List of Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi characters

List of Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi characters
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This is a character guide for the Game Boy Advance game Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi. The names as presented here are the official romanization used in Japanese databooks, when available, excepting those characters who appear in the game's prequel, Fire Emblem. Furthermore, it is possible that should Nintendo of America elect to localize Fūin no Tsurugi for the North American market, many of the names could be altered further or changed entirely. The same also holds true for the equally large markets in Europe and other PAL territories.

Playable characters


Class: Lord - Master Lord.

Roy in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi

Roy (ロイ Roi?) is the main character of Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi. He is the son of marquess Eliwood of Pherae. Taught by Marcus and Cecilia, he was chosen as the next king of Pherae to lead the armies of Lycia in Eliwood's stead due to his suffering from an illness. Along the story, he gathers more and more soldiers, and eventually captures the capital of Bern by force.

Roy is present in every chapter of the game, and is always necessary to seize enemy thrones or gates to progress further (except in the final chapter, in which he must kill the boss). Unlike most other characters, it is vital for Roy to remain alive. Roy's death will result in an immediate Game Over. He can have support conversations with a large cast of units, and he is the only unit who is permitted to wield rapiers and the Sword of Seals.

Along with Marth, Roy became a playable character in the GameCube game Super Smash Bros. Melee before Fūin no Tsurugi was even released. It is partly due to the popularity of both Marth and Roy in the West that Nintendo decided to release Fire Emblem outside of Japan. In Melee, Roy's seiyū is Jun Fukuyama. In the later version of the game, Brawl, he appears merely as a sticker.


Class: Paladin

Marcus (マーカス Mākasu?) is an experienced veteran serving House Pherae. He originally served Lord Elbert, Eliwood's father, after he was recently promoted. He went on to teach and serve Eliwood and is now Roy's mentor in this game. Marcus is dedicated to Roy such that he finds that most youth lack Roy's discipline and believes his age prevents him from effectively helping Roy. However, when the paladin suggests that he retire, Roy reveals how much he trusts Marcus and relies on the man for advice.

In the Fire Emblem prequel, he serves a similar role under Eliwood, both in storyline role and class-wise, although he looks noticeably younger, and his stats reflect this.


Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Alan (アレン Aren?), along with Lance, serves House Pherae and travels with Roy to take back the lands annexed by Bern. Of the two Pheraean cavaliers, he has a more fiery will and reckless attitude. As seen in his support conversation with Wolt, Alan dedicates himself to training in his free time.


Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Along with Alan, Lance (ランス Ransu?) serves House Pherae and travels with Roy to take back the lands annexed by Bern. Of the two Pheraean cavaliers, he is more intellectual and calm; it is revealed in support conversations with Wolt that he actually records down the circumstances of every battle the Lycian Alliance Army has been involved in so that he can identify any flaws in the battle plan, and learn from them. Also appears in the spin-off manga: Fire Emblem - Hasha no Tsurugi.


Class: Archer – Sniper

Wolt (ウオルト Uoruto?) is the son of Roy's nurse and former archer of Pherae Castle, Rebecca. He is a friend of Roy and is dedicated to him. He is not confident in his role as one of Roy's allies, though other characters assure him that being Roy's friend is invaluable to Roy. At one point, Wolt asks Marcus to teach him how to use a sword. At this, Marcus replies that his doing so would take away from his skill as an archer.


Class: Knight – General

Bors (ボールス Bōrusu?), a rather easygoing knight from House Ostia, was assigned to Roy's party when the war started, as commanded by Lilina. He is Wendy's overprotective older brother, and also the boss during the tutorial, helping Roy together with Cecilia and other Ostian soldiers with his training.


Class: Transporter (Wagon)

Merlinus (マリナス Marinasu?) is the personal advisor of Roy. Instead of fighting, he supports the army by carrying their weapons and items in a carriage. He is very outspoken in his opinions, distrusts many people and behaves a bit harshly, fearing that people might be trying to use Roy's plea for their own purposes. In battle, the player's forces can use the "Merch" command when standing next to Merlinus to withdraw and deposit their belongings. The maximum amount of items allowed in storage is 100. When a unit's inventory is full and he/she gains an item, the player can send an item to Merlinus instead of discarding it; this can take place even if Merlinus is not deployed in battle. However, units cannot use "Merch" to withdraw items if he is missing from the battle. The only way for this unit the level up is to survive 100 hits, since he is a non-combat unit.

