List of Captain Planet episodes

List of Captain Planet episodes

The following is a list of episodes from the animated "Captain Planet" franchise. The series was the second longest running cartoon of the 1990s, producing 113 episodes. The final 13 episodes of the show were only shown in Europe, and never in the United States of America. Those 13 episodes are now being shown on Boomerang, and began, appropriately, on Earth Day, April 22, 2006.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

eason one (1990-1991)

* 1. A Hero for Earth - Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, summons five teenagers from five different corners of the world to help her in the battle to save the planet. For their first assignment, the Planeteers battle Hoggish Greedly, whose oil rig operation is jeopardizing the coastline.
* 2. Last of Her Kind - Wheeler plans to buy Linka an ivory necklace for her birthday, much to Kwame's anger. Meanwhile, Plunder is wiping out the elephant population of Africa, Kwame's native land, in order to gain a quick profit in the ivory trade. Wheeler learns firsthand the true cost of ivory trinkets, as he and the other Planeteers help return a baby elephant to its mother and battle to save the African elephant from extinction. First appearance of Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak. This is also the episode that sees Plunder uttering of the famous line "You'll Pay For This Captain Plane"t", which would resonate throughout the end credits for the series.
* 3. The Dead Seas - Hoggish Greedly and Rigger scheme to catch and sell all the fish in the ocean with a fleet of illegal drift net fishing boats. When Greedly steals their rings, the Planeteers are forced to use their initiative to retrieve them and save thousands of marine animals from the eco-villains' deadly driftnets.
* 4. Polluting by Computer - Dr. Blight and Sly Sludge break into the government's computer system in order to obtain phony legal documents allowing them to change all the national parks into giant toxic waste dumps. First appearances of Dr. Blight, MAL and Sly Sludge.
* 5. Population Bomb - Knocked unconscious after a surfing accident, Wheeler has a dream in which he is marooned on a strange island inhabited by a race of humanoid mice who are destroying their environment by overpopulation and overconsumption.
* 6. Ozone Hole - Duke Nukem destroys the ozone layer over Antarctica so he can feast on the sun's dangerous UV rays. Captain Planet and the Planeteers battle to protect the Earth from Nukem's deadly radiation. First appearance of Duke Nukem and Leadsuit.
* 7. Beast of the Temple - The Planeteers travel to Thailand in order to prevent Greedly and Rigger from surface mining for rubies and terrorizing the people.
* 8. Rain of Terror - The Planeteers are forced to battle Verminous Skumm and his rat pack, who threaten to destroy a city with a giant cloud of acid rain. First appearance of Verminous Skumm.
* 9. Volcano's Wrath - Sludge, who claims to have solved the world's trash problem, is secretly dumping the garbage into a volcano on Laipuno Island. When the volcano erupts, Captain Planet and the Planeteers must save the islanders from the lava flow.
* 10. Skumm Lord - Verminous Skumm contaminates the water supplies of South America with a toxin-filled drink known as "rat rot", which turns its victims into "rodent zombies." A rainforest medicine man tells the Planeteers about a rare plant that cures "rat rot," and they set out to find the plant amid devastating deforestation in the area where the plant is found. Luckily, Captain Planet is able to find the plant before the forest is cut down.
* 11. Deadly Ransom - Dr. Blight, MAL and Duke Nukem hold Captain Planet prisoner in Antarctica, demanding that the Planeteers give them a lifetime supply of nuclear waste in return for his safety. Without their powers, the Planeteers must mount a daring rescue in order to save Captain Planet.
* 12. Tree of Life - Dr. Blight and her robojacks chop down a sacred tree known to villagers as the "Tree of Life" and Blight harnesses the tree's powers for herself. With her new powers, Blight plans to destroy the ancient redwood forests. Special Guest Star: Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Old Indian Man
* 13. A World Below Us - After Gi is rescued from Sly Sludge's mechanical octopus, she is taken to a secret underwater city known as Oceanus, which is being threatened by Sludge's illegal toxic dumping. When the dome around Oceanus begins to burst, flooding the city, Captain Planet and the Planeteers must race against time to save the people of this underwater paradise.
* 14. Littlest Planeteer - When the Planeteers stop a bus full of elementary school students from diving off a cliff, nine-year-old Jason, one of the students, follows the Planeteers home and idolises Wheeler. When Jason steals Wheeler's ring and tries to single-handedly battle Dr. Blight's newly-created smog monster, which feeds on air pollution, Jason learns what it really means to be a Planeteer.
* 15. The Conqueror - The Planeteers are led astray by the promise of power from Zarm, a war-like Earth spirit. He tricks the Planeteers (all but Ma-Ti) into disobeying Gaia and starting a sinister game that could lead to nuclear war and, ultimately, global destruction. A wary Ma-Ti tells Gaia and she reveals that if the Planeteers desert her, she will become mortal, and die. First appearance of Zarm.
