Lane (surname)

Lane (surname)

Lane is a surname, The surname "Lane" comes from England. and may refer to:


* Abbe Lane
* Abigail Lane
* Akira Lane, Japanese-American adult model
* Allen Lane
* Alycia Lane
* Andrew Lane, U.S. musician and conductor
* Andy Lane
* Anita Lane, Australian singer and songwriter
* Anthony Lane, British film reviewer
* Arthur Bliss Lane (1894-1956), U.S. diplomat


* Billy Lane, U.S. motorcycle builder
* Burton Lane (1912-1997), U.S. composer and lyricist


* Carla Lane (born 1937), British television writer
* Charles Lane (actor) (born 1905), U.S. actor
* Charles Lane (journalist), "Washington Post" reporter
* Charles Lane (African-American actor/filmmaker) (born 1953) U.S. actor
* Chei Mi Lane, U.S. author
* Colin Lane, Australian comedian


* David Lane (white nationalist), U.S. neo-Nazi leader
* David Lane (director), director of "Thunderbirds" films
* David C. Lane (born 1956), U.S. researcher of new religious movements
* David Lane (politician)
* Devinn Lane
* Diane Lane (born 1965), U.S. actress
* Dick Lane (American football) (1928-2002), American football player
* Dick Lane (baseball) (born 1927), U.S. baseball player
* Dick Lane (TV announcer) (1899–1982), television announcer
* Don Lane


* Eastwood Lane (1879-1951), U.S. composer
* Edward William Lane (1801-1876), British scholar
* Elizabeth Lane, British lawyer


* Fitz Hugh Lane (1804-1865), U.S. painter
* Frank Lane (1896-1981), U.S. baseball executive
* Franklin Knight Lane (1864-1921), Canadian-American politician
* Fred Lane
* Frederick Lane (1888-1969), Australian swimmer


* Gary Lane
* Geoffrey Lane, Baron Lane
* George Martin Lane (1823-1897), U.S. scholar
* Gord Lane
* Gokou Lane


* Harlan Lane, professor of psychology and linguistics, Northeastern University, Boston
* Harriet Lane (1830-1903), James Buchanan's niece
* Harry Lane
* Homer Lane
* Hugh Lane (1875-1915), Irish(Irish-British) Art Collector and Philanthropist


* Jackie Lane (born 1947), British actress
* James D. Lane
* James H. Lane (Senator) (1814-1866), U.S. politician and abolitionist
* James H. Lane (general) (1833-1907), Confederate general
* Jane Lane (author)
* Jani Lane (born 1964), U.S. singer (Warrant)
* Jason Lane
* Jay Lane
* Jeffrey Lane
* Jennifer Lane (born 1978), U.S. professional wrestler
* Jim Lane (Microsoft)
* Jocelyn Lane (born 1937), model, actress and jewellery designer
* John Lane (publisher) (1854-1925), British publisher
* John Carey Lane, former Mayor of Honolulu
* Jonathan Homer Lane (1819-1880), American astrophysicist and inventor
* Joseph Lane (1801-1881), U.S. general


* Kris Lane, professor of Latin American history
* Krista Lane
* Kyle Lane


* Lafayette Lane (1842-1896), U.S. politician
* Lana Lane
* Lauren Lane (born 1961), U.S. actress
* Lenny Lane (born 1970), U.S. professional wrestler, real name Leonard Carlson
* Leota Lane (1913-1963), one of the Lane Sisters
* Lane, Lisa (born 1938), U.S. chess player
* Luna Lane
* Lupino Lane
* Lane, Lola (1906-1981), one of the Lane Sisters


* Mark Lane, author of "Rush to Judgment"
* Martin Lane, former English footballer
* Mills Lane (born 1936), U.S. judge and boxing referee
* Mills Lane (character), fictional character on the cllaymation series Celebrity Deathmatch
* Morgan D. Lane, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient


* Nathan Lane (born 1956), U.S. actor and comedian
* Nancy Lane (erotic model)


* Patrick Lane (born 1939), Canadian poet
* Priscilla Lane (1915-1995), one of the Lane Sisters


* Ralph Lane (c.1530-1603), English explorer
* Richard James Lane (1800-1872), English master lithographer and line-engraver
* Richard Lane (architect) (1795-1880), English architect of the late Georgian and early Victorian period.
* Richard Lane (writer) (1918-2008), Australian playwright/dramatist
* Ronnie Lane (1946-1997), British singer and songwriter
* Rose Wilder Lane (1886-1968), U.S. writer
* Rosemary Lane (1914-1974), one of the Lane Sisters
* Roy Lane, British racing driver

* Sam Lane
* Samantha Lane
* Sarah Lane (born 1976), U.S. television personality
* Selwyn George (Bill) Lane, Australian ornithologist
* Shawn Lane (1963-2003), U.S. musician (Black Oak Arkansas)
* Stan Lane (born 1953), U.S. professional wrestler
* Stanley Lane-Poole


* Terry Lane, Australian radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist
* Thomas Lane, Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
* Thomas J. Lane
* Tim Lane
* Tory Lane


* Vanessa Lane


* Walter P. Lane (1817-1892), Confederate general
* William Lane (1861-1917), Australian labour leader
* William Carr Lane
* William Henry Lane, known as Master Juba
* William Preston Lane, Jr. (1892-1967), U.S. politician
* William L. Lane, New Testament scholar


* Yuri Lane, beatboxer

Fictional characters

*Drury Lane (fictional detective), created by Ellery Queen
*Jane Lane ("Daria")
*Lois Lane (Superman stories)
*Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's sister
*Sam Lane, Lois & Lucy's father.
*Brian Lane ("New Tricks")

ee also

* Lane
* Laine
* Layne
* Lyne

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