Philadelphia slang

Philadelphia slang

Philadelphia slang and terminology is words normally affiliated with the City of Philadelphia, its surrounding counties, and South Jersey.


*"(The) 215": The area code for Philadelphia. "Yeah, I'm representing the 215!" [O'Neal, Sean. "City Paper", 14 October 2004. " [ The Tables Have Turned] ". Accessed 7 April 2008.]
*"(The) 700 Level": The cheap seats located in Veterans Stadium, high atop the Vet. [] The 700 Level fans were known for their rowdiness and violent behavior, especially against opposing fans. The 700 Level fans were stereotyped as more blue collar and working class Eagles fans. [ [ Cover Story ] ] [ [ - Philadelphia fans say they'll miss the Vet ] ] The term "700 Level Mentality" is used to describe hardcore fanatical mentality of many Philadelphia sports fans. [ [ Philadelphia sports landmark demolished in 62 seconds - Sports ] ] [Longman, Jere. If Football's a Religion, Why Don't We Have a Prayer?: Philadelphia, Its Faithful, and the Eternal Quest for Sports Salvation]


*"A.C.": Atlantic City [] []


*"Big Ben": Ben Franklin []
*"Billy Penn": William Penn (and the associated Billy Penn Curse) []
*"(The) Birds": The Philadelphia Eagles. []
*"Blue Route": I-476 between Chester and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (See "Northeast Extension"). [] The Blue Route got its name from the color of ink used to draw the proposed route for the "Mid-County Expressway" (its official name). A red route and a green route were also proposed, but the Blue route is the one that was actually constructed.
*"Boo Birds": Philly fans who boo the home team (usually the Eagles) whenever they are not performing well. [] "Another three-and-out? Here come the boo birds..."
*"Broad Street Bullies": The Philadelphia Flyers. [] First came into play in the 1970's, when they won back-to-back Stanley Cups. Name came from the fact that they play on Broad Street, and their "goons" (most notably Dave Schultz and Bob Kelly) would frequently attack opposing players, making them "bullies". This term is also associated with Flyers fans due to their rowdiness and aggression towards opposing fans.


*"Conshohocken Curve": Where the Schuylkill Expressway turns from a predominantly eastward direction to a predominantly southward one, across the Schuylkill River from the city of Conshohocken.". [cite news |title=Montgomery County Commissioners to Unveil New Video Monitoring Capability for Area Highways |url=,a,11,Q,1191.asp |publisher=Montgomery County Press Release |date=April 13, 2004|accessdate=2007-12-20]
*"Conshy": Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, a nearby suburb. []


*"Delco": Nearby Delaware County, Pennsylvania []
*"Del-Val": Delaware Valley, or the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area []
*"Down the Shore": Vacationing at one of the beaches of southern New Jersey, as in "You won't find her at home. She's down the shore." Variant: "Down da Shore" []


*"The EL": SEPTA's Market–Frankford Line []


*"Grinder": An oven or broiler toasted hoagie. [Eames, Edwin and Howard Robboy.American Speech, Vol. 42, No. 4. [ "The Submarine Sandwich: Lexical Variations in a Cultural Context"] ] Request quotation|date=March 2008


*"Harry the K": Harry Kalas, announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies. []
*"Hoagie": A sandwich, consisting of a long bread filled with lunchmeats, cheeses, and vegetables. What would be referred to as a "sub" in other parts of the country. The term originated in Philadelphia. [Kenneth Finkel, ed., "Philadelphia Almanac and Citizen’s Manual", (Philadelphia: The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1995) page 86.] ["Philly Via Italy", "thirtyfourthstreetmagazine", April 17, 2007, page 9.] ["The Submarine Sandwich: Lexical Variations in a Cultural Context," Eames & Robboy, American Speech, Vol. 42, No. 4 (Dec., 1967), pp. 279-288]


*"Iggles": The Philadelphia Eagles football team []


*"Jawn", "Jawnt", or "Joint": Noun that is used in casual conversation to describe any person, place, or especially a thing. The slang term is often pronounced as "jawn" or "jawnt," but is most likely a corruption of the word "joint." [ [ The Bar Car Is Rocking - New York Times ] ] [ [ The Jawn - vol. 3 - September, 2002 ::: ] ] [ [ :::Philebrity…media, culture, music and more::: ] ] [ [ Bronx Rap » Freeway - Free At Last / Reviewed by Serge Deff ] ] [ [ Letters - philadelphia weekly online ] ]
*"Judy Garland Park": Officially named Schuylkill Park, a well-known outdoor gay cruising area at the edge of Center City, at the Schuylkill River waterfront between Locust and Lombard Streets [Gross, Michael Joseph. "The Atlantic Online", August 2000. [ The Queen is Dead] . Accessed 25 March 2008.]