* 16. The Ultimate Pollution - Looten Plunder instigates a war between two desert villages (by telling the chiefs of both villages that the other village was going to attack them, both chiefs blame each other for starting the war and both view Plunder as a hero) so that he can sell firearms to both sides. When the Planeteers try to expose his scam, he imprisons them in a toxic trap. With bombs exploding around them, it is up to two young boys from the opposing villages to make their parents see sense and free the Planeteers and help stop the destruction.
* 17. Meltdown Syndrome - When a scientist tries to cover up a leak at a nuclear power plant, Duke Nukem zeros in on the "hot spot" and triggers a meltdown reaction. With time running out, Captain Planet and the Planeteers are forced to cool off the reactor before an explosion occurs and contaminates the planet.
* 18. Don't Drink the Water - Looten Plunder, Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm and Hoggish Greedly join forces in a plot to pollute a city's water supply so they could sell their bottled water to thirsty citizens at outrageous prices. Captain Planet and the Planeteers set out on a mission to find pure water and break up the "Pollution Syndicate."
* 19. Heat Wave - Dr. Blight uses a smog-spewing barge and a huge dome to create a greenhouse effect over Hope Island. With Gaia's life in danger, the Planeteers enlist the help of a giant whale to break free from Blight's heat wave and call Captain Planet.
* 20. Plunder Dam - Looten Plunder dams an African river and installs a large hydroelectric power plant, cutting off water supplies to the villages. The villagers soon realize that Plunder's electricity is not a fair trade for the food and water that the river provided. With their crops dying and thirst-crazed elephants on the rampage, they enlist the help of the Planeteers to stop Plunder's scheme.
* 21. Kwame's Crisis - Sly Sludge is burying a small town under garbage and the townspeople don't seem to care. Feeling he can't make a difference, Kwame leaves the Planeteers, but a young girl's single-handed recycling effort restores his faith, and with her help he attempts to save the Planeteers from Sludge's giant trash compactor.
* 22. Smog Hog - Greedly hijacks Jane Goodair's environmentally friendly automobile factory in order to manufacture his Road Hog, a smog-spewing nightmare. The city is soon choking on exhaust fumes. When his own son, Greedly Jr., falls ill from the pollution, Greedly must turn to Captain Planet and the Planeteers for help. Captain Planet makes Greedly Jr. an honorary Planeteer. Special guest voices: Phyllis Diller as Jane Goodair and Charlie Schlatter as Hoggish Greedly Jr..
* 23. Mission to Save Earth Part One - The eco-villains steal the Planeteers' rings and abandon the them on an island inhabited by Commander Clash, a soldier with a cold war mentality. Clash appears to be their most dangerous opponent to date, until Captain Pollution (summoned by evil duplicates of the Planeteers' rings, created by Dr. Blight) appears and traps them.
* 24. Mission to Save Earth Part Two - The Planeteers befriend Commander Clash and convince him to help them retrieve their rings and use his military skills in the battle against Captain Pollution.
* 25. Two Futures Part One - Wheeler's New Year's Eve party is interrupted when the Planeteers are needed to prevent Dr. Blight and Greedly from traveling back in time to speed up global warming. When an accident traps Wheeler alone in an ice cavern with Dr. Blight, Wheeler gets Bitter and decides to use Blight's time machine to go back in time and stop himself from becoming a Planeteer because of being trapped in a carbon-dioxide-filled chamber with Dr. Blight when he could be celebrating a New Year's Eve party, Wheeler admits this is one of those times he regrets becoming a Planeteer and even Captain Planet cannot save Wheeler because of too much nuclear radioactivty on ice fall that caused ice cavren. Blight offers to let him stop their imprisonment in the cave by having him go back in time and undo that. Wheeler gives the date and location, but is reluctant to actually go until Blight pushes him through the time pool.
* 26. Two Futures Part Two - Going 360 days back in time to New York, Wheeler catches the ring meant for his past self and warns him to refuse it since it's fatal. His past self agrees and flees, but then Wheeler is suddenly approached by Gaia, who tells him that he changed history in more ways than he thought. Greedly was never stopped from going back in time himself, so global warming is now much worse thanks to his decades' worth of polluting. The Planeteers never formed without their fifth member, and Captain Planet could not be summoned without the Ring of Fire. Wheeler doubts this can't be true, since others might have been chosen to fulfill his destiny. Gaia takes him forward 35 years through MAL's time-pool system, where he finds New York flooded from global warming. When Gaia gives him the chance to go into the future and see the consequences of his actions, Wheeler realizes how much he, along with every individual, contributes to the future of the planet.

