List of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn characters

List of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn characters
The Dawn Brigade from Radiant Dawn. From left to right: Sothe, Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo
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This is a character list, with plot details, for the video game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems, published by Nintendo for the Wii console, and the tenth game of the Fire Emblem series. The list summarizes the roles of all playable characters (units that can be controlled by the player) and major non-player characters (units that cannot be controlled by the player) that appear during the course of the story. For general information about the game itself, see the main article.

Most of these characters also appear in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, to which this game is a chronological sequel.


Main playable characters

Characters: New - Micaiah (Light Mage). Returning - Ike (Hero).


Micaiah (ミカヤ Mikaya?) is the main character of the first part of the game; she is also the first major protagonist in the Fire Emblem series to use magic as her weapon. She is a Branded, one descended from beorc and laguz ancestry, and has the ability to sacrifice her health to heal an ally. Micaiah can also foresee impending danger and sense what people are feeling in their hearts. The Goddess Yune accompanies her in the form of a bird. She leads the Dawn Brigade with her foster brother and protector Sothe, stealing from the Begnion Occupation Army and giving back to the people of Daein, who frequently refer to her as the"Silver-Haired Maiden." Unlike Sothe, Micaiah holds Ike in disdain, blaming him for the current state of Daein. After merging the Dawn Brigade with the Daein Liberation Army, Micaiah leads Daein to victory over Begnion's occupation on Pelleas' behalf. King Pelleas makes her the Supreme Commander of the Daein Army.

Due to her kind heart and devotion to her people, the citizens and soldiers grow very fond of her, believing she is a goddess and calling her "The Priestess of Dawn". They revere her more than they do their king. In the third part of the game, out of devotion to her king and despite her personal feelings, she fights the Laguz Alliance on behalf of Begnion. She later sings the Galdr of Release and becomes the Goddess Yune's vessel. At the end of the game, she becomes the new Queen of Daein and reveals herself as both Sanaki's older sister and the trueborn Apostle. She will marry Sothe if they share an "A" support. She is voiced by Lani Minella.

Micaiah appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Ike from Radiant Dawn

Ike (アイク Aiku?), the hero of the Mad King's War, returns in Radiant Dawn as the main character of the latter half of the game. As part of a ruse, he and his Greil Mercenaries stay hidden during the Crimean rebellion until joining at the last minute to save Lucia from her execution. He later aids the Laguz Alliance when it invades Begnion; he then leads the Apostle's armies united with those of Gallia, Crimea, and Phoenicis. He is the wielder of the divine blade Ragnell, which he had previously used while duelling with the Black Knight. It is at the Tower of Guidance where he finally avenges his father's death and defeats the Black Knight in a one-on-one duel. It is then revealed that, as a child, he witnessed his mother Elena's death at the hands of Greil, but his memory was sealed by Sephiran to protect him. Once the goddess Ashera is defeated and stability is returned to the world, Ike leaves the continent of Tellius forever. A special scene can be unlocked at the end of the game if Ike and Soren have an "A" support. He is voiced by Jason Adkins.

Ike's Radiant Dawn incarnation is a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and his Path of Radiance incarnation is a sticker, trophy, and playable character in Brawl.

Other playable characters

Minor characters below are grouped within their starting country or the specific party in which they belong. "New" characters make their first appearance in Radiant Dawn, followed by "returning" characters who appeared previously in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Characters are listed alphabetically and then described in an order of relation to each other. Each characters starting class is also listed.

Dawn Brigade

Characters: New - Edward (Myrmidon), Leonardo (Archer), Nolan (Fighter). Returning - Sothe (Rogue).

The Dawn Brigade led by Micaiah and Sothe is a group from Daein's capital of Nevassa. They steal from the Beginon Occupation Army and give back to the Daein citizens. Among the members is Edward (エディ Edi?), a trainee myrmidon who is considered a reckless sword fighter and is easily excitable. His good friend is Leonardo (レオナルド Reonarudo?), an archer who constantly tries to teach Edward self control, and is opposite his personality. Starting the Dawn Brigade is Nolan (ノイス Noisu?), a fighter who has lately taken a backseat to Micaiah; he is the only adult among the beorc members. After Daein's liberation, personal weapons are given to the Dawn Brigade members as a gift from the new king Pelleas: Edward receives the sword named Caladbolg, Leonardo the bow named Lughnasadh, and Nolan the axe named Tarvos. At the end of the game Edward lives as an ordinary commoner while Leonardo helps rebuild the Daein Army and Nolan travels abroad aiding those in need.


Sothe (サザ Saza?), a rogue who co-leads the Dawn Brigade with Micaiah, was the first of the Path of Radiance cast announced to return.[citation needed] Sothe first met Micaiah when he was a young child, and the two eventually formed a close bond, treating each other as brother and sister. During Path of Radiance, Sothe first appeared as an orphaned stowaway seeking a lost, unnamed companion; in Radiant Dawn, it is revealed that this companion was Micaiah, who fled Daein to prevent him from being affected by her identity as a Branded. After the Mad King's War, Sothe returned to Daein's capital of Nevassa, found Micaiah, and expressed how upset he was that she had abandoned him; as a result, Micaiah realized how important she was to him, and she swore to never leave him again.

Although Sothe is very protective of Micaiah, whom he trusts implicitly, they continue to have their disagreements throughout the game. He argues with her over his strong respect for Ike, who Micaiah believes is responsible for destroying Daein in the Mad King's War. Furthermore, although Micaiah considers the Black Knight a hero for saving her life, Sothe views him as a rival for the position of Micaiah's protector. Despite their differences, Sothe stays by her side during their battles, even when they are forced to fight against Ike and the Laguz Alliance by the Begnion Senate. At the end of the game, he and Micaiah will marry if they share an "A" support.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sothe appears as a trophy and a sticker.

In Daein

Characters: New - Aran (Soldier), Fiona (Lance Knight), Laura (Priest), Meg (Armor Sword). Returning - Ilyana (Thunder Mage), Zelgius (Black Knight).

Upon leaving the capital of Nevassa and traveling across Daein more members are added to the Dawn Brigade's ranks. Laura (ローラ Rōra?) is a priest of a Daein village. She joins the Dawn Brigade to retrieve medicine to aid her village's ill abbot. Laura mistakes the Dawn Brigade for a group of bandits, but she is devout to her faith and trusts in their good will. She along with Micaiah are captured and put in a Daein prison camp. Aran (ブラッド Buraddo?), a soldier guarding the prison camp is a childhood friend of Laura. After meeting Laura at the prison camp, he assists her and the rest of the Dawn Brigade in their escape. While in the prison camp they also meet Ilyana (イレース Irēsu?) who is a Thunder Mage with lilac hair that travels with a group of merchants. She joins the Dawn Brigade after being rescued along with Micaiah and Laura. Ilyana subsequently fights to liberate Daein from Begnion's rule and later travels with her merchant convoy to Begnion and joins Ike's group. She loves food and says in conversation with Ike that she hasn't changed and wishes to eat Oscar's meals again. At the games end, Laura returns to her church and serves as mother to many orphans; Aran becomes a watchman, and Ilyana continues traveling with the merchants.

Meg (メグ Megu?) is one of Brom's daughters. She decides to travel to Daein in search of Zihark, whom she has been told is her fiancé - she later ends up marrying normally. Traveling alone, she dresses herself in full-plate armor for protection. She joins the Dawn Brigade before they enter the Desert of Death in search of Pelleas. After merging with Pelleas's Liberation Army and those from Hatari, the Dawn Brigade is also joined by Fiona (フリーダ Furīda?), the daughter of Lanvega; formerly one of Daein's Great Riders. She governs the Marado territory in place of her late father. Although she initially aids the Begnion Occupation Army in its defense of Marado, she and her troops defect to Micaiah's party when a Begnion general resorts to killing innocents to get the Daein Liberation Army to surrender. At the end of the game, she governs Marado and her people for the remainder of her life.

