List of Middle-earth articles by category

List of Middle-earth articles by category

This is a list of articles related to J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium.


*Elves (Quendi, the "Elder Children of Ilúvatar", "The Firstborn") (see Sundering of the Elves)
***Vanyar — "Light Elves"
***Noldor — "Deep Elves"
***Teleri — "Sea Elves"
***Sindar — "Grey Elves"
***Nandor and Laiquendi — "Green Elves" or Silvan Elves
***Avari — "Unwilling"
*Men (Atani, the "Younger Children of Ilúvatar, The Followers")
**Atanatári — Men descended of or related to the 'Fathers of Men'
***Edain — Men of the West
****Bëorians — "First House of Men"
****Haladin — "Second House of Men"
*****Drúedain (Woses of Drúadan Forest)
****Marachians or Hadorians — "Third House of Men"
****Númenóreans — Men of the West
*****Dúnedain — Men of Gondor and Arnor
*****Black Númenóreans — Servants of Sauron
***Men of Twilight
****Northmen (Distant relations of Bëorians and Marachians)
*****Men of Dale, or "Bardings"
*****Men of Esgaroth
*****Rohirrim (Descendants of the Éothéod)
*****Woodsmen of Mirkwood
****Dunlendings (Distant relations of Haladin)
****Men of Bree
***Variags of Khand
***Haradrim of Far and Near Harad
***Corsairs of Umbar
**Forodwaith — Ice-men of the North
***Lossoth, also known as Snowmen of Forochel
*Dwarves (Naugrim, the "Adopted Children of Ilúvatar")
*Orcs — usually called "goblins" in "The Hobbit"


What follows is a brief and inevitably incomplete listing of characters from Tolkien's work who lived in Middle-earth, divided into First Age, Second Age, and Third Age. Note that characters are sorted according to several groups, and may appear multiple times. For a full list of characters see: List of Middle-earth characters.

First Age

"House of Finwë"
*Míriel (first wife of Finwë)
*Indis (second wife of Finwë)

"Sons of Fëanor"

House of Fingolfin
**Idril Celebrindal

House of Finarfin
*Finrod Felagund
***Rodnor Gil-galad

"House of Elwë and Olwë"
*Elwë (Elu Thingol)
*Melian (wife of Thingol)
**Lúthien Tinúviel

"House of Bëor"
*Bëor the Old
***Beren Erchamion

"House of Marach"
*Hador Lórindol
****Túrin Turambar
****Nienor Níniel

"Descendants of Lúthien and Beren"
*Dior Thingol's Heir
**Eluréd and Elurín

"Descendants of Idril and Tuor"
*Eärendil the Mariner
***Arwen Undómiel
***Kings of Númenor

"Haladin of Brethil"
******Brandir the Lame

*Círdan, lord of the Falas
*Beleg the Bowman
*Glorfindel of Gondolin
*Ecthelion of the Fountain
*Eöl the Dark Elf
*Maeglin, sister-son of Turgon
*Durin the Deathless, father of the Longbeards
*Gothmog, lord of Balrogs
*Sauron aka Gorthaur, Lord of Werewolves

For a list of the Valar, see that article.

econd Age

"Kings of Númenor": see Kings of Númenor

Sauron, a.k.a. Annatar

"Ringwraiths or Nazgûl"
*Witch-king of Angmar
*Khamûl, the Black Easterling

Third Age

"Thorin and Company"
*Thorin II Oakenshield
*Bilbo Baggins
*Gandalf The Grey(13 Dwarves, 1 Hobbit, and 1 Wizard)

"The Fellowship of the Ring"
*Frodo Baggins
*Samwise Gamgee (Sam)
*Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry)
*Peregrin Took (Pippin)
*Aragorn (Strider)
*Gandalf the Grey, White
*Gimli (son of Glóin)(4 Hobbits, 2 Men, 1 Wizard, 1 Elf, and 1 Dwarf)

"Kings of Gondor": see Kings of Gondor

"Kings of Arnor": see Kings of Arnor

"Kings of Arthedain": see Kings of Arthedain

"Chiefs of the Rangers of Arnor": see Chiefs of the Dúnedain

"Stewards of Gondor": see Stewards of Gondor

"Kings of Rohan": see Kings of Rohan

"Wizards or Istari":
*Saruman the White
*Gandalf the Grey
*Radagast the Brown
*Ithryn Luin (Blue Wizards)

"Dwarves of Durin's folk": see Durin's folk

"Other characters"
**Círdan of Mithlond
**Celebrían, wife of Elrond
**Thranduil, King of northern Mirkwood
**Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth
**Bandobras Bullroarer Took
**Sméagol, or Gollum
*Tom Bombadil
*Sauron (often perceived as the Eye of Sauron)
*The Mouth of Sauron


*Timeless Halls
**The Void
***The Sun
***The Moon
***Eärendil, the Evening Star
***The Two Trees
***The Two Lamps

Historical periods

A more detailed list can be found at Ages of Middle-earth.
#Years of the Lamps
#Years of the Trees
#Years of the Sun
#Ages of the Children of Ilúvatar
##First Age
##Second Age
##Third Age
##Fourth Age


The stories takes mostly place in Beleriand, Eriador, and Rhovanion, but there are many other places in Middle-earth.

