Cooper (surname)

Cooper (surname)

Cooper is a surname originating in England,[1] and means maker of barrels; see Cooper (profession). Cooper is the 32nd most common surname in the United Kingdom.[2]

Many notable persons share this surname.

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  • Afua Cooper (born 1957), Jamaican-Canadian poet and academic
  • Alan Cooper (born 1952), creator of Visual Basic
  • Alexander Cooper (17th-century–1660), English painter
  • Alfred Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Alice Cooper (born 1948), born Vincent Damon Furnier, musician
  • Allen Foster Cooper (1838–1918), American politician
  • Anderson Cooper (born 1967), journalist
  • Andrew Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Andy Cooper (1898–1941), American baseball player
  • Ann Cooper Whitall (1716–1797), American Quaker
  • Ann Nixon Cooper (1902–2009), African-American representative
  • Anna J. Cooper (1859–1964), African-American educator
  • Anthony Ashley-Cooper (disambiguation), 10 of the 12 Earls of Shaftesbury
  • Ashley Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Astley Cooper (1768–1841), English surgeon



  • Calico Cooper, American actress
  • Carl Cooper (born 1960), British Anglican bishop
  • Cecil Cooper (born 1949), American baseball player
  • Charles Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Charlotte Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Chris Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Christin Cooper (born 1959), American skier
  • Clarence Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Colin Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Colm Cooper (born 1983), Irish Gaelic footballer with Kerry GAA
  • Courtney Ryley Cooper (1886–1940), circus clown, journalist and book author
  • Curtis Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Cynthia Cooper (disambiguation)


  • Dale Cooper, fictional character from Twin Peaks
  • Daniel C. Cooper (1773–1818), early American surveyor and politician
  • D. B. Cooper, airline hijacker
  • D. C. Cooper (born 1965), heavy metal singer born in 1965
  • David Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Dennis Cooper (born 1953), American poet and writer
  • Lady Diana Cooper (1892–1986), society beauty and actress, wife of Duff Cooper
  • Don Cooper (born 1957), American baseball player
  • Douglas Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Duff Cooper (1890–1954), British politician and writer





  • Harry Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Helen Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Helene Cooper (born 1966), Liberian-American author and journalist
  • Henry Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Hugh Cooper (1865–1937), American engineer



  • Jack Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Jackie Cooper (1922–2011), American actor
  • Jacqui Cooper (born 1973), Australian skier
  • James Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Jeff Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Jere Cooper (1893–1957), American politician
  • Jerry W. Cooper (born 1948), American politician
  • Jessie Cooper (1914–1993), Australian politician
  • Jilly Cooper (born 1937), English novelist
  • Jim Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Jimmy Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Joe Cooper (disambiguation)
  • John Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Johnny Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Joseph Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Josh Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Julie Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Justin Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Justine Cooper, fictional character from the TV series Angel


  • Kaitlin Cooper, fictional TV character from The O.C.
  • Kenneth H. Cooper (born 1931), eponym of the Cooper test for fitness
  • Kenny Cooper (born 1984), American footballer
  • Kenny Cooper, Sr. (born 1946), former English soccer goalkeeper and coach
  • Kevin Cooper (disambiguation)
  • Korey Cooper (born 1972), musician, member of Skillet
  • Kyle Cooper (born 1962), designer of motion picture title sequences


  • Lauren Cooper, a character in The Catherine Tate Show
  • Leigh Cooper (born 1961), English footballer
  • Leon Cooper (born 1930), Nobel Laureate in physics - theory of superconductivity
  • Lettice Cooper (1897–1994), English writer
  • Lindsay Cooper (born 1951), English musician (bassoon and oboe), composer and activist
  • Lindsay L. Cooper (1940–2001), Scottish musician (double-bass and cello)
  • Lionel Cooper, Australian rugby league player
  • Lionel Cooper (mathematician) (1915–1979), South African mathematician
  • Louise Cooper (1952–2009), British writer









  • Val Cooper, fictional character from the Marvel Universe



  • Yvette Cooper (born 1969), British Labour Party politician and Government Minister

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