Villages of Japan

Villages of Japan

A nihongo|village|村|mura|sometimes "son" is a local administrative unit in Japan.

It is a local public body along with nihongo|prefecture|県|ken|or other equivalents, nihongo|city|市|shi, and nihongo|town|町|chō|sometimes "machi". Geographically, a village's extent is contained within a prefecture.

It is larger than an actual settlement, being in actuality a subdivision of a rural nihongo|district|郡|gun, which are subdivided into towns and villages with no overlap and no uncovered area.

As a result of mergers, the number of villages in Japan is decreasing.

= Prefectures without villages =

(As of April 1, 2008)
*Ehime (several recent mergers, the last of which was on January 16, 2005)
*Shiga (the village of Kutsuki merged with several other towns to form the new city of Takashima on January 1, 2005)

Only Hyōgo and Kagawa prefectures had no villages from before the Heisei mergers.

Prefectures with exactly one village

(As of April 1, 2008)
*Kanagawa (Kiyokawa, Aikō District)
*Kyōto (Minamiyamashiro, Soraku District)
*Miyagi (Ōhira, Kurokawa District)
*Ōita (Himeshima, Higashikunisaki District)
*Ōsaka (Chihayaakasaka, Minamikawachi District)
*Saitama (Higashichichibu, Chichibu District)
*Shimane (Chibu, Oki District)
*Tokushima (Sanagōchi, Myōdō District)
*Tottori (Hiezu, Saihaku District)
*Toyama (Funahashi, Nakaniikawa District)
*Wakayama (Kitayama, Higashimuro District)

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*Municipalities of Japan
*Japanese addressing system
*Edo period village

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