List of Hobbits

List of Hobbits

In J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, Hobbits are a fictional race related to Men. They first appear in The Hobbit and play an important role in The Lord of the Rings.

This is a list of hobbits that are mentioned by name in Tolkien's works. They are ordered alphabetically by first name. In cases where a hobbit’s family name was changed, usually through marriage, their original family name is given in parentheses. Nicknames are given in quotation marks.

Note that the years are given in years of the Third Age (unless otherwise noted), and not according to Shire Reckoning.



Adaldrida (Bolger) Brandybuck: (2818–?) Wife of Marmadoc Brandybuck and mother to Gorbadoc Brandybuck, Orgulas Brandybuck, and two unnamed daughters. Her years of birth and death are not given in The Lord of the Rings, but a birth year of 2818 for her appears on Bolger family tree 'BG4' in The Peoples of Middle-earth.
Adalgrim Took: (2880–2982) Son of Hildigrim Took and Rosa Took. Father of Paladin II Took, Esmeralda Brandybuck, and three unnamed daughters. He was Bilbo's first cousin on his father's side (and Bilbo's mother's side) and Bilbo's second cousin on his mother's side (and Bilbo's father's side), making him an excellent example of the complicated kinship relationships among Hobbits.
Adelard Took: (2928–F.A. 2) Son of Flambard Took and father of Reginard Took, Everard Took, and three unnamed daughters. Bilbo gave him an umbrella as a gift after the farewell party, noting that Adelard had taken many in the past.[1]
Amaranth Brandybuck: (2904–2998) The second child, and eldest daughter, of Gorbadoc Brandybuck and Mirabella Brandybuck.
Andwise "Andy" Roper: The eldest brother of Hamfast Gamgee and uncle to Samwise Gamgee. The latter refers to him a few times in The Lord of the Rings. His profession, as befitted his name, was rope-making.
Angelica Baggins: (2981–?) Daughter of Ponto Baggins. Noted for her vanity. Received a mirror from Bilbo after the farewell party.[2]
Asphodel (Brandybuck) Burrows: (2913–3012) The fifth child of Gorbadoc Brandybuck and Mirabella Brandybuck, wife of Rufus Burrows, and mother of Milo Burrows. She attended Bilbo's farewell party.


Balbo Baggins (2767–c. 2863): is the first recorded Baggins, and the ancestor of the Baggins family of Hobbiton. He married Berylla Boffin and had five children: Mungo, Pansy, Ponto, Largo, and Lily.
  • Note on Balbo's dates: In the published Baggins genealogy only Balbo's birthdate is shown, but by looking at his children it is possible to estimate his deathdate.
Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took (2704–2806): The younger son of Isumbras III, Bandobras was known for his exceptionally large stature for a Hobbit (he stood 4' 5" and could ride a horse), although he was later surpassed by his descendant Pippin and Pippin's friend Merry Brandybuck. He led the defence against the orcs of Mt. Gram led by Golfimbul at the Battle of Greenfields. He is said to have knocked Golfimbul's head off with a blow from his club and sent it flying into a rabbit hole, and is thus credited with inventing the sport of golf. While his older brother Ferumbras succeeded to the Thainship, he fathered many descendants, including the North-tooks of Long Cleeve.
Belba (Baggins) Bolger (2856–2956): The wife of Rudigar Bolger and second child of Mungo Baggins and Laura Baggins.
Bell (Goodchild) Gamgee: Wife of Hamfast Gamgee and mother of Hamson Gamgee, Halfred Gamgee, Daisy Gamgee, May Gamgee, Samwise Gamgee, and Marigold Cotton.
Belladonna (Took) Baggins (2852–2934): The "remarkable" ninth child, and eldest daughter, of the Old Took and his wife Adamanta. The wife of Bungo Baggins and mother of Bilbo Baggins, she was well known to the wizard Gandalf.
Berylla (Boffin) Baggins (2772–?): Wife of Balbo Baggins and mother of Mungo Baggins, Pansy Bolger, Ponto Baggins, Largo Baggins, and Lily Goodbody. Her years of birth and death are not given in The Lord of the Rings, but a birth year of 2772 for her appears on Boffin family tree 'BF4' in The Peoples of Middle-earth.
Bilbo Baggins : See Bilbo Baggins.
Bilbo Gardner: A son of Sam and Rose Gardner.
Bill Butcher: The butcher of Michel Delving in the poem Perry-the-Winkle. It is unclear whether the character in the poem was based on a historical hobbit or was a made up person within the story.
Bingo Baggins (2864–2963): The brother of Bungo, married Chica Chubb; they had one son, Falco Chubb-Baggins. Falco is most notable as Bilbo's cousin.
Blanco: Fallohide hobbit and brother of Marcho, founder of the Shire in 1601.
Bodo Proudfoot: Husband of Linda Baggins, father of Odo Proudfoot.
Bowman "Nick" Cotton: Brother of Rose Cotton.
Bucca of the Marish: An early inhabitant of what would become the Eastfarthing, Bucca founded the Oldbuck clan. He was chosen to be the first Thain in 1979.
Bungo Baggins (2846–2926): Bungo was the "solid and comfortable" father (see The Hobbit, ch. 1) of Bilbo. He was also the builder of Bag End. He and his wife Belladonna (née Took) lived there until the end of their days. He had a brother named Bingo.


