North-Western Provinces

North-Western Provinces
North-Western Provinces
Province of
India under Company rule (till 1858)
India under the British Raj (from 1858)

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Location of NWP
North-Western Provinces, constituted in 1836 from erstwhile Presidency of Agra
Capital Agra, Lucknow
 - Established 1836
 - Disestablished 1902
 - 1835 (?) 9,479 km2 (3,660 sq mi)
 - 1835 (?) 4,500,000 
     Density 474.7 /km2  (1,229.6 /sq mi)
Today part of Portions in
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

The North-Western Provinces was an administrative region in British India which succeeded the Ceded and Conquered Provinces and existed in one form or another from 1836 until 1902, when it became the Agra Province within the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh (or U.P.).[1]



The province included all divisions of the present-day state of Uttar Pradesh with the exception of the Lucknow Division and Faizabad Division of Awadh.[1] Among other regions included at various times were: the Delhi Territory, from 1836 until 1858, when the latter became part of the Punjab Province of British India; Ajmer and Merwara, from 1832 and 1846, respectively, until 1871, when Ajmer-Merwara became a minor province of British India; and the Saugor and Nerbudda Territories from 1853 until 1861, when they were absorbed into the Central Provinces and Berar.[1][2]


The North Western Provinces was governed by a Lieutenant-Governor, who was appointed by the East India Company from 1836 to 1858, and by the British Government from 1858 to 1902.[1]

In 1856, after the annexation of Oudh, the North Western Provinces became part of the larger province of North Western Provinces and Oudh. In 1902, the latter province was renamed the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh; in 1904, the region within the new United Provinces corresponding to the North Western Provinces was renamed the Agra Province.[3]

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A map showing the new province of North-Western Provinces and Oudh in 1857



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