Zelgius (The Black Knight)

Defeated by Ike in a duel during Path of Radiance, the Black Knight (漆黒の騎士 Shikkoku no Kishi?), a former Rider of Daein, returns. It is revealed right before a battle between Ike and Black Knight in Part III Chapter 7 that Black Knight let Ike win their battle 3 years ago after hearing that Greil cut out his tendons for his sword arm and was not fighting at his fullest during Greil and Black Knight's battle. As the Black Knight, he protects Micaiah when Jarod attempts to kill her. He continues to protect Micaiah in the final battle against the Begnion Occupational Army and in the war against the Laguz Alliance. As Zelgius (ゼルギウス Zerugiusu?), he leads the Begnion Central Army against the invading laguz. He serves Prime Minister Sephiran selflessly and views him as his master. All of his actions are guided by Sephiran's will, including his eventual return to Daein as the Black Knight. Despite being an antagonist for parts of the game, he is a very noble and selfless soldier: he spares Skrimir during their duel; against Senator Valtome's orders, he refuses to fight a defenseless Elincia; and he follows the vast majority of his orders without question, regardless of his personal opinions.

He is also a Branded, which he reveals to Sephiran. It was Sephiran who gave him his sword, Alondite, and his armor, which was blessed by Ashera. Because of his identity as a Branded, he suffered from much shunning and loneliness throughout his life. His sole wish was to face his teacher, Gawain, and defeat him; his pursuit of this duel was the only action he undertook of his own accord after becoming Sephiran's follower. Near the end of Radiant Dawn, he reveals his identity as Zelgius and engages Ike in a second duel, this time to the death. He dies believing that Ike fought with all of the skill Gawain possessed in his prime, and rests peacefully, waiting for Sephiran to join him. Ike considers Zelgius his final teacher. At Sephiran's / Lehran's death he says that he will be joining Zelgius. Even if you recruit Lehran and he will say that before Micaiah saves him.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Black Knight appears as a trophy and a sticker.

In Hatari

Characters: New - Nailah (Wolf Queen), Rafiel (Heron), Volug (Wolf).

Hatari is a nation east of the Desert of Death that has long been forgotten by the rest of Tellius. Hatari is home to the wolf laguz tribe which is led by Nailah (ニケ Nike?), the Queen of Wolves; she takes the form of a white wolf. Nailah is responsible for rescuing Rafiel from the Desert of Death, whom she protects throughout the game. After the events of the game, she returns to her nation to lead her people back across the desert. Volug (オルグ Orugu?) is a wolf laguz and the assistant to Queen Nailah. Like Leanne, he speaks - in the rare instances that he does talk - mostly in the ancient tongue. He accompanies Queen Nailah and Rafiel, until he is ordered by the Queen to act as Micaiah's personal bodyguard.

Rafiel (ラフィエル Rafieru?) is the first Prince of Serenes, and Reyson and Leanne's elder brother. Twenty-three years before the game, he was captured and auctioned off to Senator Hetzel, but then fell ill. Duke Hetzel cared for him at a temple, but Rafiel's wings never fully recovered, and he was never able to fly again. At one point, Hetzel even promised to return Rafiel to Serenes Forest upon his recovery; however, the forest was burned and the herons were slaughtered by the people of Begnion. Rafiel escaped Duke Hetzel's custody but collapsed in the desert. He was saved by Nailah who looked after him for the next twenty years. As such, he holds Nailah in high regard, and remains extremely loyal to her.

Nailah, Volug and Rafiel meet Micaiah in the Desert of Death as she searches for Pelleas; they join the Daein Liberation Army not long afterwards. After the overthrow of the Begnion Occupational Army, Volug stays behind with Micaiah while Nailah and Rafiel travel to Gallia, where Rafiel is then reunited with his family. They later abandon the Apostle's Army to side with Micaiah and Daein. At the end of the game, Rafiel awakens his long-bedridden father with his song and then returns to Hatari with Nailah and Volug. If Nailah dies, however, he remains in Serenes.

Daein Liberation Army

Characters: New - Pelleas (Dark Sage). Returning - Jill (Dracoknight), Tauroneo (Lance General), Zihark (Swordmaster).

The Daein Liberation Army was organized by Izuka on behalf of Prince Pelleas in order to end the Begnion occupation of Daein. The Dawn Brigade merges with them after finding Tauroneo, Zihark and Jill defending Pelleas in the Desert of Death. Tauroneo (タウロニオ Tauronio?) is a General of Daein who was once one of Daein's Four Riders. He pledges allegiance to the Daein royal family and guards Pelleas. He defected from the Daein Army during the Mad King's War, and later becomes determined to help Daein recover. Zihark (ツイハーク Tsuihaku?) is a Swordmaster of Daein who fights to protect the laguz. In the Mad King's War, he tried to prevent the Daein Army from beginning a massacre of the laguz; as such, he feels that Daein is in the wrong when Pelleas orders Daein's military forces to fight against the Laguz Alliance in Begnion's defence. He becomes a traveling mercenary after the game, helping to resolve conflicts between beorc and laguz, eventually settling in Gallia. Jill (ジル Jiru?) is a Dracoknight of Daein, who like Tauroneo defected from Daein during the Mad King's War. After the war, she and Haar ran a delivery service in Talrega before she joins the Daein Liberation Army. At the game's end, Micaiah makes her Governor of Talrega, which Jill leads to an age of prosperity. Jill will marry Haar if they have an "A" support.


Pelleas (ペレアス Pereasu?) is believed to be the son of Ashnard and the Prince of Daein. However, it is later revealed that he is not the true Prince, but a spirit charmer who was tricked by Izuka into believing that he was royalty. It is on Pelleas' behalf that the Daein Liberation Army overthrows the Begnion Occupational Army. Although he is a weak leader who follows Almedha's and Izuka's advice without question, his love for his country is extraordinarily strong. On the day of his coronation, Izuka fools him into signing a blood pact with Begnion that forces him to follow the orders of the Begnion Senate: should he not, the Senate would invoke the pact's curse, leading to the eventual deaths of all of Daein's citizens. This pact forces Pelleas to send the Daein Army against the Laguz Alliance. Upon conferring with Micaiah, he frantically begins to research a means of dispelling the pact: he learns that its curse can only be prevented if the signer of the pact is killed by a third party. He then asks that Micaiah kill him to save Daein.

At this point, the player is given the option of having either Micaiah or Tauroneo kill him. However, in all subsequent playthroughs, the player can have Micaiah refuse the request altogether. In this case, the group realizes that killing Lekain would also dispel the blood pact, and Pelleas thus begins to regain his confidence. He later fights as a Dark Sage with Tibarn's army while accompanying his "mother" Almedha. He learns that he is not the King of Daein and that he is not actually the son of King Ashnard when confronting Izuka in battle: as Izuka says, Pelleas is merely a pawn in Izuka's and Lekain's machinations and that Almedha was so desperate to see her son again that she would believe that any baby presented to her is her son. At the end of the game, he surrenders his throne to Micaiah after revealing his lack of royal blood, but then becomes a member of the royal court.

Laguz Emancipation Army

Characters: New - Vika (Raven). Returning - Muarim (Tiger), Tormod (Fire Sage).

The Laguz Emancipation Army was formed during the Mad King's War to free laguz remaining in slavery to Begnion nobels. Tormod (トパック Topakku?) is the leader of the Laguz Emancipation Army. He is a cheery character who, in the Mad King's War, found a good friend in Sothe and became Calill's pupil. Under Empress Sanaki's orders, he heads to Daein to gather information. He travels along with his laguz friend and surrogate father, Muarim. He joins Micaiah's team alongside Muarim and Vika, and later accompanies Prince Rafiel to Gallia. After the events of the game, he becomes a laguz relations officer in Begnion and helps former slaves escape poverty. Muarim (ムワリム Muwarimu?) is the Deputy Leader of the Laguz Emancipation Army and is Tormod's surrogate father. He was originally a Begnion aristocrat's slave. Along with Tormod, he aids the fight for the liberation of Daein. Izuka nearly transforms Muarim into a Feral One - which would increase his fighting prowess but dramatically shorten his lifespan and rob him of his sanity and reason - but he is saved by Rafiel's galdr. At the game's end, he becomes Begnion's first-ever laguz officer and helps Tormod with his work. Vika (ビーゼ Bīze?) is a raven laguz who works alongside Tormod and Muarim in the Laguz Emancipation Army. She is the only female raven in the game. She is uneasy around Micaiah for a reason she can't identify, but the two warm-up to each other near the end of Part I. Later in the game, it is revealed that laguz are able to sense Branded, or Parentless, as the laguz refer to such people. It is common for laguz to treat Parentless as though they don't exist, making it likely that Vika's unease around Micaiah was in actuality her instincts alerting her to the presence of a Branded. She was formerly a laguz slave before she was rescued by Tormod and Muarim.