Camellia Sackville: Wife of Longo Baggins and mother of Otho Sackville-Baggins.
Carl "Nibs" Cotton:
Celandine Brandybuck (2994–?): The third child of Seredic and Hilda Brandybuck, she attended Bilbo's farewell party.
Chica (Chubb) Baggins: Wife of Bingo Baggins and mother of Falco Chubb-Baggins.
Cotman: Farmer Cotton's grandfather.


Daddy Twofoot: Next-door neighbour of Gaffer Gamgee.[3]
Daisy (Baggins) Boffin: (2950–?) was a cousin of Frodo Baggins. She was the daughter of Drogo's brother Dudo. She married Griffo Boffin.
Daisy (Gamgee): (2972–?) Sister of Samwise.
Daisy (Gardner): Daughter of Samwise.
Déagol: A Stoor hobbit and relative of Sméagol. See Déagol.
Diamond "of Long Cleeve" Took: (2995–?) became the wife of Thain Peregrin Took in the 6th year of the Fourth Age. She is possibly one of the North-Tooks, descended from Bandobras Took (aka Bullroarer). She had one son Faramir, named for a Steward of Gondor (see Faramir). Her date of death is not known, but some people assume Diamond probably died sometime before the year 63 of the Fourth Age when Pippin left the Shire to live in Gondor.
Dinodas Brandybuck: A guest at Bilbo's farewell party.
Doderic Brandybuck: A guest at Bilbo's farewell party.
Dodinas Brandybuck:
Donnamira (Took) Boffin: A daughter of Gerontius, The Old Took.
Dora (Baggins): Sister of Drogo, noted for dispensing advice in her letters.[4]
Drogo Baggins: Married Primula (Brandybuck), father of Frodo Baggins. Rumored to have drowned during a boating accident (boating being an unusual activity for hobbits).[5]
Dudo Baggins: (2911–3009)


Eglantine (Banks) Took: Wife of Paladin Took II and mother of Pippin Took.
Elanor "the Fair" (Gardner) Fairbairn: See Elanor Gardner.
Elfstan Fairbairn: Son of Elanor Gardner and grandson of Samwise Gamgee.
Erling: Holman Greenhand's third child.
Esmeralda (Took) Brandybuck: A descendant of Gerontius the Old Took, and the younger sister of Thain Paladin II. She married Saradoc Brandybuck, and hence was Mistress of Brandy Hall at the time of the War of the Ring. She was both Peregrin Took's aunt and Merry Brandybuck's mother.
Estella (Bolger) Brandybuck (2985–?): The sister of Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger, the companion whom Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam left behind in Crickhollow at the start of The Fellowship of the Ring. Through her mother, Rosamunda Bolger (nee Took), she was a descendant of the Old Took. She married Merry, and had at least one son. Estella probably died sometime before the year 63 of the Fourth Age when Merry left the Shire to live in Gondor. She was added to the family tree by Tolkien for the Ballantine edition, and remained an anomaly until the consolidation of the text in the Houghton Mifflin edition of 1987.[6]
Everard Took: Danced the Springle-ring on a table with Melilot Brandybuck, interrupting Bilbo's farewell speech.[7]