Merlinus also appears in the prequel, Fire Emblem, as a frail merchant with a younger age and an altered appearance. Unlike in Fūin no Tsurugi, he uses a stationary tent and only later acquires a carriage; he is also timid and fearful compared to his older personality.


Class: Cleric – Bishop

Ellen (エレン Eren?) is a young cleric in service as the lady-in-waiting to Guinevere, the princess of Bern. She escaped from Rude, a knight of Bern, who had taken her and her lady as hostage. She asks Roy to help Guinevere and offers to user her healing staff to aid his cause. She and Zeiss grew up in the same hometown; in their support conversation, it is revealed that Ellen is rather shy around men. Ellen is the first magic user the player can use in the game. She is a potential candidate to use Light magic, which is virtually exclusive to the Bishop class in this game.


Class: Mercenary – Hero

Dieck is the leader of a mercenary group, and very loyal to his employers. Once, he was Klein's guardian in Castle Reglay and saved Klein when he was a boy fighting in an arena. Pent and Louise did not mind that Klein would fight in arenas and allowed Dieck to protect their son. However, Dieck left their service some time later when nobles pressured House Reglay with the fact that Dieck, as a commoner, should not be in frequent company with nobility. Klein, however, never forgot his former playmate and protector.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Dieck appears as a collectable sticker under the spelling "Deke".


Class: Pegasus Knight – Falcon Knight

A Pegasus Knight from the Knight's Union of Ilia, Thany is a member of Dieck's mercenaries. She is the youngest and most energetic of the three Pegasus sisters in the game and travels around the world in order to train and hone her skills as a pegasus knight.


Class: Fighter – Warrior

Ward is a young fighter from the Western Isles, and a member of Dieck's mercenary group. His personality resembles that of Bartre the Brave; he can only learn through fighting. He and Lot are neighbors of each other on the Western Isles.


Class: Fighter – Warrior

Lot, like Ward, is a young fighter from the Western Isles, and a member of Dieck's mercenary group. He is smarter than Ward, and is virtuous to a fault. He and Ward are neighbours of each other on the Western Isles.


Class: Thief

Chad is an orphan from Araphen who takes revenge against the Bern forces for burning his orphanage down on the Lycian-Bern border. He is friends with Lugh, Ray, the Reverend Yodel and the other little orphans and cares about them. He and Lugh help Roy and his group of soldiers by taking out Slater, a Knight from Bern, and conquer Castle Araphen.


Class: Mage – Sage

An orphan from Araphen from the same orphanage as Lleu and Chad, Lugh is the son of Nino from Fire Emblem and the identical twin brother of Ray, though their personalities differ drastically. He joins the party in order to fight Bern, who destroyed the orphanage which he, Ray and Chad had been living in. Since Lugh and his brother are still living as orphans at the time of the game, the whereabouts of Nino and her husband (who is either Erk or Jaffar depending on your actions in the previous game) are unknown.


Class: Troubadour – Valkyrie

A young Etrurian noble, Clarine is the second child of Pent and Louise, making her the younger sister of the Etrurian General Klein. She is very haughty, always referring to Rutger, Lance, or Roy as her escorts and referring to herself as a figure of great importance. However, despite her insufferable attitude, Clarine has some good traits and does not always place undue importance upon others' social status. En route to Etruria through Laus, Clarine is captured by Marquess Erik and held hostage so she could be given as a prize to Zephiel's wingman Narshen. Rutger releases her from a cell and lets her escape, whereupon she is eventually rescued by Roy and company when they pass through Laus.


Class: Myrmidon – Swordmaster

Rutger is a young Sacaean swordsman who harbors a grudge against Bern for destroying Bulgar, his hometown in Sacae. He rescues Clarine when she was captured by Erik. Rutger is initially an enemy unit, but he is recruitable.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Rutger appears as a sticker under the spelling "Rutoga."


