Drive Setup

Drive Setup
Drive Setup
Developer(s) Apple Computer
Operating system System 7.5 and later

Drive Setup is the default disk formatting tool in Mac OS 7.5.2-9.2.2. It supports such features as partitioning, and low-level formatting. It could format hard drives in HFS, HFS Plus file systems, and supported formatting drives for use with Linux and A/UX.


In the mid 1990s, when Apple began shipping computers using ATA hard drives, the SCSI drive formatting utility, Apple HD SC Setup was joined by Internal HD Format which could not format SCSI drives. It was first introduced with the PowerBook 150 and Quadra 630 in July 1994. Eventually, both Internal HD Format and Apple HD SC Setup were superseded with Drive Setup in 1995 and ultimately by Disk Utility, both of which combined resources to format both SCSI and IDE drives.

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