Falco Chubb-Baggins: Son of Bingo Baggins and Chica Chubb.
Faramir Took: Eldest son of Peregrin Took and Diamond "of Long Cleeve" Took, born in the year 1430 of the Shire Reckoning. Named after Faramir son of Denethor, the last ruling Steward of Gondor. Married Samwise Gamgee's daughter Goldilocks. Became 'Took and Thain' in the year 1484.
Farmer "Muddy-feet" Maggot: See Farmer Maggot.
Fastolph Bolger:
Fastred of Greenholm: Married Samwise Gamgee's oldest daughter, Elanor the Fair. Also known as Fastred Fairbairn.
Ferdibrand Took: A guest at Bilbo's farewell party, son of Ferdinand Took.
Ferdinand Took: A guest at Bilbo's farewell party, son of Sigismond Took.
Ferumbras II Took: Son of Isumbras III Took.
Ferumbras III Took: (2916–3015), while not otherwise particularly famous, was Thain at the time of the Farewell party of Bilbo Baggins at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings. He was the son of Fortinbras Took II (2878–2980, a cousin of Bilbo) and Lalia Clayhanger. He never married because no one wanted Lalia for a mother-in-law.
Filibert Bolger: A guest at Bilbo's farewell party, , married Poppy Baggins.
Fíriel Fairbairn: Daughter of Elanor Gardner and Fastred of Greenholm. One of the Fairbairns of Undertowers, the Wardens of Westmarch.
Flambard Took: Son of Isembard Took.
Folco Boffin: Friend of Frodo Baggins. Folco helped Frodo prepare to leave Bag End[8] and was at his birthday feast before Frodo went on his quest in 3018.
Fortinbras I Took: Son of Ferumbras II Took.
Fortinbras II Took: Son of Isumbras IV Took.
Fosco Baggins: Married Ruby Bolger.
Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger: See Fredegar Bolger.
Frodo Baggins: See Frodo Baggins.
Frodo Gardner: (F.A. 2–?) Second child and first son of Samwise and Rose Gardner. Frodo Gardner had at least one child, his son Holfast.


Gerontius "The Old" Took: was the second oldest Hobbit in the Shire's history after Bilbo Baggins. The twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire, he ruled for 72 years, and died at the age of 130. He was particular friends with Gandalf, who was rumoured to have given him a pair of magic diamond cufflinks which opened and closed upon command. He was a direct ancestor to the majority of the famous Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings. He married Adamanta Chubb and had twelve children; nine sons: Isengrim III, Hildigard, Isumbras IV, Hildigrim (great-grandfather to Peregrin Took & Meriadoc Brandybuck), Isembold, Hildifons, Isembard, Hildibrand (great-grandfather to Fredegar Bolger and Estella Bolger), and Isengar; and three daughters: Belladonna (mother to Bilbo Baggins), Donnamira (great-grandmother to Folco Boffin, Fredegar Bolger and Estella Bolger), and Mirabella (grandmother to Frodo Baggins and great-grandmother to Meriadoc Brandybuck).
Gilly (Brownlock) Baggins: A guest at Bilbo's farewell party, married Posco Baggins.
Goldilocks (Gardner) Took: (F.A. 10–?) was the third daughter of Master Samwise Gamgee and his wife Rose Cotton. In F.A. 42, she married Faramir Took, son of Peregrin Took, Thain of the Shire. Faramir became Thain in F.A. 63, when his father left for Gondor.
Gorbadoc "Broadbelt" Brandybuck (2860–2963): Head of the Brandybuck family and Master of Buckland from 2910 until his death. The maternal grandfather of Frodo Baggins and the great-grandfather of Merry Brandybuck, "Master Gorbadoc" was famous for keeping a generous table.
Gorbulas Brandybuck: Son of Orgulas Brandbuck.
Gorhendad (Oldbuck) Brandybuck: Eleventh Thain of the Oldbuck line. He led the colonisation of Buckland, and renamed himself to Brandybuck.
Gormadoc "Deepdelver" Brandybuck (2734–2836): Master of Buckland until his death, and an ancestor of both Frodo Baggins and Meriadoc Brandybuck.
Griffo Boffin:


Halfast Gamgee:
Halfred Gamgee:
Halfred Gamgee:
Halfred Greenhand:
Hanna (Goldworthy) Brandybuck:
Hamfast "Ham / Gaffer / Old" Gamgee: (From Anglo-Saxon hām, "house", and fæst, "fixed") Father of Samwise Gamgee. He married Bell Goodchild, with whom he had six children, including Samwise (his youngest son), and lived at number three Bagshot Row in the Shire. He was a gardener on the Baggins property at Bag End for many years. He was frequently consulted for his knowledge of root vegetables, generally over a pint at The Green Dragon, an inn at Bywater. Early in The Fellowship of the Ring, he unintentionally tells a Nazgûl that Frodo had left Bag End, putting Frodo in danger. He also plays a minor role in The Return of the King. Samwise, after adopting the name Gardner, named one of his children after Hamfast. Sam often refers to his father as "Gaffer" or "the Gaffer".
Hamfast Gardner: A son of Samwise Gamgee.
Hamfast of Gamwich:
Hamson Gamgee:
Harding Gardner:
Hilda (Bracegirdle) Brandybuck: Sister to Hugo Bracegirdle and niece of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (née Bracegirdle). She married Seredic Brandybuck and had three children: Doderic, Ilberic and Celandine.
Hildibrand Took: Son of Gerontius The Old Took.
Hildifons Took: Son of Gerontius The Old Took. "(went off on a journey and never returned)"
Hildigard Took:
Hildigrim Took: (2840–2941)
Hob "Old Gammidgy" Gammidge:
Hob Hayward:
Hobson "Roper" Gamgee:
Holfast Gardner: Son to Frodo Gardner and grandson of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Gardner
Holman "Long Hom" Cotton:
Holman "the greenhanded":
Holman Greenhand:
Hugo Boffin: married to Donnamira Took.
Hugo Bracegirdle: A borrower (but not returner) of books. He is noteworthy for having received a bookcase from Bilbo as a mathom on the latter's eleventy-first birthday.[9] Hugo is also a nephew of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (née Bracegirdle) and first cousin to Lotho Sackville-Baggins.


Ilberic Brandybuck:
Isembard Took:
Isembold Took:
Isengar Took:
Isengrim II Took: 22nd Thain and 10th of the Took line. Founder of the Great Smials
Isengrim III Took:
Isumbras III Took:
Isumbras IV Took:


Jolly Cotton The second of Tolman Cotton's four sons. Wilcome 'Jolly' Cotton had been a childhood friend of Sam Gamgee. During the War of the Ring, he helped defend his father's farm against Sharkey's Men, and played his part in helping free the Shire.



Lalia (Clayhanger) Took: (2883–3002) was the wife of Thain Fortinbras Took II. She married in 2914, and her son Ferumbras was born two years later. Ferumbras never married, reportedly because nobody wanted Lalia as a mother-in-law. Lalia was so fat she couldn't walk and used a wheelchair: she was widely known as Lalia the Great (or sometimes the Fat). In 3002 her attendant, Pearl Took, accidentally tipped Lalia out of her wheelchair into her garden, and she died. (Lalia is not on the Took family tree published in The Lord of the Rings, but she is mentioned in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.)
Largo Baggins:
Laura (Grubb) Baggins: (2814–2916) was the grandmother of Bilbo Baggins. She was the wife of Mungo Baggins. Besides Bungo, she had four other children; Belba, Longo, Linda, and Bingo. Upon the death of her husband she became head of the family. When she died she was succeeded by her eldest son, Bungo.
Lily (Baggins) Goodbody:
Lily (Brown) Cotton:
Linda (Baggins) Proudfoot: (2862–2963) was the sister of Bungo Baggins. She married Bodo Proudfoot, and had a son named Odo. Linda was also an aunt of Bilbo Baggins.
Lobelia (Bracegirdle) Sackville-Baggins: (c. 2918–3020) married Otho, and had a son, Lotho. Portrayed as unpleasant and grasping, Lobelia's principal ambition was to acquire the manor smial of Bag End for her family. A first attempt was made during Bilbo's journey to Erebor, as Lobelia's husband, Otho, was Bilbo's first cousin and heir at law, and Bilbo was widely believed to be dead. This attempt was foiled when Bilbo returned during an auction of Bag End's contents. However, much of Bilbo's silverware vanished during his absence; when Bilbo left the Shire permanently, he gave Lobelia a box of silver spoons labelled "For Lobelia, from Cousin Bilbo, as a present."[10] Years later, after Otho's death, Lobelia finally obtained title to Bag End when Frodo sold it to her below fair market value, as he was in a rush to leave the Shire with the One Ring. A shift in Lobelia's character occurs when Frodo is away on his quest. Lobelia opposed Saruman's ruffians, verbally and physically, and was imprisoned in the Lockholes of Michel Delving for her actions. This feat earned her popularity among the Shire-folk for the first time in her life. Freed after the Scouring of the Shire but greatly weakened, Lobelia deeded Bag End back to Frodo, ending the generation-long feud between Bilbo and Frodo and the Sackville-Bagginses. Devastated by her son Lotho's murder, Lobelia moved back with her original family, the Bracegirdles of Hardbottle. She died in 3020, and was over 100 years old. She bequeathed what remained of her money to helping hobbits made homeless during Saruman's regime.
Longo Baggins: (2860–2950)
Lotho "Pimple" Sackville-Baggins: (2964-3019) Son of Otho and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins and thus a first cousin once removed of Bilbo. He was called "Pimple" because of his complexion. He became an accomplice of Saruman during the War of the Ring. Trading pipe-weed with Saruman for money, he began buying land in the Southfarthing, where Men from Isengard were stationed. With the aid of these ruffians, Lotho was able to depose and imprison Will Whitfoot, the Shire's lawful mayor, and declared himself Chief Shirriff. Under his command the Shire was industrialised. Lotho began to call himself The Boss. However, Lotho was soon stripped of his power, and Saruman took over. Saruman's servant Gríma Wormtongue killed Lotho, and either buried Lotho—or ate him, as hinted by Saruman's vicious remarks after his defeat in the Shire.