eason two (1991-1992)

* 27. The Garbage Strikes - To make fast cash from a trash strike, Sly Sludge steals an untested microbe from Gi's scientist idol, Dr. Helix. The microbe was supposed to be a technological fix for the problem of overflowing landfills, but it simply absorbs trash to become a city-devouring garbage monster.
* 28. Domes of Doom - Looten Plunder, disguised as a philanthropist, hoodwinks the world into signing over its forests to his care, then sets up giant domes and sells the cooled, clean air from these "air conditioners of the planet." Ma-Ti uncovers his plan, but Bleak kidnaps him. Wheeler must find a way out through the "clean air hose" from the dome. Then he helps the others summon Captain Planet to carry off the domes and restore Earth's air.
* 29. Mind Pollution - Visiting her cousin Boris in Washington, D.C., Linka finds out he is under the influence of a designer drug known as 'Bliss', peddled by Verminous Skumm. Bliss turns its users into addicts who will do anything for another fix. Boris slips some Bliss into Linka's food (a blintz), turning her into an addict, and the other Planeteers must flee from the other addicts while also trying to help Linka regain her will power. This is considered to be one of the darkest Captain Planet episodes, showing not only the heavy corruption of one of the series' protagonists, but also death, drugs, and destruction.
* 30. Send in the Clones - Kwame befriends Leela, a schoolgirl on the island of Mogahl whose parents keep having children, hoping for another son. They get their wish when Looten Plunder and Dr. Blight, looking for cheap labor, turn their cloning ray on Leela's brother Vico, who doubles in number each time he eats. Soon Vico numbers in the millions and, along with an accidentally cloned locust swarm, threaten the island's food supply, until Captain Planet converts Blight's device into a Decloning Ray.
* 31. The Ark - The Planeteers and Mohan find themselves whisked aboard an interstellar Noah's Ark, while trying to save endangered tigers from Hoggish Greedly and Dr. Blight's forest-destroying Monster Golf Cart in India. The alien zookeeper named Collectore thinks humans are an endangered species, whose habitat is about to be destroyed. The Planeteers risk death in the vacuum of space to return to Earth, and their dedication convinces the alien that humanity is not doomed after all. He returns them to India, where they summon Captain Planet to destroy the Monster Golf Cart.
* 32. The Predator - In the Florida Keys, Ma-Ti has a brush with what he thinks is a giant man eater, though Gi reveals that it is a harmless basking shark. But panic spreads through the resort town, which hires Argos Bleak to eradicate all the sharks in the bay. Then, when stinging jellyfish (which the sharks used to feed on) swarm the beach, the townspeople learn that predators have an important role in the ecosystem. After escaping their sinking EcoCopter, the other Planeteers rescue Gi and Ma-Ti (and the Basking Shark) from Bleak.
* 33. Isle of Solar Energy - The Planeteers stumble across the island of Dr. Apollo, an American scientist who has perfected incredible devices for storing and transmitting solar power. They discover that the laboratory assistant is actually Leadsuit, who is helping Duke Nukem subvert solar technology to produce a radioactive weapon. The Planeteers summon Captain Planet, who defeats the gamma ray beam and Nukem ends up contained inside the melted lab. Dr. Apollo receives an electric shock that erases his memory of his solar inventions, but sets out to rediscover the secrets. Special Guest Stars: Danny Glover as Dr. Apollo and Cree Summer as Karen
* 34. The Coral Killer - Hoggish Greedly and Rigger teach Tacio, a struggling Filipino fisherman, how to go dynamite fishing, without telling him the irreversible damage it does to the fish population and to the coral reef. It is all a cover for Greedly's underwater Reef Ripper, which is harvesting the shattered coral. But Gi takes Tacio's wife Marcaria underwater, and then to an impoverished, wave-battered island nearby, to show what can happen when a protective reef is gone. Captain Planet disassembles the Reef Ripper and uses it to start a new coral reef.
* 35. The Big Clam-Up - The people of San Francisco are collapsing with symptoms that suggest a whole range of pollution poisoning. As the Planeteers follow clues to solve this mystery, Ma-Ti (who is reading 1940s detective novels) keeps imagining himself as a private eye in black-and-white sequences. Ma-Ti proves a poor sleuth at first, but eventually he tracks down Verminous Skumm who is serving seafood tainted by storm drain runoff in his restaurant, The Sinking Ship.
* 36. Off Road Hog - Pete, a dirt bike enthusiast, loves off-road racing with Hoggish Greedly and Rigger, until Ma-Ti and desert guide Joshua Stone show him how alive this "barren" desert really is, and how much damage off-road vehicles do to it. Pete and the Planeteers swoop in on hang gliders to stop Greedly's ORV race, but Captain Planet is needed to save everyone from a flash flood.
* 37. An Inside Job - Sludge and four of the Planeteers learn first hand the terrible effects of untreated sewage when MAL and Dr. Blight shrink the EcoSub (and them) to microscopic size and put them into polluted water, which Kwame unwittingly drinks. The Planeteers must battle hideous water-borne parasites in Kwame's body so that he can recover, and restore them to proper size. They accidentally enlarge a parasite as well, and must summon Captain Planet to toss the giant worm into the shrinking ray.
* 38. A Twist of Fate - During an earthquake, a blow to Wheeler's head leaves him lost from the others and suffering from amnesia. He finds himself literally in the shoes of a homeless man, and learns that the only difference between them is a simple twist of fate.
