Score (album)

Score (album)

Infobox Album |
Name = Score
Type = live
Artist = Dream Theater

Released = August 29, 2006
Recorded = April 1, 2006 - Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York
Genre = Progressive metal
Length = 2:37:05
Label = Rhino Entertainment
Producer = Ethan Mesmer
Director = Mike Portnoy
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3.5|5 [ link]
*Sea of Tranquility Rating|5|5 [ link]
Last album = "Octavarium"
This album = "Score"
Next album = "Systematic Chaos"
Misc =
Infobox music DVD
Name = Score
Type = DVD
Artist = Dream Theater

Released = August 29, 2006
Recorded = April 1, 2006 - Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York
Genre = Progressive metal
Length = 2:44:20 (Disc 1)
1:27:42 (Disc 2)
Label = Rhino Entertainment
Last DVD = "Live at Budokan"
This DVD = "Score"
Next DVD = "Chaos In Motion 2007/2008"
Misc =

"Score" is a 3 CD/2 DVD combination by progressive metal band Dream Theater. It is a live album, recorded on April 1, 2006 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This is the final concert of their 20th Anniversary Tour, labeled "A Very Special Evening with Dream Theater". The entire second half of the concert features a complete symphonic orchestra, dubbed "The Octavarium Orchestra", conducted by Jamshied Sharifi.

The album was released on August 29, 2006 and contains the entire concert setlist, including the encore. A condensed version of the concert was aired on VH1 Classic on August 25, 2006, 4 days before the release of the album and DVD.

The name of the album comes from the word "score", meaning the number twenty. It was chosen in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dream Theater. "Score" could also mean a conductor's musical score, parts of which are used on the packaging imagery. Given "Octavarium"'s references to the numbers five and eight, it is interesting to note that at the time of "Score's" release, Dream Theater had, in their discography, five live albums and eight studio albums.

Two of the songs recorded on this album were previously unreleased: "Another Won", a song written by the band when they were still named Majesty, and "Raise The Knife", a song left off of "Falling Into Infinity".

In Australia, the 3 CD boxset was released on September 2, 2006.

On October 15th, 2006, Score was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Track listing


Disc one

lyrics_credits = yes
music_credits = yes
extra_column = Performer(s)
title1 = The Root of All Evil
extra1 = Dream Theater
lyrics1 = Mike Portnoy
music1 = Dream Theater
length1 = 8:22
title2 = I Walk Beside You
extra2 = Dream Theater
lyrics2 = John Petrucci
music2 = Dream Theater
length2 = 4:11
title3 = Another Won
extra3 = Dream Theater
lyrics3 = Petrucci
music3 = Dream Theater
length3 = 5:22
title4 = Afterlife
extra4 = Dream Theater
lyrics4 = Charlie Dominici
music4 = Dream Theater
length4 = 5:56
title5 = Under a Glass Moon
extra5 = Dream Theater
lyrics5 = Petrucci
music5 = Dream Theater
length5 = 7:29
title6 = Innocence Faded
extra6 = Dream Theater
lyrics6 = Petrucci
music6 = Dream Theater
length6 = 5:36
title7 = Raise the Knife
extra7 = Dream Theater
lyrics7 = Portnoy
music7 = Dream Theater
length7 = 11:43
title8 = The Spirit Carries On
extra8 = Dream Theater
lyrics8 = Petrucci
music8 = Dream Theater
length8 = 9:46

Disc two

lyrics_credits = yes
music_credits = yes
extra_column = Performer(s)
title1 = Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
extra1 = Dream Theater & the Octavarium Orchestra
lyrics1 = Petrucci, Portnoy
music1 = Petrucci, John Myung, Jordan Rudess, Portnoy
length1 = 41:33
title2 = Vacant
extra2 = Dream Theater & the Octavarium Orchestra
lyrics2 = James LaBrie
music2 = Myung, Rudess
length2 = 3:01
title3 = The Answer Lies Within
extra3 = Dream Theater & the Octavarium Orchestra
lyrics3 = Petrucci
music3 = Dream Theater
length3 = 5:36
title4 = Sacrificed Sons
extra4 = Dream Theater & the Octavarium Orchestra
lyrics4 = LaBrie
music4 = Dream Theater
length4 = 10:38

Disc three

lyrics_credits = yes
music_credits = yes
extra_column = Performer(s)
title1 = Octavarium
extra1 = Dream Theater & the Octavarium Orchestra
lyrics1 = LaBrie, Petrucci, Portnoy
music1 = Dream Theater
length1 = 27:16
title2 =
extra2 = Dream Theater & the Octavarium Orchestra
lyrics2 = Petrucci
music2 = Dream Theater
length2 = 10:39


Tracks 1 through 8 feature Dream Theater alone. Tracks 9 through 14 feature Dream Theater and The Octavarium Orchestra.

