Matheson (compressed gas & equipment)

Matheson (compressed gas & equipment)
Type incorporated subsidiary
Industry Chemicals
Founded 1927 (as Matheson Gas Products)
Headquarters Basking Ridge, NJ, USA (HQ)
Products bulk and packaged compressed gas (industrial, specialty, welding, propane, medical), cryogenics and liquefied gas, semiconductor manufacturing materials, gas handling systems & equipment
Parent Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TYO: 4091)

Matheson is a supplier of atmospheric gases, industrial gases, specialty gases, electronic materials, helium, propane, gas handling equipment, high performance purification systems, engineering and gas management services, and on-site gas generation, to various industries including semiconductor manufacturing, solar photovoltaics, construction, welding, propane, laboratory analysis, hospitals, wine making, and lasers.

Matheson is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA, with more than 200 owned operations in North America, and additional operations in Europe and Asia.

Matheson is the North American operating entity, and the largest subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation[1] (TYO: 4091), one of the top five suppliers of industrial, specialty, and electronics gases in the world, and the largest in Japan.[2] Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. adds to TNSC's reach with its own operations in China, Poland, Belgium, Korea, and India.



Matheson Gas Products was founded in 1927 in North Bergen, New Jersey, by Adam Matheson. By virtue of the founding of his company, Adam Matheson created the specialty gas business. Among Matheson's more notable accomplishments are the development of the lecture bottle, now used by virtually every major college and university in the world; and the supply of ultra pure gases that served as standards for the first gas chromatographs.

In 1966, Matheson acquired Grey Chemical of Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA, a producer of ultra-pure gas materials used in electronics manufacturing. In 1981, Matheson became the first commercial producer of Silane,[3] for which it was awarded a “Semmy” Award by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (the award is now known as a “Semi” and the organization has since changed its name to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International).

In 1989, Matheson Gas Products was purchased by Nippon Sanso Corporation (Tokyo, Japan). Nippon Sanso later (1992) purchased Tri-Gas of Irving, Texas, USA. The operations were not merged until 1999, with the formation of Matheson Tri-Gas – the combined operations at this point spanning specialty and industrial gases and equipment, and including six air separation units.

Nippon Sanso merged with Taiyo Toyo Sanso Corporation to form Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation in 2004.

Matheson was selected Large Company of the Year by the New Jersey Technology Council in 2006.[4]

Significant expansion in the industrial sector occurred between 2004 and 2009. Matheson acquired six additional air separation units in 2004. It then acquired Linweld (Nebraska) in 2006;[5] Polar Cryogenics (Oregon) in 2007;[6] Five Star Gas and Gear (California) in 2008;[7] AERIS (California) in 2008;[8] Advanced Gas Technologies (Pennsylvania) in 2008: Valley National Gases (Ohio) in 2009[9] and ETOX (Texas) in 2009.[10]

In May 2010, Matheson acquired Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc. of Texas, USA,[11] the largest acetylene wholesaler in the world, and manufacturer of cylinders, valves, and related handling equipment.

On July 1, 2010, Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. changed its logo and public name to "Matheson." The name of the legal entity remains "Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc."

Matheson’s footprint in the USA includes sixteen air separation units, three acetylene plants, and over 200 retail facilities, depots, fill plants, and manufacturing sites.

Industries Served

Matheson's primary products are:

Electronics Materials and Equipment, including high purity gas, gas mixtures, purification devices and other hardware and services – primarily serving the electronics and LED fabrication and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Industrial gas, Applications Technology, and Equipment, including on-site and merchant bulk gas and equipment and packaged gases and equipment for welding (argon) & cutting, construction, medical oxygen, laser, wine making, food processing & preservation nitrogen, beverage making (carbonation), helium supply & recovery,[12] residential and commercial propane, and other areas.

Specialty Gases and Equipment, including high purity gas, gas mixtures, environmental gas calibration standards, EPA Protocol Gases, and associated hardware and services – primarily serving the laboratory, process, and environmental gas user and other specialties.


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