List of miscellaneous ships in Battlestar Galactica (2004)

List of miscellaneous ships in Battlestar Galactica (2004)

There have been many appearances of various spaceships in the re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica" science fiction television series, with the primary means of travel being FTL.



The "Adriatic" is one of the few ships in President Laura Roslin's renegade fleet armed with ship-to-ship missiles. It is part of Roslin's fleet that returns to the planet Kobol, and provides defense before the "Galactica" joins them. The "Adriatic" appears to have been lost while being escorted by Brendan "Hot Dog" Constanza through a star cluster in the episode "The Passage".

"Astral Queen"

The "Astral Queen" is a prisoner transport ship. There are currently 1,500 prisoners on board (a figure retconned from 500). The "Astral Queen" was transporting prisoners to their parole hearings at the time of Cylon attack and is one of the vessels that manage to regroup with President Roslin's refugee fleet. Viewed as another transport ship, albeit one with a slightly undesirable cargo, none of the government personnel that survived the assault knew that it was carrying Tom Zarek, a dangerous political prisoner and anti-government terrorist.

Following an attack on the fleet water supply, Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama is dispatched to the ship in order to enlist the prisoners so they can help transport water from an icy moon that has been found nearby. After greeting the prisoners' spokesman, Tom Zarek, the prisoners break out of their cells and manage to hijack the ship. They later surrender once Apollo agrees to Zarek's demands, which are to hold a fair election for a new president at the end of Roslin's term. In return, Apollo leaves Zarek's men in control of the "Astral Queen", against the wishes of both President Roslin and Commander Adama.

The "Astral Queen" becomes the focus of several incidents within the fleet. First, repair crews made up of the vessel's ex-convicts begin to operate in competition with those organized by the government. For these efforts, Tom Zarek becomes the Sagittaron representative to the reformed Quorum of Twelve. From there, Zarek makes a failed bid at the vice presidency.

Later, after Laura Roslin is stripped of her presidency by Commander Adama, and martial law is declared in the fleet, the "Astral Queen" becomes the flagship of a splinter group departing the fleet for Kobol, made up of 24 ships. The crews and passengers of these ships are supporters of Laura Roslin's presidency, and she is aboard the "Astral Queen" when it jumps away from the fleet. The splinter fleet rejoins "Galactica" and the fleet after Commander Adama and President Roslin resolve their differences.

The same ship design appears in the original series, where it is known simply as the "Prison Barge", but serves the same basic function as it does in the re-imagining. Count Baltar spends most of the latter part of the series imprisoned on the Prison Barge.

According to Ronald D. Moore, the "Astral Queen" is named for a passenger ship mentioned in the original "" episode "The Conscience of the King", which is his favorite episode of the original series of "Star Trek". []

That ship was in turn named for the ship which serves as the centrepiece of Isaac Asimov's short story, Marooned off Vesta.


In the events of the miniseries, after the destruction of Colonial Fleet Headquarters on Picon in the first wave of the Cylon attack, Admiral Nagala takes command of the fleet from the "Atlantia". "Atlantia" is one of the first Battlestars to engage the Cylons after the attack. The "Atlantia" is newer and more advanced than the "Galactica", and has an integrated computer network running Doctor Gaius Baltar's Command Navigation Program, which allows the Cylons to infiltrate the system and cripple the vessel. As a result, "Atlantia" is easily destroyed by the Cylons over the planet Virgon.

Episodes of the re-imagined series establish that William Adama served on the Battlestar "Atlantia" as a Major, where he had an ongoing feud with that ship's landing signal officer that inspired a celebration of his thousandth landing. Chief Galen Tyrol says he also served on board the "Atlantia" prior to his assignment to the "Galactica".

"Baah Pakal"

A freighter among the fleet that had a pair of outdated DDG-62 engines that Chief Tyrol acquired to power his Blackbird stealth fighter in "Flight of the Phoenix".

