Akrotiri (disambiguation)

Akrotiri (disambiguation)

Akrotiri ( _el. Ακρωτήρι < ακρωτήριο "headland, ") may refer to:
*Akrotiri (Crete), a peninsula on the island of Crete
*Akrotiri (Santorini), a Minoan settlement on the island of Santorini
*Akrotiri (village), a village in the Akrotiri Peninsula
*Akrotiri and Dhekelia, the United Kingdom's Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus
*Akrotiri Bay, a bay in the south of Cyprus
*Akrotiri Peninsula (Cyprus), a peninsula bounded by Akrotiri Bay and Episkopi Bay
*Limassol Salt Lake, also known as Akrotiri salt lake, a popular wintering place for flamingos in the Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus
*RAF Akrotiri, a British Royal Air Force base in Cyprus

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