Serge (first name)

Serge (first name)

__NOTOC__Serge (pronEng|ˈsɝdʒ in English) is a male first name, particularly common in France, as Sérgio in Portugal, and as Sergio in Italy, Spain [ [ CUADRO DE LOS NOMBRES DE PILA MÁS IMPUESTOS EN ESPAÑA EN LOS ÚLTIMOS AÑOS] ] and Latin America. The less common female version is Sergine. The name originates from the Roman "nomen" (family name) "Sergius", and this from a more ancient Etruscan name. Its meaning is unknown, although some sources state that it is related to Latin "serviens" (servant, vassal, soldier), sharing an etymology with the word "sergeant." [ [ Sergius] at Behind The] [ [ sergeant] at American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language] . Other sources state that the name has its origins in the word Seraphim.Fact|date=April 2008

Sergei, pronounced syer-GYAY, is a male first name, particularly common in Russia, but also used in Bulgaria. Its meaning is "respectable". There is no corresponding female version of this name. The familiar form of this name is Siryozha (English phonetic spelling), which would be used only by close friends and family.

In other languages:

* Arabic: Sarkis or Sarjoun (Arab Christian name)
* Armenian: Serzh (Սերժ), Sarkis (Սարգիս)
* Belarusian: Siarhei, Siarhiej (Сяргей) or Sierž (Серж)
* Catalan: Sergi
* Dutch: Serge
* French: Serge
* Galician: Serxio
* Georgian: Sergo
* Greek: Sergios (Σέργιος)
* Hungarian: Szergiusz
* Italian: Sergio
* Macedonian: Sergej (Сергеј)
* Polish: Sergiusz
* Portuguese: Sérgio
* Romanian: Sergiu
* Russian and Bulgarian: Sergei or Sergey (Сергей)
* Serbian: Sergije, Srđan, Srđa
* Spanish: Sergio
* Ukrainian: Sergiy, Serhiy, Serhii or Sergii (Сергiй)
* Valencian: Sergi/Sergio
* Maltese: Sergio

Famous Serges

* Serge Blanco, international rugby player
* Serge Dassault, French entrepreneur and politician
* Serge Gainsbourg (real name: "Lucien Ginzburg"), French singer-songwriter, painter, actor and director, famous for recording the controversial song Je t'aime... moi non plus, with his lover Jane Birkin
* Serge Klarsfeld, historian and lawyer, known for his anti-Nazi and pro-Israel activities
* Serge Koussevitzky, Russian conductor, composer, and double bassist.
* Serge Lang, Franco-American mathematician
* Serge Lama, French singer
* Serge Lutens, French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director and fashion designer
* Serge Marcil, Canadian educator, administrator and politician
* Serge Moscovici, social psychologist
* Serge Reggiani, French singer, painter and actor
* Serge (Serzh) Sarkisian, President of the Republic of Armenia (2008- )
* Serge Schmemann, the editorial page editor of "The International Herald Tribune"
* Serge A. Storms, fictional character from the novels of Tim Dorsey
* Serge, protagonist of the video game "Chrono Cross"
* Serge Kampf, Chairman & Founder, Sogeti (Société pour la Gestion des Enterprises et le Traitement de l'Information) (in English: Enterprise Management and Data Processing Company), currently known as Capgemini
* Serge Zwikker, basketball player from the Netherlands

Famous Sergeis

* Sergei Bondarchuk, Russian-Ukrainian film director
* Sergey Brin, American entrepreneur and co-founder of Google
* Sergey Bubka, Ukrainian pole vaulter
* Sergei Diaghilev, founder of Ballets Russes
* Sergei Dovlatov, writer and dissident
* Sergei Eisenstein, Soviet film director
* Sergei Fedorov, Russian NHL ice-hockey player
* Sergei Grinkov, Ice skating champion
* Sergei Hahlik, Ukrainian businessman, co-founder of 15 Nord
* Sergey Kirov, Soviet revolutionary leader
* Sergei Körleinen Finnish musician
* Sergey Korolyov, Soviet rocket engineer
* Sergey Lyakhov, Russian discus thrower and shot putter
* Sergey Lukyanenko, Russian science fiction and fantasy writer.
* Sergei Makarov, NHL and Soviet National ice-hockey player
* Sergei Prokofiev, Russian composer
* Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian musician and composer
* Sergii Radonezhsky, spiritual leader of medieval Russia
* Sergey Rusin, Soviet freestyle swimmer
* Serguei Tetioukine, Russian volleyball player
* Sergei Tretyakov (intelligence officer), Russian SVR defector
* Sergei Yesenin, Russian poet

Famous Sergis

*Sergi Barjuán, footballer
*Sergi López Segú, footballer
*Sergi López (actor)
*Sergi Brunet, sports pictures and autographs collector, Girona, Catalonia (1991) []

Famous Sergios

* Sergio D. Acosta, Award winning Chicano filmmaker
* Sergio Aguero, Argentine national soccer player
* Sergio Amidei, Italian screenwriter
* Sergio Aragonés, cartoonist
* Sérgio Araújo, Brazilian (soccer) player
* Sergio Ávila, Mexican football (soccer) player
* Sergio Berlato, Italian politician
* Sergio Bertoni, Italian football (soccer) player
* Sergio Bonelli, Italian comic book author and publisher
* Sergio Castellitto, Italian actor
* Sérgio Chapelin, Brazilian TV news presenter
* Sergio Chiamparino, mayor of Turin
* Sergio Ciani, Italian actor
* Sergio Cofferati, Italian politician former CGIL (trade union) leader
* Sergio Corbucci, Italian film director
* Sergio Dalma, singer
* Sergio Endrigo, Italian singer-songwriter
* Sergio Fiorentino, Italian pianist
* Sergio Floccari, Italian football (soccer) player
* Sergio Franchi, Italian tenor
* Sergio García, Spanish golfer
* Sergio González Soriano, Spanish football (soccer) player
* Sergio Gonçalves, Brazilian Lawyer
* Sergio Hellings, Dutch football (soccer) player
* Sergio Hernandez, Spanish race car driver
* Sergio Leone, Italian film director
* Sergio Marchionne, Italian businessman
* Sergio Mariotti, Italian chess player
* Sergio Martino, Italian film director
* Sérgio Mendes, Brazilian musician
* Sergio Oliva, American bodybuilder
* Sergio Ortega, Chilean composer and pianist
* Sergio Pellissier, Italian football (soccer) player
* Sergio Pininfarina, Italian automobile designer
* Sergio Pizzorno, Guitarist and lead song writer of the English band Kasabian
* Sergio Ramos, Spanish football (soccer) player currently playing for Spain and Real Madrid
* Sergio Rey, Spanish boxer
* Sergio Rodriguez, Spanish basketball player
* Sergio Rossi, Italian fashion designer
* Sergio Rubini, Italian actor and film director
* Sergio Savarese, Italian furniture designer
* Sergio Sollima, Italian film director
* Sergio Tacchini, Italian fashion designer
* Sergio Tofano, Italian actor
* Sergio Torres, Argentine football (soccer) player currently playing in England for Wycombe Wanderers
* Sergio Valente, designer jeans company
* Sérgio Vieira de Mello, Brazilian UN diplomat

Famous Sergius

* Sergiu Nicolaescu, Romanian actor, film director and producer, politician, Romanian Senator
* Sergiu Celibidache, Romanian conductor

Famous Serjes

* Serj Tankian, Armenian-American musician/political activist

Famous Sergiuses

See Sergius


* The Finnish military nickname for the ZU-23-2 air defense cannon is Sergei.


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