Superior gemellus muscle

Superior gemellus muscle

Infobox Muscle
Latin =
GraySubject = 128
GrayPage = 477

Caption = The superior gemellus and nearby muscles

Caption2 = Muscles of the gluteal and posterior femoral regions. Gemellus superior muscle labeled
Origin = spine of the ischium
Insertion = Obturator Internus tendon
Blood =
Nerve = nerve to obturator internus (S1, S2, S3)
Action = Rotates laterally thigh
The superior gemellus muscle is a muscle of the human body.

The Gemelli are two small muscular fasciculi, accessories to the tendon of the Obturator internus which is received into a groove between them.

The Gemellus superior, the smaller of the two, arises from the outer surface of the spine of the ischium, blends with the upper part of the tendon of the Obturator internus, and is inserted with it into the medial surface of the greater trochanter. It is sometimes wanting.


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