Flight 29 Down

Flight 29 Down
Flight 29 Down
Flight 29 Down Logo.jpg
Format Action/Adventure
Teen drama
Created by Stan Rogow
D. J. MacHale
Written by D. J. MacHale
Stan Rogow (pilot only)
Directed by Steve De Jarnatt
D. J. MacHale
Tim O'Donnell
Starring Allen Alvarado
Corbin Bleu
Hallee Hirsh
Jeremy Kissner
Johnny Pacar
Lauren Storm
Kristy Wu
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 30 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jim Rapsas
Stan Rogow
D. J. MacHale
Shauna Shapiro Jackson
Gina Watumull
Rann Watumull
Running time 24 minutes
Original channel Discovery Kids
Original run October 1, 2005 (2005-10-01) – August 25, 2007 (2007-08-25)
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Flight 29 Down is a television series about a group of teenagers who are stranded on an island. It was produced by Discovery Kids. The show was created by Stan Rogow (Lizzie McGuire, Darcy's Wild Life) and D. J. MacHale (Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Pendragon Book series). The executive producers are Rogow, MacHale, Shauna Shapiro Jackson, and Gina & Rann Watumull. The first two seasons aired on Discovery Kids.

The "third season" of the series, which started filming February 5, 2007,[1] was produced as a four part film, instead of the episodic format of the first two seasons.[2] A promo debuted for Flight 29 Down: The Movie during the second season finale.

The show was filmed in O'ahu, Hawaii.



The show follows a group of teens stranded on a South Pacific island in the Federated States of Micronesia after they crash their plane (a De Havilland Heron) in a tropical storm while flying to an eco-adventure camping trip in Palau.[3] A plot device of a video diary powered by a solar battery charger allows the kids to talk about themselves and to the camera about their everyday struggles, the island, and each other. It plays out as "Lost for teens. It also has many similarities with Gordon Korman's trilogy Island".[citation needed]


The main cast of Flight 29 Down (from left to right): Johnny Pacar, Kristy Wu, Hallee Hirsh, Allen Alvarado, Corbin Bleu, Jeremy Kissner, and Lauren Storm.

Main cast

The "lost" cast

  • Tani Lynn Fujimoto as Abby Fujimoto
  • B.K. Cannon as Jory Cavanaugh
  • Blade Rogers as Ian Bedawan
  • John Kapelos as Captain Bob Russell


Main characters

Nathan McHugh

In the first season Nathan brags about being a Boy Scout and thinks he should be the leader. He is very close friends with Melissa and later on in the series develops a crush on Daley. Throughout a few seasons Nathan begins to think he is useless and no help to the others on the island. For example, he accidentally shoots down the signal kite when he is messing around with Lex and he also falls out of a tree trying to get coconuts. He was portrayed as snobby in the novel, and wore rich people clothes, Slip-on sneakers, converse low-tops, slip-on converse, and canvas Boat shoes is what he wears throughout the books, also he wore water shoes for when going in the water and getting to the raft.

Taylor Hagan

Taylor comes onto the island thinking that their being stranded was only temporary. Her life of being pampered and spoiled made her weaker than the others. However, she shows some of her hidden talents. For example, she helps Jackson improve his fishing skill through small notes and on one particular trek through the island, she discovers a trove of fruit and even gets the fire started when they are in need of it. She believes everyone has a function in the group that they are good at which makes her come to the realization that she is good at parties and having fun. She creates the holiday, Chilloween, which was featured in one of the episodes. In the first season, she proves that she hates being messed with and will go at lengths for revenge (revealing Melissa's video diary). A recurring problem in the second season is the relationship she and Jackson develop much to the dismay of Melissa. By the end of the series, people recognize her as a more competent and a genuine person. Through the series she becomes more hard working and more aware of the others' feelings.

Eric McGorrill

He is more of a slacker and a comedian than anything else. He also tends to manipulate people to get out of various responsibilities and chores. Eric looks at other people's video diaries and announces their secrets to either one person or everyone. He hates lugging water, and caused the lighter to break leaving the group with no source of fire. However, he later fixes it. He wants to get off the island so he sneaks around taking miscellaneous objects, though his actions are eventually discovered by Lex who tells Melissa. Due to allergies he wasn't aware of, Eric becomes ill after he eats shellfish. He almost dies from an allergic reaction until Melissa saves him by giving him a shot. In the novel he is a class clown and acts like "the millionaire" from Gilligan's Island. He wears nice clothes and boat shoes and sperry top-siders.

