Minnesota State Highway 149

Minnesota State Highway 149

Trunk Highway 149 marker

Trunk Highway 149
Dodd Road
Route information
Maintained by Mn/DOT
Length: 9.924 mi[1] (15.971 km)
Existed: 1981 – present
Major junctions
South end: MN-3.svg MN 3 at Inver Grove Heights
  MN-55.svg MN 55 at Eagan
I-494.svg I-494 at Eagan , Mendota Heights
MN-110.svg MN 110 at Mendota Heights
MN-13.svg MN 13 at West St. Paul , St. Paul
North end: MN-5.svg MN 5 at St. Paul
Counties: Dakota, Ramsey
Highway system

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Minnesota State Highway 149 is a highway in Minnesota that runs from its intersection with State Highway 3 in Inver Grove Heights to its northern terminus at its intersection with State Highway 5 (W. 7th Street) in Saint Paul. The route is 10 miles (16 km) in length.

Outside of the Saint Paul city limits, Highway 149 is known as Dodd Road. 149 is known as Smith Avenue within Saint Paul and passes over the Smith Avenue High Bridge crossing the Mississippi River.


Route description

Highway 149 serves as a north–south route between the communities of Eagan, Mendota Heights, West St. Paul, and the "West Side" neighborhood of Saint Paul. The northern terminus of the route is at W. 7th Street / Fort Road near downtown Saint Paul.


Highway 149 was marked in 1981.

The route was originally authorized in 1920 as Trunk Highway 1.[2][3] It was later part of U.S. Route 65 from 1927 to 1934.[4]

The route was paved (as 65) by 1929.[4]

In 1934, this route was renumbered State Highway 88 when U.S. 65 was rerouted on a different alignment.[4]

The route was renumbered again in 1950 as an extension of State Highway 49.

By 1981, the route was renumbered 149 when a portion of State Highway 49 through downtown Saint Paul was turned back to local maintenance.

The Smith Avenue High Bridge over the Mississippi River was originally a steel truss bridge built around 1895 and rebuilt as a concrete arch in 1987.

Historic Dodd Road

Before it was a numbered highway in the 1920s, Dodd Road was a historic route in Minnesota. It was originally built in 1853 by Minnesota pioneer William B. Dodd and his crew. The road was built as a connection between the city of Mendota and the city of St. Peter (in south-central Minnesota) to help the development of St. Peter during its frontier days. Dodd Road was financed using private funds at a time when most roads were financed by the government to aid settlers. Present day Highway 149 bears little resemblance to the frontier road.

Major intersections

County Location Mile[1] Destinations Notes
Inver Grove Heights 0.000 MN 3  
0.581 CR 71 (Rich Valley Boulevard)  
Eagan 1.956 CR 28 (Yankee Doodle Road)  
2.906 MN 55 South end of MN 55 overlap
3.722 CR 26 (Lone Oak Road)  
3.381 MN 55 North end of MN 55 overlap
Mendota Heights
I-494 Interchange
Mendota Heights 5.644–
MN 110  
6.737 CR 8 (Wentworth Avenue)  
West St. Paul 7.960 CR 63 (Delaware Avenue)  
West St. Paul –
St. Paul
8.478 MN 13 (Annapolis Street)  
Mississippi River
High Bridge
St. Paul 9.985 MN 5 (West Seventh Street)  
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
     Concurrency terminus     Closed/Former     Incomplete access     Unopened


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