In Crimea

Characters: New - Heather (Rogue). Returning - Bastian (Archsage), Brom (Axe General), Calill (Fire Sage), Devdan/Danved (Halberdier), Elincia (Queen), Haar (Dragonmaster), Lucia (Swordmaster), Nephenee (Halberdier), Volke (Assassin).


Bastian (ユリシーズ Yurishīzu?), the Count of Fayre, is very loyal to Queen Elincia. He hatches a plan to draw out the Crimean rebels and is responsible for contacting Ike to stop Lucia's execution. He hires Volke to work exclusively as his agent. It is revealed that during the Mad King's War, Bastian saved Prince Renning, Elincia's uncle, who was actually Daein's General Bertram in disguise. He also holds affections toward Lucia which are not as passionately returned by her. After the game, he uses his diplomatic skills to ensure that many peace treaties are signed. If he and Lucia have an "A" support at the game's end, Bastian continues his attempts to woo her; she never gives in.


Brom (チャップ Chappu?) is a farmer living in Crimea's countryside. He is the father of many sons and daughters, one of whom is Meg. He is responsible for suggesting that Meg marry Zihark, which subsequently encouraged her to leave for Daein by herself to look for him. He helps Nephenee quell the uprising in Part II. He is another of Ike's allies that joins along with the merchants in Part III. In stark contrast to Nephenee, once the war is over, he returns home and lives as a farmer for the rest of his life, never picking up another weapon.


Calill (カリル Kariru?) is a (self-proclaimed) first-class Sage. She is married to Largo, the berserker of Path of Radiance, who now owns a pub and is retired from fighting; together they are raising an adopted daughter named Amy. She is also Tormod's magic tutor. At Lucia's request, she assists in the battle against Ludveck when he lays siege to Fort Alpea.


The peace-loving halberdier, Devdan (ダラハウ Darahau?), apparently returns under the name Danved. In the Japanese version, Devdan's name is in reverse katakana, effectively giving the equivalent spelling of Danved (ウハラダ Uharada?); in Path of Radiance, Danved is a picture Devdan drew and voiced in a support conversation with Largo. In the game's character relations chart, Devdan and Danved are linked by the descriptor, "Same person?" Despite being identical in looks and mannerisms, Danved denies all claims that he is Devdan. When the Royal Knights attack Ludveck's castle, he assists them in place of Largo (who, due to an injury is incapable of fighting) and Calill, as Geoffrey doesn't want to get civilians involved at that point. After the game's end, Danved starts a travelling show; it is said his act can make anyone laugh.


Elincia (エリンシア Erinshia?), the Princess of Crimea from Path of Radiance, returns as Crimea's Queen and the main character of Part II. She leads in select chapters, and in others gives command to her subordinates, Lucia and Geoffrey. Her role in the plot is to quell a rebellion in Crimea started by corrupt nobles. Later in the game, her troops fight alongside Ike's and Tibarn's armies. As in Path of Radiance, she has exclusive usage of the sword Amiti, a blade passed down through Crimean royalty. She will marry Geoffrey if they share an "A" rank support. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Elincia appears as a trophy.


Haar (ハール Hāru?, Germany: Darahan) was once a Dracoknight of Daein who was attached to Shiharam's fleet; before this, he was a member of the Begnion Dracoknights. Along with Shiharam, he left for Daein due to the senate's corruption. After Shiharam died in the Mad King's War, Haar began flying across the continent as a cargo carrier. He becomes involved in quelling the Crimean rebellion when Marcia pressures him into defending Elincia and Leanne, and he later helps Ike during the Begnion-Laguz war. He takes a very calm, nonchalant attitude to the world, and he constantly has trouble staying awake. At the end of the game, if Jill and Haar have an "A" rank support, he will marry her.


Heather (ヘザー Hezā?) is a young Rogue who scours the countryside villages of Crimea for gold to pay for her mother's medicine. She becomes tied up in the rebellion when Brom and Nephenee enlist her help in quashing a local insurrection. She then travels with the two to Melior and helps to find evidence of Ludveck's involvement. She, too, fights alongside Ike during Part III, arriving with the merchants as support. Heather isn't shy about admiring other female characters: she joins the Crimean Army so she can "meet all the pretty girls" and she frequently points out the beauty of other female soldiers. At the game's end, she returns home to care for her mother and swears off her thievery, though she always seems to have an ample supply of gold.


Lucia (ルキノ Rukino?) is Queen Elincia's bodyguard and the queen's foster sister. She has direct control over the Palace Guard and has the benefit of unrestricted conduct. In Part II, she leads a group to Duke Ludveck's villa to find evidence of his involvement with the rebellion. She is later captured by Ludveck's rebels, who intend to execute her, but she is subsequently rescued by the Greil Mercenaries.


Nephenee (ネフェニー Nefenī?) is a country girl living in Crimea's countryside. She is a shy woman who doesn't talk much due to embarrassment at her thick country accent. During Part II, she and Brom quell a local rebellion that is incited by Ludveck's subordinates; she then travels to the Royal Palace in Melior to alert Elincia. She also fights alongside Ike during Part III, joining up along with the merchant caravan on the way. After the war, she continues to live with her family in Melior and joins the fight when needed.


Volke (フォルカ Foruka?) is an assassin-for-hire. Formerly employed by Greil and later Ike in Path of Radiance, he now works for Bastian. He is an extremely enigmatic man. As is revealed at a very late point in the game, he bears a deep grudge against Izuka and he also worked for Izuka, a scholar for King Ashnard. He is known to be "The Fireman", and in Radiant Dawn he employs the skill Lethality. After the end of the game, he returns to the shadows to continue his work.

Crimean Royal Knights

Characters: New - Renning (Gold Knight). Returning - Astrid (Bow Paladin), Geoffrey (Lance Paladin), Kieran (Axe Paladin), Makalov (Sword Paladin), Marcia (Falconknight).


Astrid (ステラ Sutera?, Germany: Stella) is a member of the Crimean Royal Knights. She was a member of Begnion's noble House Damiel and was engaged, against her wishes, to Duke Lekain of Gaddos; she left home to avoid becoming a trophy wife. During the game, she is engaged to Makalov, despite her friends' protests. She adamantly defends Makalov whenever he is criticized for his drinking, gambling, and poor work habits. She marries Makalov if they have an "A" support.


Geoffrey (ジョフレ Jefure?) is the leader of the Crimean Royal Knights and is Lucia's younger brother. He is renowned for being an honest man who often is at odds with the Crimean nobles. He leads a group of knights against Ludveck's rebels in Part II. He will marry Elincia if they share an "A" support.


Kieran (ケビン Kevin?) is the deputy commander of the Crimean Royal Knights. He is loud, hot-blooded, excitable, and immensely proud. Kieran often trains with intense passion: he tends to hurt himself during these training sessions, but he doesn't seem to care. He views his superior, Geoffrey, as an idol, and has a one-sided, bitter rivalry with Oscar. Kieran is intensely loyal to Crimea.


Makalov (マカロフ Makarofu?) is a member of the Crimean Royal Knights, Astrid's fiancé, and Marcia's elder brother. He is a man with a deep love for gambling and drinking, much to his sister's disgust. Despite his penchant for trying to elude responsibility, he reluctantly fights for Crimea when the rebellion gets out of hand. After the war, he stays on as a member of the Crimean Royal Knights and, miraculously, is never fired. He marries Astrid if they have an "A" support.


