List of old growth forests

List of old growth forests

This is a list of existing old growth ("virgin") forests, or remnants of forest. (NB: The terms "old growth" and "virgin" may have various definitions and meanings throughout the world. See old growth forest for more information.)



* Białowieża Forest: the largest primeval forest in Central Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina

* Perucica


* Pyhä-Häkki National Park: convert|13|km2|acre of virgin coniferous forest


* Shirakami-Sanchi: convert|169.7|km2|acre of virgin beech forest
* Shiretoko National Park: temperate and subalpine mixed forest
* Yakushima: convert|12.19|km2|acre is considered to be virgin; subtropical and temperate rainforest


* Biogradska Gora: convert|16|km2|acre of virgin temperate broadleaf and mixed forest


* Trillemarka


* Białowieża Forest: contiguous to Belarus part


* Retezat National Park

Russian Federation

* Central Sikhote-Alin: convert|3985|km2|acre
* Virgin Komi Forests: convert|32800|km2|acre; coniferous forest
* Western Caucasus: convert|2750|km2|acre


* Stužica: convert|7.6149|km2|acre of beech forest

United Kingdom

* Borthwood Copse: partly coppiced ancient woodland

North America


British Columbia

* Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park: convert|164|km2|acre; coniferous temperate rainforest
* Clayoquot Sound: coniferous temperate rainforest
* Great Bear Rainforest: the protected areas will contain convert|18000|km2|acre; coniferous temperate rainforest

Nova Scotia

* Acadian Forest


* Obabika Lake Forest
* White Bear Forest

United States


, with half in the National Park and half in the State Parks [Redwood National Park FAQ]
* Humboldt Redwoods State Park: convert|17000|acre|km2 of old growth redwood, with 10,000 contiguous acres in the Rockefeller Forest [Eifert, p. 70]
* Año Nuevo State Park
* Muir Woods National Monument: Old growth redwood
* Big Basin Redwoods State Park: Old growth redwood
* Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park: Old growth redwood
* Headwaters Forest Reserve: some convert|3000|acre|km2 of old growth redwood [Eifert, p. 71]
* Smith River National Recreation Area: Old growth Port Orford cedar, redwood, and Coast Douglas-fir forests [Eifert, p. 72]
* Red Buttes Wilderness
* Inyo National Forest: Great Basin Bristlecone Pine


* Eglin Air Force Base: convert|5000|acre|km2 of longleaf pineDavis, p. 28] .
* Apalachicola National Forest: tupelo swamps and pondcypress.
* Big Cypress National Preserve: convert|23000|acre|km2 of slash pine forests and convert|158000|acre|km2 of pondcypress forestsDavis, p. 29] .


* Chattahoochee National Forest: convert|2000|acre|km2 to convert|4000|acre|km2of upland oak and pine forests and over convert|1000|acre|km2 of mixed oak forest.


* Shawnee National Forest: convert|2800|acre|km2 in patches of post oak - blackjack oakDavis, p. 25] .
* Cache River: Old-growth wetlands, with approximately convert|1600|acre|km2 in the Lower Cache River State Natural Area, convert|500|acre|km2 in the Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge, and convert|1000|acre|km2 contiguous in Little Black Slough .


* Hoosier National Forest: Approximately convert|10000|acre|km2 of dry upland forest, dominated by post oakDavis, p. 20] .


* Blanton Forest: Over convert|2000|acre|km2.


* Baxter State Park: convert|23000|acre|km2 of balsam fir forest, over 5,000 of these on Mount Katahdin
* Mahoosuc Mountain: convert|2444|acre|km2 of balsam fir forest
* Mount Bigelow: convert|1300|acre|km2
* Big Reed Forest Preserve: convert|5000|acre|km2 of uncut northern hardwoods, spruce-fir, rich woods, and cedar swamps
* Mount Kineo


*Belt Woods, Prince George's County, Maryland
*Hemlock Grove in Swallow Falls State Park, Maryland
*Crabtree Creek in Potomac-Garrett State Forest: convert|700|acre|km2 [ [ Maryland Native Plant Society: Crabtree Old-Growth Forest, Garrett County, Maryland ] ]


