List of palaces

List of palaces

"This is a list of palaces by country. For main article please see palace"


* Darul Aman Palace
* Tajbeg Palace


* Casa Rosada - Presidential residence in Buenos Aires
* San Martin Palace


* Belvedere Palace - former summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Vienna
* Hofburg Palace - Seat of Federal President, formerly the Imperial residence, Vienna
* Schönbrunn Palace - former imperial summer residence of the Habsburg Monarchs, Vienna
* For city palaces in Vienna ("Palais"), see


* Ahsan Manzil - Former residence of the Nawab of Dhaka


* Mir Castle
* Niasviž Castle
* Paskevich Palace in Gomel


* Egmont Palace in Brussels
* Palace of the Count of Flanders
* Royal Castle of Laeken, Brussels and Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
* Royal Palace of Antwerp, Antwerp
* Royal Palace of Belgium, Brussels


* Royal Palaces of Abomey - Seat of the Kings of Abomey


* Dechenchholing Palace - Royal residence of the King of Bhutan


* Paço Imperial
* Palácio Antônio Lemos
* Palácio Anchieta
* Palácio Araribóia
* Palácio Araguaia
* Palácio Arquiepiscopal
* Palácio Brocoió
* Palácio Campo das Princesas
* Palácio da Aclamação
* Palácio da Alvorada - Presidential residence in Brasilia
* Palácio da Conceição
* Palácio da Concórdia
* Palácio da Fonte Grande
* Palácio da Justiça
* Palácio da Liberdade
* Palácio da Vitória
* Palácio das Artes
* Palácio das Indústrias
* Palácio das Princesas
* Palácio de Brocoió
* Palácio de Cristal
* Palácio de Ondina
* Palácio de São Cristóvão
* Palácio do Anhangabaú
* Palácio do Buriti
* Palácio do Catete - Former presidential residence
* Palácio do Conde dos Arcos
* Palácio do Itamaraty - Rio de Janeiro
* Palácio do Jaburu
* Palácio do Lavradio
* Palácio do Jaburu
* Palácio do Paranaguá
* Palácio do Planalto - Presidential office in Brasília
* Palácio dos Bandeirantes
* Palácio dos Leões
* Palácio dos Martírios
* Palácio Farroupilha
* Palácio Grão Pará
* Palácio Guanabara
* Palácio Gustavo Capanema
* Palácio Iguaçu
* Palácio Imperial - Imperial Museum of Brazil
* Palácio Karnak
* Palácio Laranjeiras
* Palácio Lauro Sodré
* Palácio Monroe
* Palácio Piratini
* Palácio Quitandinha
* Palácio Rio Branco - Acre
* Palácio Rio Branco - Bahia
* Palácio Rio Negro - Presidential retreat in Petrópolis
* Palácio São Joaquim
* Palácio Teresa Cristina
* Palácio Tiradentes


* Istana Darul Hana - Former official residence of the Sultan of Brunei.
* Istana Mangelella - Residence of the Sultan of Brunei in the Belait district.
* Istana Nurul Iman - Residence of the Sultan of Brunei and world's largest residential palace.


* Euxinograd — former royal palace, Varna
* former royal palace in Sofia, today accommodating the National Art Gallery and National Ethnographic Museum
* Vrana Palace — former royal residence, Sofia


* Ibwami - Former royal palace, Gitega


* Royal Palace, Phnom Penh - Residence of the King of Cambodia, Phnom Penh


* Rideau Hall - residence of the Canadian Monarch, occupied predominantly by vice-regal Governor General [ [ Galbraith, William; Canadian Parliamentary Review: Fiftieth Anniversary of the 1939 Royal Visit; Vol. 12, No. 3, 1989] ]
* Citadelle of QuebecResidences of provincial Lieutenant-Governors:
* Government House (British Columbia)
* Government House (Manitoba)
* Government House (Newfoundland and Labrador)
* Government House (Nova Scotia)
* Government House (Prince Edward Island)
* Government House (Saskatchewan)
* Old Government House, New Brunswick


* Palacio de Cerro Castillo
* Palacio de La Moneda


The English word "palace" is used to translated the Chinese word 宮 (pronounced "gōng" in Mandarin). This character represents two rooms connected (呂), under a roof (宀). Originally the character applied to any residence or mansion, but starting with the Qin Dynasty (3rd century BC) it was used only for the residence of the emperor and members of the imperial family. Chinese palaces are different from post-Renaissance European palaces in the sense that they are not made up of one building only (however big and convoluted the building may be), but are in fact huge spaces surrounded by a wall and containing large separated halls (殿 diàn) for ceremonies and official business, as well as smaller buildings, galleries, courtyards, gardens, and outbuildings, more like the Roman or Carolingian "palatium."

List of Chinese imperial palaces, in chronological order

*Daming Palace (大明宮 - "The Palace of the Great Brightness"), also known as the Eastern Apartments (東内), in (Tang) Chang'an (長安), now downtown Xi'an (西安), Shaanxi province: imperial palace of the Tang Dynasty after A.D. 663 (it was briefly named Penglai Palace (蓬萊宮) between 663 and 705), but the prestigious Taiji Palace remained used for major state ceremonies such as coronations. Area: 3.11 km² (768 acres).
* Epang Palace (阿房宮 - probable meaning: "The Palace on the Hill"), 20 km/12 miles south of (Qin) Xianyang (咸陽), now 15 km/9 miles west of Xi'an (西安), Shaanxi province: the fabulous imperial palace built by the First Emperor in replacement of Xianyang Palace.
*Forbidden City (紫禁城), now known in China as Beijing's Old Palace (北京故宫), in Jingshi (京師), now called Beijing (北京): imperial palace of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty from 1421 until 1924. Area: 720,000 m² (178 acres).
*Hangzhou Imperial Palace (臨安大内禁宮), in Lin'an (臨安), now called Hangzhou (杭州), Zhejiang province: imperial palace of the Southern Song Dynasty.
*Ming Imperial Palace (明故宮), in Nanjing (南京), Jiangsu province: imperial palace of the Ming Dynasty until 1421.
*Kaifeng Imperial Palace (東京大内皇宮), in Dongjing (東京), now called Kaifeng (開封), Henan province: imperial palace of the Northern Song Dynasty.
* Southern Palace (南宮) and Northern Palace (北宮), in Luoyang (洛陽), Henan province: imperial palaces of the Eastern Han Dynasty for two centuries, the Southern Palace being used for court hearings and audiences, the Northern Palace being the private residence of the emperor and his concubines.
* Taiji Palace (太極宮 - "The Palace of the Supreme Ultimate"), also known as the Western Apartments (西内), in (Tang) Chang'an (長安), now downtown Xi'an (西安), Shaanxi province: imperial palace during the Sui Dynasty (who called it Daxing Palace - 大興宮) and in the beginning of the Tang Dynasty (until A.D. 663). Area: 4.2 km² (1,040 acres), imperial section proper: 1.92 km² (474 acres).
* Weiyang Palace (未央宮 - "The Endless Palace"), in (Han) Chang'an (長安), now 7km/4 miles northeast of downtown Xi'an (西安), Shaanxi province: imperial palace of the prestigious Western Han Dynasty for two centuries. This is the largest palace ever built on Earth, covering 4.8 km² (1,200 acres), which is 6.7 times the size of the current Forbidden City, or 11 times the size of the Vatican City.
* Xianyang Palace (咸陽宮), in (Qin) Xianyang (咸陽), now 15 km/9 miles east of modern Xianyang, Shaanxi province: this was the royal palace of the state of Qin before the Chinese unification, and then the palace of the First Emperor when China was unified.

