Poole (surname)

Poole (surname)

Poole is a surname, and may refer to:

* Adalbert Poole, Canadian politician
* Andy Poole, Canadian jazz musician
* Austin Lane Poole, historian
* Barney Poole, American football player
* Bruce Poole, American politician
* Cecil Charles Poole, British politician
* Cecil F. Poole, American lawyer and judge
* Charles Lane Poole, Australian forester
* Charlie Poole, American banjo player
* Cyril Poole, English cricketer and footballer
* David Poole, South African ballet dancer
* David Poole, American special effects editor
* David Poole, English footballer
* David Poole, English High Court judge
* Dianne Poole, Canadian politician
* Dick Poole, Australian rugby league footballer
* Earl Lincoln Poole, American wildlife artist, sculptor, author and naturalist
* Ed Poole, American baseball player
* Elizabeth Poole, English settler in Plymouth Colony
* Eric Joseph Poole, Canadian politician
* Eric Poole, British Army officer of WWI
* Ernest Poole, American novelist
* Frank Poole, fictional character
* Freddi Poole, American singer
* Gary Poole, former English professional footballer
* Gary T. Poole,
* George Temple-Poole, British architect
* Glenn Poole, English footballer
* H. John Poole, an American military author and Marine
* Harold Poole, professional bodybuilder
* Henry Poole MacKeen, Canadian lawyer and politician
* Henry Poole, software activist
* Henry Ward Poole, American instrument maker
* James Poole, British software programmer
* James Richard Poole, American badminton player
* Jim Poole, American football player
* Jim Poole, American baseball player
* Joe Poole, professional footballer
* John Poole, English footballer
* John Poole, English playwright
* John Poole, Canadian politician
* John Worthington Poole Hughes, British Bishop
* Jon Poole, British bassist
* Jonas Poole, English explorer, sealer, and whaler
* Karen Poole, British songwriter
* Keith Poole, former professional American football player
* Kevin Poole, English football player
* Malcolm Poole, Australian field hockey player
* Marin Poole, American beauty queen
* Mark Poole, American Illustrator
* Matthew Poole, English theologian
* Minor Butler Poole, United States Navy Cross recipient
* Nate Poole, American football player
* Nick Poole, Canadian ice hockey player
* Oliver Poole, 1st Baron Poole,
* Olivia Poole, inventor
* Paul Falconer Poole, English painter
* Phil Poole,
* Phillip Poole,
* Ray Poole,
* Reg Poole,
* Reginald Lane-Poole,
* Reginald Stuart Poole, English orientalist
* Riley Poole,
* Robert Poole,
* Russell Poole,
* Sandra Le Poole,
* Shelly Poole,
* Sophia Lane Poole,
* Stafford Poole, historian
* Stanley Lane-Poole, writer
* Steven Poole, British writer
* Terry Poole,
* Theodore L. Poole,
* Thomas Henry Poole,
* Trevor Poole,
* Tyrone Poole, American football player
* Wakefield Poole, porn star
* Will Poole, American football player
* William B. Poole, (1833-1904), American sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
* William Frederick Poole, (1821-1894), American bibliographer and librarian
* William H. Poole, Canadian minister and writer
* William Poole (Federal Reserve Bank president), (born 1937), American economist, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
* William Poole, (1821–1855), also known as "Bill the Butcher", American gang member and leader of the Know Nothing political movement
* William Wortham Poole, (1842–1922), American bookkeeper

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