Disc one

#"The Root of All Evil" – 9:32
#"I Walk Beside You" – 4:10
#"Another Won" – 5:40
#"Afterlife" – 7:28
#"Under a Glass Moon" – 7:27
#"Innocence Faded" – 6:16
#"Raise the Knife" – 11:51
#"The Spirit Carries On" – 9:37
#"Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" – 41:26
#"Vacant" – 3:03
#"The Answer Lies Within" – 5:36
#"Sacrificed Sons" – 10:36
#"Octavarium" – 27:29
#"" – 11:16
#Credits – 2:53

Disc two

*"The Score So Far..." 20th Anniversary Documentary – 56:25
*Octavarium Animation – 3:06
*"Another Day" (Live in Tokyo – August 26, 1993) – 4:47
*"The Great Debate" (Live in Bucharest – July 4, 2002) – 13:37
*"Honor Thy Father" (Live in Chicago – August 12, 2005) – 9:47


* James LaBrievocals
* John MyungBass
* John PetrucciGuitar, backing vocals
* Mike Portnoydrums, backing vocals
* Jordan RudessKeyboards, Continuum, and Lap Steel Guitar

Additional personnel

Octavarium Orchestra


*Jamshied Sharifi


*Elena Barere - (Concertmistress)
*Yuri Vodovos
*Belinda Whitney
*Avril Brown
*Katherine Livolsi
*Abe Appleman
*Joyce Hammann
*Karen Karlsrud
*Ann Leathers
*Ricky Sortomme
*Jan Mullen
*Carol Pool


*Vincent Lionti
*Adria Benjamin
*Judy Witmer
*Crystal Garner
*Jonathan Dinklage


*Richard Locker
*Eugene Moye
*David Heiss
*Caryl Paisner

French Horn

*Bob Carlisle
*Dan Culpepper
*Larry DiBello

Bass Trombone

*George Flynn


*Pamela Sklar

=B Flat Clarinet=

*Ole Mathisen


*Jeff Kievit
*Jim Hynes


*Gordon Gottlieb

RIAA Certifications

These statistics were compiled from the RIAA certification online database.cite web |url= |publisher= Recording Industry Association of America |title= Gold and Platinum database |accessdate= 2008-01-31] They only apply to the DVD.

*"Gold" - October 11 2006
*"Platinum" - October 11 2006


*The first and second setlists contain 8 and 5 songs respectively ("" was played as an encore, instead of being part of the setlist), which fits the common uses of 8 and 5 in the band's album "Octavarium".
*The second set has another occurrence of 8 and 5 - the epic "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" has 8 parts, and then 5 more songs (counting the encore) are played with the orchestra, making 13 total.
*Also, 5 of the 8 songs from "Octavarium" appear in the entire setlist.
*There are various numbers on Mike Portnoy's kit throughout the DVD. These refer to a mysterious number system found in the TV show Lost.
*"Train of Thought" ends with the song "In the Name of God," and the next studio album, "Octavarium", starts with "The Root of All Evil". This is the same with Dream Theater's albums "Live at Budokan" and "Score" - "Live at Budokan" ends with "In the Name of God" and "Score" starts with "The Root of All Evil". (On the CD version of "Score", a clip from "In the Name of God" is heard playing over the PA system before the band starts playing)
*During the performance of "Under a Glass Moon", John Petrucci's guitar rig mysteriously shut down leaving the song to continue with no guitar until around the end of the first chorus. It was later discovered that the rig failure was due to a camera-man being on stage and accidentally stepping on a switch that immediately silences Petrucci's entire guitar rig. In the Live DVD you can see Petrucci fiddle with his Pedalboard and then walk to the back of his cabinets. At this time the video focuses on the remaining 4 members of DT until Petrucci gets his rig working again. Subsequently, before the release of the CD and DVD, Petrucci recorded the missing guitar parts in a studio as to keep the flow of the show and song moving.
*During "Under a Glass Moon," the band plays the first part of the circus march.
*Before the show actually started, the title theme from "A Clockwork Orange" played over the sound system. For the most part, this happened at every tour stop in the Octavarium Tour. The theme would play and it would segue into the ending of "In the Name of God". The theme does not appear in the CD or DVD in any way, most likely due to the fact that if the intro music from "A Clockwork Orange" was included on the DVD release the composer of the theme, Wendy Carlos would be owed both performance and mechanical royalties as the composer of the music.


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