Adrianople Vilayet

Adrianople Vilayet
ولايت ادرنه
Vilâyet-i Edirne
Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire


Location of Edirne Vilayet
Edirne Vilayet in 1900
Capital Edirne[1]
 - Established 1864
 - Disestablished 1922
 - Muslim, 1914[2] 360,411 
 - Greek, 1914[2] 224,680 
 - Armenian, 1914[2] 19,773 
 - Jewish, 1914[2] 22,515 
Today part of  Turkey

The Vilayet of Adrianople[3] or Vilayet of Edirne (Ottoman Turkish: ولايت ادرنه‎, Vilâyet-i Edirne)[4] was a vilayet of the Ottoman Empire.

This vilayet encompassed territories in present-day European Turkey, eastern part of Northern Greece and the southern fringes of Southern Bulgaria. In the late 19th century it reportedly had an area of 26,160 square miles (67,800 km2).[5] After the city of Adrianople (pop. in 1905 about 80,000), the principal towns ware Rodosto (35,000), Gallipoli (25,000), Kirk-Kilisseh (16,000), Xanthi (14,000), Chorlu (11,500), Dimotika (10,000), Enos (8000), Gyumyurdzhina (8000) and Dedeagatch (3000).[6] In the east in bordered with the Istanbul Vilayet, Black and Marmara Seas, it the west with the Salonica Vilayet, in the north with Bulgaria and in the south with the Aegean Sea.


Administrative divisions

Sanjaks of the Vilayet:[7]

  1. Sanjak of Edirne
  2. Sanjak of Kirklareli (Kirkkilise)
  3. Sanjak of Tekirdag (Tekirdagi)
  4. Sanjak of Dedeagaç
  5. Sanjak of Gümülcine



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