Nick Pride and the Pimptones

Nick Pride and the Pimptones
Nick Pride and the Pimptones

Nick Pride and the Pimptones
Background information
Origin Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Genres Funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop
Years active 2007 (2007)–present
Labels Record Kicks, Wack, Jazz Girl
Associated acts James Brown, The Meters, Charlie Hunter
Website Nick Pride and the Pimptones on Myspace
Nick Pride, Oscar Cassidy, Keith 'KB' Nicholson, Ian 'dodge' Paterson, Tomas Quilliam

Nick Pride and the Pimptones are a funk / jazz / soul band based in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Pimptones were formed in 2007 as a project for guitarist, composer and arranger Nick Pride. Their record label Record Kicks describes them as "a deep funk / jazz-dance outfit playing original material in the style of The Meters, JTQ and Charlie Hunter. The group is equally at home in a noisy nightclub or intimate jazz setting, and is most likely to bring the roof of either down with their heavy dancefloor grooves, big breaks and sophisticated jazz numbers" [1]


Original band lineup

In the original line up, Pride was joined by Oscar Cassidy (drums), Ian 'dodge' Paterson (bass) [2], Dave Wilde (sax and flute) and Alex Leathard (trombone). This first incarnation of the band can be heard on the debut release “It’s The Pimptones”(Jazz Girl Records) [3].

In 2009 the band released the 7” single "Deeper Pimp" on Wack Records [4] , which went on to enjoy extended radioplay across Europe including the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 and became the first of the group’s trademark “Live-Band Bootlegs”, a unique approach to the Mash-Up genre, and a show stopping live feature. The success of the single helped ensure more live opportunities for the Pimptones and promoters drafted the group in to support touring acts such as Maceo Parker, Candi Staton, Youngblood Brass Band and Hot 8 Brass Band.

Second band lineup plus collaborators

The departure of the first horn section and the arrival of the new horn section (Keith Nicholson and Tomas Quilliam) heralded the start of the new line up for the Pimptones and a new tougher funkier sound. 2011 saw the release of the single “Waitin’ So Long feat Jess Roberts”, [5] and later the album “Midnight Feast of Jazz” [6] featuring Jess Roberts, Susan Hamilton and Zoe Gilby, both on Milan based label Record Kicks [7]. This album was well received with reviews calling it "a very strong debut by Nick Pride here that you can dance to or just sit back and groove to" [8], "A refreshing blast of energy and musical enthusiasm" [9], "There’s so much below-average Funk being made at the moment and so let this be a sharp lesson to all of those bands. This is how it should be done. More please!"[10], and that "these guys are certainly capable of throwing a party in your living room as well as in the town hall of your city" [11]. The album has enjoyed chart success across Europe and also in Japan, where it peaked at number 6 in the iTunes Jazz Chart [12].

The group’s touring schedule has also taken them to many of the UK’s finest funk venues including the 100 Club, The Yardbird in Birmingham, Band on The Wall in Manchester, Hi-Fi Club in Leeds, the Jazzbar in Edinburgh, as well as festivals such as The Mostly Jazz Festival[13], The North East Funk and Soul Revue and The Sage Gateshead International Jazz Festival.

Earlier in 2011, The Pimptones remix of The Breakbeat Junkie track “Rock The Funky Beat”[14] had become a firm favourite of the BBC6 Music Funk and Soul Show, and was one of the most requested songs on RAI Radio 2’s Pop Corner (Italy).

Nick Pride also produces the Pimptones podcast designed to highlight up and coming music from the band and from other artists in the North East.

Two of the band members (Nick Pride and Ian 'dodge' Paterson) are also members of Sharks Took the Rest, a Newcastle based folk / chamber-pop band.

Band members

The current line-up for Nick Pride and the Pimptones is as follows:

  • Nick Pride - guitar, vocals, song-writer
  • Oscar Cassidy - drums
  • Ian 'dodge' Paterson - electric bass
  • Keith Nicholson - trumpet
  • Tom Quilliam - saxophone

And ongoing collaborations with:

  • Chris Hibbard - trombone
  • Dave Wilde - saxophone, flute
  • Alex Leathard - trombone
  • Graham Hardy - trumpet, flugel horn
  • John Wheeler - saxophone
  • James Peacock - keyboard
  • Paul Edis - piano
  • Paul Loraine - keyboard
  • Laurie Shepherd - guest vocals
  • Zoe Gilby - guest vocals
  • Jess Roberts - guest vocals
  • Susan Hamilton - guest vocals
  • Adam Sinclair - drums


  • It's The Pimptones!!!!!!! (2009 - Jazz Girl Records)
  • Midnight Feast of Jazz (2011 - Record Kicks)
  • Deeper Pimp (2009 - Wack Records)
  • Waitin’ So Long feat Jess Roberts (2011 - Record Kicks)
  • Smoove Presents Mo’ Record Kicks (2011 - Record Kicks)



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