* 39. Trouble on the Half Shell - Hoggish Greedly and Verminous Skumm are shipwrecked on one of the Galapagos Islands, where some of Skumm's mutated rats start stealing eggs from an endangered tortoise nest. The eggs soon end up accidentally falling in one of the pollutants. The invading species threatens to wipe out the ecosystem, but with the help of JASON, a robot remote-controlled by a kid at a New York museum, the Planeteers track down Skumm and Greedly, and Captain Planet puts an end to the destruction.
* 40. The Fine Print - Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak exploit an agricultural worker's hidden shame - illiteracy - by putting the man in charge of spraying pesticides. He can't read the written warnings, and as a result he uses too much pesticide, creating a lethal cloud that threatens a nearby town.
* 41. Star Dust - Gi and Linka are livid when Wheeler belittles their favorite rock singer, but it looks as though Wheeler may be right when they come upon a land-ravaging, surface mining operation run by Hoggish Greedly, but bankrolled by none other than their idol - Sky Runner! Stunned, they confront the star, who turns out to be innocent and knows nothing of Greedly's destruction. Sky Runner goes after Greedly, who tosses him into an underground mine. Special Guest Star: Robby Romero as Sky Runner
* 42. The Blue Car Line - Gaia becomes suspicious when air pollution suddenly skyrockets in an Australian city with one of the best mass transit systems in the world. The Planeteers investigate and discover that Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak are behind the problem. They are making it appear that the transit line is haunted, allowing them to profit from a massive freeway system and auto-related businesses.
* 43. Birds of a Feather - Linka and Ma-Ti visit a friend, Juan, in Central America. While there, Juan's parrot, El Profesor, leads them to a secluded "bird paradise" when a giant, metallic bird appears. All the birds, including El Profesor, follow it, as do Linka and Ma-Ti, who soon find themselves locked in a giant aviary, courtesy of Hoggish Greedly, who is running an exotic bird smuggling venture. El Profesor escapes and leads Kwame, Wheeler and Gi back to the aviary, where they summon Captain Planet, who closes down Greedly's "fly-by-night" operation.
* 44. Radiant Amazon - Sly Sludge and Duke Nukem collaborate to dump toxic waste in the Amazon rainforest, imperiling Ma-Ti's village. Ma-Ti returns to see the Shaman and when the Planeteers arrive, they find the village in flames. Although they are able to extinguish the blaze, Ma-Ti is filled with anger. He slips away to capture the villains but is captured himself.
* 45. The Great Tree Heist - The Planeteers travel to the Northwest after hearing about an old growth forest which is literally disappearing into thin air. After Wheeler sets out to investigate, along with an attractive local teenage bird watcher, Linka spots a "flying saucer" but they then discover that Hoggish Greedly is the pilot. They discover Greedly's scam -"Sucking up" five-hundred-year-old trees to make pressed board furniture.
* 46. Fare Thee Whale - The Planeteers are shocked to see a mother whale killed during a whaling expedition engineered by Dr. Blight and Looten Plunder, but they are even more shocked to learn that it is legal, due to a loophole in the international laws, allowing whaling for the purpose of research. They set out to prove that Blight's research for a "whale repellent" is bogus and are helped by a young Japanese teenager who is trying to dissuade his whaler father from working for Blight and Plunder.
* 47. Summit to Save Earth Part One - At the Earth Summit in Brazil, the Planeteers are impressed by the proposed ecology measures, until the world leaders suddenly reverse their positions - victims of Zarm's treachery, who has united all the other Eco-Villains under him. He then tricks the Planeteers into giving up their rings and zaps Gaia into human form, aging her and destroying the planet simultaneously. The Planeteers' only hope is to find Commander Clash.
* 48. Summit to Save Earth Part Two - After discovering that it is ten years later outside Zarm's ship, the Planeteers race to find Commander Clash before Gaia ages into dust. He returns with them and fights Zarm, but is defeated and opts to return to his island. The Planeteers refuse to give up and are recaptured and taunted by Zarm. He is just about to decimate Ma-Ti when Clash reappears and saves Gaia and the Planeteers.
* 49. Losing Game - Kwame takes the Planeteers to Africa to meet an old friend from his tribe, Dr. Mabutu, who is experiencing trouble on his game ranch. The trouble is Dr. Blight, whose experiments turn ordinary cattle into "raging bulls", which threaten to destroy the entire region. When they go on a rampage, it is up to Captain Planet to hit the trail and corral the "bum steers".
* 50. Scorched Earth - The Planeteers once again confront Zarm when he inhabits the body of a national dictator and implements a "Scorched Earth" policy (destroying home soil to eliminate the enemy) to rid his country of interloping environmental activists eager to prevent development on the beach and forest areas. Zarm is revealed to have been behind every dictator in human history.
* 51. The Hate Canal - Verminous Skuum uses toxic cheese to turn rats into disease-carrying rats who infect everyone in Venice.
* 52. Utopia - After being chided for watching futuristic thriller movies, Kwame suddenly finds himself and his friends fighting for survival in a surreal, gang-dominated world ruled by Skumm and Dr. Blight. When Dr. Blight turns the other Planeteers into punks, Kwame's only ally is Darian, leader of Utopia, the last unpolluted refuge on the planet. Just when things look hopeless and even Captain Planet can't prevail, Kwame awakens to find it was just a nightmare.

