Sonkovo – Vesyegonsk;
* Savyolovo – Kalyazin – Uglich.

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* [ Savyovolo train schedule] ru icon
* [ The Savyolovo Railway and its hinterland] ru icon

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