See also Aman, Númenor for places outside Middle-earth.

Nations and large regions

First Age only:
*Ard-galen, later "Anfauglith"
**East Beleriand
**Nan Elmoth
*Dor Daedeloth
*Dorthonion, later "Taur-nu-Fuin"

Present after the First Age:
*Drúadan Forest
*Eregion, or "Hollin"
*Fangorn Forest
*Gap of Rohan
*Lothlórien, or simply "Lórien"
*Mirkwood, earlier also "Greenwood the Great"
*The Old Forest
*Rohan, anciently Calenardhon
*Rhovanion, or "Wilderland"
*The Shire

"See also" Regions of Gondor, Realms of Arda.

Natural features

Middle-earth was carefully designed by Tolkien, and contains many natural features such as rivers, mountains, and seas.

Large waters

First Age only:

*Bay of Balar
*Helcaraxë, the "Grinding Ice"
*Inland Sea of Helcar

Present after the First Age:

*Bay of Belfalas
*Belegaer the Great Sea
*Ice-bay of Forochel
*The Great Gulf
*Gulf of Lhûn (present only after the First Age)
*Lake Evendim
*Long Lake of Esgaroth
*Inland Sea of Núrnen
*Inland Sea of Rhûn

Mountains and Hills

First Age only:

*Crissaegrim, home of the great Eagles
*Mount Dolmed
*Echoriath or "Encircling Mountains"
*Ered Engrin or "Iron Mountains"

Present after the First Age:

*Amon Anwar
*Barrow-downs or Tyrn Gorthad
*Emyn Muil
*Ephel Dúath
*Ered Gorgoroth or "Mountains of Terror"
*Ered Lithui or "Ash Mountains"
*Ered Luin or "Blue Mountains", also known as "Ered Lindon"
*Ered Mithrin or "Grey Mountains"
*Hills of Evendim or Emyn Uial
*Hithaeglir the "Misty Mountains"
*Iron Hills
*Lonely Mountain or "Erebor"
*Mount Doom or "Amon Amarth"
*Mount Gram
*Mount Gundabad
*Mount Mindolluin
*Mountains of Angmar
*Sarn Gebir
*Tower Hills or "Emyn Beraid"
*Weathertop or "Amon Sûl"
*White Downs


First Age only:


See also the Seven rivers of Ossiriand

Present after the First Age:

*Anduin the "Great River"
*Baranduin or "Brandywine"
*Bruinen or "Loudwater"
*Carnen or "Redwater"
*Celduin or "River Running"
*Forest River of Mirkwood
*Gwathló or "Greyflood"
*Isen or "Angren"
*Mering Stream
*Mitheithel or "Hoarwell"
*Onodló or "Entwash"
*Withywindle of the Old Forest

See also Rivers of Gondor

For a full list of rivers, see: List of Middle-earth rivers.

Cities, fortresses and other populated places

First Age only:

Present after the First Age:
*Caras Galadhon
*Dol Amroth
*Esgaroth the "Lake-town"
*Helm's Deep
*Isengard or "Angrenost"
*Lond Daer or "Lond Daer Enedh"
*Minas Morgul or "Minas Ithil"
*Minas Tirith or "Minas Anor"
*Moria or "Khazad-dûm"
*Rivendell or "Imladris"

See also Cities of Gondor


*Argonath or "The Pillars of the Kings"
*Black Gate
*Dead Marshes
*Rath Dínen

Major languages

*General overview

*Elvish languages:
*"Mannish languages":
**Adûnaic (the language of Númenor)
***Westron (aka Common Speech)
***Tongue of Umbar's Black Númenóreans
**"Rohirric", (translated with Anglo-Saxon)
*Khuzdul (Dwarvish language)
*Black Speech
*Entish, a language based on an ancient form of Common Eldarin
*Tengwar script
*Sarati script
*Cirth runes


*The One Ring aka "Ruling Ring"
*The Rings of Power
**The Three Rings of the Elves:
*The Silmaril
*The Arkenstone
*The Palantíri
*The Red Arrow of Gondor


*Hadhafang (movies only)


*The Fellowship of the Ring
*The Last Alliance of Elves and Men


*Battles of Beleriand
*Battle of the Crossings of Erui
*Battle of the Pelennor Fields
*Battle of Dagorlad
*Battle of Bywater


"See Timeline of Middle-earth."

For a list of Middle-earth related articles by name, see: List of Middle-earth articles.

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