eason three (1992-1993)

The opening dialog is changed to have Linka located in Eastern Europe, instead of the Soviet Union.

* 53. Greenhouse Planet- The story involved Doctor Blight eagerly appealing to a George H. W. Bush-like President to support her new car fuel, which he does in a fairly narrow-minded fashion to the chagrin of the pressuring Planeteers. A one way trip to space courtesy of Blight sees the President receive a history lesson from Kwame and Ma-Ti on what led to Venus burning up, and changes his mind on supporting Blight's fuel. The episode is also noticeable for featuring Captain Planet working largely throughout the episode with only the powers of Earth and Heart keeping him together (his powers cannot escape the planet's gravitational pull, therefore he could not return Kwame and Ma-Ti's powers to them) It is also known for the President's role and famous line "well now I'm bushed!"
* 54. A Creep from the Deep - Sly Sludge and Ooze trick the locals into thinking they are taking care of trash problems. But Gi and the other Planeteers call Captain Planet when a squid runs amonk. Planet closes down Sludge's illegal dumping operation
* 55. The Deadly Glow - Duke Nukem steals some radioactive rocks when 2 kids see them. The Planeteers call Captain Planet, who puts Nukem in "jail" underwater.
* 56. A Perfect World
* 57. The Dream Machine - Carlos, a farm boy on a small island, becomes jealous of his cousin's return from the big city. He is given the power to wish for anything he wants from Zarm, who calls himself the Dream Maker. To impress a girl that he likes and to get back at his cousin, Carlos wishes for things that will gain her interest. Soon the whole town discovers the Dream Maker, and they all want something big. Blinded by greed, the townspeople fail to realize that their natural resources are being drained in order to create the things they wish for. They soon learn the effects of this, but the Planeteers need Captain Planet to get rid of Zarm, and quell a near war between the townspeople and the villagers in the hills, who also want a piece of the Dream Maker.
* 58. Bitter Waters - Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak trick Sky Runner's people into selling their lands so that Plunder can develop more buildings. Special Guest Star: Robby Romero as Sky Runner.
* 59. The Guinea Pigs - Dr. Blight's minions have been capturing animals for her experiments and it's up to the Planeteers to stop her. Special Guest Stars: Lou Rawls as Dr. Rice and Vanna White as Laurie Saunders.
*60. OK at the Gunfight Corral - Hoggish Greedly, Rigger, and Sly Sludge, travel back in time to create the biggest trash crisis in the earth's history until Captain Planet arrives and puts them in jail.
*61. Canned Hunt - Hoggish Greedly is behind a "canned" hunt, and captures Captain Planet and the Planeteers.
*62. Hog Tide
*63. A Formula for Hate - The story involved a high school basketball player (named Todd Andrews) who is accused of having HIV-AIDS and the villain Verminous Skumm and his rat henchman brainwashing the school into thinking that the disease can be spread through casual contact. This was one of the first times that an American animated cartoon show dealt with the issue of AIDS education. Special Guest Stars: Neil Patrick Harris as Todd Andrews and Elizabeth Taylor as Todd Andrews' Mother.
* 64. If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast- The Planeteers go on separate missions across the world to prevent the detonation of three separate nuclear bombs in three three major conflict zones between warring religious factions. Verminous Skumm is behind the plot of inciting hatred to get people into nuking each other so that Duke Nukem could feast on the radiation from the nuclear fallouts. The main story sees Wheeler arrive in Northern Ireland where the conflict is between Protestant and Catholic. Kwame and Linka travel to South Africa where the blacks and whites are raging battles. Gi and Ma-Ti travel to Israel where tensions are high between Palestinians and Jews. The episode's portions set in Belfast have become a popular viral internet meme; its wildly inaccurate accents and depictions of the Troubles have been met with large degrees of mirth from Northern Ireland inhabitants. Special guest star: Kenneth Mars as Marshall Lowkowitz.
*65. The Night of the Wolf- When Looten Plunder introduces the "Robo-Wolf", can the real wolves put a stop to it?