Class: Priest – Bishop

A cunning, perceptive healer with an important mission from the order of the St. Elimine Church, Saul admits to hitting on every woman he meets and needs a reminder from Dorothy, his bodyguard, not to get into trouble. He joins the Lycian Alliance Army under the leadership of Roy on orders from Jodel, the archbishop of the church.


Class: Archer – Sniper

Dorothy is an Etrurian archer, and an escort charged with the mission to protect Saul from danger and to keep him from getting into trouble from his womanizing ways. Despite her uncanny talent for archery, Dorothy seems to have considerable trouble with her self-esteem, particularly with matters relating to her appearance as well as other stereotypical feminine concerns.


Class: Nomad – Nomadic Trooper

Sue is the granddaughter of Dayan, the Silver Wolf of the Kutolah tribe. As the Princess of the Kutolah, she was forced to flee when Bern annexed Sacae and was later rescued by the Marquess of Thria, Lord Orun (Hector's cousin) during a Bern ambush. She was still at Castle Thria when the marquess was betrayed and killed by his advisor, shaman Wagner, whereupon Sue became a prisoner. After being rescued by Roy, she joins his army and vows to fight with her bow to avenge her people and later rebuild their tribe. Her father, Rath, appears in the prequel Fire Emblem.


Class: Paladin

Zealot is the lord of House Edessa in Ilia and leader of the band of Ilian Mercenary Knights hired by Hector in defense of Castle Ostia. When Hector is killed, some of the Ostian Knights like Lieutenant Devias and General Leygance turn renegade, so he decides to join Roy's army together with his comrades Treck and Noah. He is Yunno's husband and the father of their unnamed daughter.


Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Treck is a knight from Ilia under the same team of the Ilian Mercenary Knights led by Zelots. His hobbies include napping on the battlefield and ice-fishing where there are no fish. He often fights by the side of Zelots and Noah.


Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Noah is a knight from Ilia under the leadership of Zelots, who leads the band of Ilian Mercenary Knights. During the rebellion in Ostia, he was training with a young myrmidon, Fir, in the Ostian arena. As revealed in support conversations with Fir, he fell in love with her when he first saw her, but he didn't have the courage to tell her that.


Class: Knight – General

Barth is the leader of a band of Ostian Knights still faithful to Hector. He attempts to retake Ostia Castle from the rebel forces led by General Leygance when Roy's army arrives. He is Wendy and Oujay's direct superior.


Class: Knight – General

Wendy is the first female knight in the entire history of Ostia, as well as the sister of Bors, and a newly recruited subordinate of Barth. Together with Barth and Oujay, Wendy tries to liberate Castle Ostia from the rebels.


Class: Mercenary – Hero

A young Ilian mercenary, Oujay joins the faithful Ostian soldiers in order to earn enough money to feed his poor family back in Ilia. He helps Barth and Wendy to defeat General Leygance and his rebellion in Castle Ostia.


Class: Mage – Sage

Lilina (リリーナ Ririna?) is the daughter of Hector. When she was young, she was introduced to Roy and Eliwood, and quickly became friends with Roy. Years later, she and Roy studied in Ostia under the tutelage of the Mage General Cecilia. Lilina was very good in magic while Roy was not, so Cecilia trained Roy as a swordsman and Lilina as a magic user.

Lilina shows a great love of Roy throughout the game, even without support conversations. Though she also seems surprised by Roy's sudden change in his personality. Most of her time away from Roy is spent thinking about either her dead father or Roy. If she has an A support with Roy, a conversation between Roy and Lilina happens at the end of the game during the crowning of Guinevere as opposed to the normal ending where Guinevere talks to Roy instead, and will eventually get married to him.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lilina appears as a sticker.


Class: Thief

A spy working for Ostia, Ashtor hastens back to the city upon news of Hector's death but is too late to stop a rebellion. Some time before the events of the game, Ashtor was the husband of Igrene and had lived happily with her in Arcadia. However, his risky occupation as a spy forced him to abandon her years ago, as he did not wish to see her put through any danger on his account. They also had a daughter; however, it can be assumed that Ashtor left before he could be made aware that Igrene was pregnant, as the child is never mentioned in any support conversations. His daughter died early in her life.


