Environmental health officer

Environmental health officer

Environmental health officers (EHOs) are usually employed by local government or state health authorities to advise on and enforce public health standards. However, many are employed in the private sector and in the military.

EHOs or their equivalents can be found in most countries that have been part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Republic of Ireland. Internationally EHOs are also referred to as Public Health Inspectors, Sanitarians, Health Protection Officers etc.

In Australia EHOs are also known as "Environmental Health Practitioners", a term used to describe a collective group of professionals that work directly or indirectly in the Environmental Health profession, for example, food technology, microbiology, health promotion, immunization, environmental law, etc.

In July 2008 the peak body for Environmental Health Officers, [http://www.eh.org.au Environmental Health Australia] launched the [http://www.eh.org.au/tools/cehp/index.php Certified Environmental Health Practitioner scheme] , which was designed to enhance the career prospects of Environmental Health Practitioners in Australia.

Roles and responsibilities

The exact nature of an Environmental Health Officer's job may vary. Some EHOs will specialise whilst others will retain a generalist role.

Some typical areas of work include:
* Inspecting/auditing food businesses for food safety and suitability
* Licensing and inspecting premises on public health grounds
* Communicable disease investigation and control
* Enforcing environmental laws
* Investigating cases of environmental crime
* Tobacco control and education
* Grey water system installation and use
* Inspecting/auditing health related premises for public health safety
* Monitoring recreational and drinking water
* Environmental risk assessments
* Assessing housing fitness
* Discharge consents/monitoring
* Environmental pollution investigations
* Occupational health and safety
* Compliance & Enforcement (including prosecutions)
* Health promotion
* Inspection of childcare premises
* Port Health - galley inspections, food imports & ship sanitation certificates
* Food sampling for chemical and microbiological purposes; foods standards
* Food safety training
* Planning
* Pest control
* Emergency contigency planning and implementation
* Noise control


Environmental health is a graduate career in most countries. Australia, VictoriaThe current requirement to become an authorised officer under the [http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/Domino/Web_Notes/LDMS/PubLawToday.nsf/95c43dd4eac71a68ca256dde00056e7b/1b01bc9807517f64ca257306000f2211!OpenDocument Food Act 1984] in Victoria is a BHSc Public & Environmental Health or Bachelor of Public Health (Environmental Health). The PHSc Public & Environmental Health degree is being offered by Swinburne University of Technology, located at its Hawthorn Campus.
* [http://www.swinburne.edu.au/lss/courses/degreeHP/pubenviron-index.html Career info]

The undergraduate course, Bachelor of Public Health (Environmental Health) is being offered by La Trobe University located at its Bendigo campus.
* [http://www.latrobe.edu.au/handbook/2007/undergraduate/bendigo/health-sciences/rbph.htm Career info]

New ZealandEntrants to the profession must have either a BAppSc Health Protection or BHSc Environmental Health. Alternatively, suitably qualified science graduates can obtain a graduate diploma in environmental health.
* [http://www.nzieh.org.nz Career info]

Republic of IrelandTo become an Environmental Health Officer it is necessary to hold an environmental health degree approved by the Department of Health & Children. The study of Environmental Health in Ireland also requires students to undertake a period of professional practice with the Health Service Executive. Following the period of professional practice, competence must then be demonstrated through an experiential learning logbook and oral examination.
* [http://www.ehoa.ie/html/careers.shtml Career info]

England & WalesEHOs must hold an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification recognised by the Environmental Health Registration Board.
* [http://www.ehcareers.org/ Career info]

CanadaPublic Health Inspectors have a university degree in Applied Science and a national professional certificate in Public Health Inspection - C.P.H.I.(C).
* [http://www.ciphi.ca/boc.htm Career info]

EHOs bring to the position an understanding of microbiology, risk assessment, environmental science and technology, food science, as well as skills and knowledge related to the tracking and control of communicable disease and the investigation and enforcement of legislation related to public health and the environment. Working in partnership with Government Ministries such as Health, Agriculture and the Environment, local municipalities, businesses, community groups and agencies as well as individual members of the community the EHO plays a major role in protecting public health.

ee also

*Chief Green Officer (CGE)
*Public health
*Environmental health

External links

* [http://www.nzieh.org.nz New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health]
* [http://www.cieh.org Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (England and Wales)]
* [http://www.ehoa.ie Irish Environmental Health Officers Association (Republic of Ireland)]
* [http://www.ifeh.org International Federation of Environmental Health]
* [http://www.eh.org.au Environmental Health Australia]
* [http://www.maeho.net Malta Association of Environmental Health Officers]

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