Mills (surname)

Mills (surname)

Mills is a surname, and may refer to many people.

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  • Harlan Mills (1919—1996), American computer scientist
  • Hayley Mills (born 1946), British actress
  • Heather Mills (born 1968), legally known as Lady McCartney, second wife of Sir Paul McCartney
  • Howard Mills, American politician
  • Hannah Mills, (born 1996) Skilled hockey player and photographer.














  • Walter Mills, English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Wayne Mills, British soldier who was the first recipient of the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross
  • Wilbur Mills (1909–1992), American politician
  • William Mills (inventor) (1856–1932), Inventor of the Mills Bomb
  • William O. Mills (1924—1973), American politician


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