Actin-binding protein

Actin-binding protein

Actin-binding proteins (also known as ABP) are proteins that bind to actin. This may mean ability to bind actin monomers, or polymers, or both.

Many actin-binding proteins, including α-actinin, β-spectrin, dystrophin, utrophin and fimbrin, do this through the actin-binding calponin homology domain.

This is a list of actin-binding proteins in alphabetical order.


*25kDa ABP from aorta p185neu
*30akDA 110 kD dimer ABP
*30bkDa 110 kD (Drebrin)
*p58gag [ "p58gag" in "The Encyclopaedia of Actin-Binding Proteins (and Drugs)"] , op. cit.


*AbLIM Actin-Interacting MAPKKK
*ABP280 (Filamin)
*ABP50 (EF-1a)
*Acan 125 (Carmil)
*Actin-regulating kinases
*Actin-Related Proteins
*Adseverin (scinderin)
*Arginine Kinase
*Arp2/3 complex


*Band 4.1
*Band 4.9(Dematin)
*Bistramide A
*Brevin (Gelsolin)


*Calpactin (Annexin)
*CamKinase II
*Cytovillin (Ezrin)
*CapZ/Capping Protein


*Dematin (Band 4.9)
*Destrin (ADF/cofilin)
*DNase I


*EF-1a (ABP50)
*EGF receptor
*ERM proteins (ezrin, radixin, moesin, plus merlin)
*Ezrin (the E of ERM proteins)


*Fodrin (spectrin)
*FLNA (filamin A)
*Fimbrin (plastin)


*Gastrin-Binding Protein
*Gelactins I-IV


*Harmonin b
*HS1 (actin binding protein)
*Helicase II
*HIP1 (Huntingtin Interacting protein 1)
*Histidine rich protein II


*Inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP)
*IP3Kinase A (Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase A)


*Jaspisamide A


*Kabiramide C
*Kelch protein


*Latrunculin L2
*Lim Kinases
*Lim Proteins
*Lymphocyte Specific Protein 1 (LSP1)


*Merlin (related to the ERM proteins)
*Moesin (the M of ERM proteins)
*Myosin Light Chain Kinase
*Myosin Light Chain A1
*Mycalolide (a macroglide drug)
*Myelin basic protein


*Naphthylphthalamic acid binding protein (NPA) N-RAP




*PAK (p21-activated Kinase)
*Parvin (actopaxin)
*PASK (Proline, Alanine rich Ste20 related Kinase)
*Presenilin I
*Phalloidin (not a protein; a small cyclic peptide)
*Protein kinase C
*Prk1p (actin regulating kinase)


*Radixin (the R of ERM proteins)
*RTX toxin (Vibrio cholerae)
*RVS 167

*Srv2 (CAP)
*S-Adenosyl-L-homocyteine hydrolase, (SAHH)
*Scinderin (adseverin)
*Shot (Short stop)
*Smitin (Smooth Musc.Titin)
*Sucrose synthetase


*Talin protein
*Tubulin bIV


*Unc-60 (ADF/cofilins)


*Vibrio cholerae RTX toxin
*Vitamin D binding protein




*Y-box proteins
*YpkA (YopO)


*Zipper protein


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* [ The Encyclopaedia of Actin-Binding Proteins (and Drugs)] – alphabetical list, sourced profile for each

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