Botanical Cruiser

Also called "Agro Ships", these vessels are nothing more than massive greenhouses filled with all varieties of plants and animals from the colonies. They are covered with numerous bio-domes affixed to a large skeletal hull that is covered with transparent windows. Each dome has an "environmental theme" simulating arid deserts to tropical jungles. Two botanical cruisers are part of Roslin's original refugee fleet (during the Cylon attack). One of the botanical cruisers has FTL problems and has to be abandoned when the Cylons discover the fleet.

In the original series, the botanical ship appear as a long red-painted scaffold with several domes affixed at one end. This is a reuse of the SS "Valley Forge" model from the 1972 Universal film "Silent Running". The botanical ships in the re-imagined series have been redesigned with domes now covering the entire hull.


The "Brenik" was a small military vessel, with a crew complement of 75. It was a former posting of Colonel Tigh, who served aboard her as an enlisted gunner's mate (and still a teenager) during the second year of the Cylon War. The "Brenik" was attacked and boarded by Cylon Centurions, leaving only 20 survivors (Tigh included). The bloody hand-to-hand shipboard combat that ensued left Tigh with mental scars that would last for the rest of his life.cite episode| episodelink=Valley of Darkness (Battlestar Galactica)| title=Valley of Darkness (Deleted Scene)| series=Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series)]


The "Carina" is a civilian transport that appears to have been lost during the dangerous transit of a star cluster in the episode, "The Passage". The ship was being escorted by Louanne "Kat" Katraine.


"Celestra" is a deep space exploration vessel filled with scientific laboratories, research equipment and advanced sensor systems. It also features a long-range FTL drive for distant travel and designed to function for years without resupply of fuel reserves and life support. [ [ Celestra Information] ] The "Celestra" seems to be a carry-over design similar in appearance to the "Electronics Ship" seen in the original series.

Note from the creator of the 3d model:My name is Kenneth Thomson Jr., and I built the ship for Zoic Studios in 3ds Max, which was subsequently exported to Lightwave for use in the miniseries in 2003, and subsequently seen as both the Celestra, and the Striker, in the TV series.


A passenger liner similar in design to the "Olympic Carrier", that was successfully guided by Kat through the star cluster in the episode "The Passage".

"Colonial Heavy 798"

An inter-colony passenger liner ran by Intersun that Laura Roslin was aboard during the Cylon sneak attack on the colonies. Once she was sworn in as the President of the Colonies, the ship was renamed "Colonial One".

Colonial Movers transport

Colonial Movers is a transport company that owned at least two cargo ships in the refugee fleet. They appear as long, cylindrical shafts to which are affixed several bulk cargo modules of various livery design and nomenclature. The slogan "We Move Anywhere" can sometimes be seen on the side.

In the episode "The Hand of God", a Colonial Movers ship partook in the sneak attack of the Cylon tylium refinery. A squadron of Vipers was hidden inside a cargo module as reserve and launched against a wing of Raiders that defended the asteroid complex.

In the episode "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II", one of the Colonial Movers ships is destroyed during the explosion of "Cloud 9".

The same ship design appears in the original series.


There seem to have been at least two ships named Battlestar "Columbia" mentioned in the re-imagined series. The first "Columbia" mentioned is in the Mini-series as one of the Battlestars lost along with the Battlestars "Triton" and "Solaria" during the Cylon sneak attack on the colonies.

During the regular series, it is mentioned that William Adama served on the "Columbia" as executive officer after his reinstatement in the Colonial Fleet and prior to his taking command of the Battlestar "Valkyrie".

The second "Columbia" is apparently the ship's predecessor, appearing in the "" movie. This "Columbia" appeared of a similar design to "Galactica" and is destroyed in a battle over a planet where the Cylons are found experimenting on human subjects.

Cylon freighter

Two ships of are seen in the vicinity of a Cylon Basestar in the first season episode "Kobol's Last Gleaming". The design is somewhat obelisk-shaped and visibly possesses at least two engine pods on the rear.

