Colours TV

Colours TV
Colours TV
Colours TV.PNG
Colours TV logo
Closed July 13, 2011
Owned by Black Star Communications
Country United States
Headquarters Denver, Colorado
Dish Network Channels 9396/9407

Colours TV (or CoLours TV, per logo) was a multicultural American TV network produced by the non-profit organization Black Star Communications. Programs focused on the cultural and educational issues of the Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Native American communities. Some examples of programming included video games/technology such as Gamer Nation. NWA Wrestling Showcase was added to the lineup in 2008.

Colours TV was previously seen nationwide on Dish Network channels 9396 and 9407, in the public service tier. Some Colours TV programming were also seen on at least four terrestrial stations, W23BC in Jackson, Mississippi, KSKJ-CA in Van Nuys, California, KSKP-CA in Oxnard, California, and KAXT-CA in San Jose, California.

On July 13, 2011, Colours TV has ceased operations, for unknown circumstances -- on Dish Network, Colours TV was replaced with a slide, saying that "We regret that Colours TV is no longer carried by any national satellite or cable provider." On July 16, that statement was amended to read "We regret Colours TV is no longer carried by dish Network." [1]

FUNimation Channel

Colours Tv aired Anime programs from FUNimation on their progamming block at night-time. The Block included shows like Fruits Basket, Dragon Ball, Negima!, Slayers, Case Closed, Kodocha and others. As of May 1, 2008, FUNimation pulled its programming from Colours TV.


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