The New Adventures of Captain Planet

eason four (1993-1994)

David Coburn does the opening narration, instead of Levar Burton.

* 66. A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part One - While the Planeteers argue about their priorities concerning different ecological problems, Sly Sludge dumps waste in a salt mine. Pausing their dispute Gaia assigns the Planeteers to intervene. Shortly after another ecological disaster takes place close to Commander Clash's island. Not being able to handle both at the same time, the Planeteers decide to summon Captain Planet for managing the latter, while themselves chasing after Sludge. However they do not notice, that the island's contamination revived Captain Pollution, who instantly starts a fight against Captain Planet. To make things worse, the Planeteers fall into Sly Sludge's trap, who immures them in the mine... This episode reveals some of Ma-Ti's past and thereby some of his motives for environmentalism.
* 67. A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part Two - Captain Planet destroys Captain Pollution for good by throwing him in a natural lava vat. In addition, Gi, Wheeler, and Linka each reveal some of their own past.
* 68. I Just Want to Be Your Teddybear - Hoggish Greedly is behind a mystery involving Louisiana black bears. The Planeteers call Captain Planet who puts an end to Greedly's evil plots.
* 69. Missing Linka - Linka's Grandmother suffers from sickness. Therefore, Linka decides to leave the Planeteers and return to her home town. Because half the town is affected, she investigates the reason of the problem. Wheeler, unable to abandon her, secretly stays in town - and helps Linka, as soon as the situation gets dangerous to her. Meanwhile the other Planeteers worry about getting her back. The Planeteers combine their powers to call Captain Planet to save Linka's town.
* 70. The Unbearable Blightness of Being - Dr. Blight succeeds in constructing a machine, which switches the minds of two affected bodies. Using this machine, she gets into the body of Gaia (as well as Gaia gets into hers), in this way gaining Gaia's powers of nature and also befooling the Planeteers. Imprisoned in Blight's body, Gaia has to find and convince the Planeteers, if she wants her own body back.
* 71. Wheeler's Ark - Captain Planet and the Planeteers stop Dr. Blight, Hoggish Greedly, and Looten Plunder from getting rid of the animals.
* 72. Sea No Evil - Hoggish Greedly is behind a number of dolphins getting hurt, and the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who puts Greedly under glass.
* 73. Talkin' Trash - In this story about street gangs, Wheeler discovers his ex-girlfriend has a split personality, and working for Verminous Skumm.
* 74. Future Shock - Zarm travels to the future and rounds up the great grandchildren of 3 eco-villains from the future to take on Captain Planet and the Planeteers. They are no match for the villains from the future. They call Captain Planet, who gets trapped and melted into a toxic acid bubble. Gaia produces the Planeteers from the future, who call the future Captain Planet. The future Planet defeats the future villains, but Ma-Ti also does the right thing and defeats them as well.
* 75. Gorillas Will Be Missed - Goki, a boy from the future where gorillas are extinct, is given a virtual reality goggle by a mysterious woman that sends him into the past around the time when Looten Plunders tries to get rid of some gorillas. With Goki's help, the Planeteers call Captain Planet to stop him. At the end, Goki receives the power of Earth as a Planeteer, and the woman is revealed to be Gaia. Special Guest Star: Kadeem Hardison as Goki.