Apart from the main imperial palace, Chinese dynasties also had several other imperial palaces in the capital city where the empress, crown prince, or other members of the imperial family dwelled. There also existed palaces outside of the capital city called "away palaces" (離宮) where the emperors resided when traveling. The habit also developed of building garden estates in the countryside surrounding the capital city, where the emperors retired at times to get away from the rigid etiquette of the imperial palace, or simply to escape from the summer heat inside their capital. This practice reached a zenith with the Qing Dynasty, whose emperors built the fabulous Imperial Gardens (御園), now known in China as the Gardens of Perfect Brightness (圓明園), and better known in English as the Old Summer Palace. The emperors of the Qing Dynasty resided and worked in the Imperial Gardens, 8km/5 miles outside of the walls of Beijing, the Forbidden City inside Beijing being used only for formal ceremonies.

These gardens were made up of three gardens: the Garden of Perfect Brightness proper, the Garden of Eternal Spring (長春園), and the Elegant Spring Garden (綺春園); they covered a huge area of 3.5 km² (865 acres), almost 5 times the size of the Forbidden City, and 8 times the size of the Vatican City. comprising hundreds of halls, pavilions, temples, galleries, gardens, lakes, etc. Several famous landscapes of southern China had been reproduced in the Imperial Gardens, hundreds of invaluable Chinese art masterpieces and antiquities were stored in the halls, making the Imperial Gardens one of the largest museum in the world. Some unique copies of literary work and compilations were also stored inside the Imperial Gardens. In 1860, during the Second Opium War, the British and French expeditionary forces looted the Old Summer Palace. Then on October 18, 1860, in order to "punish" the imperial court, which had refused to allow Western embassies inside Beijing, the British general Lord Elgin- with protestations from the French - purposely ordered to set fire to the huge complex which burned to the ground. It took 3500 British troops to set the entire place ablaze and took three whole days to burn. The burning of the Gardens of Perfect Brightness is still a very sensitive issue in China today.

Following this cultural catastrophe, the imperial court was forced to relocate to the old and austere Forbidden City where it stayed until 1924, when the Last Emperor was expelled by a republican army. Empress dowager Cixi (慈禧太后) built the Summer Palace (頤和園 - "The Garden of Nurtured Harmony") near the Old Summer Palace, but on a much smaller scale than the Old Summer Palace. There are currently some projects in China to rebuild the Imperial Gardens, but this appears as a colossal undertaking, and no rebuilding has started yet.


* Diocletian's Palace

Czech Republic

* Belvedere
* Clam-Gallas Palace
* Czernin Palace
* Kroměříž Archbishop's Palace
* Lobkovicz Palace
* Morzin Palace
* Palais Kinsky, Prague - Former residence of the Kinsky princely family
* Palais Schwarzenberg, Prague - Former residence of the Schwarzenberg princely family
* Prague Castle - built in a palace style
* Rosenburg Palace


* Amalienborg Palace, winter palace of the Danish royal family, Copenhagen
* Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg
* Frederiksborg Palace, Hillerød
* Gråsten Palace, summer residence of the Danish royal family, Gråsten


see list of palaces in Egypt


* Abdeen Palace - Former royal residence, Cairo
* Al-Gawhara Palace at Cairo citadel
* Baron Empain palace (the Palais Hindou), Heliopolis
* Beshtak Palace
* Egyptian Presidential Palace, Cairo
* EL-Dobara palace.(A government school now)
* El-Quba palace, Saray El-Qubba (Koubbeh Palace)
* Fatimid palace at [ Kan El-Khalily]
* Gezirah Palace (Now a private hotel)
* [ Harawi Residence]
* House of Gamal al-Din al-Dhahabi, Al-Ghoureya, built in the early 17th Century AD
* Ibrahim Pasha palace (Ain Shams faculty of agriculture)
* Kurmet Ibn Hani' (Ahmed Shawki Museum)
* Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil palace (Museum now)
* Prince Ibrahim palace in Zamalek (Now Museum of Islamic ceramics)
* Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik palace.(Manyal Palace Museum now)
* Prince Taaz palace.(cultural center now)
* Prince Yousef Kamal Palace (later on Cairo University Academy of fine arts)
* Tahra palace,El-Zayton.
* Zaafarana palace (Ain Shams University Administration building now)


* Montaza Palace, Alexandria
* Ras Al-Teen Palace, Alexandria


* Kadriorg Palace of Peter the Great in Tallinn
* Toompea Palace of the governor of Reval Governorate in Tallinn


*Jubilee Palace (National Palace) - Seat of the President, former imperial palace


*Turku Castle, the only castle in Finland where there was for some time in the 16th century a real royal court.