Madoc "Proudneck" Brandybuck: (2775–2877)
Malva "Headstrong" Brandybuck: (c. 2738–2839) was the first female hobbit to be recorded on the hobbit genealogies. She married Gormadoc Brandybuck and had three sons: Madoc, Sadoc, and Marroc.
Marcho: Brother of Blanco, founder of the Shire in 1601.
Marigold (Gamgee) Cotton:
Marmadas Brandybuck:
Marmadoc "Masterful" Brandybuck:
Marroc Brandybuck: (c. 2783–?)
May (Gamgee): (2928–?)
May (Gamgee): (2976–?)
Melilot (Brandybuck): (2985–?) was a guest at the farewell party of Bilbo Baggins. She danced the Springle-ring (a hobbit dance) with Everard Took.[11] She was a third cousin of Meriadoc Brandybuck.
Menegilda (Goold) Brandybuck: was the wife of Rorimac "Old Rory" Brandybuck and mother of Saradoc Brandybuck, meaning she was Merry Brandybuck's paternal grandmother, and also Frodo Baggins' aunt.
Mentha (Brandybuck):
Meriadoc "Merry / the Magnificent" Brandybuck: See Meriadoc Brandybuck.
Merimac Brandybuck:
Merimas Brandybuck:
Merry Gardner:
Milo Burrows: noted for never returning letters.[12]
Mimosa (Bunce) Baggins:
Minto Burrows:
Mirabella (Took) Brandybuck:
Moro Burrows:
Mosco Burrows:
Mungo Baggins: (2807–2900) was the grandfather of Bilbo Baggins. Mungo was the eldest son of Balbo Baggins and Berylla Boffin Baggins. Mungo had four younger siblings: Pansy, Ponto, Largo, and Lily. Mungo married Laura Grubb and had five children.
Myrtle (Burrows):


Nob: Hobbit of Bree and servant at the Prancing Pony.


Odo Proudfoot: (2904–3005) was a son of Bodo Proudfoot and Linda Baggins and cousin of Bilbo Baggins. Had a son named Olo. Odo makes a brief appearance in the first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, angrily correcting Bilbo when the latter referred to the Proudfeet as "Proudfoots" in his speech at the Farewell Party. In the New Line Cinema movie adaptation the character is called Everard Proudfoot and is portrayed by Noel Appleby.
Odovacar Bolger: was the husband of Rosamunda Took and father of Fredegar Bolger.
Olo Proudfoot: (2946–F.A. 15) was a son of Odo Proudfoot and the father of Sancho Proudfoot.
Orgulas Brandybuck: (2468–?) was a son of Marmadoc Brandybuck and the father of Gorbulas Brandybuck.
Otho Sackville-Baggins: (2910–3012) though his father was a Baggins, he inherited headship of the Sackville family through his mother, Camellia. Thus, Otho effectively founded a new family: Sackville-Baggins. He was Bilbo Baggins' first cousin and closest living heir, and therefore, his ambition was to succeed Bilbo as head of the Baggins family and be head of two families at once. With his formidable wife, Lobelia, he attempted to seize Bag End for his own during Bilbo's extended absence while accompanying Thorin's dwarves to Erebor. However, this was foiled when Bilbo reappeared during an auction of Bag End's contents by the firm of Grubb, Grubb & Burrowes. Otho was later infuriated by Bilbo adopting Frodo Baggins, a more distant relative, as his heir, and scrutinized Bilbo's will for any irregularities under Shire ink laws. Otho died between the time of Bilbo's Long Expected Party and Frodo's departure to Bree. Accordingly, he never enjoyed the luxuries of Bag End when Lobelia finally took ownership.


