Terror is a state of fear, an overwhelming sense of imminent danger.
*Horror and terror

Terror may also refer to:;In popular culture
*"The Terror" (1963 film), a 1963 horror film directed by Roger Corman
*"The Terror" (novel), a 2007 novel by Dan Simmons
*Terror (band), an American band from California
*"Terror", a song by My Ruin from their 1999 album "Speak and Destroy"

;In comics
*Terror (New England Comics), a supervillain from "The Tick" comic books, cartoon, and live-action TV series
*"Terror Inc.", a 1992 Marvel Comics series
*Terror (Marvel Comics), the fictional Marvel Comics character of the 1940's

;In history
*Reign of Terror, a period of extreme violence, 1793 - 1794, during the French Revolution
**The last weeks of the Reign of Terror are sometimes referred to as the "Red Terror" or "Great Terror"; see below for other uses of those terms.
*Red Terror, a campaign of repression and violence by Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia 1918 - 1922
*White Terror, acts of violence by reactionary groups as part of a counter-revolution
**The White Terror (France), two similar movements against the French Revolution 1794 - 1795
*Great Terror, another name for the Great Purge, campaigns of repression and persecution in the Soviet Union during the late 1930s

;In naval ships
*Spanish destroyer "Terror", a ship that fought in the Spanish-American War
*HMS "Terror" (disambiguation), nine ships of the Royal Navy
*USS "Terror" (disambiguation), three ships of the United States Navy

;Other uses
*Green terror, a tropical freshwater fish
*Night terror, a sleep disorder
*Mount Terror (disambiguation), two mountains
* Terror, the mascot for Appleton West High School

ee also

*Terrorist (disambiguation)

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