"Daru Mozu"

"Daru Mozu" is featured in the episode "Epiphanies", and is a tylium processing vessel which refines raw tylium ore into fuel vital for the fleet. The "Mozu" is damaged in a suicide bombing by the terrorist group "Demand Peace" (who want the violence with the Cylons to stop), but later repaired.


The "Demetrius" is a sewage recycling ship within the fleet, first mentioned in the episode "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II". In the episode "Six of One", the ship was secretly appropriated by Admiral Adama and given to Starbuck for her mission to find a route back to Earth.

"Faru Sadin"

The "Faru Sadin" is a civilian vessel first seen in the episode "The Passage", it is in the last batch of civilian ships being escorted through a star cluster by "Galactica"'s Raptor squadrons. Louanne Katraine loses her life due to radiation exposure while getting the "Faru Sadin" through the passage.

"Freighter 212"

"Freighter 212" is one of the many ships to survive the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol by the Cylons. It was the home vessel of Louanne "Kat" Katraine before she joined the "Galactica" Combat Air Group. The fate of "Freighter 212" is currently unknown. [ Season 2 Episode "Final Cut" Locker Room scene ]

"Gemenon Traveller"

The "Gemenon Traveller" is a bulk cargo vessel. The Cylon infiltrator Leoben Conoy is found hiding aboard. After interrogation by Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Conoy is ejected into space from the "Gemenon Traveller"'s airlock on the order of President Laura Roslin.cite episode| episodelink=Flesh and Bone (Battlestar Galactica)| title=Flesh and Bone| series=Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series)]


A large ship, yet still dwarfed by "Galactica", the "Gemini" appears as a long container transport comprised of a central hull structure affixed with numerous external cargo pods of various livery design and nomenclature. During the miniseries, "Gemini" is originally part of Roslin's refugee fleet before joining the Battlestar "Galactica". The ship is a carry-over design of the "Gemini", (an ordinance freighter), from the original series.


The "Gideon" was featured in the episodes "Resistance" and "Final Cut". It was the cargo vessel which became the focus of attention once martial law was imposed upon the fleet. When the "Gideon" crew refused to resupply "Galactica", Col. Tigh ordered the cargo to be taken by force which resulted in bloodshed. The media termed the event "The Gideon Massacre". The ship's name comes from a character in the Holy Bible; Gideon was a judge in the Book of Judges.


Mentioned in "Epiphanies", "Greenleaf" was a freighter that the saboteur Asha Janik worked on before tampering with "Galactica"'s ammunition supplies.

"Kimba Huta"

Supply ship similar in design to the "Gemenon Traveller". It stores the last stockpiles of meat in the entire fleet. Zarek temporarily hid President Roslin in one of the ship's freezers (during her escape from a "Galactica" jail cell) while covertly transporting her to "The Astral Queen."


"Majahual" is featured in the episode "Scar" and is one of the fleet's large mining vessels. It appears as a series of three saucers with four large gripping claws extending downward. The ship can land on asteroids and gather ore vital to the fleet. Living conditions aboard the ship are said to be filthy and deplorable. This is, again, an example of a design from the original series being reused in the re-imagined series.


The "McConnell" is a supply ship within the fleet that was mentioned in "Black Market". The ship was one of several that Commander Fisk secretly raided and built up a personal stock pile of high valued goods which he traded within the fleet's black market.


"Monarch" is a mining vessel that is reported as having joined Laura Roslin's splinter group in the episode "The Farm". After Dualla reports its departure to Colonel Tigh, he laments the fact that the fleet could not afford to lose miners.

"Olympic Carrier"

"Olympic Carrier" is a fish-shaped civilian passenger liner, typical of many such ships used by the people of the Twelve Colonies. The "Olympic Carrier" is supposedly carrying 1,300 Colonial refugees, one of which is Dr. Amarak, a colleague of Dr. Baltar, who may have known that he was involved with helping the Cylons.