Class: Nomad – Nomadic Trooper

A Sacaean nomad of a tribe decimated by Bern, Shin is sent by Dayan the Silver Wolf to look for Dayan's granddaughter Sue. In his search, he went to the Western Isles and joined up with pirates on the border, along with Fir. He is somewhat cold and aloof, regarding his mission to find Sue as a bit of a waste since he would prefer to join Dayan in Sacae's fight against Bern instead, which, of course, was won by Bern. He deeply admires Dayan and, despite being reserved, can show a bit of warmth to people in certain support conversations.


Class: Myrmidon – Swordmaster

Fir, a young swordswoman traveling around Elibe to hone her skills in swordplay, is the daughter of Bartre and Karla and the niece of Karel. At the time of the revolution in Ostia, she is training with Noah in the Ostian arena. Fir wishes to become a great swordswoman in order to follow in the footsteps of her beloved mother, who died of an illness at some point during Fir's youth. After she left Ostia, she traveled to the Western Isles, where she joined with pirates on the border. In truth, the only reason why they needed her was for her sword, the Wo Dao, only usable by myrmidons and swordmasters, and would fetch a lot of money on the market. The leader of the pirates sent out Fir with Shin against Roy's forces because he said that when she died, someone was to grab her sword and run. Fortunately, she is not killed, and Noah turns her to Roy's side while Sue talks to Shin. Fir's demeanor is polite but headstrong, and she exudes the same single-mindedness of purpose as her mother.


Class: Brigand – Berserker

Gonzales is a bandit from the Western Isles with a heart of gold. He seems to have difficulty with speech, and is often forgetful. Due to his unattractiveness, he scared other people away and was banned out of the places where he resided. When Roy first encounters him, Gonzales is with the bandits hired by the local corrupt Etrurian soldiers and nobles to crush the rebels who are fighting against the pirates. However, he can be convinced to join the Lycian Alliance by Lilina. He is one of only two recruitable brigands in the history of the series, along with FE5's Marty.


Class: Sniper

Klein is the older brother of Clarine and the eldest child of Pent and Louise. At heart, he is a kind young man. As a general of the Etrurian army, he questions the integrity of his orders to destroy the Lycian army, which is supposedly helping the bandits. When he is fighting Roy, he comes with his battalion of archers on the Western Isles, but then a soldier tells him that he should let Tate's Pegasus Knight squad take the frontlines so that the Etrurian soldiers will suffer less casualties. He quickly refuses and fights alongside Tate and her Pegasus Knights. Both Tate and Klein can be recruited to Roy's army during the battle. He never seems to consider Tate as much more than a colleague, but warms up quickly to the idea that Tate is in love with him. During the second half of the final chapter of Fire Emblem, it is revealed through a support conversation that Louise is pregnant with Klein.


Class: Pegasus Knight – Falco Knight

The older sister of Thany and the younger sister of Yunno, Tate is a sober Ilian mercenary who puts duty above all else. Tate often comes across as cold and uncaring to her sisters, even Yunno; however, deep down inside, she really does care for them, and keeps her cool mostly because she doesn't want to be a burden on anyone, since she was deeply marked by Yunno's struggle to raise both her and Thany after their parents' deaths. Tate starts off as an enemy unit, but Klein can persuade her to join Roy's army. This may be due to Tate's love for Klein, which she confesses to him in a support conversation.


Class: Bard

A harp-playing member of the Western Isles underground resistance force, Elphin joins Roy's army when they save the villagers from the corrupt Etrurians and their hired bandits. He originally hides his true identity from Roy, because he is really the prince of Etruria, Mildain, that was said to have died by falling from horseback. In reality though, he had been hit by a poison arrow and was nearly assassinated. When they were younger, Klein was his best friend; he was a bit older than Klein and he wanted him to be his brother, but Klein refused, for he had wanted to be his knight. Elphin's function in battle is to inspire the troops of the Lycian army with his magical harp, thus giving that character another turn.