Paladin II Took (2933–3034): Father of Peregrin Took, and "the Took" (head of the Took clan) and Thain of the Shire from 3015 until his death, Paladin owned and farmed lands around Whitwell, near Tuckborough. When Lotho Sackville-Baggins took over the Shire, Paladin, as Thain, resisted him, and refused to acknowledge his rule. This led to skirmishing between the Tooks and Saruman's ruffians, who attempted to lay siege to the Tookland. When Merry and Pippin started their revolt, Paladin sent Pippin with 100 Tooks to aid in the Battle of Bywater.
Pansy (Baggins) Bolger:
Pearl (Took): (2975–?) was the eldest sister of Peregrin "Pippin" Took. She also had two sisters named Pimpernel and Pervinca. Pearl probably died sometime before the year 63 of the Fourth Age when Pippin left the Shire to live in Gondor. In The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien it is mentioned that she was the caretaker of the Took matriarch Lalia (Clayhanger)Took, the acid-tongued mother of Thain Ferumbras Took. Lalia was obese and immobile, and perished when her wheelchair tipped from the top of Great Smials and she tumbled into the gardens. It was widely speculated that Pearl might have been intentionally responsible for Lalia's "fatal fall" by tipping the chair, a feat for which she was lauded by the other Tooks.
Peony (Baggins) Burrows:
Peregrin I "Pippin" Took: See Peregrin Took.
Pervinca (Took):
Pimpernel (Took):
Pippin Gardner:
Polo Baggins:
Ponto Baggins:
Ponto Baggins:
Porto Baggins:
Posco Baggins:
Poppy (Chubb-Baggins) Bolger:
Primrose (Gardner):
Primula (Brandybuck) Baggins: (2920–2980) was a daughter of Gorbadoc Brandybuck, Master of Buckland, and Mirabella Took, the youngest daughter of the Old Took. She married Drogo Baggins, and had one child, Frodo.[13] She and her husband died in 2980, leaving Frodo orphaned.
Prisca (Baggins) Bolger:



Reginard Took:
Robin "Cock-robin" Smallburrow:

Robin Smallburrow is the Shirriff in the area of Bywater.

Robin Gardner:
Rorimac "Goldfather / Old Rory" Brandybuck (2902–3008): Head of the Brandybuck family and Master of Buckland from 2963 until his death, and Merry's paternal grandfather. A guest at Bilbo's birthday party, he is intelligent enough to guess (correctly) that Bilbo has vanished in order to go travelling again.[14] Bilbo rewards him for his hospitality over many years with a gift of a dozen bottles of wine.[15]
Rosa (Baggins) Took: (2856–?) was an ancestor of both Merry and Pippin. Rosa was the daughter of Ponto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce. She had a younger brother, Polo. Her husband was Hildigrim Took, one of the many sons of the Old Took.
Rosamunda (Took) Bolger: Mother of Fredegar Bolger and Estella Bolger, she married Odovacar Bolger of Budge Ford. A descendant of the Old Took, Rosamunda was the second cousin of the Thain, Paladin Took and his sister Esmeralda Brandybuck (née Took).
Rose "Rosie" (Cotton) Gardner: (2984–F.A. 61). Daughter of Tolman Cotton and Lily Brown and sister of Tolman (Tom), Wilcome (Jolly), Bowman (Nick), and Carl (Nibs). Rosie was a long-time friend of Samwise Gamgee, and they were married in 3020 when Sam returned home after the War of the Ring. Sam and Rosie had thirteen children (Elanor, Frodo, Rose, Merry, Pippin, Goldilocks, Hamfast, Daisy, Primrose, Bilbo, Ruby, Robin, Tolman (Tom)). Many were named after Sam and Rosie's friends and relatives. Among them were Elanor the Fair, Frodo Gardner, and Goldilocks. Rosie died in the year 61 of the Fourth Age. Sam then left Middle-earth for the Undying Lands later that year. 'Cotton' in Hobbitish is 'Hlothran'. In the film trilogy Rosie lives at 10 Bagshot Row and is played by Sarah McLeod.