After the Cylon attack, the ship is somehow compromised by the Cylons, who are somehow able to use the ship to pinpoint the fleet's location every time they make an FTL jump. Over the next few days, the fleet is attacked by Cylon Basestars every 33 minutes, to the exact second. Later however, the "Olympic Carrier" falls behind during a jump and did not return for several hours. In the meantime, the Cylons do not attack. Suddenly, the "Olympic Carrier" reappears; the crew claim they had a problem with their FTL drive. When asked over radio how they escaped the Cylons, they give unconvincing excuses that they were "let go" and "just lucky". Exactly 33 minutes after the reappearance of the "Olympic Carrier", the Cylons reappear.

When they failed to follow an order by Commander Adama to stop their engines and not approach the fleet, Adama sent a Colonial Raptor - piloted by Boomer, flanked by Vipers piloted by Starbuck and Apollo - to scan the ship, where they detected the presence of nuclear weapons on board. Adama, with President Roslin's hesitant approval, ordered Apollo and Starbuck to destroy the "Olympic Carrier".

Pan Galactic liner

During the Miniseries, at least one Pan Galactic liner survived the attack and joined the refugee fleet. The ship in particular is of the similar fish-shaped design seen in other liners like "Olympic Carrier".

"Picon 36"

Ship not seen visually, but was part of President Roslin's rescue fleet before joining "Galactica". Her captain protests Roslin's decision to abandon the sublight ships when the Cylons show up in the Miniseries. It is assumed "Picon 36" had FTL capability and jumped with the fleet as ordered.


"Prometheus" is a cargo vessel that appeared in the episode "Black Market". The ship has an "open port" policy similar to "Cloud 9" and became the headquarters for the fleet's black market operations. The black market was allowed, unofficially, to continue operations with the stipulations that there are no killings, that they don't hold back on essential medicines and their child prostitution ring is ended. The ship's name comes from Greek mythology, Prometheus the Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans.


A civilian ship with 600 people aboard. In the 4th-season premier episode "He That Believeth in Me", the "Pyxis" was destroyed during the Cylon ambush at the Ionian Nebula.

Refinery Ship

The fleet's Refinery Ship processes raw Tylium ore into fuel for the fleet. Conditions aboard the craft are extremely dangerous and the work is grueling. In the episode "Dirty Hands", Galen Tyrol witnesses the hardship aboard the craft where even the children and elderly are forced to work. He leads a work stoppage in protest when a teenager is seriously injured, that leaves the fleet short of vital fuel. Tyrol demands a fleet work rotation where the people are given a change of jobs periodically to retain morale. In response, President Roslin has Tyrol reinstate the labor union that he once led on New Caprica.

In the episode "Crossroads, Part I", the Refinery Ship was discovered to be leaking radiation. The Cylon prisoner, Caprica Six, suggests that the Cylons were possibly tracking the radiation to stay one jump behind the refugee fleet. Repairs are begun to the ship, however Lee Adama comes up with a plan to throw off the Cylons by using the ship as a decoy by sending it along another course and once repairs are finished, the ship will rejoin the fleet at another designated jump point.

Refueling Tanker

Also called "Tanker Birds" these ships can link up to Vipers and Raptors for mid-flight refueling. The ships have not been seen on-screen but are believed to be modified Raptors with a fuel transfer boom. They are mentioned in dialog in both "You Can't Go Home Again" and "Occupation". There are also larger tanker ships sized for refueling the fleet's bigger ships. In "Home", Part I, the "Striker" collides with one during a botched refueling maneuver.

Resurrection Hub

The Cylon Resurrection Hub is a mobile base that controls the function of all Resurrection Ships of the Cylon fleet. In the episode "revelations" d'anna was "unboxed" and rescued by "helo" and a copy of number eight, before being destroyed by nuclear weapons thus ending cylon ressurrection once and for all.

Resurrection Ship

The Cylon Resurrection Ship is a class of Cylon starships that allows Cylons in a Cylon fleet to resurrect.