Class: Dancer

A talented dancer, Lalum (or Lalam) is a member of the resistance force during the Western Isles campaign. In the war, she nursed the injured Elphin back to health. Having a cheery and outgoing personality, she is the complete opposite of calm, quiet and reserved Elphin, and she very nearly reveals his true identity to Roy upon their meeting. Her support conversations with Roy reveal that she has become infatuated with him, much to his inconvenience. It's later revealed that she's the adopted daughter of Douglas, the Great General of Etruria. A running joke in the game is that she's a horrible cook. Like Elphin, Lalum inspires the player's forces to fight more by giving them an extra turn. Unlike Elphin, Lalum dances for her allies.


Class: Hero

A female rebel hailing from the Western Isles, Echidna leads and fights together with her fellow resistance forces to make an end to the invasion of several corrupt Etrurians and pirates. During her war efforts, she is surrounded by more enemies than she could handle, but Roy and his Lycian Alliance Army arrive to help her.


Class: Warrior

The father of Fir and brother-in-law of Karel. Calling himself "Bartre the Brave", he still loves fighting to a fault and will willingly dive into danger for anyone, especially Fir, since it is his duty as her father. His wife, Karla, died several years ago from an illness. During the Western Isles campaign, he is still searching for his long lost daughter. Bartre seems to enjoy trying to matchmake his daughter with young men he deems worthy of her, and becomes a sort-of counselor for young thief Cath. He is also one of Eliwood's allies in Fire Emblem, fighting alongside his friend Dorcas.


Class: Pirate – Berserker

The son of a rich merchant, Geese originally appears as a neutral unit and will attack enemies in order to avenge the capture and death of his comrades until Roy persuades him to do otherwise. He runs a trading business as well, and always risks storms and other seaborne hazards to deliver food to the villages of the Western Isles. His older brother, Geitz, appears in Fire Emblem.


Class: Thief

Cath is a young girl who often appears to steal from rich castles and other places with potential treasure during Roy's campaign. Her village was burned down by the marquess of her country in order to prepare for the war with Bern; due to that, she bears a seething hatred for royalty. During Roy's journey, she often appears to loot some treasure from the location of battle, and Roy must speak to her several times before recruiting her; these pre-recruitment talks also enlighten Roy about the evil deeds of the Etrurian nobility, which he didn't know of.


Class: Shaman – Druid

Lugh's twin brother and one of the sons of Nino, Ray comes from the same orphanage in Araphen as Lugh and Chad. He is sarcastic, rude and cynical, the opposite of his brother. Despite his rude behavior to all the people around him, people like Lugh and Sophia say that he's really a good person at heart and is just hiding it. His dream is to make dark magic more known throughout Elibe and he joins Roy because it may help with his dream.


Class: Valkyrie

The Mage General of Etruria, Cecilia is Roy and Lilina's former teacher. Before she joins the party, she helps Roy by often leading the way. She is leading the loyalist forces against the Etrurian deserters when she is injured by Zephiel; losing consciousness, she is forced to retreat for a while and ends up captured along with Sophia, who heals her injuries. Before her, the previous Mage-General of Etruria was the sage Pent from the prequel.


Class: Wyvern Rider – Wyvern Lord

A knight of renown and captain of Guinevere's guards, Miledy has a younger brother, Zeiss, who is a fellow wyvern rider. She is willing to follow Guinevere and join the Alliance army despite the risk of being labeled a traitor and leaving her country, family, and lover, Galle, behind. According to Jodel, her wyvern, Triffine, is very loyal to her and has followed Miledy against Bern according to its own mind.


Class: Shaman – Druid

A half-dragon girl from Arcadia, Sophia was captured by Bern forces and sent to the same prison cell as Cecilia, where she treated the general's wounds using her powers. Aside from that, she can see the future, though not very clearly. She then leads the Alliance army to Arcadia, in order to help the people there shake off Bern's invasion. Sophia makes a brief cameo in the prequel to this game in one of the later chapters, where she can have some conversations with different members of the player's army.


