Rhythmic adult contemporary

Rhythmic adult contemporary

Rhythmic adult contemporary is a format used on stations in the United States and Canada, similar to rhythmic top 40 radio. Like many adult contemporary radio stations, rhythmic AC stations often would not play rap. It usually gears toward an older audience, ages 25 to 54. Often stations using this format play a great deal of disco from the 1970s and early 1980s, dance/pop music, dance/freestyle of the 1980s and house music of the late 80's/early 1990s. These stations often compete with rhythmic top 40 stations as well as other adult contemporary stations. The first rhythmic AC station debuted in 1999 with CFGL-FM in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by using the "Rythme FM" name. Recently, there has been a trend of several stations in the United States switching to the rhythmic AC format using the brand "Movin".

Rhythmic AC stations also play "Classic Dance Flashbacks" of dance music ten years or older. Some radio stations usually play soft dance music on weeknights. News and weather announcements play a major part in this format unlike their younger counterparts. Also, many radio stations using this format often play a great deal of disco heavily on weekend nights.

List of recording artists whose records are played on rhythmic AC radio stations

*Ace of Base
*Bee Gees
*Brenda K. Starr
*Britney Spears
*Carrie Lucas
*CeCe Peniston
*Cheryl Lynn
*Christina Aguilera
*Deniece Williams
*Destiny's Child
*Donna Summer
*Gloria Gaynor
*Janet Jackson
*Jennifer Lopez
*Justin Timberlake
*K-Ci & JoJo
*KC and the Sunshine Band
*Kylie Minogue
*La Bouche
*Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
*Lisette Melendez
*Loleatta Holloway
*Mariah Carey
*Mary J. Blige
*Michael Jackson
*Nolan Thomas
*Patti LaBelle
*Paula Abdul
*Real McCoy
*Shannon (singer)
*SOS Band
*Taylor Dayne
*The Jets
*Timex Social Club
*Whitney Houston

List of radio stations in the United states using this format

*WKTU - New York
*KHHT - Los Angeles
*KMVN - Los Angeles
*WILV - Chicago
*WISX - Philadelphia (technically Adult Top 40 but leans rhythmic)
*KMVQ - San Francisco
*KISQ - San Francisco (technically urban adult contemporary but leans rhythmic)
*KIOI - San Francisco (technically hot adult contemporary but leans rhythmic)
*KMVK - Dallas-Ft. Worth
*KQMV - Seattle
*KMVA - Phoenix
*XHRM - San Diego
*WMVN - St. Louis (technically Adult Top 40 but leans rhythmic)
*KHYL - Sacramento
*KWIE - Riverside-San Bernardino, California
*KTFM - San Antonio
*KPTT - Denver
*KYMV - Salt Lake City
*KPLV - Las Vegas
*WKSL - Raleigh, North Carolina
*WSNA - Memphis
*WMUV - Jacksonville
*KEXA - Salinas, California
*WKXB - Wilmington, North Carolina
*WOLF/WWLF - Syracuse, New York
*KFMK - Austin
*KMVV - Anchorage, Alaska
*WMKK-HD2 - Boston (HD2 subcarrier of WMKK; former format of predecessor WQSX)

List of radio stations in Canada using this format

*Rythme FM network - Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Quebec
*CHQM - Vancouver, British Columbia (technically adult contemporary but leans rhythmic)

Internet stations

* [http://www.vipradio.net/ VIP Radio]
*PWL Radio - London, England (currently inactive)

Former stations that used this format

*WDRQ - Detroit - late 1990s; now Variety Hits
*WQSX - Boston (see above)
*KIBB - Los Angeles
*WHBT (now WKKV) - Milwaukee
*WAMG (now WXSS) - Milwaukee
*KXJM - Portland, Oregon
*KQBT - Albuquerque
*WDVW - New Orleans
*KVBE - Fresno "Vibe 107.5", now Spanish Oldies
*KENR - Missoula, Montana
*KBZD - Amarillo, Texas
*KFPW-FM - Fort Smith, Arkansas

See also - related formats

*Urban adult contemporary
*Adult contemporary
*Rhythmic contemporary
*Hot Dance Airplay (Dance contemporary)

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* [http://www.colemaninsights.com/October2006.htm An Early Peek at Rhythmic AC (October 2006)] from Coleman Insights

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