* Conciergerie
* Grand Palais
* Hôtel de Matignon, official residence of the Prime Minister
* Hôtel de Sully
* Hôtel Lambert
* Palais Bourbon, Paris (home of the French National Assembly)
* Palais Brongniart
* Palais de l'Elysée, Paris (presidential palace of France, 1848-1852, 1874-1940, and then from 1946 until now)
* Palais de la Cité, also simply known as "le Palais", Paris (first royal palace of France, from before 1000 until 1363; now the seat of the courts of justice of Paris and of the Court of Cassation, the supreme court of France)
* Palais de la Légion d'honneur
* Palais des Tuileries, Paris (third royal/imperial palace of France, 1789-1792, 1804-1848, 1852-1870, destroyed in 1871)
* Palais du Louvre, Paris (second royal palace of France, from 1364 until 1789; now the Louvre Museum)
* Palais du Luxembourg, Paris (home of the French Senate)
* Palais Royal, Paris (never a royal palace, despite the misleading name, but the home of Richelieu, young Louis XIV and his mother Anne of Austria, Mazarin, and later the dukes of Orleans; now the seat of the Conseil d'Etat and of the Ministry of Culture)
* Petit Palais


* Château de Versailles - former royal residence of the French royal family
* Palais du Grand Trianon
* Palais du Petit Trianon


* Palais de Bagatelle, Neuilly-sur-Seine
* Château de Chantilly, Chantilly
* Château d'Écouen, Écouen
* Château de Fontainebleau - former royal residence in Fontainebleau
* Château de La Roche-Guyon, La Roche-Guyon
* Château de Maisons-Laffitte
* Château de Rambouillet - presidential summer residence in Rambouillet
* Château de Saint-Germain, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
* Château de Sceaux
* Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte
* Château de Vincennes


* Château d'Amboise
* Château d'Anet
* Château d'Angers
* Château d'Azay-le-Rideau
* Château de Blois
* Château de Brézé
* Château de Chambord
* Château de Châteaudun
* Château de Châteauneuf
* Château de Chantilly
* Château de Chaumont
* Château de Chenonceau
* Château de Cheverny
* Château de Commercy
* Château de Condé
* Château de Dissay
* Château d'Ételan
* Château de Lunéville
* Château de Montbéliard
* Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers
* Château de Nexon
* Château de Pierrefonds
* Château de la Rivière Bourdet
* Château de Saumur
* Château de Talcy
* Château de Valençay
* Château de Villandry
* Château de Vitré
* Château de Saumur
* Château des ducs de Savoie
* Château de Sully-sur-Loire
* Château d'Ussé
* Palais des ducs et des Etats de Bourgogne, Dijon (palace of the famous dukes of Burgundy)
* Palais des Papes, Avignon (palace of the popes in the Middle Ages)
* Palais des rois de Majorque, Perpignan ( Ancient palace of the kings of Majorca)
* Palais des rois de Navarre Pau (Ancient Palace of the kings of Navarre)
* Palais ducal de Nancy, Nancy (palace of the dukes of Lorraine)
* Palais ducal de Nevers, Nevers (palace of the dukes of Nevers)


German has two contrasting words, parallel to French usage: "Schloss" which connotes a seat that is "enclosed" by walls, a fastness or keep, and "Palast," a more conscious borrowing, with the usual connotations of splendor. The former Holy Roman Empire, a congeries of independent territories, is filled with residences that were seats of government and had every right to be called "palace." Even the Socialist government of the former East Germany met in the "Palast der Republik" (built in 1976).


* Ludwigsburg Palace, Ludwigsburg
* Mannheim Palace []
* Schwetzingen, Heidelberg


* Herrenchiemsee, Bavaria
* Neuschwanstein, Bavaria
* Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, Bavaria
* Residenz - Former residence of the Wittelsbach rulers, Munich
* Thurn u. Taxis Palace - Seat of the Princes of Thurn and Taxis, Regensburg


* Schloss Bellevue - Seat of Federal President, Berlin
* Schloss Charlottenburg - Former summer palace of the Hohenzollern, Berlin
* Schloss Glienicke, Glienicke close to Potsdam
* Schloss Monbijou, Berlin
* Stadtschloss, Berlin - Former residence of the Hohenzollern rulers


* Belvedere auf dem Klausberg, Potsdam
* Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg, Potsdam
* Marmorpalais, Potsdam
* Neues Palais - Former residence of the Hohenzollern rulers, Potsdam (located in the Sanssouci Park)
* Orangerieschloss, Potsdam
* Schloss Babelsberg, Babelsberg Part of Potsdam
* Schloss Cecilienhof, Potsdam
* Schloss Charlottenhof, Potsdam
* Schloss Sanssouci - Former residence of King Frederick II of Prussia of Prussia, Potsdam


* Pillnitz Palais
* Zwinger, Dresden


* Asantehene's Palace - Seat of the Asantehene of Ashanti, Kumasi


* Achilleion (Corfu)
* Old Royal Palace
* Mon Repos (Museum)
* New Royal Palace (First Crown Prince's Palace; now Presidential Residence)
* Palace of Corfu (now the Sino-Japanese Museum)
* Palace of the Grand Master (built from the knight hospitaliers in the 14th century)
* Polydendri (Northern Greece)
* Psychiko (Crown Prince Paul and Crown Princess Frederica)
* Tatoi (Estate Outside of Athens)
* Thessaloniki Government House, also called Little Palace (Macedonia)


* Agra Fort - Former royal residence of the Moghul, Agra
*Amber Palace (Amber Fort) - Former royal residence, Jaipur
* Chowmahalla Palace
* City Palace, Jaipur - Seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur
* City Palace, Udaipur - Seat of the Maharana of Udaipur
* Delhi Fort - Former seat of the Moghul, Delhi
* Falaknuma Palace - royal residence, Hyderabad
* Fatehpur Sikri - Former royal residence of Emperor Akbar
* Gohar Mahal - Former royal residence, Bhopal
* Gorbandh Palace, Jaisalmer
* Grand Palace, Srinagar - Former royal residence, today hotel, Srinagar
* Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) - Former royal residence, Jaipur
* Jag Mandir - Former residence of Shah Jahan, Udaipur
* Jag Niwas (Lake Palace) - Former royal residence, Udaipur
* Jai Mahal - Former royal residence, today hotel, Jaipur
* Jai Vilas Palace - Seat of the Maharaja of Gwalior
* Jaisalmer Fort - Seat of the Maharaja of Jaisalmer
* Kangra Fort - Seat of the Maharaja of Kangra-Lambagraon
* King Kothi Palace - Palace of VII Nizam, Osman Ali Khan
* Kowdiar Palace- Residence of the Travancore Royal Family
* Lalgarh Palace - Former royal residence, today hotel, Bikaner
* Laxmi Vilas Palace - Seat of the Maharajah of Baroda
* Laxmipuram Palace
* Laxmi Vilas Palace (also known as Anandbagh Palace) - seat of the Maharaja of Darbhanga, donated to Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University. Now houses office of Vice-Chancellor and other officials of the University.
* Mysore Palace - Seat of the Maharaja of Mysore
* Narain Niwas Palace - Former royal residence, today hotel, Jaipur
* Nedumpuram Palace
* New Palace - Seat of Maharaja of Kolhapur
* Padmanabhapuram Palace - Seat of the Maharaja of Travancore
* Palace on Wheels
* Purani Haveli - Seat of the Nizam of Hyderabad
* Raj Mahal Palace - Former royal residence, Jaipur (today hotel)
* Rajbari - Seat of the Maharaja of Cooch Behar
* Rambagh Palace - Former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur (today hotel)
* Rashtrapati Bhavan - Seat of the President, former viceregal residence, Delhi
* Red Fort
* Samode Palace - Former royal residence, today hotel, Jaipur
*Shaniwar Wada, Pune
* Shaukat Mahal - Former royal residence, Bhopal
* Thanjavur Nayak - Thanjavur (Tanjore) Nayak Palace, Thanjavur
* Umaid Bhawan Palace - Seat of the Maharaja of Jodhpur
* Uparkot Fort - Former seat of the Nawab of Junagadh, Gujarat