Class: Divine Dragon

Fae is a Divine Dragon child from the hidden Manakete village of Arcadia. True to her appearance, she is childish and naive despite that she is several centuries old. When Roy first arrives in the hidden village, Fae wants to go with them but is forbidden to do so. Despite the guardians of Nabata watching over her, first Hawkeye, then his daughter Igrene, Fae sneaks out and is captured by Bern. She is saved by Roy later on and fights for his army using her Divine Dragonstone. Like Sophia, Fae makes a cameo appearance in Fire Emblem, where she can have conversations with particular persons like Hawkeye. She hopes to marry Elphin when she grows up and becomes "beautiful".


Class: Sniper

An inhabitant of Arcadia, Igrene is known as the Guardian of Nabata Desert by the villagers. She is evading Bern's forces to avoid capture and protecting Fa, until Roy arrives. Her father, Hawkeye, appears in Fire Emblem.


Class: Paladin

Percival , the Knight General of Etruria, is a good colleague of Great General Douglas and Mage General Cecilia. He is forced to fight for Bern when Etrurian deserters capture King Mordred and force him to switch alliances. Despite his actions, he remains extremely loyal to Prince Mildain (also known as Elphin) and King Mordred of Etruria. Upon seeing Elphin, he is shocked to discover that Prince Mildain is alive and well and chooses to abandon the corrupt leaders of the Bern military and join the Lycian Alliance for the good of Etruria.


Class: Berserker

Another brigand with a good heart, Garret roams the Etrurian border. He is called soft by his fellow bandits, since he does not like his life as a bandit. He uses the war as an excuse to loot the villages nearby and is unrepentant until Lilina manages to persuade him to join the Lycian Alliance.


Class: Mage – Sage

An extremely avaricious mercenary mage, Hugh is the grandson of Niime and the son of Canas, who appears in Fire Emblem. He was raised by his extremely severe grandmother and has a grudge towards her about it. When the Etrurian defectors abandon their fort, he is so worried about not getting his pay that he goes over to Roy's army for a job. Hugh must be paid a large sum of money to be recruited. The player has the option of paying him 10,000 gold, but can decline the offer and choose to pay him a lower sum; if the last offer is declined, he refuses to join the party. Each time the player declines his offer, his starting stats decrease.


Class: Wyvern Rider – Wyvern Lord

Another red-haired wyvern rider of Bern, Zeiss is Miledy's brother and an extremely loyal soldier to his nation. He is framed by Narshen for conspiring to give information to the Lycian army, but Galle helps him hide from the fraudulent claims. At first, he is shocked upon hearing that his sister has turned traitor, but he is convinced by Galle to talk things over with her before jumping to conclusions. Upon speaking to Miledy, Zeiss is persuaded to switch sides. His wyvern is called Rubley.


Class: General

Douglas is the Great General of Etruria and the foster father of Lalum. He, along with Perceval the Knight General, are forced to join the Etrurian rebels until King Mordred is freed by Roy. He thereafter changes factions to show his loyalty to King Mordred and the good of Etruria.


Class: Druid

Niime is the not-so-proud (or so it seems) grandmother of Hugh, whom she raised under such extremely severe rules that he grew up resenting her and even questioning their bond. He had no talent for dark magic, and didn't know for a long time that his skills in anima magic came from his mother, a deceased female sage. Nicknamed the "Mountain Hermit", Niime is devoted to studying the dark arts until Bern's invasion. Her son Canas appears in Fire Emblem.


Class: Nomadic Trooper

The grandfather of Sue, Dayan is also known as the Silver Wolf of the Kutolah. He is responsible for sending Shin to the other side of the world to look for his lost granddaughter Sue. He leads an army to liberate Sacae from Bern troops and Sacaean tribes who turned traitor. Although he can't hold the enemy back, he still tries to weaken the enemy's defenses with guerrilla tactics. His son Rath appears in Fire Emblem.


Class: Falco Knight

The oldest sister of Tate and Thany, Yuno is the wife of Zealot, the lord of House Edessa in Ilia; she had to raise her sisters alone since their parents, also mercenaries, died in battle when Yunno was a teenager. She is a former mercenary knight and was retired for a while in order to raise her newborn baby girl, but went back into action to protect her people; she is captured by Roartz and his troops along with some villagers before Roy's army attacks.