After being discharged from Begnion's Holy Guards, Marcia (マーシャ Māsha?) becomes a member of the Crimean Royal Knights, along with her brother Makalov. She becomes a close friend of Elincia, but continues to be repulsed by her brother's fondness for gambling and drinking. After the events of the game, she remains a dedicated and vigilant Royal Knight.


Renning (レニング Reningu?), Elincia's uncle, is the former commander of the Crimean Royal Knights who was supposedly killed by Ashnard in Path of Radiance. He was captured by Daein and became one of Ashnard's Four Riders after he was fed the elixir that produces Feral Ones. After being defeated as Bertram, he was secretly rescued by Bastian. However, the Count and Geoffrey fail to heal Renning's mind even with the help of the elixir's inventor, Izuka. His mind is eventually healed when Reyson sings the Galdr of Rebirth. Crimea rejoices upon his return at the end of the game, but Renning chooses to step out of the spotlight and to help his niece govern her country.

Greil Mercenaries

Characters: Returning - Boyd (Warrior), Gatrie (Lance General), Mia (Swordmaster), Mist (Cleric), Oscar (Lance Paladin), Rhys (Bishop), Rolf (Sniper), Shinon (Sniper), Soren (Wind Sage), Titania (Axe Paladin).


Boyd (ボーレ Bōre?) is a member of the Greil Mercenaries and the middle sibling of the three brothers. He is a blunt and hot-headed young man. Although he often quarrels with his siblings, he cares for them deeply. After the game, he trains endlessly to make sure that he doesn't lose his position to "some stupid rookie;" he never does. He will marry Mist if they have an "A" support.


Gatrie (ガトリー Gatorī?) is a gullible and womanizing knight. Like Shinon, he is a senior member of the Greil Mercenaries. He is a rather jolly man, although he becomes instantly smitten with any woman he comes upon. He and Shinon are good partners and often operate together, though he seems oblivious to Shinon's disgust at his skirt-chasing tendencies. At the game's end, Gatrie becomes a famous mercenary and a household name, finding many women but never true love.


Mia (ワユ Wayu?) is the newest member of the Greil Mercenaries. In Path of Radiance, she was captured by Daein soldiers, but was released by Greil. She returned to pay her debt, but remained with the mercenaries, claiming to have "fallen in love" with Ike's swordsmanship. She learned some of her sword fighting skills from Ike. Her training tends to be aggressive, and when she attempts to spar with Ike, she convinces Rhys to stand by in order to heal any wounds they may receive. After the war, Mia travels around the continent in search of new opponents, but stops by the mercenaries' fort to rest. She is voiced by Lani Minella.


Mist (ミスト Misuto?, Germany: Alja) is Ike's younger sister. The forces of order and chaos are balanced in her heart, allowing her to touch the Fire Emblem without going berserk. Mist is said to resemble her mother in personality. She fights with the Greil Mercenaries out of a fear of being separated from her brother. When the Medallion reaches its critical state, she is the only beorc affected by its call, and she collapses in the same manner as the herons. If she has an "A" support level with Boyd, she will marry him after the game's end.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mist appears as a sticker.


Oscar (オスカー Osukā?) is a member of the Greil Mercenaries and the eldest of the three brothers. He is an easygoing man who can remain calm in tight situations. Before being hired by Greil, he was a knight in the Crimean Army; he left his post to take care of his brothers. Although Kieran has declared Oscar to be his eternal rival, the rivalry is very one-sided: in truth, Oscar finds himself endeared to the Crimean knight. Oscar rejoins the Crimean Royal Knights at Elincia's request at the end of Radiant Dawn, but still does mercenary work in his spare time.


Rhys (キルロイ Kiruroi?) is the healer of the Greil Mercenaries. His body is very weak, and he is frequently ill. He cares greatly for his friends and worries constantly for their well-being. He is also largely ignorant of the outside world. After the war, he creates a chapel in the Greil Mercenaries' fort, where he teaches a local village school.


Rolf (ヨファ Yofa?) is the youngest member of the Greil Mercenaries and the youngest of the three brothers. Despite all of this, he is a very mature, loyal young man. He was first taught how to use a bow by Shinon so that, like Mist, he could be of some use to the group. It is revealed in an Info conversation that he is in fact Oscar's and Boyd's half-brother: they share the same father, but have two different mothers. Although he is given the opportunity to return to his mother, he chooses to stay with his brothers. He is voiced by Lani Minella.


Shinon (シノン Shinon?) is Gatrie's friend and a senior member of the Greil Mercenaries who bears a deep respect for the company's founder, Greil. He has a smart mouth and his attitude, particularly toward Ike and the laguz, leaves much to be desired, but his skill with a bow is unmatched. He first taught Rolf how to use a bow. At the game's end, although he is adept at anything he puts his hand to, he chooses nothing as his specialty.


Soren (セネリオ Senerio?) is the cold and calculating tactician of the Greil Mercenaries. It is due to his advice that the Laguz Alliance succeeds in penetrating the centre of Begnion. He is loyal only to Ike and holds an unshakable faith in him.

Soren is a Branded - someone born with both beorc and laguz blood - and has experienced prejudice from both societies. In a special conversation in the epilogue, it is revealed that Pelleas is an imposter who was placed on the throne because he was easy to control. Soren is both the true King of Daein and a Prince of Goldoa, though his mother never tells him this. [1] Soren was born to Mad King Ashnard of Daein and Princess Almedha of Goldoa. When Ashnard discovered that his son could not transform into a dragon, he used him as a hostage to capture a laguz who could; Prince Rajaion of Goldoa, Almedha's brother, willingly became the subject of Ashnard's experiments in order to protect his nephew.

Ashnard then abandoned the infant Soren in Gallia, where he was subsequently raised by a bitter old woman. Not long into his residence with her, Soren was sold to an old sage who mistook him for a Spirit Charmer, someone who allows a spirit into their body and possesses great magical abilities. After the sage died, Soren was alone and near death before eventually being discovered by Greil and a young Ike. Soren never forgot Ike's kindness to him during this time, and he later travelled across Crimea to find him again. If Soren and Ike have an "A" support at the game's end, they will leave Tellius to explore unknown lands together.


Titania (ティアマト Tiamato?) is the deputy commander of the Greil Mercenaries and is an ex-Crimean knight. In Path of Radiance, she was among its first members when Greil founded the company, and she still mourns her deceased commander. With Greil gone, she believes her duty is to look after Ike and the others. There are indications within at least the first game that Titania was in love with Greil. After the war, she visits the graves of her fallen comrades once a year.

In Gallia

Characters: New - Lyre (Cat), Kyza (Tiger), Skrimir (Lion). Returning - Caineghis (Lion King), Giffca (Lion), Lethe (Cat), Mordecai (Tiger), Ranulf (Cat).


Caineghis (カイネギス Kainegisu?) Caineghis is the lion King of Gallia and a close friend of Ike's father, Greil. When Greil and Elena fled Daein to hide Lehran's Medallion, he gave them shelter and they had their two children, Ike and Mist, in Gallia under Caineghis' protection. He is a caring leader who works to help lessen the tension between beorc and laguz nations. After the events of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, he abdicates his throne and leaves public life, leaving his nephew Skrimir to rule.


Giffca (ジフカ Jifuka?) is King Caineghis' shadow warrior who was raised alongside him from birth. He is a black lion whose strength is comparable to that of his king. Although he is merely a vassal, Skrimir views him with the same respect as he does his own uncle. Giffca later leaves public life with Caineghis after the lion king abdicates.


Kyza (キサ Kisa?) is a tiger laguz and a member of the Gallian Army who, like Lyre, was also briefly touched upon in a support conversation between Ranulf and Lethe in the last game. He is one of Ranulf's subordinates. He and Lyre constantly fight for Ranulf's attention. Despite his strength, the majority of his allies find him stuffy and boring. At the end of the game, he continues to be a loyal military officer that trains each and every day.


Lethe (レテ Rete?) is a cat warrior of Gallia. She is the strict commander of a small unit back in Gallia. Although Lethe argues incessantly with Lyre, her twin sister, her top priority is her sister's safety. She once despised beorc, but after fighting in the Mad King's War, she finally began to understand them. She aids Crimea during the rebellion, and also fights with Ike against Begnion.


