List of notable postage stamps

List of notable postage stamps

This is a list of postage stamps that are especially notable in some way.

The best-known stamps:
* Treskilling Yellow (Sweden)
* Penny Black (Britain)
* Mauritius "Post Office"
* Inverted Jenny (U.S.)
* Basel Dove (Switzerland)
* British Guiana 1c magenta
* Benjamin Franklin Z Grill (U.S.)

By country:__NOTOC__


* Buenos Aires 1859 1-peso tete-beche pair - unique


* Inverted Swan


* Red Mercury


* Perot provisional


* Bull's Eye
* Goat's Eye

British Guiana

* British Guiana 1c magenta - unique


* Canada 12d black
* Canada 2c Large Queen on laid paper - rarest Canadian stamp
* Bluenose
* St. Lawrence Seaway invert

Cape of Good Hope

* Cape 4d black Triangle
* Cape 4d red error of color


* Red Revenues - 1897 Provisionals

Confederate States

*CSA #10 - rarest Confederate Stamp

Falkland Islands

* HMS Glasgow error


* Finland 20k black stamped envelope - most valuable postal stationery


*Ceres - France's first stamp
* One franc vermilion
* Black twenty centimes

German East Africa

* German East Africa 1 rupee used at Tabora


* Baden 9kr blue-green error of color
* Bavaria one Kreuzer black
* Saxony 3pf red sheet
* Saxony 1/2g on light blue paper error
* Vineta provisional


* Gibraltar 10c missing-value error


* Hawaiian Missionaries - first stamps of Hawaii


* Black Honduras - black airmail overprint, two known

Hong Kong

* Hong Kong Jubilee 1891 - first overprinted commemorative stamp in the world
* George VI - Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee 1948


* Scinde Dawk - first stamps of Asia
* Inverted Head Four Annas


* The Rare 2d Coil


* Tuscany 3-lira ocher
* Tuscany 4-crazie Lion inverted tablet - unique error
* Italy General Balbo triptych
* Gronchi Rosa


* Jamaica 1sh inverted-frame error


* Sutherland local boos
* Japan 500m Dragon invert


* Mauritius "Post Office"

New Zealand

* 1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1d Claret Colour – miscoloured
* Teddy Bear Health Stamp – withdrawn because of an illegal depiction
* Maori Performing Arts stamps – sets printed but destroyed before release after causing public offence, a very small number were then sold by mistake. [] []


* Cap de bour - issued by the principality of Moldova in 1858


* Treskilling Yellow - unique error, world's record auction sales price for a postage stamp.


* Basel Dove
* Double Geneva
* Zurich 4 and Zurich 6


* Uganda Missionaries - the first stamps of Uganda, typewritten.

United Kingdom

* Penny Black - world's first postage stamp
* Penny Blue - Trial printings from a penny black plate
* Two pence blue - issued for second rate step, at same time as Penny Black
* VR official - first official stamp
* Prince Consort Essay
* Penny Red - improved follow-ons to the Penny Black
* Archer Roulette - experimental separation of stamps
* Edward VII 2d Tyrian plum - withdrawn before issue, but one used

"See also" list of British postage stamps

United States

* St. Louis Bear
* Alexandria "Blue Boy" Postmaster's Provisional - Unique, entire.
* New York Postmaster's Provisional
* 1c Z grill - rarest US stamp
* Black Bull - dollar value of 1898 Trans-Mississippi
* Inverted Jenny - the "upside-down airplane"
* Dag Hammarskjöld invert - error deliberately mass-produced
* CIA invert - modern error
* Pan-American invert


* Uruguay 180-centesimo Sol de Mayo red error of color - unique

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