*"K & A": Area of Northeast Philadelphia encompassing the Kensington and Allegheney sections [ [ Welcome to the Chestnut Hill Local ] ] [ [ War of the Words :: Philadelphia City Paper. 25 Years of Independent Journalism ] ]
*"Kenzo": Nickname for a section of Lower Northeast Philadelphia (called Kensington) or a person who is from and/or lives in that neighborhood. [ [ Kenzo Filmz: Home Page ] ]


*"The Lakes": FDR Park. Located in the very south end of South Philadelphia. [unsigned. 5 January 1852, "New York Times". " [ Railroad to the Lakes] ". Accessed 3 April 2008.] [Thompson, Mary Jane. undated, "South Philadelphia Review" "Building an Experience". Cited at [ Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory - South Philadelphia Review] . Accessed 3 April 2008.]
*"The Linc": Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles home stadium). [Philadelphia Will Do, [ "Good Lateral Vibrations"] , "Philadelphia Weekly", October 10, 2006. Accessed 3 April 2008.] [Rincon, Sonia. undated, . " [ Fans Call Ramps at Linc 'Unstable'] ". Accessed 3 April 2008.]
*"LOVE Park": J.F.K. Plaza, site of the famous "LOVE" sculpture. [* [ LOVE Park] from in Philadelphia.]


*"Montco": Nearby Montgomery County, Pennsylvania [Vasoli, Bradley. "The Bulletin", 30 October 2007. " [ Castor: Dems Will Turn Montco Into Philadelphia] ". Accessed 7 April 2008.]
*"(The) Main Line": Affluent suburbs to the Northwest of the city, name for the former Main Line railroad. Now along the Septa R5 line.


*"Nova": Villanova University. [O'Neil, Dana Pennett. "Philadelphia Daily News", 10 December 2008. " [ Villanova - 'Nova passes history test] ". Accessed 7 April 2008.]


*"Penn": University of Pennsylvania [ [ PENN: Philadelphia] . Accessed 9 April 2008.]
*"Pashunk": Passyunk Avenue, a popular street in South Philadelphia
*"The Phils": The Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.

*"The Shore": A reference to the New Jersey beaches.
*"The Schuylkill": The Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) (pronounced "skookil")
*"Side jawn" or "side joint": a mistress or lover who is not a spouse or girlfriend; a lover on the side who is not part of one's main relationship
*the "Sixers":a Name for the Philadelphia 76ers
*"The Speedline": Port Authority operated PATCO High Speedline between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden County, New Jersey
*"St. Joe's": St. Joseph's University
*"Steak": A cheese steak


*"Tastypie": A Tastykake pie.


*"The Vet": The former Veterans Stadium multi-sport complex (demolished in 2004)


*"Water Ice": Italian Ice. Typically pronounced "wooder ice".
*"The Whitman": The Walt Whitman Bridge
*"Wiz Wit-out": Terminology for a cheesesteak with cheese whiz but without onions. "Wiz Wit" signifies a cheesesteak with cheese whiz and fried onions.
*"Wu-tang": A dance move that originated in Philly. Commonly performed to Baltimore Club music. [ [ Philadelphia Will Do ] ] [ [ The Dirty Dozen - philadelphia weekly online ] ] [ [ WTF is the Wu Tang Dance? : The Couch Sessions ] ]


*"Yo": A traditional Philadelphia greeting. Or, a way to get someone's attention. Common among Philadelphian Italian Americans. [ [ Sorry, New York, 'Yo' Was Born in Philadelphia - New York Times ] ] [ [ How they Talk in Philadelphia ] ] ] .cite book
title=Flappers 2 Rappers: American Youth Slang
publisher=Merriam Webster
location=Springfield, Massachusetts
*"Youse": You all (you plural), you guys.
*"Yunk"or Manny: Nickname for Manayunk, a neighborhood in Philadelphia near Roxborough.


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* Etymologies of place names in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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