Class: Bishop

One of the highest ranking bishops of the Elimine Church, Jodel (fan translation Yodel) aids Roy on his quest against Bern. He and Niime are old acquaintances. He will join the player's party with one of the Divine Weapons and the Holy Maiden staff.


Class: Swordmaster

Karel is the uncle of Fir, the late Karla's brother and Bartre's brother-in-law. First called the "Sword Demon" due to his psychotic behavior in seeking powerful foes to challenge, he is called the "Saint of Swords" during the events of the game. He is retired and travels the land with a new nickname and resolve, having finally found peace in himself after many years. As the "Sword Demon", he is a playable character in the prequel.

Non-playable characters

Except for Erik, Dory, Wagner, Jahn and Idenn, these characters can be unlocked as secret characters for use in the extra trial maps.


Class: King

Zephiel (ゼフィール Zefiiru?), the King of Bern, is the main villain of the game. Zephiel seeks to conquer the land of Elibe. He is the son of Desmond, King of Bern, and Hellene, a princess from Etruria.

His first chronological appearance is in the following game, Fire Emblem, as a younger, then-innocent prince. Even at a young age, Zephiel was extremely talented and far more popular with the common folk than his father. It was because of this that Desmond became extremely jealous of his son, and contracted the Black Fang assassins to kill him out of fear that Zephiel would depose him. Zephiel, however, had no intention of deposing his father, nor any wish beyond reuniting his family. In the end, the assassination plot was foiled by Eliwood's army and the prince was saved. Many years later, Desmond attempted a second assassination by handing his son a goblet of poisoned wine. Zephiel fell ill from the poison, but did not die. However, with the help of his close ally Murdock, he stayed in hiding and had a false funeral arranged. When Desmond stepped up to the casket to view Zephiel's body at the funeral, Zephiel, in his lust for revenge, rose and stabbed his father to death. Zephiel later encounters Idoun, the Demon Dragon.


Class: Cavalier

Erik (エリック, Erikku?) is the son of late Lord Darin and the Marquess of Laus during the game. Erik is in charge of the Laus army during Bern's invasion but he betrays Lycia and is later killed by Roy.

In the prequel Fire Emblem, it is revealed that his father Lord Darin was plotting a rebellion against Ostia. Erik holds a grudge against Eliwood and Hector from their school days, and he leads an attack on them when they arrive in Laus during Eliwood's search for his father. Once defeated, Erik is arrested and then interrogated, during which Eliwood and Hector learn some dark secrets about Darin's plot, and Lord Elbert's connection with the Lycia rebellion. Despite his father's treachery and the fact that he took up arms against the future Marquess of Ostia, Erik was allowed to retain Laus and become its Marquess sometime after Darin's death on Valor.


Class: Brigand

Dory is the leader of a group of bandits who terrorize Lycia during the Bern Invasion.

His men and himself took over an old castle to use as a stronghold to raid other villagers. The villagers saw Roy passing by and begged for help. Dory and his guards fought roy at the gate of the castle he used and was killed thus saving the villagers.


Class: Shaman

Wagner is a shaman who once served Orun of Ostia. When Roy and his group planned to rest up at Thria, Wagner murdered his master and planned to capture Guinevere by first inviting Roy into the castle then wipe his forces out. Cath discovered this plot and Roy was able to see through the plans and capture Thria Castle.


Class: Sage

Brunnya (fan translation Brenya) is the trusted vassal of Zephiel and one of the three Wyvern Generals. Before meeting with Roy, Zephiel orders her to take Idenn and finish the mission, in case he dies; Brunnya does so reluctantly. If certain conditions are met, Roy chases Brunnya to the outskirts of the temple. She entrusts Idenn to Jahn and fights Roy, knowing she cannot win. With her are the loyal soldiers of Bern, who refuse to run, despite that Roy will not kill them if they retreat. Brunnya is ultimately killed in the battle.


Class: Paladin

Eliwood is Roy's father, and the Marquess of Pherae. He suffers from a sickness at the beginning of the game. In the first chapter, he is visited by Lilina, but the Pherae castle is later invaded by bandits. Realizing the danger, and him being unable to fight the danger, sends Lance to give the situation to Roy, who fights and saves Pherae. After the invasion, Eliwood is informed of Bern's actions, but with his sickness he is unable to fight. Roy offers himself to help and Eliwood lets Roy take the lead of the Pheraen army.