Presidential Palaces

* Gedung Agung, Jogjakarta, The Presidential Palace in Jogjakarta.
* Istana Bogor, West Java, The Presidential Palace in Bogor.
* Istana Cipanas, Puncak, The President's Leisure Palace.
* Istana Negara, Jakarta, The President Office and Official residence.
* Istana Tampaksiring, Bali, The Presidential Palace in Bali.
* Istana Wakil Presiden, Jakarta, The Vice President Office.

Royal Palaces

* Istana Amantubillah Mempawah, West Kalimantan
* Istana Alwatzkubillah, West Kalimantan
* Istana Balla Lompoa, Gowa, South Sulawesi
* Istana Bima, Sumbawa
* Istana Luwu, Central Sulawesi
* Istana Maimun - Royal residence of the Sultan of Deli, Medan
* Istana Pagaruyung, West Sumatra
* Istana Palembang Darussalam, Palembang
* Istana Saoraja, Bone, South Sulawesi
* Istana Siak, Riau
* Istana Walio, Buton Island, South East Sulawesi
* Kraton Kacirebonan, Cirebon
* Kraton Kanoman, Cirebon
* Kraton Kasepuhan - Royal residence, Cirebon
* Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat - Seat of the Sultan of Yogyakarta
* Kraton Sumenep - Royal residence of ruler of Madura
* Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat - Seat of the Susuhunan of Surakarta
* Puro Pakualam - Royal residence, Yogyakarta
* Puro Mangkunegaran - Royal residence, Surakarta


* Alamut
* Ali qapu - Former residence of the Safavid dynasty after Shāh ‘Abbās I
* Arg e Tabriz
* Arg-é Bam
* Babak Castle
* Chehel Sotoun, Isfahan
* Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
* Furg citadel
* Ghal'eh Dokhtar
* Golestan Palace - Former residence of the Qajar dynasty, Teheran
* Hasht Behesht
* Meimoon Ghal'eh
* Narin ghaleh
* Nehbandan citadel
* Niavaran Palace Complex - Former residence of the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasty, Teheran
* Palace of Ardashir, Firouzabad
* Persepolis - Former residence and capital city of the ancient Achaemenids
* Rayen Castle
* Rudkhan Castle
* Sadabad Palace - Former residence of the Pahlavi dynasty, Teheran
* Sialk
* Takht-i-Suleiman
* Tus citadel



* Palazzo Altemps
* Palazzo Barberini - It houses Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica
* Palazzo Borghese
* Palazzo Colonna
* Palazzo Corsini - Office of the Accademia dei Lincei
* Palazzo della Cancelleria - Former papal palace
* Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana - Also known as 'Colosseo Quadrato' in EUR
* Palazzo dei Conservatori
* Palazzo di Venezia - Former the Embassy of the Republic of Venice
* Palazzo Doria Pamphili
* Palazzo Farnese - Now the French Embassy in Italy
* Palazzo Laterano - Former papal residence, currently the seat of Archdiocese of Rome
* Palazzo Madama - Currently House of the Italian Senate
* Palazzo Montecitorio - Currently Lower House of Italian Parliament
* Palazzo Quirinale - Presidential Palace
* Palazzo Spada


* Bargello - Also known as the Palazzo del Popolo
* Palazzo Medici
* Palazzo Pitti - Former seat of the Grand Duke of Tuscany
* Palazzo Rucellai
* Palazzo Strozzi
* Palazzo Uffizi
* Palazzo Vecchio - City Hall of Firenze


* Ca' d'Oro
* Ca' Foscari
* Ca' Rezzonico
* Doge's Palace - Former seat of the Doge of Venice
* Palazzo Barbarigo
* Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
* Palazzo Dandolo
* Palazzo Grassi
* Palazzo Labia - Now the regional HQ of RAI(Radiotelevisione Italiana)
* Palazzo Malipiero


* Palazzina di Stupinigi, Torino
* Palazzo Bianco (Genoa), Genoa
* Palazzo Canossa, Verona
* Palazzo Carignano, Torino
* Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza
* Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara - Currently houses 'Pinacoteca Nazionale'
* Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo - Former residence of Holy Roman Emperors and kings of Sicily
* Palazzo del Te, Mantua - Former seat of the Dukes of Mantua
* Palazzo della Carovana, Pisa
* Palazzo Ducale, Urbino - Former seat of the Dukes of Urbino
* Palazzo Litta, Milano
* Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca
* Palazzo Pubblico, Siena
* Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna
* Palazzo Reale, Napoli
* Papal Palace, Castel Gandolfo - Summer residence of the Pope
* Royal Palace of Capodimonte, Napoli - Summer palace of the kings of the Two Sicilies; today home to Museo di Capodimonte
* Royal Palace of Caserta, Caserta (near Napoli) - Former seat of the kings of Two Sicilies
* Royal Palace of Turin, Torino - Former residence of the kings of Piedmont


* Akasaka Palace (State Guest-House: 迎賓館), Tokyo & Kyoto
* Fukiage Omiya Palace - Imperial residence of the Empress Dowager, Tokyo
* Heijo Palace (平城京) - Former capital, Nara
* Imperial Palace (jp:皇居) - Imperial Court and Residence, Tokyo
* Katsura Detached Palace (Katsura Imperial Villa: 桂離宮) - Former imperial palace, Kyoto
* Kyoto Imperial Palace (京都御所), Kyoto
* Kyoto Omiya Palace - Imperial residence, Kyoto
* Nijo Palace (Nijo Castle: 二条城) - Former palace, Kyoto
* Sento Imperial Palace - Imperial residence, Kyoto
* Shugaku-in Detached Palace (Shugaku-in Imperial Villa) - Former imperial palace, Kyoto
* Shuri Castle (首里城) - Former seat of the Kings of Ryūkyū, Naha


