Battery may refer to:

*Battery (electricity), an array of electrochemical cells for electricity storage, or one such cell
**See List of battery types for links to electrical batteries
*Battery (crime), contact with another in a manner likely to cause bodily harm
*Battery (tort), intentional harmful or offensive contact with a person under civil law
*Artillery battery, an organized group of artillery pieces
*Battery (baseball), collectively the pitcher and catcher
*Battery cage, used in industrial agriculture
*In chess, a battery consists of two or more pieces on the same rank, file, or diagonal


*The Battery, St. John's, Newfoundland
*Battery Island, Tasmania, Australia
*Battery Park or its location at the Battery in Manhattan, New York
**Battery Park City neighborhood north of Battery Park in Manhattan
*Battery Park (Burlington, VT)
*Battery Park (Charleston), South Carolina
*Battery Point, Tasmania, a suburb of Hobart
*Sultan Battery, in the Wynad District, Kerala State, India


*"Battery" (song), a 1986 song by Metallica
*Battery (band), an American hardcore band
*Battery 9, a South African musical project
*Battery (drumline), a section within a modern marching drumline


*"The Battery", a 2007 Japanese film


*Battery (drink), a brand of beverage
*"Battery" (or "stamp battery") is a synonym for stamp mill


"Battery" is derived from French "batterie", from the verb French "battre", Late Latin "battuere" = "to ", of Germanic origin, compare Anglo-Saxon "bēatan". Many of its modern uses arose as generalisations of the meaning artillery battery.

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