Time Crisis 4

Time Crisis 4

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title = Time Crisis 4

developer = Nex Entertainment
publisher = Namco
distributor = Bandai Namco Games
designer = Hajime Nakatani (producer),
Takashi Satsukawa (director)
engine =
release = Arcade
June 20 2006
PlayStation 3
vgrelease|North America|NA|November 20 2007
vgrelease|Europe|EUR|April 18 2008 [ [http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=128588 Killzone 2 coming in September News // PS3 /// Eurogamer ] ]
vgrelease|Australia|AUS|April 24 2008 [ [http://au.playstation.com/games_media/release_schedule.jhtml Games Release Schedule ] ]
genre = Rail shooter (Arcade, Playstation 3),
First Person Shooter (Playstation 3)
modes = Single player, multiplayer
cabinet = 29" Standard twin 4:3,
52" Deluxe twin 4:3
display = Raster, horizontal orientation
arcade system = Namco System Super 256
platforms = Arcade, PlayStation 3
input = SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 controller GunCon 3

"Time Crisis 4" is the fourth installment in Namco's "Time Crisis" series. As with its predecessors, the game introduces new features to the gameplay engine alongside a new story and roster of characters. It was initially released for arcade circulation in 2006 and was ported to the PlayStation 3 in 2007.


"Time Crisis 4" was first shown at E3 2006 prior to its recent final revision arcade release.

One major change is the addition of the multi-screen/multi-hiding system, introduced in "". Unlike "Project Titan", which players went on the offensive, players are placed on the defensive. In "Project Titan", players had to hide and shoot arrows to switch screens. Screen switching has been refined to allow the player to merely point the gun outside the screen to move around.

"Time Crisis 4" also utilizes a new light gun control with infrared emitters. Prior to this, all Namco light gun games used gun controllers that relied on cathode ray timing. Because Namco's light guns with cathode ray timing utilized memory chip-to-lens pointing, the arcade cabinet designers had to ensure that the infrared-emitting light gun controllers would provide the same accuracy as their cathode ray timing-based gun provided in the past. This delayed the game's release given past accuracy issues with IR light guns.

The player can choose to customize gun calibration and/or turn the blowback on or off with a pre-game code explained in the cabinet. "Time Crisis 4", like its predecessors, is available either in a 29" standard twin cabinet or a 52" deluxe twin.

"Time Crisis 4" also includes the multiple weapon system introduced in "Time Crisis 3", with the pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and grenade.Davis, Ryan. [http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/timecrisis4/review.html "Time Crisis 4 for PlayStation 3 Review - PlayStation 3 Time Crisis 4 Review"] . November 21, 2007. GameSpot.]

The game also features a voice navigation system that guides players through different situations. Given the voice navigation system, the game can be voiced either in Japanese or English. Prior to "Time Crisis 4", the game was voiced exclusively in English.

PlayStation 3 release

The game was released for the Sony PlayStation 3 exclusively bundled with the "GunCon 3" peripheral. [Antoine Morcos. [http://www.jeux-france.com/news20540_time-crisis-4-sur-playstation-3.html "Time Crisis 4 sur PlayStation 3"] . Jeuxfrance.com. June 13, 2007.] The release dates are as follows:
*November 20, 2007 in the United States
*December 20, 2007 in Japan
*April 18, 2008 for Europe
*April 24, 2008 for AustraliaThe PlayStation 3 edition features 480p (4:3) and 720p (16:9 widescreen) support and a specially-programmed first-person shooter mode, which players engage combat similar to a typical FPS game, but with manual gun pointing, aiming and firing in addition to arcade mode. [ [http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=4982 Gametrailers.com - Time Crisis 4: Reviews, Trailers, and Interviews ] ] Players play as Captain William Rush for 5 levels and as VSSE agents Giorgio Bruno or Evan Bernard for 10 levels through the game's "complete mission", with footage not seen in arcades. [ [http://ps3.qj.net/More-reloaded-Time-Crisis-4-screenshots/pg/49/aid/95767 Article Detail - PlayStation 3 News - QJ.NET ] ] [ [http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/timecrisis4/news.html?sid=6178730&mode=previews Time Crisis 4: Hands-On with FPS Mode - PlayStation 3 News at GameSpot ] ]


A top secret weapon is about to be smuggled by an international terrorist network called "Western Order Liberation Front" or "W.O.L.F."

Gathering this info, the U.S. Army's Internal Surveillance Unit instructs Captain William Rush to head to Central California to investigate the smuggling deal between hostiles. At the self-same instant, the European Union orders Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard (two agents from the VSSE International Intelligence Agency) to do the same.

Rush managed to dispose the suspects at Pier 5 (the enemy's hideout) but at the same time Lieutenant Elizabeth Conway caught an information leak at a Californian airport when suspects armed with insect-like weapons (codenamed "Terror Bite") attacked Giorgio and Evan by surprise. After securing Pier 5 (and gathering evidence at the site), Rush hurried to San Francisco to rescue the VSSE agents.

As Rush extracts Giorgio and Evan from the airport and ultimately prevent the trade, he gives the agents more specific information. After a helicopter chase and a gunfight in the streets with the suspects, Giorgio, Rush, and Evan discover U.S. Army dog tags on the arms dealers' corpses, and realize that the smuggling deal is an act of treason.