* Wachusett Mountain State Reservation


* Hartwick Pines State Park: includes "Hartwick Pines": a 49 acre old-growth remnant of white and red pine forest
* Isle Royale National Park: 57,000 to convert|86000|acre|km2, including aspen, swamp conifers, birch - fir, and northern hardwoodsDavis, p. 24]
* Porcupine Mountains: convert|35000|acre|km2 of old growth forest, including sugar maple, American basswood, Eastern hemlock, and yellow birch
* Sylvania Wilderness: some convert|15000|acre|km2 of old growth Eastern white pine, red pine, and Eastern hemlock forests.


* Boundary Waters: convert|376000|acre|km2, including forests of fir - birch, jack pine - black spruce, black spruce bogs, and maple - aspen - birch .
* Keeley Creek Natural Area: convert|1280|acre|km2 of bog and upland forest .
* Itasca State Park: 3,000 to convert|3500|acre|km2 of Eastern white pine and red pine forest .
* Approximately convert|250000|acre|km2 of swamp conifers and convert|87000|acre|km2 of birch - aspen forests .
* Lost 40, 114 acres


* Mark Twain National Forest: About convert|30000|acre|km2 of unlogged savanna and flatwoods dominated by post oak and chinkapin oakDavis, p. 26] .
* Caney Mountain: convert|4000|acre|km2 of unlogged post oak savanna.
* Fort Leavenworth: At least convert|1000|acre|km2 of Eastern floodplain forest .

New Hampshire

* Nash Stream Forest: convert|8000|acre|km2 of high-elevation spruce - fir forestDavis, p. 22]
* White Mountain National Forest: Great Gulf Wilderness and Crawford Notch

New Jersey

* Saddler's Woods: 25 acres of old growth forest and wetlands [Saddler's Woods Conservation Association]
* Bear Swamp: Forest of sour gum, sweet gum, and tulip poplar [Natural Lands Trust]
* Rutgers Ecological Preserve: Old growth oak, ash, maple, and beech [Highland Park Environmental Commission]

New York

* Catskill Park: convert|54000|acre|km2, mostly at elevations over convert|3000|ft|m
* Adirondack Park: convert|50000|acre|km2 in the Five Ponds Wilderness, and perhaps convert|500000|acre|km2 total
* Shawangunk Mountains Dwarf Pine Plains: convert|5000|acre|km2 in Minnewaska State Park and Mohonk Preserve

North Carolina

* Great Smoky Mountains National Park: perhaps convert|175000|acre|km2 of old growthDavis, p. 27] .
* Pisgah National Forest: 4,000 to convert|7000|acre|km2 of old growth.
* Nantahala National Forest: convert|3800|acre|km2 of cove hemlock forest in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, convert|3000|acre|km2 in the upper Slickrock Creek watershed of Joyce Kilmer - Slickrock Wilderness, and convert|2000|acre|km2 on Standing Indian Mountain.
* Croatan National Forest: convert|63000|acre|km2 of unlogged pocosin.


* Dysart Woods
* Riddle State Nature Preserve: includes "Hawk Woods", about 85 acres of old-growth forest


* Badger Creek Wilderness
* Boulder Creek Wilderness
* Cummins Creek Wilderness
* Bull of the Woods Wilderness
* Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area
* Gearhart Mountain Wilderness
* Grassy Knob Wilderness
* Middle Santiam Wilderness
* Mount Jefferson Wilderness
* Mount Washington Wilderness
* Opal Creek Wilderness
* Red Buttes Wilderness
* Rock Creek Wilderness
* Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
* Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness


* Cook Forest State Park: convert|1500|acre|km2 of white pine and hemlock forestDavis, p. 23]
* Alan Seeger Natural Area
* Anders Run Natural Area
* Hearts Content Recreation Area in the Allegheny National Forest
* Tionesta National Scenic and Research Natural Areas: about convert|4000|acre|km2 of unlogged hemlock-beech forest
* Pine Creek Gorge (Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania)
* Bark Cabin Natural Area
* Quehanna Wild Area/Wykoff Run Natural Area
* Johnson Run Natural Area
* Lower Jerry Run Natural Area
* Bucktail State Park Natural Area
* Cranberry Swamp
* Sproul State Forest
* Forrest H. Duttlinger Natural Area
* The Hook Natural Area
* Snyder Middleswarth Natural Area
* Tall Timbers Natural Area
* Detweiler Run Natural Area
* Bear Meadows Natural Area