* 76. I've Lost My Mayan - Transported to ancient Maya, Ma-Ti is captured and mistaken for the son of environmentally minded rebels. Special Guest Star: Héctor Elizondo as Shanoub
* 77. The Energy Vampire - Duke Nukem and Dr. Blight wreak havoc in Canada. Only Captain Planet can stop Nukem before he destroys the earth.
* 78. Bottom Line Green - The Planeteers go undercover to investigate a series of mysterious explosions at a plant. It looks like the owner's son is behind them, but Hoggish Greedly is behind the explosions, and the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who puts an end to the mystery, and captures Greedly.
* 79. You Bet Your Planet - This episode featured a game show, "You Bet Your Planet", in which the Planeteers competed against the Eco Villains. The game show was hosted on an alien planet, with aliens for the audience and the host Lexo Starvak [voiced by Casey Kasem] , and a big mouth for the announcer [voiced by legendary game show announcer Gene Wood] . The prize was the fate of Captain Planet.
* 80. Bug OffVermenous Skumm plans to terrorize the earth with his wicked wevels. But Captain Planet stops him
* 81. Orangu-Tangle - The Slaughters, a poaching mother/son team, plan to kill all the orangutans. When the police can't stop the Slaughters, the Planeteers call Captain Planet to stop the Slaughters.
* 82. Jail House Flock - The Planeteers are shocked when Hoggish Greedley got a permit to build houses by wetlands. When they tried to stop them, Greedley had them & Capain Planet arrested & thrown in jail. Greedley tricks the hick Sheriff (voiced by Sorrell Booke), that the Planeteers escaped from jail. So the Planeteers get some evidence to frame Greedley & free Capain Planet from jail.
* 83. Planeteers Under Glass - A scientist constructed a simulation of a condensed version of Earth, featuring different biodomes. It was an experiment to demonstrate the consequences of pollution and how it will destroy the world, simulating a few centuries in ninety minutes. The Planeteers are visiting the land with the scientist and plan to leave after 30 minutes, but Dr. Blight locks them in. The Planeteers cannot use their rings individually because the simulated world has an effect on them, but they can combine them to summon Captain Planet. However Captain Planet cannot survive long in the world due to the intense pollution. The Planeteers and the scientist must find a way out, before it is too late.
* 84. High Steaks - Looten Plunder is behind a plan to turn the Planeteers into cow patties.
* 85. Going Bats, Man
* 86. 'Teers in the Hood - This episode dealt with gang violence, guns, and the peace messages of Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Mahatma Gandhi, as well as their assassinations. It was a break from the formula of most episodes: No Eco Villains appeared nor was pollution the concern ("A Formula for Hate" almost broke from the show’s usual patterns, though Verminous Skumm was the cause of the problems). The episode centered around the shooting of a school teacher caught in gang crossfire. As the teacher was a friend of Gi’s, the five went undercover in the high school the two rival gangs went to.
* 87. No Horsing Around - Hoggish Greedly is behind an attempt to get rid of the horses, but is stopped by Captain Planet.

eason five (1994-1995)

