Meter (electronics)

Meter (electronics)

In electronics, a Meter may refer to:

  • A multimeter is a general-purpose test instrument
  • A voltmeter is a specialized meter measuring voltage
  • An ammeter is a specialized meter measuring electric current
  • An ohmmeter is a specialized meter measuring electrical resistance
  • A wattmeter is a specialized meter measuring electric power
  • A capacitance meter is a test instrument measuring capacitance
  • An LCR meter is a test instrument that measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance
  • An electrometer is a test instrument measuring electric charge
  • A clamp meter is an AC current-measuring test instrument that clamps around a wire
  • A VU meter is a specialized meter measuring volume of audio signals
  • An EMF meter is a test instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields
  • An SWR meter is a test instrument for measuring the standing wave ratio of a radio transmitter and its antenna
  • An S meter is a component of a radio receiver that displays the received signal's strength
  • An electric meter and smart meter are instruments that measure the electric power delivered to a customer by a utility for billing purposes
  • A grid dip meter, or dip meter, is a test instrument for measuring the resonance frequency of radio circuits
  • A microwave power meter is a test instrument for measuring the power of microwave signals
  • A time-domain reflectometer is a test instrument for finding faults in cables
  • A galvanometer is a mechanical moving-pointer type meter, especially an old one or its motive mechanism used as a component in other devices
  • Sound level meter is a test instrument for measuring the loudness of sounds.

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