Melissa Wu

Melissa has been the best friend of Nathan since kindergarten, and is one of the only level-headed ones on the island. She has an occasional habit of being overly hard on herself. She also has a crush on Jackson, which he becomes aware of when Taylor reveals it to everyone after Melissa accidentally ruins one of her shirts. She often tries to be everyone's friend, which causes her to lie in one episode. Melissa had a secret crush on Jackson when she wanted to be with him on the way back to school to talk to her friend and she tells her that she likes Jackson. At first Melissa doesn't like Abby, but in time she overcomes that and becomes friends with Abby. She also has a storm named after her called Typhoon Melissa

In Season Two she becomes distraught when Jackson and a matured Taylor grow closer. This problem is temporarily resolved as Taylor does not go west with Abby though Melissa and Jackson go (as well as Eric). Melissa, Jackson, Eric, and Abby are on the same groups since 1st season of Flight 29 Down.

Cody Jackson

Cody goes by his last name, Jackson and the antihero of the series.He is a 16-year old male who generally keeps to himself. He was befriended by Melissa at school, who extended him the trip invitation. On the island, Cody gives help to the group when it is needed. He in the first episode befriends Lex and unlike everyone else he listens to him. As a result, he is elected the leader of the stranded kids and continues to keep the group civil. In the second season he passed the responsibilities of leadership to Daley because of all the drama. A love triangle between him, Melissa, and Taylor emerges in Season Two when he begins to grow closer to a matured Taylor. However, in the final moments of the film, it becomes apparent that he wants to get to know Melissa even more.In the novel he is dirt poor, and went to this new school looking like an outsider, so he started dressing with only what he could afford, a t-shirt, shorts and for footwear he only had enough for cheap pairs of flip-flops and a pair of sandals, which is what he took on his trip.They blistered his feet and after the mazethon part of "The Seven" the strap of one sandal broke, and he remains barefoot until "The Storm" where he goes to the jungle in flip-flops which get lost during a storm, he is barefoot until they get rescued. He is the only guy who is barefoot throughout the books.Only going by the name Jackson until the Flight 29 Down film, before they get saved Melissa asks Jackson if Jackson was his first or last name. Jackson replies,"It's Cody, Cody Jackson".

Daley Marin

The recently elected class president of Hartwell High School, who beat Nathan by 10 votes. She is a hard worker and a bit of a perfectionist. Daley is Lex's stepsister (her father married Lex's mother about a year ago after her mother died), though this is never elaborated upon. Daley has developed a mutual crush on Nathan. She, however, is much more secretive about this, confiding about it only to Melissa. Daley even kisses Nathan on the cheek once because he saves her from drowning. Daley tells Nathan that she doesn't like him, because she doesn't want to start a relationship on the island. They do, however, agree to become a couple once everyone is off the island and back home again. Daley is the leader of the group and wants to handle situations in a civilized manner. She is fond of democracy and resolving matters through voting. This ultimately causes a divide in the group. Eric, Jackson and Melissa go to explore the west side of the island with Abby while Nathan, Taylor, Lex and democratic Daley stay at the camp. In the novel she is street wise and very strong minded, she wears street clothes including converse low-tops.

Lex Marin

The youngest of the group and Daley's younger 10-year old (turns 11) stepbrother who is intelligent, charismatic, and very observant, although the group constantly ignores him or put his ideas down, stating that "he's not old enough". He always comes up with the best ideas on how to adapt to the island and make use of its resources. He seems to be the motivation of the group. Whenever everyone else feels like quitting or giving up, Lex comes up with a brilliant idea to help everyone feel better. In the episode "Mazeathon", he creates an obstacle course. For Chilloween, he makes a shower that has warm water to make the island more like home. He has even made a shelter that lasted through many violent storms. As shown in several episodes, he misses the others from the plane and wants Abby to find them. In Hotel Tango, Lex surprises everyone by saying it was Daley's fault the group separated and does not want to listen to her anymore.

The "Lost" Characters

Abby Fujimoto

Abby is one of the smartest of all 9 of the high schoolers on the island. Throughout the show's progression she is the only "lost" character to be featured in more than 2 episodes and was the only one to survive the jungle alone with an injured leg. She also was the only character to brave the jungle alone and come back to the main camp ground on the beach several times. She was once thought to have an attraction to Jackson by Melissa. Abby shares a passion for music, as seen in one episode. In "Abby Normal" she leaves the beach at night while all the 7 main characters are slowly dancing to "Be Strong" by Delta Goodrem. In Season 2, she returns to the beach after a leg wound with a cold demeanor and a "survival of the fittest" outlook that frightens the others. Eventually she splits the cast in two in a quest to find life on the island. Though, in the finale, when they all are rescued, her normal "gentle" demeanor returns as she feels the gang have all been brought closer due to their experiences on the island.

Ian Milbauer

Ian is a Surfer from California that is always making smart comments. In the book The Return, Abby remembers that Ian gives her a notepad showing a slight affection for her. Ian is one of Abby's best friends on the island.


Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 13 October 1, 2005 March 18, 2006
Season 2 13 September 9, 2006 March 10, 2007
Season 3 4 August 25, 2007 August 25, 2007

Series synopsis

First season

A flight with ten teenagers and a pilot crashes on a tropical island after a storm results in an engine explosion. They all survive the crash. Three of the teenagers and the pilot leave to explore the island. The rest elect a leader and try to survive on their own. A huge monsoon ruins the camp and their communication equipment. However, brief contact with another plane had been established before the destruction.

Second season

The group continue to survive but a storm left their camp in ruins, as well as their plane washed out to sea. One of the characters, Daley, is elected the new leader and she begins a democracy. The plane washes back on shore with a huge hole on its side. The survivors begin to learn that the island was involved in World War II when they find a time capsule from a general who once inhabited the island. They soon figure out there must be some life on the island.


The castaways split into two groups. One stays on the beach, and one travels to find life on the island. Just when they think the place is deserted, they find an old concrete hotel used in WWII, along with other old buildings rotting away. They find the pilot, and the two other survivors in the hotel. The pilot has a bad sickness that makes him go crazy. In the end the castaways are saved by the Navy just before Typhoon Melissa hits the island and destroys everything.

DVD releases

All seasons have been released on DVD. The first season was released individually in 3 volumes, but later released on a first season package. Season 2 was released in one package and the series finale was released separate from the other DVDs. With hidden episode "Island Bathroom".

In 2008, all the seasons have been released on DVD in Sweden by Pan Vision.

Book releases

Sequential releases

Book# Title Author Release date
1 "Static" Walter Sorrells February 2, 2006
2 "The Seven" John Vornholt February 2, 2006
3 "The Return" John Vornholt June 1, 2006
4 "The Storm" Brad Strickland August 3, 2006
5 "Scratch" Walter Sorrells November 23, 2006
6 "On Fire" Walter Sorrells February 15, 2007
7 "Survival" Walter Sorrells June 14, 2007

Special releases

Title Author Release date
"Ten Rules: Prequel" Walter Sorrells October 5, 2006

Differences between the books and the series

  • In the episode "Groundbreaking", the castaways individually approach the box and imagine what would be in it, but in the book Scratch, the survivors have a meeting and explain what they thought the box was filled with.
  • In the book Ten Rules, Lex's parents had a divorce, but in the film, he mentions that his dad died.
  • The episode "Survival Of The Fittest" is before the episode "Mazeathon", but in the books, it's the other way around.
  • The books have parts added to them that are not in the series.
  • In the book Static, Melissa had the idea to have an election, but in the series, the kids all contributed to the idea.
  • In the book Scratch, "Groundbreaking" is supposed to be first, but "He Said, She Said, He Said" is before that episode.
  • In the books, the episodes "The Tide" and "Home Sweet Home" had been cut out in the storyline because they finished building Lex's shelter.
  • In the book Static, Daley and Nathan go to the back of the plane to get the life raft; in the episode "Arrival", they do not.
  • In the book Scratch, Melissa tells only Daley that Nathan likes her, not everybody at once.
  • In the episode "Chilloween", Jackson plays "I Won't Stand Alone" but in the books he doesn't.
  • In the book actions happen earlier or later it is twisted
  • In the episode "Mazeathon", Jackson wears converse low-tops, whereas in the book he wears sandals that blistered his feet, which had him running slower, so he took off the strap sandals to sprint barefoot as opposed to kicking off his chucks.
  • In Mazethon novel Nathan wore slip-on converse low-tops, while Jackson ran in bare feet.
  • In the book a slight romance between Abby and Ian is mentioned, but in the series it is not.
  • In the book, the stories of the "lost" kids are explored more than in the series.


Sam Winans composed most of the music of Flight 29 Down. Corbin Bleu, Nathan McHugh, sang "Circles" in the background in the episode, "He Said, She Said, He Said."


Flight 29 Down debuted on NBC as part of Discovery Kids on NBC on October 1, 2005 and was also broadcast on the Discovery Kids cable television channel the following Monday. It now airs every evening as part of the @DK block on Discovery Kids, and at various times on weekends.

The first season was aired on SVT (Sweden) during Summer 2006, as a part of the breakfast show Hej Hej sommar (Hello, Hello Summer). The second season aired in the same program during summer 2007, and started August 7. The show aired in Finland (season 1 and season 2) during Summer 2006 as a part of the breakfast show Summeri. It is also aired on the Belgium channel Ketnet.

The show premiered in Latin America, March 10, 2007, at 21:00 on Boomerang (Latin American TV channel) Latin America

The show's first season also aired on TV3 Slovenia during the Summer of 2007. It is not known if TV3 Slovenia will air the second season or the film, The Hotel Tango.

The show premiered in Canada on Family on June 2, 2007. The show also was aired in Saudi Arabia by MBC3

The first two seasons aired in Japan on NHK from June 2009 to March 2010. It was titled Totsuzen! Sabaibaru (Suddenly! Survival). The film was aired as season 3.

In Australia, shows still appears on Foxtel on the channel Nickelodeon every Saturday Night.


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