Andrew Davies (writer)

Andrew Davies (writer)

Andrew Wynford Davies (born September 20, 1936 in Rhiwbina, Cardiff, Wales) is a British author and screenwriter.

Education and early career

Davies (pronounced devɪs) attended Whitchurch Grammar School in Cardiff and then University College, London, where he received a B.A. in English in 1957. He took a teaching position at St. Clement Danes Grammar School in London, where he was on the teaching staff from 1958-61. He held a similar post at Woodberry Down Comprehensive School in Hackney, London from 1961-63. Following that, he was a lecturer in English at Coventry College of Education (which merged with the University of Warwick in 1971 to become the Faculty of Educational Studies and later the Warwick Institute of Education) from 1963-71, and then at the University of Warwick in Coventry from 1971-87.

Davies wrote his first play for radio in 1964.

In 1960, he married Diana Huntley; the couple have a son and daughter.

Professional career

Davies is the creator of the children's "Marmalade Atkins" television series and "A Very Peculiar Practice", and is also well known for his adaptations of classic works of literature, including the 1995 television adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, the 1998 adaptation of "Vanity Fair", and the 2008 BBC adaption of "Sense and Sensibility". He is the writer of the screenplays both for the 1994 BBC production "Middlemarch" and a planned 2009 film of the same name. [ [ Middlemarch (2009) ] ] [ [ Sam Mendes shifts to comedy - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety ] ]

Davies also wrote three series of the laddish sitcom "Game On" for BBC2 between 1995 and 1998.

The popularity of his adaptation of Michael Dobbs's political thriller "House of Cards" was a significant influence in Dobbs's decision to write two sequels, which Davies also adapted for television.

In film, he has collaborated on the screenplays for both of the "Bridget Jones" films, based on Helen Fielding's successful novels.

For many years Davies was a lecturer at the University of Warwick, an experience he drew upon in writing the campus-based comedy series "A Very Peculiar Practice".

He is also a prolific writer for children. His works in this field include the Guardian Award-winning "Conrad's War", "Alfonso Bonzo" (book and television series), and the adventures of Marmalade Atkins (television series and numerous books). He also wrote the stories "Dark Towers" and "Badger Girl" for the BBC TV Look and Read series of programmes for schools audiences.

Andrew Davies' forthcoming projects include the TV movie "Affinity" based on the 1999 novel "Affinity" by Sarah Waters, the screenplay for a film version of Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited", the screenplay for a BBC mini series of Charles Dickens' "Little Dorrit", and a film version of Annie Griffin's Channel 4 situation comedy "The Book Group".


Television series and serials

*"To Serve Them All My Days" (1980)
*"Dark Towers" (Look And Read: 1981)
*"Diana (1984)
*"Badger Girl" (Look And Read: 1984)
*"A Very Peculiar Practice" (1986–88)
*"Mother Love" (1989)
*"House of Cards" (1990)
*"Anglo-Saxon Attitudes" (1992)
*"The Old Devils" (1992)
*"To Play the King" (1993)
*"Middlemarch" (1994)
*"Game On" (1995, with Bernadette Davis)
*"Pride and Prejudice" (1995)
*"The Final Cut" (1995)
*"Wilderness" (1996)
*"Moll Flanders" (1992)
*"Bill's New Frock" (1997)
* "Vanity Fair" (1998)
*"Wives and Daughters" (1999)
*"Take A Girl Like You" (2000)
*"The Way We Live Now" (2001)
*"Dr Zhivago" (2002)
*"Tipping the Velvet" (2002)
*"He Knew He Was Right" (2004)
*"Falling" (2005)
*"Bleak House" (2005)
*"The Line of Beauty" (2006)
*"Northanger Abbey" (2007), part of ITV's "Jane Austen Season"
*"A Room with a View" (2007)
*"Fanny Hill" (2007)
*"Sense and Sensibility" (2008)
*"Little Dorrit" (2009)
*"Dombey and Son" (TBA) [Brooks, Richard (11 May 2008) [ Hunger at Cannes] , The Sunday Times]
*"The Spoils of Poynton" (TBA)
*"Who Speaks For England" (TBA)
*"The Pallisers" (TBA)

Television plays

*"Who's Going to Take Me On?" (1965)
*"Is That Your Bod, Boy?" (1970)
*"No Good Unless It Hurts" (1973)
*"The Water Maiden" (1974)
*"Grace" (1975)
*"The Imp of the Perverse" (1975)
*"The Signalman" (1976)
*"A Martyr to the System" (1976)
*"Eleanor Marx" (1977)
*"Velvet Glove" (1977)
*"Fearless Frank" (1978)
*"Renoir My Father" (1978)
*"Bavarian Night" (1981)
*"Heartattack Hotel" (1983)
*"Baby I Love You" (1985)
*"Pythons on the Mountain" (1985)
*"Inappropriate Behaviour" (1987)
*"Lucky Sunil" (1988)
*"Filipina Dreamgirls" (1991)
*"A Very Polish Practice" (1992)
*"Anna Lee" (1993)
*"Harnessing Peacocks" (1993)
*"A Few Short Journeys of the Heart" (1994)
*"Emma" (1996)
*"Getting Hurt" (1998)
*"A Rather English Marriage" (1998)
*"Othello" (2001)
*"Boudica" (2003)
*"The Chatterley Affair" (2006)


*"Circle of Friends"
*"The Tailor of Panama"
*"Bridget Jones's Diary" (2001, with Helen Fielding and Richard Curtis)
*"" (2004, with Helen Fielding)
*"Brideshead Revisited" (2008)
*"Middlemarch" (2009)


*"Getting Hurt" 1989
*"Dirty Faxes" (short stories) 1990
*"B.Monkey" 1992

Based on the TV series of the same title:

*"A Very Peculiar Practice" (1986, Coronet)
*"A Very Peculiar Practice: The New Frontier" (1988, Methuen)

tage Plays

*"Rose" 1980
*"Prin" 1990


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