Lyre (リレ Rire?) is the younger twin sister of Lethe. She was first mentioned in a support conversation between Ranulf and Lethe in Path of Radiance. She and Lethe frequently quarrel due to Lethe's overbearing temperament and superior military rank. Despite joining the army to be closer to her sister and Ranulf, Lyre has neither the appearance nor the temperament of a warrior. She is also friends with Kyza, though the two bicker on several occasions.


Mordecai (モウディ Moudi?) is a warrior of the beast country, Gallia. Along with Lethe, he is stationed in Crimea to offer support and to foster relations between the two nations. He is portrayed as one of the more peace-loving and innocent beast laguz.


Ranulf (ライ Lay?) is a commander of the Gallian army. He usually operates alone, gathering intelligence and negotiating with beorc. In the war with Begnion, he acts as a supervisor to the commander, Skrimir, and often quarrels with him due to Skrimir's hot-headed and violent tactics. He briefly battles with Skrimir in order to stop him from foolishly charging into the enemy forces and unintentionally sacrificing their soldiers. His followers, Lyre and Kyza, bicker and fight for his attention, but he doesn't seem to care. If he and Ike share an A support, he'll accompany Ike when he leaves Tellius.


Skrimir (スクリミル Sukurimiru?) is the nephew of Gallia's King Caineghis. He commands the Laguz Alliance in the war with Begnion. Prior to the events of Radiant Dawn, he was named Caineghis' successor: according to Ranulf, his second-in-command, Skrimir's actions in the war will prove his ability to lead his people. To Ranulf's unending annoyance, he is an extremely impulsive and fiery commander who, at first, cares nothing for strategy. He comes to hold Soren's strategic mind in high regard: at one point, he even invites Soren to sit beside him at a meeting (which Soren declines). His recklessness is taken advantage of by Begnion's General Zelgius, who challenges the Gallian commander to a duel and deals him a humiliating defeat. The loss deals a great blow to Skrimir's pride, and he is forced to subdue his impulsiveness. A somewhat-wiser, more becalmed Skrimir then leads the Laguz Alliance back to Gallia; he later accompanies Micaiah's Silver Army to Begnion. Caineghis abdicates after the war, and Skrimir ascends to the throne of Gallia. He is voiced by James A. Parker.

In Kilvas/Phoenicis

Characters: Returning - Janaff (Hawk), Leanne (Heron), Naesala (Raven King), Nealuchi (Raven), Reyson (Heron), Tibarn (Hawk King), Ulki (Hawk).


Janaff (ヤナフ Yanafu?) is the aide of King Tibarn. He has a youthful appearance and acts like a young child but, like most laguz, his age far exceeds that of any beorc (he's over 110 years old). He has extraordinary vision and also known as the "Eyes" of the Hawk King. Strangely enough, Janaff is actually 5 years older than Ulki. He, Ulki and Tibarn all grew up together.


The fourth Princess of Serenes and Reyson's younger sister, Leanne (リアーネ Riāne?) slept in Serenes Forest for over twenty years and speaks mostly in the Old Tongue. However, she is learning how to speak the New Tongue during Radiant Dawn. She is notably headstrong, insisting to fight when her brother, Reyson, is unable to. Along with Nealuchi, she journeys to Crimea to enlist the aid of the Greil Mercenaries; she subsequently aids Queen Elincia in the fight against Duke Ludveck. Leanne, like the other herons, can sense emotions: it is due to this power that she knows of Naesala's inner turmoil. She is very loyal to the Raven King, and she goes so far as to defend him against an enraged Skrimir. If Leanne has an "A" rank support with Naesala, she marries him and gives birth to two children: a heron girl and a raven boy.


Naesala (ネサラ Nesara?) is the King of Kilvas. He is forced to betray the Laguz Alliance by Duke Lekain, who threatened him with a blood pact signed by a previous Raven King. Naesala subsequently returns to Begnion, where he works for Sanaki. He is also good friends with Reyson and Leanne. He saves Leanne and Nealuchi when they attempt to defend him from Skrimir. After the game's end, he abdicates his rule of the raven clan and works as a diplomat for Tellius. If he and Leanne reach an A-level support, they will marry and have two children: a raven boy and a heron girl.


An elderly raven chamberlain and advisor to Naesala, Nealuchi (ニアルチ Niaruchi?) fights to defeat Duke Ludveck's rebellion in Crimea. He is assigned to guard the Serenes Princess, Leanne, on behalf of his King and Prince Reyson. He is very fond of the heron siblings. He calls Naesala "nestling" (much to the latter's chagrin), as he was the raven king's caretaker when Naesala was a child. After the game's end, when the bird tribes are united into one nation, he works to cleanse the severely-damaged reputation of the raven clan. With each passing year, he sets a new age record.


Reyson (リュシオン Ryushion?) is the third prince of the fallen kingdom of Serenes. He is the younger brother of Rafiel, but, having lived in Phoenicis for two decades, has picked up many personality traits from the hawks: he possesses a temper and an iron will that are quite lacking in his brother. Like all herons, he does not attack and plays a supporting role on the battlefield. He also can heal allies standing next to him. When the bird tribes are united at the end of the game, he becomes a leader in the political arena.


Tibarn (ティバーン Tibān?) is the Hawk King of Phoenicis. Despite his collected manner, he can be blinded by his dislike of beorc, particularly those of Begnion. He is shown at several times to be a savage, unforgiving warrior. When he discovers the truth about the Serenes Massacre, he forms an alliance with Gallia and Kilvas and declares war on Begnion. In the war between the laguz and Begnion, he engages Begnion's General Zelgius to save Ranulf from being killed. In spite of his more ruthless attitude, he is also honourable, as he refuses to fight Begnion when an unarmed Elincia forbids them from doing so, and later leads the third of Yune's forces - the Hawk Army - in Part IV. After Ashera is defeated, the bird tribes are united, and Tibarn is made the king of the united bird tribes. He holds much respect for Ike.


Ulki (ウルキ Uruki?) is the aide of King Tibarn. He is a highly introverted person. Ulki has extraordinary hearing and is also known as the "Ears" of the Hawk King. Surprisingly, despite his older appearance and attitude, Ulki is actually 5 years younger than Janaff.

In Begnion

Characters: Returning - Oliver (Saint), Sanaki (Empress), Sephiran/Lehran (Chancellor), Sigrun (Falconknight), Stefan (Trueblade), Tanith (Falconknight).


Oliver (オリヴァー Orivā?) Tanas was believed to have been killed in the previous game for crimes against the state. He was deeply involved in laguz slavery and was defeated by the Greil Mercenaries. Afterward, he was rescued by the Senate; he then lived in secrecy at his mansion in the dukedom of Tanas. He is a researcher, and self-proclaimed protector of beauty. He is one of only three units among Fire Emblem boss characters that are recruitable Muarim in Path of Radiance, and General Lorenz of Grust from Fire Shadow Dragon . Oliver will change sides upon speaking with Rafiel to protect the heron prince. Upon the end of the game, he becomes a benefactor of artists - especially to those who paint him.


Sanaki (サナキ Sanaki?) is the Empress and Apostle of Begnion. She escapes Begnion when the Senate, led by Duke Lekain of Gaddos, seizes control of the Empire; she subsequently forms an alliance with Gallia, Crimea, Phoenicis, and Serenes to reclaim her throne. Lekain later reveals that Sanaki once had an elder sister: only firstborn daughters of Altina's lineage can hear Ashera's voice, and so Sanaki is a false Apostle. Upon defeating Lekain, she discards the title of "Apostle" and rules only as Begnion's Empress. Unlike her sister (who is later revealed to be Micaiah), Sanaki did not inherit the brand. She has a personal fire tome called Cymbeline.