"I think the simple 'rustic' love of Sam and his Rosie (nowhere elaborated) is absolutely essential to the study of his (the chief hero's) character, and to the theme of the relation of ordinary life (breathing, eating, working, begetting) and quests, sacrifice, causes, and the 'longing for Elves', and sheer beauty." - J. R. R. Tolkien letter dated 1951

Rose: Daughter of Holman the greenhanded.
Rose Gardner: Second daughter of Samwise.
Ruby (Bolger) Baggins:
Ruby (Gardner):
Rudigar Bolger:
Rufus Burrows:


Sadoc Brandybuck: (2779–?)
Salvia (Brandybuck) Bolger:
Samwise "Sam" Gamgee: See Samwise Gamgee.
Sancho Proudfoot:Odo Proudfoot's grandson.[16]
Saradas Brandybuck:
Saradoc "Scattergold" Brandybuck: The father of Merry Brandybuck, Saradoc was Master of Buckland during the time of the War of the Ring. He is a first cousin to Frodo Baggins, and his wife Esmeralda Brandybuck (née Took) is the sister of Paladin Took, Thain of the Shire. His nickname, 'Scattergold', implies that he was very generous with his wealth.
Seredic Brandybuck:
Sigismond Took:
Sméagol "Gollum": See Gollum.


Tanta (Hornblower) Baggins:
Ted Sandyman: Ted Sandyman is a miller in Hobbiton. When first Lotho and then Saruman take control of the Shire, he is persuaded to make "improvements" to it, which many hobbits considered to be ugly, and which may have done little to increase its power. He supports many of the changes made by Saruman.
Tobold "Old Toby" Hornblower: Tobold Hornblower is the first person to domesticate pipe-weed in Middle-earth, which he does in 2670. This development leads to its cultivation in the Southfarthing, and the pipe-weed, known as Longbottom Leaf from the city where Hornblower was from, becomes an important product of the Shire and is widely regarded as the finest pipe-weed. This was shown by the fact that Saruman imports barrels of it to Isengard.
Togo Goodbody:
Tolman "Tom" Cotton:
Tolman "Tom" Gardner:
Tolman "Young Tom" Cotton:




Widow Rumble:
Wilcome "Jolly" Cotton:
Wilcome "Will" Cotton:
Wilibald Bolger:
Will "old Will / old Flourdumpling" Whitfoot: At the time of the War of the Ring, Will Whitfoot is Mayor of Michel Delving. He was said to be the fattest hobbit in the Westfarthing. On one occasion the roof of the Town Hole collapsed, covering Will in chalk and earning him the nickname 'Flourdumpling'. Soon after Frodo Baggins left Bag End, Lotho Sackville-Baggins began buying properties in the Southfarthing. With the aid of ruffians in the pay of Saruman, Lotho quickly took control of the Shire. When Will went to Bag End to protest, he was seized by the ruffians and locked up. He spent nearly a year in imprisonment, until he was released after the Scouring of the Shire. He spent several months recovering, during which time Frodo Baggins acted as Deputy Mayor. At the Free Fair of S.R. 1420, Will Whitfoot is re-elected as Mayor for another seven years. His successor in the post is Sam Gamgee.
Wiseman Gamwich: The great-great-grandfather of Samwise Gamgee; his name comes from his family home in the town of Gamwich.




Baggins family tree

Balbo Baggins
Berylla Boffin
Laura Grubb
Fastolph Bolger
Mimosa Bunce
Togo Goodbody
Tanta Hornblower
Belladonna Took
Rudigar Bolger
Camellia Sackville
Bodo Proudfoot
Chica Chubb
Ruby Bolger
Bilbo Baggins
Otho Sackville-Baggins
Lobelia Bracegirdle
Falco Chubb-Baggins
Primula Brandybuck
Tulip Longhole
Filibert Bolger
Griffo Boffin

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