See [ Old Growth Forests of Pennsylvania]

Rhode Island

* Lawton's Valley Forest
* Oakland Forest

outh Carolina

* Congaree National Park: largest tract (convert|22000|acre|km2) of old growth bottomland hardwood forest left in the U.S.
* Beidler Sanctuary: convert|1700|acre|km2 of mixed hardwoods and cypress-tupelo swamp.
* Sumter National Forest: convert|1700|acre|km2 in the Ellicott Rock Wilderness.


* Great Smoky Mountains National Park: perhaps convert|175000|acre|km2 of old growth.
* Forest within urban Nashville, 10 miles (16.1 km) southwest of downtown between Tennessee State Route 100 and US Route 70S: more than convert|200|acre|km2 of old growth forest [cite news
last = Hutchens
first = Turner
title = Group needs millions to pay for Warner Parks expansion
publisher = Nashville Business Journal
date = 2008-06-13
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accessdate = 2008-06-23
] inside larger tract of convert|322|acre|km2 to be incorporated into Warner Parks. [cite news
last = Paine
first = Anne
title = Park patrons seek help to buy old forest
publisher = Tennessean
date = 2008-06-23
url =
accessdate = 2008-06-23
* Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness []


* George Washington National Forest:
** Ramsey's Draft Wilderness, convert|3000|acre|km2 to convert|6000|acre|km2of white pine, oaks, tulip trees, and hemlocks
** Little Laurel Run, at least convert|1000|acre|km2
** James River Ranger District, convert|3600|acre|km2
** Also perhaps convert|35000|acre|km2 of dry-mesic oak forests as well as xeric pine and pine oak
* Caledon Natural Area, ?? acres of oak-tulip poplar-dominated virgin upland forest


* Gifford Pinchot National Forest
* Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
* Mount Rainier National Park
* North Cascades National Park
* Olympic National Park
* Olympic National Forest
* Schmitz Preserve Park, "Seattle"
* Salmo-Priest Wilderness

West Virginia

* Cathedral State Park: convert|133|acre|km2 of virgin eastern hemlock forest
* Monongahela National Forest, at least convert|318|acre|km2 of old growth including:
**Fanny Bennett Hemlock Grove: a 70 acre eastern hemlock stand
**Gaudineer Scenic Area: 50 acres of virgin red spruce forest
**North Fork Mountain Red Pine Botanical Area: 10 acres of red pine old growth forest
**North Spruce Mountain Old Growth Site: about 17 acres
**Shavers Mountain Spruce-Hemlock Stand: a 68 acre red spruce-hemlock stand, partly in the Otter Creek Wilderness
**Virgin White Pine Botanical Area: a 13 acre white pine stand
**Sawmill Run Hemlock Stand: several acres of hemlock-northern hardwoods virgin forest


* Apostle Islands National Lakeshore: convert|1500|acre|km2 of old growth
* Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
* Namekagon Barrens: Some convert|4000|acre|km2 of unlogged Jack pine and scrub oak


* Yellowstone National Park: convert|8983|km2|acre; coniferous forest

outh America



* Hugumburda State Forest


* Kakamega Forest, "about 100 km² of remnant indigenous forest"


* Bwindi Impenetrable Forest



New South Wales

* Barrington Tops National Park: subtropical and temperate rainforest and eucalypt forest
* Greater Blue Mountains Area: eucalypt forest


* Tarkine: convert|2000|km2|acre of pristine broadleaf temperate rainforest
* Tasmanian Wilderness: temperate rainforest and eucalypt forest

New Zealand

* Egmont National Park
* Fiordland National Park, "one of the largest national parks in the world and the largest in New Zealand, 1,251,924 hectares of pristine forest"
* Te Urewera National Park
* Westland/Tai Poutini National Park



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