"Rising Star"

"Rising Star" is a luxury liner mentioned in the episode "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down". Col. Tigh's estranged wife Ellen Tigh was discovered alive aboard the vessel.

It was also briefly mentioned in "33" when the fleet's first child is born on it.

The Rising Star is another ship name carried over from the original show to the reimagining.

"Scorpia Traveller"

Ship that docks with "Galactica" in the episode "Litmus" to offload civilians and take on supplies. A copy of Cylon agent Aaron Doral disembarks this ship and commits a suicide bombing that nearly kills Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh.


The "Scylla" was one of 15 civilian transports picked up by the Battlestar "Pegasus". Admiral Cain stripped the ship for spare parts and integrated its useful crew to the "Pegasus". The "Scylla" was then abandoned with the rest of the fleet as Cain continued her pursuit of the Cylon fleet which was tracking "Galactica". The ship is seen for the first time in "", along with a few other ships that were found by Admiral Cain.

"Space Park"

"Space Park" is a luxury liner in the fleet. It has an unusual design reminiscent of early spacecraft used by the Twelve Colonies and consists of a massive wheel connected to a slender, central hull at the axis. The wheel contains an artificial biosphere and slowly rotates to simulate natural gravity. This unusual design is supposedly very old, when artificial gravity was too expensive on large ships, but the design proved popular and remains in use to this day.

In the 4th season premiere episode "He That Believeth in Me", "Space Park" suffered severe damage to the wheel section when it was struck by missiles during the Cylon attack at the Ionian Nebula. Later episodes show that the ship is still with the fleet undergoing repairs.


The "Solaria" is a Colonial Battlestar said in the Miniseries to have been lost along with Battlestars "Columbia" and "Triton".


A Colonial stealth craft, the Stealthstar was used to spy on the Cylons. In a recon mission under Adama's command, Lieutenant Daniel "Bulldog" Novacek piloted her beyond the Armistice Line. He was detected and his ship damaged, presumably by the Cylons, though the DRADIS contact was labeled as "unknown". Commander Adama, under orders not to cross the boundary decided to shoot down Novacek with a missile to avoid capture. Unknown to Adama, Novacek had ejected and was captured by the Cylons. The Stealthstar was featured in a flash back sequence in the episode "Hero".


A Colonial vessel that collides with a fuel tanker while Captain George "Catman" Birch is performing the role of CAG for the "Galactica". "Striker"'s wireless goes silent and they go into an uncontrolled spin after the collision, forcing "Galactica" to dispatch a repair team to the vessel. The "Striker" is of the same design as the "Celestra" from the original series. ("Home", Part I).

"Tauranian Traveller"

The "Tauranian Traveller" is a civilian transport in the fleet mentioned in a deleted scene from the episode "33". Because of the relentless Cylon attacks every 33 minutes, President Roslin informs Commander Adama that the ship's captain is threatening to leave the fleet and take their chances on their own. Adama initially says that if any captain feels they can make it on their own, they are welcome to leave, but Roslin deems that decision unacceptable and says there are 900 people aboard the ship and have to stay together to assure survival. Adama changes his mind and tells Roslin that any captain wanting to defect from the fleet will be arrested. He orders Vipers to do a close flyby of the "Tauranian Traveller" to get the message across. cite episode| episodelink=33 (Battlestar Galactica)| title=33 (Deleted Scene)| series=Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series)]

"Thera Sita"

A civilian transport within the fleet. In "The Passage", the ship made it successfully through the dangerous star cluster to the Algae Planet. In "The Woman King", some of the passengers from the ship contract Mellorak disease and had to be transferred to Dogsville aboard "Galactica" for medical care.


