Time Crisis 3

Time Crisis 3

Infobox VG| title = Time Crisis 3

developer = Nex Entertainment (as Nextech) [http://gameoverdude.com/main/content/view/31/9/]
publisher = Namco
designer = Hajime Nakatani (producer), Takashi Satsukawa (director)
engine =
released = 2002 (Arcade, Worldwide)
October 21, 2003 (PS2, North America)
October 31, 2003 (PS2, Europe)
November 20, 2003 (PS2, Japan)
genre = Rail shooter
modes = Single-player, multiplayer
ratings = ESRB: T (Teen)
CERO: All Ages
ELSPA: 15+
PEGI:12+(rating 2003)
OFLC: M15+
platforms = Arcade, PlayStation 2
requirements =
input = Light gun (GunCon, GunCon 2)
arcade system = Namco System 246

"Time Crisis 3" is the third installment of the "Time Crisis" arcade series. Like its predecessor, "Time Crisis II", it allows for two players to cooperate in a link play environment, has the "Time Crisis" signature pedal system for hiding and advancing. It was later ported to the PlayStation 2.


"Time Crisis 3" incorporates a new type of weapons system allowing the player to switch between the standard issue 9-round handgun, a fully automatic machine gun that can hold 200 rounds, a shotgun with 50 rounds for close quarters fighting, and a 5-round grenade launcher with splash damage. Only the handgun has unlimited ammunition, so players must shoot yellow-clad soldiers to obtain additional ammunition for other weapons, and use the extra weapons wisely.

The game also refines the crisis flash system which life-threatening shots are brighter making pedal-releasing advisories easier.

This title was later released for the PlayStation 2, together with a side story featuring Alicia Winston as a player, who is only an unplayable supporter in the arcade version of the game. Unlike "Time Crisis" and "Time Crisis II", the home console port features plot elements, features, and weapons not found in its arcade counterpart. As with the PlayStation 2 version of "Time Crisis II", players can access the Crisis Mission exercise menu through prolonged gameplay.


One morning in the Mediterranean coast, the Zagorias Federation invaded and occupied 80% of Astigos Island despite protests from other countries and heavy resistance from the Lukano Liberation Army. First the Lukano Liberation Army discovers that the Zagorias Federation is utilizing Astigos as a vehicle to advance onto Lukano. Although Daniel Winston was kidnapped in the midst of his discovery of Zagoria's plot to use tactical missiles to advance onto Lukano, VSSE ruled that the missiles would also pose a threat to Lukano's neighboring countries as well. Anxious about the situation in the Mediterranean, the agency sends four-year agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert to remove the threat.

Along the way, they meet a resistance fighter named Alicia Winston (the Lukano trooper liable for leaking Zagoria's plot to the VSSE), who directs them to the area where the missiles are located. While Alan and Wesley make their way to the train, Alicia went hand-to-hand against Jake Hernandez, in which she learned that Daniel's kidnap was done through an act of treason against Lukano. With the forces of good reunited, Alan, Wesley, and Alicia once again had to split up to distract enemy forces. As Alan and Wesley provocated the enemy force, they are stopped by Wild Dog, armed with a switchable weapon arm and a new apprentice named Wild Fang, a younger person who introduces himself by kicking boxes at the agents. After Alan and Wesley defeats "the wild pair," Wild Dog commits suicide by detonating himself in spite of being severely beaten. Meanwhile Alicia managed to reach her desired "Point B" secretly and swiftly.

Reaching Daniel Winston, Zott stops Alan and Wesley, but was cut-off by Alicia's sniper rifle. Left with no choice, Zott attempts to escape into the missile silo at the expense of immolating the corridors of Astigos' military library, but not without Alan and Wesley subduing them. Dramatic tensions between the forces of good and Zott leads Alan and Wesley to confront Zott at the missile silo with Alicia confronting the traitor Hernandez at the V-TOL launchpad.

The forces of good triumphed with Alan, Wesley, and Alicia wiping out both Zott and Hernandez unilaterally and the tactical missiles destroyed, removing the Mediterranean threat.

Players must play the PlayStation 2 version of the game as Alicia Winston to unlock footage not seen in arcades.

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* [http://timecrisis3.namco.com/ Official "Time Crisis 3" website]

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