Sephiran (セフェラン Seferan?), Duke of Persis, is the Prime Minister of Begnion. His true name is Lehran (エルラン Eruran?), the thousand year-old heron king who once accompanied the Goddess. It was he who imprisoned Yune in the Medallion with his galdr. He fell in love with and married Altina, the founder of Begnion; she bore his child, who was the very first Branded. This created the Apostolic dynasty, whose firstborn children were endowed, like Lehran himself, with the ability to hear the voice of the Goddess. Shortly after the birth, however, Lehran lost the ability to transform and to sing galdr: he became neither beorc nor laguz. He then retreated to Goldoa, where he lived, in secret and in Dheginsea's care, for seven hundred years. He later left Goldoa to find a way to end the mistreatment of laguz slaves when Dheginsea refused to allow Goldoa to interfere. While in Begnion, Lehran met Misaha, the Apostle at the time, who decided to reveal her Brand to the world, despite being warned by Lehran.

It is not revealed until the end of the game that he is a major antagonist: he manipulated the events of both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn with the ultimate goal of reviving Ashera. He seeks the destruction of the world and the purging of all life: in his eyes, the beorc and the laguz both deserve only death. As is revealed in Ike's memory scene, it was Sephiran who sealed Ike's memories of his mother's death. Upon Sephiran's defeat, it is revealed in a flashback that his decision to awaken the Goddess was largely influenced by the Serenes Massacre. If certain conditions are met, Micaiah saves his life after the battle. Ike convinces him that he should try to make up for his past actions and help them defeat Ashera. He is reluctant at first, but he eventually decides that his actions have been wrong, and he joins as a playable character. When the game ends, Sephiran lies in Serenes Forest by Lorazieh's urging and allows the galdrar to heal his worn and ragged soul, and restore his laguz status. It is there where Lehran welcomes the return of Ashunera a thousand years later, and appears as a heron once more with his brown (supposed to be black, according to game dialogue.) wings visible. He has a special light magic tome known as Creiddylad.


Sigrun (シグルーン Shigurūn?) is the commander of Begnion's Holy Guard. She is known as kind and somewhat carefree by her subordinates and is loved by them. Sigrun allowed Marcia to leave the Holy Guard (much to Tanith's dismay) to search for her brother, Makalov. She is actually a noble, but unlike other nobles in Begnion she does not consider beorc superior to laguz in any way. Sigrun is also a deceptively skilled warrior for her age who constantly worries about the Apostle's well-being. After the game, she spends the rest of her life continuing to guard Sanaki.


Stefan (ソーンバルケ Soanefteca?) is a skilled swordsman who resides in a colony of Branded in the Grann Desert. It is strongly implied that he is descended from Soan, one of Ashera's three heroes: his Japanese name is very similar to Soan's, and his character ending describes him as "Lion-Blooded" ("Lion's Descendant" in the Japanese version). After the events of the game, he establishes a settlement of Branded, which eventually grows into an independent nation.


Tanith (タニス Tanisu?) is the deputy commander of Begnion's Holy Guard. She is an honest and loyal knight, who has placed her full trust in Sanaki. Amongst her subordinates, she has a reputation for being a strict and fearful officer, earning the nickname "Great Demon." Whereas Sigrun understood Marcia's leave of absence from the Falcon Knights, Tanith is not so forgiving. Along with Sigrun, she spends her entire life guarding the Empress.

In Goldoa

Characters: Returning - Gareth (Red Dragon), Ena (Red Dragon), Kurthnaga (Black Dragon), Nasir (White Dragon).


Gareth (ゴート Gōto?) is Prince Kurthnaga's bodyguard. He sides with the Dragon King Dheginsea in the Tower of Guidance, but will join with Yune if he survives. At the end of the game, he is made a chamberlain of Goldoa's castle and a caretaker of Kurthnaga's nephew.


Ena (イナ Ina?) is a Red Dragon of Goldoa and Nasir's granddaughter. She was Rajaion's fiancée before he died. In the Mad King's War, she became a General of Daein in order to stay by Rajaion's side; in Radiant Dawn, she leaves Goldoa to fulfill Kurthnaga's wishes. When the game ends, she returns to Goldoa and gives birth to Rajaion's son - the first full blooded dragon born in Goldoa in centuries - whom she also names Rajaion.


Kurthnaga (クルトナーガ Kurutonāga?) is the prince of Goldoa and Dheginsea's youngest child. He leaves Goldoa, along with Ena, to stop the war between Begnion and the laguz, and to find his sister. He first appears in Daein, as a pilgrim who has been detained by the Begnion Occupational Army. He becomes Goldoa's new king following Dheginsea's death in the Tower of Guidance at the end of the game and helps to foster peace between the nations. He finally opens Goldoa to the rest of the continent, so that everyone can thrive in peace and Ashunera can come back to Tellius. It is revealed in Part IV that he is hemophobic.


Nasir (ナーシル Nāshiru?) is a White Dragon and Ena's grandfather. In the Mad King's War, he worked as a double agent for Gallia and Daein. He wishes for the day that beorc and laguz can live together peacefully. He sides with Dheginsea to fight against Yune's forces, but joins them if he survives the battle. At the end of the game, he continues his wandering to observe the state of affairs in Tellius, but often looks after his great-grandson.

Non-playable characters


Characters: New - Disciples of Order, Jarod (Halberdier), Levail (Sentinel/Lancer), Ludveck (Axe General). Returning - Ashera (Goddess), Dheginsea (Black Dragon King), Izuka (Summoner).


Ashera (アスタルテ Asutarute?) is the goddess of Tellius who is worshipped across the continent. She sleeps in Begnion's Tower of Guidance and is awakened when the war reaches its peak. She is one half of the creator Goddess Ashunera: she is the embodiment of order, stability, and law. Seven hundred years before the events of Radiant Dawn, she believed that Yune, her other half, was a weakness; Ashera summoned her Three Heroes and sealed Yune away. Upon awakening, Ashera judges the people of the world to be failures, and she turns nearly all of them into stone. She soon learns that a small group of warriors has resisted her judgement, so she reawakens the most loyal members of the Begnion military to fight for her. She is eventually defeated by Ike and Yune.


Dheginsea (デギンハンザー Deginhanzā?) is the King of Goldoa and one of the Three Heroes of legend. He is also known as the Black Dragon King. He had three children: Rajaion, Almedha and Kurthnaga. He constantly urges the laguz not to fan the flames of war while the location of Lehran's Medallion is unknown: his top priority is to save the world from destruction. It is to this end that he maintains a policy of perfect neutrality. In Part IV, he chooses to side with Ashera, leading to a confrontation with his son in the Tower of Guidance. He is blessed by Ashera, making him incapable of receiving damage from any weapons not similarly blessed. He is mortally wounded by Ike and Micaiah's party after Yune blesses their weapons; before he dies, he orders his vassals to follow Kurthnaga, whom he names the new King of Goldoa.

In scenes shown during subsequent playthroughs, it is revealed that Dheginsea was responsible for prejudice against the Branded, labelling Laguz-Beorc union an abomination in an attempt to protect the secret Lehran and Altina held with the birth of their child - the loss of the laguz parent's powers. Further yet, in the hopes of preventing war across the continent, he twisted the truth and labelled Yune a "Dark God" to discourage any attempts at waking her and thereby keep Ashera from passing her judgement. He solemnly bore the weight of his decisions, never wavering in his commitment, despite his knowledge of the ultimate atrocities his actions caused.

Disciples of Order

The Disciples of Order are an army formed from members of the Begnion military and Feral Ones under their control. All of the army's members are turned to stone by Ashera's judgment, only to be restored when it becomes apparent that Yune and a force of strong warriors have escaped it. The Disciples of Order are given Ashera's blessing and sent to defeat Yune's three armies. Though the force is primarily made up of Begnion soldiers, the majority of them have become deluded by Ashera's blessing and consider themselves Ashera's chosen champions. Blessed by Ashera, they are much stronger and resilient, to the point that when they die, they come back to life later on, however are not thoroughly blessed to be unaffected by regular weapons.