Battlestar "Triton", part of Battlestar Group 39 (BSG-39), is said to have been lost in the Miniseries along with Battlestars "Columbia" and "Solaria". ]


A Battlestar, part of Battlestar Group 41 (BSG-41), which was under Commander Adama's command prior to his command of "Galactica". The "Valkyrie" was involved in a Black Ops recon mission to spy on the Cylons a year before their sneak attack on the colonies. The "Valkyrie" makes an appearance in a flashback sequence in the episode "Hero".

The "Valkyrie" is stated as being a newer and more prestigious ship than the "Galactica",cite episode| episodelink=Hero (Battlestar Galactica)| title=Hero| series=Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series)] and was also a different type of Battlestar than the "Pegasus". The eventual fate of the "Valkyrie" is not known, but she is presumed to have been destroyed along with the rest of the Colonial Fleet (except the "Galactica" and the "Pegasus") during the Cylon assault on the Twelve Colonies.

;HistoryApproximately one year prior to the actual Cylon assault on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, Commander Adama was ordered by the Admiralty to approach the Armistice Line and send over a stealth fighter (piloted by Lt. Daniel "Bulldog" Novacek) to test Cylon defenses and determine whether the Cylons were preparing to attack the Colonies. After the stealth fighter was disabled on the Cylon side of the Armistice Line, and two other (presumably Cylon) vessels entered the area, Adama ordered the Stealthstar shot down with a ship-to-ship missile. Unknown to Adama, "Bulldog" ejected from the stealth fighter before it was destroyed and was captured by the Cylon forces. Bulldog eventually escaped from the Basestar where he was being held and hijacked a Cylon Raider back to the "Galactica". However, it is later revealed that the Cylons let Bulldog escape, hoping that he would discover the true circumstances surrounding his capture and kill Adama in revenge.

Based on conversations in the episode "Hero", the "Valkyrie" was a more modern and desirable command than the soon to be retired "Galactica". Per Colonel Tigh's comments, the admiralty was displeased with the results of the stealth fighter mission and transferred both Adama and Tigh to the "Galactica" as their way of "greasing" both of them, along with the ship, into retirement. Tigh, a high-functioning alcoholic, relied on Adama to "cover his rear" for him in order to retain his commission.

; Behind the scenes
* In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is a minor female deity whose purpose is to choose the most heroic of those who have died in battle and to carry them off to Valhalla. The "Valkyrie" constitutes the second reference to Norse mythology in the re-imagined series, the first being Ragnar Anchorage in the 2003 miniseries.
* Series creator Ronald D. Moore confirmed in his podcast for "Hero" that the "Valkyrie" CIC was a redress of the Battlestar "Pegasus" CIC.

"Virgon Express"

The "Virgon Express" is a maintenance vessel that appeared in the episode "Water". Like many ships its size, the "Express" is too small to recycle its own water supply and must replenish it from larger vessels like the Battlestar "Galactica". The "Express" was taking on water when an explosion occurs in the "Galactica" water tanks.


The "Zephyr" is a civilian vessel in the fleet. When President Roslin is being held in "Galactica's" brig following Commander Adama's coup, the Quorum of Twelve takes a shuttle from the "Zephyr" to "Galactica" in the hope of questioning her and restoring her presidential authority. Later, during the presidential elections shown in "Lay Down Your Burdens", Part II, "Zephyr" was one of the last five ships in the fleet to dispatch her ballot results to the "Galactica" counting room. Petty Officer Dualla intercepted the "Zephyr"'s ballots and replaced them with forged ones in an attempt to swing the election in Roslin's favor.

Shipping companies


A civilian transport company that operated among the Twelve Colonies. Intersun owned and operated the liner "Colonial Heavy 798" which is renamed "Colonial One" after President Roslin is sworn in and takes the ship as Office of the President.

Pan Galactic

A civilian transport company with ships operating at the time of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. During the Miniseries, at least one Pan Galactic liner survived the attack and joined the refugee fleet. Pan Galactic's logo is nearly identical to the now-defunct Pan American World Airways airlines logo. "Pan Galactic" is an homage to "", which featured an Earth-to-orbit passenger shuttle operated by Pan Am.


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