Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment  
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Abbreviated title (ISO) Environ Monit Assess
Discipline Environmental monitoring and assessment
Edited by G.B. Wiersma
Publication details
Publisher Springer (Netherlands)
Publication history 1981-present
Frequency Weekly
Impact factor
ISSN 0167-6369 (print)
1573-2959 (web)
LCCN 82641109
OCLC number 07589096

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, first published in 1981, is a weekly, peer reviewed, scientific journal published by Springer. The managing editor is G.B. Wiersma (University of Maine).[1][2]


Aims and scope

Data analysis

The focus of this journal is the results of analyzed data pertaining to assessment and monitoring of risks that may affect the environment and human beings. The analysis is also synthesised with various categories of health data. The data gathered from the studies of diseases in human populations (risk factors and remedies), and toxicological ramifications obtained from the data analysis is published as well. Coverage includes, the steps and process of assessing risks from exposure to pollution.[2][3]

Systems monitoring

Coverage includes environmental systems monitoring from conception to configuration, implementation, and management. These monitoring systems are designed to gather data pertianining to individuals and populations.[2]

Broad topical coverage

In general, environmental management, ecology, environmental toxicology, pollution & remediation, along with environmental monitoring & analysis are related subjects.[2]

Abstracting and indexing

This journal is indexed in the following databases.[1][2][4]

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