*88. Twilight Ozone - This exciting fifth season opener starts with a mystery. Animals are going blind. The Planeteers discover Duke Nukem is behind the blindness. They call Captain Planet. Planet gets a pipe and takes Nukem off. The sun gets hotter, and Nukem gives Planet a double dose of radiation, and the 2 fall to the ground. Nukem zaps a ray out of his hand at Captain Planet, who gets weak. He returns the Planeteers powers. Later, the Planeteers call Captain Planet agaan, and Planet reveals that he never gets burned twice. Planet captures Duke Nukem, and returns the Planeteers' powers.
*89. Hollywaste - The Planeteers meet Dr. Blight's do-goody sister, Bambi Blight.
*90. Disoriented Express
*91. Ghost of Porkaloin Past - Hoggish Greedly inherits his grandfather's estate, but when he gets a hotel, he uses the cover as a legal operation, but is stopped by Captain Planet, and the butler is revealed as Greedly's grandfather.
*92. No Place Like Home
*93. Horns A' Plenty
*94. Little Crop of Horrors
*95. A River Ran through It - Hoggish Greedly starts a war between workers in a town. The Planeteers call Captain Planet, who puts an end to the feud when he captures Greedly.
*96. In Zarm's Way - Zarm tests humanity once again. This time, Gi must work for Zarm to save the children. But when things get out of hand, the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who orders the Planeteers to spread the news to mom and dad. They follow Planet's orders, and Gi tells Zarm that he loses. Zarm returns Captain Planet and the Planeteers to Hope Island.
*97. Nothing's Sacred
*98. Who's Running the Show - Doctor Blight, Duke Nukem, Venomous Skumm, and Hoggish Greedly hijack a national television network and fill it with their own pro-pollution propaganda, the Planeteers arrive to cut their transmission and schemes short, but things escalate when Duke Nukem insists on dropping a nuclear missile for the cameras. Special Guest Star: Ted Turner as Fred Lerner
*99. No Small Problem - Sly Sludge shrinks the Planeteers and sends them to a dump. There, they build a plane, but the shrinking ray is wearing off, and the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who saves the Planeteers, and closes down Sludge's operations.
*100. Numbers Game

eason six (1995-1996)

It is notable that in season six, the opening dialog was replaced by a new rap theme. Also, the Planeteers' clothes were updated to look more modern and the animation improved considerably. Linka's eye colour changed from blue to green. This season also was not aired in the United States until many years after the show's cancellation. Most of the episodes finally made their U.S. debut on Boomerang in 2006 as part of an Earth Day marathon.

*101. 5-Ring Panda-MoniumThe Planeteers join the circus to rescue some abused animals after they were abducted by the Slaughters. Special Guest Star: Paul Williams as Kujo.
*102. An Eye for an EyeHoggish Greedly is behind a scheme to wipe out all the dolphins in existence, but the Planeteers call Captain planet, who stops Greedly. A dolphin also stops Greedly with one of the bombs.
*103. 101 Mutations
*104. Whoo Gives a Hoot - The Planeteers have days to prove that Looten Plunder is cutting down old growth forests. Wheeler falls into the river, and the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who rescues Wheeler. Later, our heroes lose the battle as Looten Plunder and the Pinshead Brothers cuts down more growth forest. This is a rare episode in which the Planeteers lose, and the eco-villain comes out on top. Plunder walks away to destroy more trees.
*105. Frog Day Afternoon
*106. A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find - The Planeteers attempt to prevent past and future versions of Doctor Blight from selling a nuclear bomb to a German dictator strongly implied to be Adolf Hitler. This episode implies Doctor Blight is ultimately responsible for the Hiroshima bombings as the result of a paradox. Segments from this episode have been popular online, due to the Hitler-lookalike's mustache being too long, and for the strong anti-prejudice message delivered by Captain Planet.
*107. Twelve Angry Animals - The Planeteers are trapped in a terrible blizzard while journeying up Mount Everest. They are led by a snow leopard into an ice cavern where they think they will be safe. But, as it turns out, the cavern is actually a courtroom, and the Planeteers (as well as the rest of humanity) are judged for committed crimes against their fellow species. The Planeteers are all taken back to the times when the species were either hunted or had their homes devastated, resulting in endangerment or worse, extinction. Guest-starring Tony Jay as the talking yeti.
*108. Dirty Politics - In the future, Dr. Blight's daughter, Betsi Blight, comes to the past to help the Planeteers. Special guest star: Melissa Manchester as Jane Green.
*109. One of the Gang - After saving a rich man's life in a boat storm, Señor Cisneros treats the Planeteers to a stay at his luxurious hotel. When a hotel police mistakes Ma-Ti as a local riff raff, Ma-Ti decides to clear his head & visit the poor community. He meets up with a boy who can't read & is threaten by a gang who burns his parent's store. (NOTES: This is a rare episode to have no eco-villains.)
*110. Old Ma River
*111. Delta Gone - Looten Plunder and Hoggish Greedly try to destroy the wastelands, but are stopped by Captain Planet and the Planeteers.
*112. Never the Twain Shall Meet - The Planeteers head South to meet their pal Milton who plans to show them all he's doing to preserve the endangered Mississippi River. But Ma-ti doesn't want a guided tour. He has delusions of experiencing the Mississippi like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer did in the old days. Special guest star: Earl Holliman as Milton.
*113. Greed Is the Word - Hoggish Greedly is behind a scheme to get rid of the manatees, but the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who defeats Greedly and saves the manatees.

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