Meridian LRT Station

Meridian LRT Station
Meridian LRT Station
Stesen LRT Meridian
Light rail
Pe2 meridian.jpg
Platform view of PE2 Meridian LRT station
Station statistics
Address 60 Punggol Field
Singapore 828857
Coordinates 1°23′50.51″N 103°54′30.93″E / 1.3973639°N 103.9085917°E / 1.3973639; 103.9085917
Connections Bus, Taxi
Structure Elevated
Levels 3
Platforms Island
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened 29 January 2005
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Code PE2
Preceding station   Light Rail Transit   Following station
towards Punggol
Punggol LRT
East Loop
towards Punggol
A Crystal Mover at Meridian Station.

Meridian LRT Station (PE2) is an LRT station on the Punggol LRT Line East Loop in Singapore. It was opened in January 2005 together with the Sengkang LRT West Loop. It is operated by SBS Transit.



Taken from the name of Meridian Residents’ Committee (RC) located near the station.

Train service

Platform First Train Last Train
Mon - Sat Sunday &
Public Holiday
Punggol LRT
Platform 1 5.29am 5.49am 3.07pm
Platform 2 3.04pm 3.24pm 12.39am

LRT Station layout

L3 Platform 2 Punggol LRT: Route D: East Loop Inner towards  PTC  Punggol via Coral Edge (→)
Island platform, Doors will open on the right
Platform 1 Punggol LRT: Route C: East Loop Outer towards  PTC  Punggol via Cove (←)
L2 Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Machines, Shop
L1 Street Level Bus Stops, Linkway to HDB Block 108

Bus services nearby

The following bus services pass by the bus stops along Punggol Field:

Bus Stop Code: 65161 (Block 173B)
Service Destination Note
SBS Transit Trunk Services
3 Punggol Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
62 Sims Avenue (loop)
83 Punggol Bus Interchange
SBS Transit NiteOwl Service
6N Punggol Field

Bus Stop Code: 65169 (Block 108)
Service Destination Note
SBS Transit Trunk Services
3 Tampines Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
62 Punggol Bus Interchange
83 Sengkang Bus Interchange (loop)
SBS Transit Premium Service
569 Fullerton Road


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