List of philatelic topics

List of philatelic topics

This is a list of philatelic topics.




- Acknowledgement of receipt- Aerogram- Aerophilately- Affixing machine- Airmail- Airmail etiquette- Arrow block- Astrophilately- Philatelic auction- Philatelic auction catalog


- Balloon mail- Bicycle mail- Bisect- Bogus postal markings- Bogus stamp issue- Booklet- British Guiana 1c magenta- Bulk mail


- Cachet- Camel mail- Cancellation- Cancelled to order- Caribou mail- Carrier's stamp- Censored mail- Center line block- Certified mail- Charity stamp- chinese new year stamps- Christmas seal- Christmas stamp- Cigarette tax stamp- Cinderella stamp- Circular delivery mail- Classic stamp- Coil stamp- Color guide- Color trial- Combination cover- Commemorative issue- Commemorative stamp- Concentration camp mail- Consular fee stamp- Control mark- Counterfeit stamps- Courier mail- Cover- Crash cover- Crown agent- Cut square


- Damaged mail- Dead letter mail- Definitive issue- Definitive series- Delayed mail- Design error- Die proof- Diplomatic pouch mail- Dirigible mail- Disinfected mail- Dog mail- Dogsled mail- Dummy stamp


- Earliest known use (EKU)- Embossing- Engraver's mark- Engraving- Entire- Envelope- Errors and varieties- Errors, freaks, and oddities (EFO)- Essay- Expert- Europa postage stamp- Expertization- Express company- Express mail


- Famous stamps- Fancy cancel- Favor cancel- Favor sheet- Fee paid mail- Field post office- First day ceremony- First day cover- First day of issue- First flight- First issue- Fiscal cancellation- Fiscal issue- Flat plate press- Floor sweepings- Forerunner- Forged stamps- Forwarding agent- Fractional currency- Franchise stamp- Franking privilege- Free frank- Fumigated mail


- Graphite line- Grill- Guide line- Guide line pair- Gum- Gutter block- Gutter pair


- Handstruck stamp- Health stamp- Highway post office- History of philately- Hotel post- Hovercraft mail


- Illegal stamps- Illustration law- Imitation stamp- Imperforate- Imprint- Imprint block- Postage stamp ink- Inscription- Inscription block- Institutional collection- Insured mail- International mail- International reply coupon- Inverted Jenny- Inverted Swan- Philatelic investment- Irradiated mail- Interrupted mail


- James Chalmers- Joint issue- Joint line- Joint line pair


- Killer- Kiloware


- Label- Late fee stamp- Letter carrier- Letterpress- Letter sheet- Line pair- Linn's Stamp News- List of entities that have issued postage stamps- List of philatelic topics (deliberate self-link)- List of philatelists- List of notable postage stamps- List of stamp catalogues- List of stamp collectors- List of stamp dealers- Lithography- Local post- Luminescent issue


- Mail delivery by animal- Mail fraud- Mail robbery- Mailman- Marcophily- Marginal marking- Marine insurance stamp- Maritime mail- Maximaphily- Maximum card- Metered mail- Michel catalog- Military mail- Millennium stamp- Miniature sheet- Minipack- Mixed franking- Mobile post office- Money order- Mr Zip


- Nassau Street (Manhattan)- Naval cover- Naval mail- Navigation and Commerce issue- New issue- Newspaper stamp- Newspaper wrapper- Nicholas F. Seebeck


- Occupation stamp- Offices abroad- Official mail- Offset printing- Overprint


- Packet letter- Packet mark- Postage stamp paper- Paquebot- Parcel post- Paste-up pair- Penalty mail- Pen cancel- Penny post- Perfin- Perforation- Permit mail- Phantom issue- Philatelic agency- Philatelic cover- Philatelic literature- Philatelic museums- Philately- PHQ Cards- Picture post card- Pigeon mail- Pillar box- Plate block- Plate marking- Plate number coil- Printing plate- Plating- Plebiscite issue- Pneumatic mail- Polar mail- Postage due- Postage stamp booklet- Postage stamp color- Postage stamp reuse- Postage stamp separation- Postal card- Postal convention- Postal history- Postal laws and regulations- Postal marking- Postal route- Postal savings- Postal slogan- Postal stationery- Postal tax- Postal treaty- Postal union- Postcard- Post office- Post Office Cards- Post Office circulars- Post road- Precancel- Presentation album- Presentation book- Price list- Postage stamp printing- Prisoner-of-war mail- Private cancellation- Private carrier- Private overprint- Private post- Stamp proof- Provisional stamp


- Railway post office- Railway mail- Rare issue- Ration stamp- Receiving mark- Red Cross label- Registered mail- Regummed stamp- Reissue- Reprint- Remainder- Reperforation- Reply card- Reply coupon- Revenue cancellation- Revenue stamp- Rocket mail- Rotary press- Rouletting- Rowland Hill

- Savings issue- Scott catalog- Se-tenant- Semi-official- Semi-postal- Separation- Ship mail- Siege mail- Slogan cancellation- Socked on the nose (SON)- Souvenir card- Souvenir sheet- Space cover- Space mail- Special delivery- Special handling- Specimen stamp- Stamp album- Stamp catalog- Stamp collecting- Stamp condition- Stamp design- Stamp exhibition- Stamp finder- Stamp gum- Stamp hinge- Stamp mounting- Stamp separation- Stanley Gibbons- Steamship issue- Streetcar mail- Strike mail- Study circle- Submarine mail- Surcharge


- Tagging- Tax stamp- Telegraph stamp- Test stamp- Tete-beche- Thematic collecting- Tin Can Mail- Topical collecting- Training stamp- Transatlantic mail- Transoceanic mail- Treaty port- Treskilling Yellow


- Unaccepted design- Undeliverable mail- Undesirable issue- Universal Postal Union- Untagged- Used abroad


- Valentine cover- Variety- Varnish bars- Stamp vending machine- View card


- Want list- War cover- War issue- War mail- War savings issue- War tax- Watermark- Wrapper- Wreck cover


- Yvert catalog


- Zeppelin mail- Zip block

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