Eliwood is also one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem, the prequel of Fūin no Tsurugi.


Class: General

Hector is the father of Lilina, the marquess of Ostia, and the famed and feared general of the Lycia Alliance. He dies early in the game after Bern attacks him in Araphen. He was assassinated by Zephiel. He later appears in Fire Emblem as a much younger version of himself, available to the player as a Lord unit who uses axes.


Class: Wyvern Lord

One of the Three Wyvern Generals of Bern and an extremely ambitious officer, Nacien (fan translation Narshen) is responsible for many actions during Roy's journey through Lycia and the Western Isles. He is very narcissistic, has a tendency to bear grudges, and will not hesitate to let his underlings die so that he can live. Eventually, due to his constant failings, Zephiel decides to demote him, replacing him with Galle. He is given one last chance to redeem himself and keep his post in the defense of Etruria's palace, but he fails and is killed during the battle.


Class: General

Murdock is the military commander of Bern and second only to Zephiel in the Army of Bern. When King Desmond poisoned Zephiel, Murdock was the one who nursed him back to health. He is Zephiel's most trusted subordinate and has been appointed the leader of the three Wyvern Generals, the highest ranking generals in all of Bern. Late in the game, Zephiel sends him to kill Roy and companions and take the Fire Emblem back from them, but he is slain in the Shrine of Seals. He has a brief cameo in the prequel, Fire Emblem.


Class: Wyvern Lord

Galle (fan translation Gale) is a prominent enemy unit, though not necessarily an "evil" character and is very loyal to Bern's king, Zephiel, despite being born in Etruria. As far as skill was concerned, despite working under Murdock, Galle is told to be as strong as the three Wyvern Lords, according to Zeiss. Due to this and to the failures of Narshen, one of the three, King Zephiel wondered about demoting Narshen and place Galle as the third Wyvern Lord. Narshen is given his last chance to keep his post and is killed in action, but is never made clear if Galle indeed took the post after that. Galle appears with a squad of Wyvern Riders to aid his fellow Wyvern General Murdock. Unlike most named non-boss enemy characters, he cannot be recruited by the player even when spoken to his lover Miledy and protégé Zeiss.


Class: Manakete

Jahn (fan translation Yahn) fought in the Scouring and had been nursing his wounds in a temple when Zephiel undid the seal on the temple. When Jahn approached him, the King of Bern expressed the desire to return the land of Elibe to dragons. Jahn is the last boss before Idenn, the Demon Dragon, who can be fought if certain conditions are met. As the player fights to reach him in the temple, he tells Roy his story and what happened in the Scouring. During the Scouring, dragons were blamed for the elemental imbalances in the world. In truth, it was actually the tremendous power of Divine Weapons wielded by the Eight Heroes which had caused it. He also explains Idenn's stories. Jahn also appears in the ending of Fire Emblem as a man in a red cloak who is talking to Zephiel, named "Enigmatic man".


Class: Demon Dragon

Idenn, or Idoun in English fan Translation on the FE6 translation patch on the Visual Boy Advance, is the Demon Dragon of legend. In Roy's battle with Jahn, it is revealed that she was once a Divine Dragon like Fae. Several centuries ago, in the Scouring, the dragons were losing the war due to the fact that humans were more numerous. They appealed to the Divine Dragons to increase their forces with artificially spawned "war dragons." When the Divine Dragons would not comply, Idenn was captured and her soul was destroyed, turning her into the Demon Dragon. She squared off with the Legendary Heroes and lost, but did not die; the Hero Hartmut, using the Sword of Seals, sealed her away in pity. She is later unsealed by Zephiel and serves him to bring new order to the world.

Idenn is the true final boss of the game. Depending on the player's actions, one of three endings will be obtained. If the game ends after defeating Zephiel, Idenn will disappear; she can also be killed in her battle with Roy's army. In the best ending, she again survives and is taken to Arcadia where she is seen laughing and playing with Fae, finally learning how to have feelings.

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