Goguryeo Kingdom Period

* Anakgung Palace, Pyeongyang
* Gungnae-seong Palace, Jian
* Pyeongyang Naeseong Palace, Pyeongyang

Baekje Kingdom Period

* Sabi Palace, Buyeo
* Ungjin Palace, Gongju
* Wiryeseong Palace, Seoul
** Mongchon Toseong
** Pungnap Toseong

Silla Kingdom Period

* Anapji (Eastern Palace),Gyeongju
* Banwolseong,Gyeongju

Balhae Kingdom Period

* Hwanggung, Yongchunbu

Taebong Kingdom Period

* Gungyegung, Cheolwon

Goryeo Period

* Manwoldae Main Royal Palace, Kaesong
** Goryeogung Palace , Ganghwa
** Suchanggung Palace , Kaesong
** Yeongyeonggung Palace , Kaesong

= Joseon Period =

* Deoksugung (Kyungwoongung), Seoul
* Changdeokgung, Seoul
* Changgyeonggung, Seoul
* Gyeongbokgung, Main Royal Palace, Seoul
* Gyeonghuigung, Seoul


* Haw Kham (Royal Palace) - Former residence of Lao royal family, Luang Prabang


* Mitava Palace of the Dukes of Courland
* Peter Palace of Peter the Great of Russia
* Rundale Palace of the Dukes of Courland


* Historical Presidential Palace, Kaunas
* Presidential Palace, Vilnius
* Radziwill Palace, Vilnius
* Royal Palace in Vilnius (being rebuilt)
* Sapieha Palace in Vilnius
* Slushko Palace in Vilnius
* Tiškevičiai Palace, Palanga
* Tyzenhaus Palace in Vilnius
* Vileišis Palace, Vilnius


* Istana Alam Shah - The Sultan of Selangor's official residence in Klang
* Istana Ampang Tinggi was commissioned by the 5th Yamtuan of Negri Sembilan, Yamtuan Ulin Ibni Almarhum Yamtuan Hitam. The palace was built between 1865 and 1870 at Ampang Tinggi ("High Dam") in Kuala Pilah
* Istana Anak Bukit - Residential palace for the Sultan of Kedah
* Istana Badariah
* Istana Balai Besar - The palace was built by Sultan Muhamad 11 in 1840 in Kelantan
* Istana Bandar - A big palace made of wood and marble built for The fifth Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman
* Istana Batu - the Royal Museum is located in the middle of the Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The design of the palace was inspired by HRH Sultan Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV who reigned from 1920 to 1944.
* Istana Besar - Istana Besar is a royal palace of the Sultan of Johor which is located in Johor Bahru
* Istana Bukit Kayangan - The Sultan of Selangor's state palace in Shah Alam
* Istana Bukit Serene - The Sultan of Johor's palace in Johor
* Istana Hinggap - a resting palace of the Sultan of Johor which is located in Segamat
* Istana Hulu - The palace, designed with a mixture of Western neo-classical and Islamic styles, was built in 1903 for the 28th Sultan of Perak.
* Istana Iskandariah - The official residence of all the Sultans of Perak who have been installed since its completion in 1933. The palace is named after Sultan Iskandar Shah (1918-1938) who initiated its construction.
* Istana Jahar - Built in 1887, Istana Jahar was a gift from Sultan Mahmud II to his grandson, Long Kundur. Today, this palace is known as the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs Kelantan
* Istana Jugra
* Istana Kenangan- The Perak Royal Museum was built as a royal residence in 1926. It is an amazing architecture which was built from woods without a single nail.
* Istana Kota Lama - Old royal palace of Kelantan
* Istana Kuning - Old residential palace for the Sultan of Kedah
* Istana Maziah is believed to have been constructed during the reign of Sultan Zainal Abidin Ill in Terengganu. It was built in 1897 to replace the lstana Hijau
* Istana Melawati - Second national palace, located in Putrajaya
* Istana Mestika - The official residence of the crown prince of Selangor, also in Shah Alam
* Istana Negara - Royal residence of the King of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
* Istana Nur Nadhirah
* Istana Pasir Pelangi - a royal palace of the Tengku Mahkota(crown prince) of Johor
* Istana Pelamin- or Istana Kota Setar. Currently the Kedah Royal Museum
* Istana Sri Menanti - Istana Sri Menanti was the official residence of the Negeri Sembilan royal family until 1931 and was turned into a Royal Museum in 1992
* Kellie's Castle was meant to be a home away from home for Scottish Planter, William Kellie Smith in the 19th century in Perak
* The Astana- Currently the official residence of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri, the Governor of Sarawak.The second Rajah, Charles Brooke, built this palace in 1870


* Casa Rocca Piccola - Home of the noble Maltese family, De Piro
* Grandmaster's Palace - House of Representatives of Malta, former seat of the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller/Knights of Malta
* San Anton Palace - Seat of the President


* Government Palace of Chihuahua, Chihuahua - Seat of the Government of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico
* Hospicio Cabañas - Colonial building; housed the city hospital of Guadalajara during the Viceroyalty, and it is now a UNESCO heritage site
* Municipal Palace of Tijuana, Tijuana - Seat of the Tijuana City Hall
* Palacio Canton, Merida- Museum

Palaces in Mexico City

* Castillo de Chapultepec, Mexico City - Former Imperial and Presidential Palace, eventually serves for certain ceremonies
* Palace of San Lázaro, Mexico City - House of the Congress of Mexico
* Los Pinos Official Residence, Mexico City - Seat of the President of Mexico and Official Residence of the President
* National Palace, Mexico City - Former Viceregal, Imperial and Presidential Palace, eventually serves as temporary Presidential Palace when the Mexican President offers State ceremonies, such as receptions, banquets, the Independence celebration, or the reception of foreign ambassadors
* Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
* Palacio de Correos de Mexico, Mexico City
* Palacio de Minería, Mexico City
* Palace of the Secretariat of Communications and Public Works, Mexico City

Palaces in Veracruz

* Castillo de San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz - A Spanish-built star-like castle-fortress, former Viceregal and Presidential residence, and also former prison, currently a museum
* Historical Municipal Palace of Veracruz, Veracruz - Seat of the Veracruz City Hall, one of the most beautiful municipal palaces in Mexico

Palaces in Nuevo León

* Palace of Government, Monterrey - Seat of the Government of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
* Bishopric Palace, Monterrey


* The Prince's Palace - Seat of the Prince of Monaco


* Winter Palace (Mongolia) - Former residence of the Bogd Khan, Ulan Bator


* Mya Nan San Kyaw (The Royal Emerald Palace) - Former seat of the Konbaung Dynasty, Mandalay
* Kanbawzathadi Palace The former seat of Bayinnaung
* Mrauk U Palace, the former seat of the Mrauk U based Arakanese Kingdom from 1431 to 1785.