Izuka (イズカ Izuka?) is a scholar who worked for the late Mad King Ashnard to develop biological weapons. His research culminated in the creation of the Feral Ones. He looks down on others and applauds his own genius, despite his lack of compassion, and arguably, sanity. Micaiah always rejects or ignores his advice due to his contempt toward laguz and his radical ideas. At first, it seems that he is loyal to the Daein royal family and wishes for Prince Pelleas to reclaim the throne. However, it is later discovered that he is allied to Begnion: he tricked Pelleas into believing that he was the prince in order to manipulate Daein. He meets his end in Part IV when the Hawk Army confronts him after he tries to escape as prisoner. Izuka is a summoner of Feral Ones and also wields the SS-ranked dark tome, Balberith.


Jarod (ジェルド Jerudo?) is the commander of Begnion's garrison at Daein. He is an extremely cruel man who kills innocents without a second thought. Both Jarod and his superior, Senator Numida, are directly responsible for the countless atrocities committed by the Begnion Occupational Army in Daein. As the Daein Liberation Army grows stronger, he tries harder and harder to put an end to Micaiah, but fails at every attempt. When Numida betrays him, he attempts to assassinate Micaiah himself, but he is thwarted by the timely arrival of the Black Knight. Jarod then returns to Nevassa, the capital of Daein, where he orders his army to destroy the city with its own catapults. He is killed in the Daein Keep by the Liberation Army.


Levail is a General in the Begnion Central Army who serves under Zelgius. He is Zelgius' most loyal subordinate. He is a very compassionate young man who seeks to end the Begnion-Laguz Alliance war as quickly and as peacefully as possible. In the Tower of Guidance, he commands the last contingent of Disciples of Order on Zelgius' behalf, whom he views as "the last true knight". Levail wields the SS-ranked lance, Wishblade, the same lance that Bryce wielded before he was killed in Path of Radiance, though it can be acquired this time around.


Duke Ludveck of Felirae is a corrupt nobleman and the ringleader of the Crimean Rebellion. He longs to overthrow Queen Elincia and take her place as the country's ruler. To this end, he orders his subordinates to plant the seeds of revolution in the countryside villages of Crimea. Upon receiving proof of Ludveck's role in the rebellion, Queen Elincia orders the Crimean Royal Knights to deploy against Felirae. Ludveck correctly predicts the attack, so he leaves Felirae Castle for Fort Alpea, where Queen Elincia has retreated. He also captures Lucia, though he appears to be fond of her, in the hopes of trading her life for the throne. Ludveck takes to the field during the battle at Fort Alpea, but he is defeated by the Crimean Royalists. After his defeat, he is locked away and promised a trial. His fate after this is unknown.

Begnion Senate

Characters: New - Numida (Bishop), Valtome (Bishop). Returning - Hetzel (Saint), Lekain (Saint).


Duke Hetzel (ヘッツェル Hettseru?) of Asmin is a fainthearted member of the senate who follows Lekain and opposes the Apostle's group, despite realizing the foolishness of doing so. He was the one who rescued and cared for Duke Oliver of Tanas upon his defeat in Path of Radiance. He is also responsible for rescuing Rafiel from the laguz slave trade. Although he is Sanaki's second-most trusted advisor (the first being Sephiran), he fights with Lekain and dies in the Tower of Guidance.


Duke Lekain (ルカン Rukan?) of Gaddos, the Vice-Minister of Begnion, is one of the game's major antagonists. He is a very powerful member of the Senate who overthrows Sanaki and takes control of Begnion. Twenty years before the start of the game, he discovered the Apostle Misaha's intentions to publicly reveal her Branded heritage. To prevent this, he ordered her assassination and framed the Serenes herons, resulting in the genocide of the heron clan. In Radiant Dawn, he actively encourages the war against the Laguz Alliance in an attempt to exterminate the laguz once and for all. In addition to this, he tricks both Daein and Kilvas into signing blood pacts, thus forcing them to fight for Begnion. He imprisons Sephiran under false charges; he also plans to kill Sanaki and, once more, to pin the blame on the remaining herons. When Ashera passes her judgment on the world, Lekain believes that he is one of her chosen champions, and he fights against the party when they enter the Tower of Guidance. In reality, he knows nothing of the truth, a fact exposed by his confused response when Ike questions him about Lehran's Medallion. Lekain wields the SS-ranked light tome, Rexaura.


Numida (ヌミダ Numida?) is a member of the Senate and an ally of Duke Lekain's. In Part I, he is in charge of the Imperial Occupation Army in Daein, and shares responsibility for the atrocities committed there. He returns to Begnion when the Dawn Brigade merges with the Daein Liberation Army, where he remains for the rest of the game. To protect himself from the backlash against his numerous abuses of power in Daein, he frames Jarod as being solely responsible. He is later killed in the Grann Desert when he leads a column of the Disciples of Order against Micaiah's forces.


Valtome (バルテロメ Baruterome?) of Culbert is a high-ranking member of the Senate. He is an extremely narcissistic man, with a weird laugh transcribed as "Uwee hee hee." At the behest of the Senate, he takes control of the Begnion Central Army from Zelgius to facilitate the extermination of the laguz. Moments after assuming command of the army, he attempts to reach Gallia via Crimea. Following diplomatic protocol, Valtome requests that Elincia provide his soldiers with supplies, but he later allows his troops to ransack the nearby Crimean villages to take the supplies by force. In response, the Queen deploys the Crimean Royal Knights, who drive Valtome's forces out. Elincia then proposes a peace talk which is held in Melior, where he attempts to intimidate Elincia in a tense standoff. After an exchanging of harsh words, Valtome realises how strong Elincia is, and leaves after threatening to have her head for treason. Valtome then sends the army to the border of Gallia, where his forces and the Laguz Alliance's meet. Elincia steps between the Central Army and the Laguz Alliance to announce her nation's neutrality and to request that the fight be taken outside of Crimea's borders; both Zelgius and the leaders of the Laguz Alliance comply. But Senator Valtome, enraged at Zelgius' and Elincia's insubordination, commands his army to ruthlessly kill Elincia whilst she is defenseless, but he is driven back by the combined forces of the Laguz Alliance and the Crimean Royal Knights. He orders Zelgius' execution for refusing to assist in the battle, but he is stopped by the Apostle. Having lost control of the Central Army, Valtome flees to Begnion. He is killed near the end of the game, when he leads a small army of Disciples of Order against Elincia's and Tibarn's forces. Valtome wields the light tome Valaura, a very powerful S rank light tome, which is a corrupted Rexaura that poisons the foe on contact.

Other characters

Characters: New - Almedha, Amy, Ashunera (Goddess), Yune (Goddess). Returning - Anna, Largo (Berserker), Lorazieh (Heron King), Merchants.


Almedha (アムリタ Amurita?) is Ashnard's former concubine and, allegedly, Pelleas's half-mother, and the sister of Kurthnaga. She herself is the daughter of Dheginsea, King of Dragons. For consorting with a beorc, she lost her laguz abilities shortly after giving birth to her Branded son. Ashnard had hoped that a half-Dragon child would possess some kind of special power; when he learned that it did not, he used both Almedha and his son's lives as bait to lure Rajaion, the Dragon Prince and Almedha's brother, to Daein.

Almedha is an extremely overprotective, aloof, and overbearing woman: she claims at one point that she would rather have all the people of Daein die than lose her son again. During Pelleas' short-lived reign, Almedha all but forces him to follow her elitist advice. Having witnessed Ashnard's use of the blood pact to attain power, she instantly recognises the Mark of the Pact that manifests itself on Pelleas' arm. Nevertheless, she remains silent, terrified that, should she mention the means of breaking the pact, Micaiah would kill her son. Her worst fears are realised when Pelleas independently learns the way of ending the pact's power over Daein: he orders Micaiah to end his life. In the Epilogue, if certain criteria are fulfilled, Almedha and Kurthnaga discover that Soren, and not Pelleas, is her true son.


Amy is a young girl and the adopted daughter of Largo and Calill. She is raised to believe they are her birth parents. In Part IV, Geoffrey and Lucia bring Amy to Calill, as she is one of the few people in all of Melior to avoid Ashera's judgment. This causes some confusion among the other characters, as it had been previously believed only the strongest of warriors had escaped punishment. It is later revealed that Amy is spared due to her identity as a Branded: because Ashera and Yune never predicted their existence, the branded remained completely unaffected by Ashera's judgement. If Calill is not in the group Amy was brought to, Ranulf will look after her. If Calill is killed prior to her meeting with Amy in Part IV, Ranulf will lie and say that her mother is still alive giving her false hope.