Rush attempts to report the act of treason and inquire about a top-secret bio-weapon unit (U.S. Bioweapon Special Operations Unit, a.k.a. "The Hamlin Battalion") to his superiors David Maxwell and Lawrence Garfield when Beth interrupts the meeting about an attempt to destroy a dam at California with low capacity. After escaping what is deduced as a distraction made by the Hamlin Battalion, Rush hurried to a secluded bio-weapons research facility at Wyoming (with only Giorgio and Evan for support) although the Hamlin Battalion retrieved the weapons a little bit after Rush and company arrived at the facility.

At the self-same instant the weapons were gone, Beth informs Rush and company about the hijacking of Buckley Air Force Base near Aurora, Colorado by the Hamlin Battalion, prompting the trio to make a rush trip to the battered AFB. As Giorgio and Evan attack the Hamlin Battalion through the air, Rush leads the National Guard to attack by ground. Nearing the end of the trio's joint pursuit against the Hamlin Battalion's outdoor defense, a couple of Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs) begin to depart for unknown reasons.

From that point on, the situation started to get worse for the forces of good. Wild Dog attacks the VSSE agents without warning by attempting to slam the agents' helicopter into a control tower while Rush and the National Guard neutralizes the Hamlin ground remnants. Releasing Dog's life-threatening grip on the helicopter, Dog escapes prompting Giorgio and Evan to enter the base before Rush. At the same time the fight between the VSSE and Wild Dog ensued inside the silo, Rush enters the silo where he must eventually confront Wild Fang. In spite of an object-lifting tractor beam, elaborate traps, devil stomps, and powerful roundhouse kicks, Giorgio, Evan, and Rush eventually best both Wild Dog and Wild Fang even when separated. Wild Dog detonates himself knocking Giorgio and Evan to an impending doom prompting Rush and the National Guard to provide cover to ensure that the VSSE confront Gregory Barrows and to ultimately prevent the Batallion's coup d'etat from happening.

The forces of good, in spite of time shortages, gunned down Barrows and averted the destructive coup.

Players must play the PlayStation 3 version of the game to uncover the "entire plot" given the "Top Secret Plan" premise of the game. [ [http://ps3.qj.net/More-reloaded-Time-Crisis-4-screenshots/pg/49/aid/95767 Article Detail - PlayStation 3 News - QJ.NET ] ]

= Terror Bites =

The Terror Bites are biological weapons researched, created, invented, and compiled by the Hamlin Battalion. These creatures serve as the game's central plot. Players eventually learn about these creatures in addition to the Hamlin Battalion's wanton discontent against their own country through the game's complete mission. In the game, there are four types of Terror Bites: dung beetle type, wasp type, mite type, and mantis type.

Because the weapons are radio-powered, all members of this mutinous unit, as well as Wild Dog and Wild Fang, wear devices that emit signals so that the Terror Bites do not attack them. Specific members of the Battalion use devices that actually control the actions of the Terror Bites.


The game received mixed reviews. Matt Miller of "Game Informer" gave the game a score of 4.25 out of 10, [Miller, "Time Crisis 4": It's A Crisis Alright," "Game Informer" 177 (January 2008): 90.] citing a poor first-person mode, "ludicrous plot", and poor shooting mechanic.cite web | url = http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/FF0AEA0B-8647-44A2-B496-C4DC73C0E9B8.htm | title = Time Crisis 4 Review | accessdate = 2007-11-21 | last = Miller | first = Matt | format = Magazine review |work = Game Informer]

GameSpot gave this game a 5.5 out of 10 whilst IGN gave it a 8.0 out of 10.cite web | url = http://ps3.ign.com/articles/836/836596p1.html | title = Time Crisis 4 Review | accessdate = 2007-12-15 | last = Haynes | first = Jeff | format = Magazine review |work = IGN.com] Gamepro rated "Time Crisis 4" a score of 4 out of 5, saying the games plays just like the arcade, but replayability is an issue.cite web|url=http://gamepro.com/sony/ps3/games/reviews/153828.shtml|title="Time Crisis 4"|author=Kim, Tae|date=10 October 2007|publisher=GamePro|accessdate=2008-01-11] G4tv gave it a 4 out of 5.

One of the main key areas was the Guncon 3 included with the game. Both Game Informer and GameSpot said that the controller was appropriate for right-handers only. Miller in particular said that the analog sticks felt "chintzy and hard to use" while Ryan Davis of GameSpot thought that the complex design seemed to contradict the pick-up-and-play mentality of the light gun genre.

While connectivity may not be a key area to experts, connectivity is another problem. This controller connects with a wire even though the Playstation 3 uses wireless and bluetooth technology due to the controller relying on image sensors for gun calibration. Many people have said the new gun could have been made wireless giving the user more freedom and flexibility.

Another key area is that the Guncon 3 cannot be purchased by itself in many areas, as players must either purchase another copy of "Time Crisis 4" or deploy the PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller for 2-player play. Although there has been uncited intel of various game dealers selling non-U.S. Guncon 3 controllers by itself, other unsourced intel suggests that claim is false. Fact|date=September 2008Expand-section|date=June 2008


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* [http://www.timecrisis-4.com/ Namco's official Time Crisis 4 Page for PlayStation 3]
* [http://www.elreino.net/web/viewtopic.php?t=3411 Video review Time Crisis 4]

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