Graphic organizer

Graphic organizer

Graphic organizers are visual representations of knowledge, concepts or ideas. They are known to help:
* relieve learner boredom
* enhances recall
* provide motivation
* create interest
* clarify information
* assist in organizing thoughts
* promote understanding

They take many forms:
*"Relational Organizers"
** storyboard
** fishbone -- Ishikawa diagram
** cause and effect web
** chart

*"Category/Classification Organizers"
** concept mapping
** KWL tables
** mind mapping

*"Sequence Organizers"
** Chain
** Ladder
** Cycle

*"Compare Contrast Organizers"
** Digital dashboard
** Venn diagrams

*"Concept Development Organizers"
** story web
** word web
** circle chart
** flow chart

*"Options and Control Device Organizers"
** mechanical control panel
** graphical user interface

ee also

* Visualization
* KWL table
* Thinking Maps

External links

* [ Software for information organization]
* [ Graphic Organizers]

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