* Bagh Durbar
* Bhaktapur Durbar
* Gorkha Durbar
* Hanuman Dhoka Palace
* Hetauda Durbar
* Kakani Durbar
* Lal Durbar
* Lumjung Durbar
* Nagarjun Durbar
* Narayanhity Royal Palace - scene of the 2001 Nepalese royal massacre
* Nuwakot Durbar
* Palpa Durbar
* Patan Durbar
* Rani Mahal
* Seto Durbar
* Sinduligadi Durbar
* Singha Durbar
* Tangaal Durbar
* Thapathali Durbar

The Netherlands

*Bronbeek - Former royal residence, Arnhem
*Het Loo (Paleis het Loo) - Former royal residence, Apeldoorn
*Huis ten Bosch Palace - Royal residence, Den Haag
*Kasteel Drakestein - Former royal residence, Baarn
*Noordeinde Palace (Paleis Noordeinde) - Royal residence, Den Haag
*The Dutch Royal Palace (Koningklijk Paleis) - Amsterdam] (Paleis op de Dam) - Royal residence
*Soestdijk Palace (Paleis Soestdijk) - Royal residence, Soestdijk

New Zealand

* Tūrangawaewae - Official residence of the head of the Māori King Movement currently King Tuheitia Paki. The complex consists of Mahinarangi, Turongo and other substantial buildings used by the Kingitanga for a number of larger Iwi gatherings.

Apart from the large complex at Turangawaewae Marae located in the town of Ngaruawahia, the previous Maori Monarch Te Atairangikaahu had a home at Waahi Marae in Huntly where she lived for most of her 40 year reign with her consort Whatumoana Paki. The Maori King or Queen are required to attend 33 Poukai annually conducted at Marae loyal to the Kingitangi movement. Many of these Marae maintain residences for the Maori King or Queen for them to use during such visits.


*Royal Palace, Oslo (Slottet) - Royal residence


* Al Alam Palace - Royal Residence
* Bait Barka - Sultans Retreat in Barka
* Hisn Salalah - The Sultans main waterfront Royal complex residence in Salalah
* Hisn Seeb - Sultans Farm in Seeb which contains hundreds of pure bred Arabian Horses.
* Mamoora Palace - One of Sultans Ranch in Salalah
* Razat Farm - Sultans farm in Salalah adjacent to Mamoora Palace
* Sohar Palace - Sultans Ranch in Sohar


* Aiwan-e-Sadr - (Islamabad)
* Mohatta Palace - (Karachi)
* Noor Mahal - (Bahawalpur)
* Omar Hayat Mahal - (Jhang)
* Ranikot
* Shahi Qila - (Lahore)


* Mburuvichá Roga House, Paraguayan Presidential Residence - (Asuncion)
* Palacio de los López, Paraguayan Seat of Government - (Asuncion)


* Archbishop Palace, Lima - The Cardinals Residence.
* Government Palace, Lima - Peruvian Seat of Government.
* Machu Picchu, Cusco - Inca's Palace, now a touristic place.
* Torre Tagle Palace, Lima - Peruvian Chancellor's Office.


* Coconut Palace
* Malacañang Palace - Seat of the President, Manila
* Malacañang sa Sugbo - the official residence of the President of the Philippines in Cebu
* Mansion House, Baguio City - the Presidential Residence in Baguio City


* Belweder - Former seat of the President, Warsaw
* Branicki Palace, Białystok
* Gorzeński Palace, Śmiełów near Jarocin
* Krasiński's Palace, Warsaw
* Krasiński Palace, Warsaw
* Ostrogski Palace, Warsaw
* Presidential Palace, Warsaw - Seat of the President
* Radomicki Palace, Konarzewo near Poznań
* Radziwiłł Palace, Antonin near Ostrzeszów
* Royal Castle, Warsaw - Former royal palace
* Sapieha Palace in Warsaw
* Staszic Palace, Warsaw
* The Palace in Łazienki Park, Warsaw
* The Saxon Palace, Warsaw
* Tin-roofed Palace, Warsaw
* Ujazdowski Castle
* Wilanów Palace - Former summer palace of the King of Poland


* Ajuda National Palace - Lisbon
* Belém Palace - Seat of the President, Lisbon
* Correio-Mor Palace - Former seat of the Counts and Marquises of Penafiel at Loures, Lisbon
* Mafra National Palace - Hunting palace of the Royal Family.
* Monserrate Palace
* Palácio Alvor - Old residence of the Marquess of Pombal.
* Palácio da Bacalhoa
* Palácio da Brejoeira
* Palácio da Ribafria
* Palacio da Ribeira - Lisbon
* Palácio das Necessidades
* Palácio de Palhavã
* Palácio do Conde de Oeiras
* Palácio dos Carrancas - Porto
* Palácio Ducal - Located in Vila Viçosa
* Palácio Foz
* Pena National Palace - Former summer residence of the Royal Family.
* Queluz National Palace - Former residence of the Portuguese monarch.
* Seteais Palace - Sintra
* Sintra National Palace


