Black Market (Battlestar Galactica)

Black Market (Battlestar Galactica)

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Series = Battlestar Galactica
Season = 2
Episode = 14
Airdate = January 27, 2006
Production = 214
Writer = Mark Verheiden
Director = James Head
Guests = Bill Duke as Phelan.
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"Black Market" is an episode of the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" television series. Ron Moore stated in the pod-cast that this was his least favourite episode.


Survivor Count: 49,597

Capt. Apollo is still haunted by his near-death experience after ejecting from the Blackbird during the attack on the Resurrection Ship. He takes solace with a prostitute named Shevon who reminds him of an old flame.

Commander Jack Fisk, who succeeded Admiral Cain as the commander of the Battlestar "Pegasus" is found murdered in his quarters and Admiral Adama assigns Apollo to investigate.

Apollo soon discovers that Fisk was heavily involved in the fleet's black market, and that Tom Zarek and Vice President Baltar might also be involved in some way. Meanwhile, Petty Officer Dualla seems keen to start a relationship with Apollo, but Apollo fails to respond to her overtures.

Apollo's investigations lead him to the cargo ship "Prometheus", which is the center of black market activities. He discovers that, along with many simple luxuries such as rare foods and clothing, the black market is hoarding essential antibiotics and kidnapping children for the "needs" of certain clients. Apollo, who was reluctant to lead the investigation, becomes personally involved after Paya, Shevon's daughter, goes missing.

Apollo eventually finds the black market's headquarters and leader, a man named Phelan (who was responsible for Fisk's murder) and confronts them by himself. Before they can attack him, however, Apollo grabs one of their guns, creating a standoff. He offers Phelan a deal: the fleet government will let them carry on with their business so long as they curb the more blatantly illegal practices. Phelan refuses, firmly believing that Apollo will not stop him. In response, Apollo shoots Phelan dead in front of all the other smugglers and warns them to keep their hands off essential foods, medical supplies and especially children, or he will come for them next.

President Laura Roslin objects to this resolution and demands that the "Prometheus" be shut down immediately. Admiral Adama backs Apollo's decision however, and feels the black market is necessary to keep the fleet content. Elsewhere, Dualla returns to Billy Keikeya, yet he hides his suspicions of her interest in Apollo.


* Phelan's (the leader of the black market) name is of Irish Gaelic origin, meaning "like a wolf".
* Executive producer Ron Moore openly disdains this episode, and from the beginning of the episode's podcast commentary simply admits that it failed as an episode. He then spends almost the entire podcast pointing out things he feels are wrong with it. The underlying reason Moore felt was behind this drop in quality for this episode was the increased workload of the series' second season; the episode's initial script looked good on paper, and only realized that it wasn't turning out well when (due to increased time constraints) it was far too late to rewrite the episode.

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