Anna (アンナ Anna?), a red-haired girl who has appeared in many Fire Emblem games, usually as a game-suspender and tutorial-giver, returns to present this game's tutorials. She plays no other role in the game.


Ashunera (アスタテューヌ Asutatyūnu?) is the goddess who created life on Tellius. The Zunanma, the ancestors of the beorc and the laguz, loved her; they called her the Goddess of Dawn in reference to her orange-colored hair. When the Zunanma evolved into the beorc and the laguz, who then went to war, Ashunera tried to stop them; she lost control of her emotions and accidentally flooded all but one of the continents in the world. To prevent another flood from occurring, Ashunera discarded her emotions, which manifested themselves as Yune, the Goddess of Chaos, and became Ashera, the Goddess of Order. 1200 years after the events of Radiant Dawn, she finally returns to Tellius and watches over it as the creator of the world.


Largo (ラルゴ Rarugo?), the only playable berserker in Path of Radiance, returns as a non-playable character. After the previous war, he retired and married Calill; together they are raising an adopted daughter named Amy. Having lost his arm in an accident, Largo is no longer able to fight; though the specifics of this accident are never brought up. Now, instead of fighting, he spends much of his free time running his pub with Calill and adopted daughter Amy. He is the only playable character from Path of Radiance who is not playable in this game. In Part IV, Geoffrey and Lucia inform Calill that he was among those turned to stone by Ashera's judgment.


Lorazieh is the king of the fallen kingdom of Serenes and the father of Lillia, Rafiel, Reyson, and Leanne. Following the Serenes Massacre, he became bedridden with illness, and the hawk clan spent the next twenty years caring for him. At the end of Radiant Dawn, he finally manages to recover when Rafiel sings a galdr at his bedside. If certain conditions are met, he convinces Lehran to rest in the revitalized Serenes Forest to allow the galdrar to heal his soul.


The Merchants (行商隊 Gyoushou-tai?) are a group of travelling vendors that consists of Aimee, Muston, and the twins Daniel and Jorge. Muston sells weapons, Aimee sells other items like herbs, Jorge buys the party's unwanted items, and Daniel makes upgraded weapons at his forge. They first appear when Aimee is captured along with Ilyana in Part I. From info conversations, Aimee appears to be hopelessly in love with Ike, though according to Ike, "she scares him."


Yune (ユンヌ Yunnu?) is the embodiment of chaos, freedom, and change. She is the embodiment of Ashunera's emotions, which were cast aside after they accidentally caused the Great Flood. Yune, terrified of being destroyed by her other half, fought Ashera in a great battle; she was defeated by Ashera's Three Heroes. Although Ashera, who viewed Yune as a weakness, requested Yune's destruction, Lehran argued that the world needed both chaos and order to survive. The Three Heroes agreed with him, and Lehran suggested simply imprisoning Yune within a medallion, later known as the Fire Emblem. Ashera relented, and Yune was sealed away. In accordance with the covenant formed between Ashera and the Three Heroes, Dheginsea rewrote history so that it depicted Yune as a "Dark god." This, he hoped, would prevent her from being released from the medallion and the world from being destroyed.

780 years after the formation of the covenant, Micaiah releases Yune when she sings the Galdr of Release. Yune then guides her army to the Tower of Guidance, where they defeat Black Knight Zelgius, Dheginsea, Lehran, and Ashera herself. Upon freeing the people of the world from their petrification, Yune vanishes from the world. When locked within the medallion, Yune manifests herself by possessing Micaiah's animal companion, a small orange bird. Yune is far more childish than Ashera is: she playfully calls her followers things like "organ sacks" or "meatlings" but gets upset and moody when they call her a "Dark God". At the very end of the game, in contrast to the stoic, adult manifestation of Ashera, Yune takes on the appearance of a little girl. Unlike Ashera, who rejects all that is imperfection, Yune loves the beorc and laguz for their faults.

On the second playthrough, Yune and Ashera merge after the final battle to become Ashunera once more. She also uses Micaiah's body a lot of the time after she's out of the medallion to be able to speak to others.

Historical characters

These characters were deceased before this game begins, but are given notable mention in the story.

Characters: New - Soan. Returning - Altina, Elena, Gawain/Greil (Hero), Misaha, Rajaion (Black Dragon).


Altina (オルティナ Orutina?) was the first Empress of Begnion and one of the Three Heroes. She was a sword fighter who fought with both Ragnell and Alondite, swords each used by Ike and the Black Knight respectively. She married the heron Lehran and bore his child, the first Branded. The Apostles of Begnion are her direct descendants.


Elena (エルナ Eruna?) was Ike and Mist's mother. She was a priestess at Palmeni Temple in Daein, where she befriended the heron princess Lillia. Sensing the strong spirit of balance present in Elena's heart, Lillia entrusted her with both Lehran's Medallion and the Galdr of Release. Upon King Ashnard's ascension, Elena fled Daein with her husband, Greil; they settled in Gallia, where Elena gave birth to Ike and Mist. She was killed by Greil after he touched the Medallion and went berserk. Elena taught the melody of the Galdr of Release to Ike and Mist as a lullaby.


Gawain (ガウェイン Gawein?) was formerly one of Daein's Great Riders and known as the "Divine Knight". He fathered and raised both Ike and Mist. During his tenure as one of the Four Riders, he taught Zelgius how to fight. He eventually became engaged to Elena, with whom he fled Daein upon Ashnard's ascension; with them they took Lehran's Medallion, which Elena had received from the eldest heron princess, Lillia. He took up the name Greil (グレイル Gureiru?) shortly before settling in Gallia, where Elena gave birth to Ike and Mist. At one point, Greil came into contact with Lehran's Medallion; the forces of chaos locked within the medallion caused him to lose his mind, and he entered a killing frenzy, culminating in Elena's death as she reached to calm him by taking the medallion. To prevent himself from committing another such act, he hired the assassin Volke to kill him should he touch the medallion again; he also slashed the tendons in his right hand, costing him much of his fighting strength.

With Elena dead, Greil fled Gallia with his children and founded a mercenary group in Crimea. He also taught Ike how to fight. During Path of Radiance, he was killed in Gallia by his apprentice of old, the Black Knight Zelgius, but his memory remained strong in those who knew him. Greil's axe, Urvan, was used as a marker for his grave until Caineghis passes it on to Ike.


Misaha (ミサハ Misaha?) was the 36th Empress of Begnion; she was the most-loved Apostle in all of Begnion's history. Misaha created the Laguz Emancipation Act and, after meeting with her ancestor, Lehran, decided to publicly announce that she was Branded. Lekain learned of her intentions, and he ordered her assassination; he then put the blame on the Heron clan, leading to the Serenes Massacre. For fifteen turbulent years after her death, Begnion went without an Apostle. Misaha is the grandmother of both Sanaki and Micaiah.


Rajaion (ラジャイオン Rajaion?) was a prince of the dragon laguz. He was Dheginsea's eldest child, the brother to Almedha and Kurthnaga, and Ena's fiancé. When his sister Almedha lost her laguz powers after becoming pregnant with Ashnard's child, Rajaion stepped in and offered himself as a sacrifice to Ashnard in order to save her and his nephew; Ashnard ordered him arrested and fed an elixir created by Izuka. It turned Rajaion into a Feral One, costing him his sanity and preventing him from leaving his laguz form. Ashnard then used Rajaion as his own personal wyvern. At the end of Path of Radiance, Reyson and Leanne used their galdr to restore his body and mind to normal. He died peacefully in Ena's arms before his body was taken back to Goldoa.[2]


Soan (ソーン Sōn?) was the first king of Gallia, one of the Three Heroes of legend, and a fierce lion warrior. It is strongly implied that he is Stefan's ancestor: not only does Stefan's Japanese name begin with the word "Soan", but Stefan is also a "lion-blooded" Branded. Soan was the first lion ever created after Ashera made her army.


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