* Apollo Palace - Târgu Mureş
* Banffy Palace - Cluj-Napoca, built 1791.
* Baroque Palace of Oradea - Founded in 1762 as the district Bishopric Palace.
* Baroque Palace, Timişoara
* Berde Palace, Cluj-Napoca
* Black eagle palace - Oradea
* Brukenthal National Museum - An 18th century urban palazzo of Baron Brukenthal in Sibiu.
* Cantacuzino Palace - Today George Enescu Museum, Bucharest.
* CEC Palace, Bucharest - Palace of National Savings Bank, baroque, 1896.
* Cotroceni Palace - Seat of the President, former Royal Palace, Bucharest, built for King Carol I of Romania in 1888, on a 1679 foundation.
* Creţulescu Palace - Bucharest
* Dauerbach Palace - Timişoara
* Dejan Palace, Timişoara
* Dicasterial Palace, Timişoara
* Dinu Mihail Palace - Craiova, today a museum.
* Finance Palace - Cluj-Napoca
* Ghica family Palace - Built in 1880, late Baroque, located in Bacau district.
* Löffler Palace, Timişoara
* Mogoşoaia Palace - Near Bucharest, founded 1698, built in Romanian Renaissance style.
* Orthodox Archiepiscopal Palace - Cluj-Napoca
* Palace of Culture (Iaşi) - built over Royal Court of Moldavia, during Carol I.
* Palace of Justice- Founded 1890, neo-Renaissance, Bucharest.
* Palace of Justice, Bucharest
* Palace of Justice Cluj-Napoca
* Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest - Absolute largest palace of the world.
* Patriachal Palace - Founded 1653, home for Romanian Orthodox heads of church. Also known as Palace of the Chamber of Deputies.
* Peles Castle - Former Sinaia summer residence of Romanian royal family.
* Pelisor - On the grounds of Peles Castle.
* Postal Palace, Cluj-Napoca
* Prefecture Palace, Cluj-Napoca
* Reduta Palace, Cluj-Napoca
* Regional Railways Palace, Cluj-Napoca
* Romanian National Museum of History- Founded 1894, in Bucharest, former Postal Palace, neoclassic.
* Roznoveanu Palace - Since 1770s, baroque palace in Iasi.
* Ruginoasa Palace - small neogothic palace built in 1811, home of Sturdza family and Prince Cuza.
* Szechenyi Palace, Timişoara
* Szeky Palace, Cluj-Napoca
* Sutu Palace - Founded 1833 by Costache Sutu, today Museum of Bucharest.
* The Royal Palace - Now National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest
* Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca


* Gatchina
** Gatchina Palace
* Kazan
** Governor's House
* Kostroma
** Romanov Palace
* Moscow
** Grand Kremlin Palace
** Kuskovo Palace
** Ostankino Palace
** Palace of Facets
** Terem Palace
* Novomoskovsk
** Bobriki Palace
* Oranienbaum
** Oranienbaum Palace
** Palace of Ropsha
* Pavlovsk
** Pavlovsk Palace
* Pella
** Pella Palace
* Peterhof
** Peterhof Palace
** Constantine Palace
* Pushkin (town)
** Alexander Palace
** Catherine Palace
* Saint Petersburg
** Anichkov Palace
** Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
** Marble Palace
** Marie Palace
** Menshikov Palace
** St Michael's Castle
** St Peter's Castle
** Stone Island Palace
** Michael Palace
** Nicholas Palace
** Stroganov Palace
** Shuvalov Palace
** Summer Palace
** Tavrichesky Palace
** Vladimir Palace
** Winter Palace - Winter residence of the Czars
** Yelagin Palace
** Yusupov Palace
* Taganrog
** Alferaki Palace
** Palace of Alexander I of Russia
* Tver
** Catherine Palace
* Uglich
** Dimitriy Palace
* Vologda
** Vologda Palace
* Voronezh
** Voronezh Palace


* Ibwami - Former royal court, Nyabisindu


* Beli Dvor - One of the residences of former Yugoslav royal family, Belgrade
* Old Palace (Belgrade)


* Istana Singapore - Seat of the President of Singapore


* Drottningholm Palace - Private residence of the Swedish royal family, Drottningholm
* Gripsholm Castle - Royal residence, Mariefred
* Palace of Bonde - Former noble residence, today seat of the Supreme Court, Stockholm
* Rosendal Palace - Royal residence
* Rosersberg Palace - Royal residence
* Stockholm Palace (Stockholms slott) - Royal residence
* Strömsholm Palace - Royal residence
* Tullgarn Palace - Royal residence
* Ulriksdal Palace - Royal residence


* Alcázar of Segovia
* Alhambra
* Archivo General de la Marina Álvaro de Bazán
* Casa de las Torres
* Casa Salazar (La Laguna)
* Casa Solans
* El Escorial, Madrid
* Magalia, (Las Navas del Marqués)
* Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales
* Palace of las Dueñas
* [ Palaces and Royal Residences (Casa Real de España)]
* Nasrid Palaces of La Alhambra
* Palace of Charles V
* Palacio Argensola
* Palacio de Almanzora
* Palacio de Arbaizenea
* Palacio de Ayerbe
* Palacio de Comunicaciones de Madrid
* Palacio de la Aduana
* Palacio de la Zarzuela - Private residence of the Monarchs of Spain
* Palacio Episcopal de Astorga
* Palacio Episcopal de Cáceres
* Palacio Real de Aranjuez, Madrid
* Palacio Real de El Pardo, Madrid
* Palacio Real de Miramar, San Sebastián
* Real Monasterio Santa María La Real de las Huelgas
* Royal Palace of Madrid - Official residence of the Monarchs of Spain; and largest royal palace in Western Europe
* Palacio de las Cigüeñas
* Palacio de los Condes de Gomara (Soria)
* Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija (Sevilla)
* Palacio de Yanduri (Sevilla)
* Palacio de las Dueñas (Sevilla)
* Palacio Longoria
* Palacio Duque de Abrantes
* Palacio de la Moncloa, the residence of the Prime Minister.
* Palacio del Marqués de Ferrera (Avilés)
* Palacio de Fuenclara, (Zaragoza)
* Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo
* Palacio de los Guzmanes
* Palacio Real de La Almudaina
* Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso
* Palacio Real de Riofrío
* Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya
* Palau Güell
* Real Monasterio de La Encarnación
* Real Monasterio Santa Clara de Tordesillas
* Royal Alcazars of Seville


* Esterházy Palace, Bratislava - home to the Slovak National Gallery
* Grassalkovich Palace, Bratislava - seat of the President
* Johann Pálffy Palace, Bratislava - home to the Bratislava City Gallery
* Mirbach Palace, Bratislava - home to the Bratislava City Gallery
* Pálffy Palace, Bratislava
* Primate's Palace, Bratislava - seat of the city government and place of the Treaty of Pressburg in 1805
* Summer Archbishop's Palace, Bratislava


