List of scientific units named after people

List of scientific units named after people

This is a list of scientific units named after people. For other lists of eponyms (names derived from people) see eponym.Note that by convention, the name of the unit is properly written in all-lowercase, but its abbreviation is capitalized.

SI base units

* ampere (A), electric current – André-Marie Ampère
* kelvin (K), thermodynamic temperature – Lord Kelvin

SI derived unit

* becquerel (Bq), radioactivity – Henri Becquerel
* degree Celsius (°C), temperature – Anders Celsius
* coulomb (C), electric charge – Charles-Augustin de Coulomb
* farad (F), capacitance – Michael Faraday
* gray (Gy), absorbed dose of radiation - Louis Harold Gray
* henry (H), inductance – Joseph Henry
* hertz (Hz), frequency – Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
* joule (J), energy, work, heat – James Prescott Joule
* newton (N), force – Isaac Newton
* ohm (Ω) , electrical resistance – Georg Ohm
* pascal (Pa), pressure – Blaise Pascal
* siemens (S), electrical conductance – Werner von Siemens
* sievert (Sv), radiation dose equivalent – Rolf Sievert
* tesla (T), magnetic flux density – Nikola Tesla
* volt (V), electric potential, electromotive force – Alessandro Volta
* watt (W), power, radiant flux – James Watt
* weber (Wb), magnetic flux – Wilhelm Eduard Weber

Centimeter-gram-second system of units

* biot (Bi), electric current – Jean-Baptiste Biot
* debye (D), electric dipole moment – Peter Debye
* eotvos (E), gravitational gradient – Loránd Eötvös
* galileo (Gal), acceleration – Galileo Galilei
* gauss (G or Gs), magnetic flux density – Carl Friedrich Gauss
* gilbert (Gb), magnetomotive force – William Gilbert
* maxwell (Mx), magnetic flux – James Clerk Maxwell
* oersted (Oe), magnetic field strength – Hans Christian Ørsted
* poise (P), dynamic viscosity – Jean Louis Marie Poiseuille
* rayl, acoustic impedance – Lord Rayleigh
* stokes (S or St), kinematic viscosity – George Gabriel Stokes

No longer in use

* franklin (Fr), electric charge – Benjamin Franklin
* clausius (Cl), entropy – Rudolf Clausius


* ångström (Å), distance – Anders Jonas Ångström
* Bark scale, psychoacoustical scale – Heinrich Barkhausen
* brewster (B), stress optic coefficient – David Brewster
* centimorgan, recombinantion frequency – Thomas Hunt Morgan
* curie (Ci), radioactivity – Marie and Pierre Curie
* dalton (Da), atomic mass – John Dalton
* decibel (dB) dimensionless proportions and ratios, e.g. relative power levels – Alexander Graham Bell
* Dobson unit, atmospheric ozone – Gordon Dobson
* Erlang unit (erl), dimensionless volume of telecommunications traffic – Agner Krarup Erlang
* degree Fahrenheit (°F), temperature – Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
* fermi (fm), distance – Enrico Fermi
* Hounsfield scale, radiodensity – Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield
* jansky (Jy), electromagnetic flux – Karl Jansky
* langley (ly), solar radiation – Samuel Pierpont Langley
* langmuir (L), gas exposure dose – Irving Langmuir
* Mach number (Ma), relative speed – Ernst Mach
* neper (Np), relative power level – John Napier
* degree Öchsle (°Oe), density – Ferdinand Öchsle
* Rockwell scale (HR), indentation hardness – Stanley Rockwell
* röntgen (R), dosage of X-rays or gamma radiation – Wilhelm Röntgen
* Richter magnitude, earthquake power – Charles Francis Richter
* siegbahn (xu), distance, – Manne Siegbahn
* Scoville units, capsaicin content of chili peppers – Wilbur Scoville
* svedberg (S or Sv), sedimentation rate – Theodor Svedberg
* sverdrup (Sv), volume transport rate – Harald Sverdrup
* Troland (Td), luminance (human eye) – Leonard Troland

=Natural unit systems=

* Planck units – Max Planck
* Stoney units – George Stoney
* Schrödinger units – Erwin Schrödinger

No longer in use

* Mercalli intensity scale, earthquake effects – Giuseppe Mercalli
* degree Rankine (°Ra), temperature – William John Macquorn Rankine
* degree Réaumur (°R), temperature – René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur
* degree Delisle (°D), temperature – Joseph-Nicolas Delisle
* degree Newton (°N), temperature – Isaac Newton
* degree Rømer (°Rø), temperature – Ole Rømer
* degree Baumé (°Bé), density – Antoine Baumé
* torr (Torr), pressure – Evangelista Torricelli
* darcy (D), permeability, – Henry Darcy
* Einstein (E), photochemistry – Albert Einstein
* Poncelet (p), power – Jean-Victor Poncelet
* Faraday (Fd), electrical charge – Michael Faraday
* hartley (Hart), information – Ralph Hartley

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