Blacklight (MC2)

Blacklight (MC2)


caption=Blacklight flies to the rescue.
real_name=Kandra Freeman []
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="A-Next" #9 (1999)
creators=Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
powers=Control over ultraviolet light, flight.|

Blacklight (Kandra Freeman), is a fictional character who appeared in the Marvel Comics' MC2 series A-Next. She is the daughter of Derek Freeman and Photon. []

Fictional character biography

When Kevin Masterson of A-Next was attacked by his old enemies, the "Sons of the Serpent", he was heavily outnumbered, and was surround by people so he couldn't transform into his heroic identity of Thunderstrike. But help arrived in the form of a costumed heroine, called Blacklight (whose costume bore a noticeable resemblance to the costume worn by Photon). Blacklight was able to use her energy manipulation powers to fight the Sons of the Serpent. Despite her apparent newness to the superhero game, she soon showed the Serpents that she was a force to be reckoned with, especially when she demonstrated the power to form solid objects out of black light. Kevin was finally able to change into Thunderstrike and help her fight the Serpents. Thunderstrike was very impressed with her performance after the battle was won, and offered her a spot on the A-next team, but she declined, preferring to work as a solo hero.

But when the evil Red Queen and her Revengers captured A-Next, Blacklight was quick to lend assistance, using her energy constructs to both free the captured heroes, and fight the villains. When the battle was over, she accepted membership with A-Next.

Powers and abilities

Blacklight has the ability to manipulate ultraviolet light, and use it to fire blasts of destructive energy. She can also focus her energies into solid form, and construct almost anything she can think of (ramps, stop signs, giant shovels, etc) out of her black light (similar to the powers shown by DC Comics' Green Lantern). She can also use her energy powers to fly at high-speed.

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