* Ancient Grand Palace - Ayutthaya Palace, Ayutthaya
* Baan Puen Palace - Phetchaburi
* Bang Pa-In Royal Palace - Summer Palace, Ayutthaya
* Bang Khun Phrom Palace - Currently, as the Bank of Thailand, Bangkok
* Bhuban Palace - Royal residence, Sakon Nakhon Province
* Bhubing Palace - Royal residence, Chiang Mai
* Burapha Phirom Palace - Currently, as a market, Bangkok
* Chakrabongse Palace - Currently, as a private resort, Bangkok
* Chakri Bongkot Palace - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
* Chankasem Palace
* Daksin Palace - Royal residence, Narathiwat Province
* Derm Palace or Thon Buri Palace - It was the palace of King Taksin, now used as HQ of Royal Thai Navy
* Doi Tung Palace - Royal residence, Chiang Rai
* Dusit Palace - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
** Chitralada Palace (New Palace) - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
** Vimanmek Palace (Vimanmek Mansion) - Former royal residence, Bangkok
* Front Palace - Currently, as Bangkok National Museum, Bangkok
* Grand Palace, Bangkok - Official residence of the King of Thailand, Bangkok
* King Narai's Palace - Lopburi
* Klai Kang Wol Palace - Royal residence, King Rama IX likes there, Hua Hin
* Le Dis Palace - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
* Marukatayawan Summer Palace - Phetchaburi
* Nakorn Luang Palace - Nakorn Luang, Ayutthaya
* Nonthaburi Palace - Former private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
* Phanakornkiri Palace - Phetchaburi
* Phetchabun Palace - Currently, as CentralWorld, Bangkok
* Phya Thai Palace - Bangkok
* Rear Palace - It is now a part of Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok
* Sanamchan Palace - King Rama VI's Palace, Nakhon Pathom
* Saranrom Palace - Currently, as a Saranrom Park, Bangkok
* Siriyalai Palace - - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Ayutthaya
* Srapratum Palace - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
* Suan Pakard Palace - Currently, as a museum, Bangkok
* Sukhothai Palace - Private residence of the Thai royal family, Bangkok
* Thapra Palace - Currently, as a university, Bangkok
* Tuk Palace - Ayutthaya Palace, Ayutthaya
* Waradit Palace - Currently, as a museum, Bangkok


* Norbulingka Palace - Summer palace of the Dalai Lama
* Potala Palace - Main residence of the Dalai Lama, Lhasa


In Turkish, a palace is a Saray.
* Beylerbeyi Palace - Former royal residence
* Çırağan Palace - Former royal residence, today hotel
* Dolmabahçe Palace - Former residence of the Ottoman Royal Family, today state-guest house
* Feriye Palace - Former royal residence
* Hıdîv Palace - Former royal summer residence
* İbrahim Paşa Palace - Former royal residence
* Ihlamur Palace - Former royal summer residence
* Küçüksu Palace - Former royal summer residence
* Palace of Adile Sultan - Former royal residence
* Topkapı Palace - Former residence of the Ottoman sultans
* Yıldız Palace - Former royal residence


* Rukhiyet Palace
* Türkmenbaşı Palace


* Alupka Palace
* Livadia Palace
* Mariyinsky Palace - Residence of the President of Ukraine
* Massandra

United Kingdom


*Official royal residences in London:
**Buckingham Palace - The monarch's official London residence since 1837
**Kensington Palace - A royal residence since 1689 (but not used by the monarch since the 18th century)
**Palace of Westminster - The monarch's official London residence from 1049 until 1530
**Palace of Whitehall - The monarch's official London residence from 1530 until 1698
**St. James's Palace - The monarch's official London residence from 1702 until 1837. Ambassadors are still accredited to the Court of St. James and several members of the Royal family still maintain apartments there, e.g, HRH Princess Alexandra and HRH The Duke of Kent.
***Clarence House - A royal residence since 1830 – part of St. James's Palace, but never used by the monarch, currently the residence of HRH The Prince of Wales
*Addington Palace
*Basildon Park
*Blenheim Palace
*Bridewell Palace
*Castle Howard
*Chatsworth House
*Eltham Palace
*Hampton Court Palace
*Harewood House
*Holkham Hall
*Lambeth Palace
*Nonsuch Palace
*Palace of Beaulieu
*Palace of Placentia Also known as Greenwich Palace
*Queen's House
*Richmond Palace
*Syon House
*Tower of London
*Wilton House
*Winchester Palace
*Woburn Abbey


* Dalkeith Palace – Former seat of the Duke of Buccleuch
* Dunfermline Palace – Former palace of the Scottish monarchs
* Falkland Palace – Former palace of the Scottish monarchs
* Hamilton Palace – Former seat of the Duke of Hamilton
* Linlithgow Palace – Former palace of the Scottish monarchs
* Palace of Holyroodhouse – Royal residence since 16th century
* Scone Palace – Seat of the Earl of Mansfield
* Spynie Palace – Seat of the Bishop of Moray for 500 years

United States

* The Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia
* The White House, Washington, D.C. - Seat of the U.S. President
* Tryon Palace, New Bern, North Carolina


* okinaĀinahau – Royal Estate of Princess Victoria Kaokinaiulani
* Hanaiakamalama – Royal residence of Queen Emma
* Hulihee Palace – Royal residence of Princess Ruth
* Iolani Palace - Royal palace, 1882-1893, Honolulu
* Kaniakapupu – Royal residence of Kamehameha III and Queen Kalama
* Keoua Hale – Royal residence of Princess Ruth
* Washington Place - Royal residence of Queen Lili'uokalani

Vatican City

* Apostolic Palace - Residence of the Pope
* Lateran Palace - Seat of the Bishop of Rome


* Palacio de Miraflores - Seat of the President of Venzuela, Caracas


* Imperial Palace (The Forbidden Purple City) - Former Seat of the Emperors of Vietnam, Huế
* Presidential Palace, Hanoi
* Reunification Palace
* Thang Long Palace in Hanoi

List of non-residential Palace s

Some large impressive buildings which were not meant to be residences, but are nonetheless called palaces, include:
* Alexandra Palace (England)
* Legislative Palace of San Lazaro, Mexico City - Official Seat of the bicameral Honorable Mexican Congress of the Union (Senate and Chamber of Deputies), but ordinary seat of the Chamber of Deputies
* Palace of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District, Mexico City - Seat of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District
* Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest: 2nd largest building in world (by floorspace)
* Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City - National house of the arts and culture in Mexico, former legislative palace.
* Palacio de Correos de Mexico, Mexico City - Serves as the mail centre of Mexico City and Mexico itself
* Palacio de Comunicaciones de Madrid (Spain)
* Palast der Republik (Germany)
* Palau de la Música Catalana (Spain)
* Peace Palace (The Netherlands)
* The Crystal Palace (England)
* Galeria degli Uffizi (Italy)
* Victoria Palace - Seat of the Prime Minister, Bucharest
* Palace of Justice in Antwerp (former)
* Palace of Justice in Antwerp (recent)
* Palace of Justice in Brussels

Note, too, the French use of the word "palais" in such constructions as "palais des congrès" (convention centre) and "palais de justice" (courthouse).

See also

* List of castles
* List of forts
* Palace


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