Daze (comics)

Daze (comics)
Daze turns into vapor
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance J2 #10
Created by Tom DeFalco
Ron Lim
In-story information
Alter ego unknown
Species Human Mutant
Abilities Can turn her body into living vapor

Daze is a fictional character who appeared in Marvel Comics' MC2 series J2.

Fictional character biography

Magneta sent a note to J2 and Wolverine, saying that she had Wolverine's daughter Wild Thing in the island nation of Madripoor. After much searching, the two heroes went to a hotel, where they were greeted by a very friendly African-American teenager named Daze, who offered them directions to a house where Wild Thing had been spotted. When Wolverine and J2 arrived at the house, they were attacked by robot guards, and the ensuing battle was in danger of damaging the house (which belonged to Daze). Daze tried to intervene to save her home, and revealed that she had a mutant ability to turn into living vapor. She used her ability on J2 to surround him with a cloud of noxious gas, which blinded him, and sent him crashing into a spa where Wild Thing and Magneta were showering. Magneta informed J2 and Wolverine that the whole thing was a test to see how Daze's powers would fare in powered combat. Daze was apparently up for membership in Magneta's new superteam, and Wild Thing had just joined (much to Wolverine's chagrin). Daze revealed that she was a huge fan of J2, and hated having to fight him. Now that Magneta has joined a team of villains, it is doubtful that the kind, heroic Daze is still working with Magneta.

Powers and abilities

Daze can turn her body from solid flesh into living purple vapor. She can control the vapor she is made of to create various effects for the people she attacks, such as nausea, blindness, sleepiness, or just simply making it hard for her opponents to breathe. Her vapor form is extremely malleable, and she can become a massive cloud to envelop several enemies at once. Daze's vapor form is lighter than air, allowing her to fly.

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