Studio album by Jack Lucien
Released 26 October 2009 (Europe)
8 October 2009 (USA)[1]
Recorded Kiev, Ukraine
Moscow, Russia
Genre Pop, Europop
Length 47:15 [2]
Label Unconditional Records
Producer Jack Lucien
Jack Lucien chronology
New 80s Musik
Everything I Want To Be

EuroSceptic (originally titled as Paint This City [3]) is the second album of British singer Jack Lucien. It was released in October 2009.[4]

Due to being an album influenced by Europop, it features songs with parts in different languages. Whilst 8 of the songs are predominantly in English, "Give Me Your Love" is mostly sung in Spanish and "Sentiments" is sung in Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese. The middle 8 of "My Intervention" is in Spanish, "Je Suis Un Superstar" features various lyrics in French and the album version of "I'm Not Afraid" has parts sung in Catalan.

After releasing the album, Jack Lucien gave 4 free addition songs sung in both Russian and English on his myspace: Kreshatik, Moscow, Bez Tebya (Without You) and Shto S Taboj? (What's Up?).

Due to little promotion, the album did not manage to chart in any country's albums chart.

The verses of the song "Closure" are heard on "Wait for You", a track on the Sugababes album Sweet 7.

Track listing

  1. Saturday (Do I Care) (Album Version) [4:10]
  2. Je Suis Un Superstar [4:09]
  3. My Intervention [4:02]
  4. It's Unconditional (2009 Version) [3:33]
  5. Closure [3:14]
  6. Ballad of Cheryl Cole [4:06]
  7. I'm Not Afraid (Album Version) [5:54]
  8. Let Me Go (English Version of Marxaré) [3:29]
  9. Give Me Your Love [4:15]
  10. Sentiments [4:39]
  11. I'm Not Afraid (Original Version) [5:36] (iTunes Bonus Track)


  1. I'm Not Afraid [3:30] [Released: 19 January 2009] (Charted: Russian Airplay Chart #7) [5]
  2. Marxaré [2:57] [Released: 4 May 2009] [6]
  3. Saturday (Do I Care) [3:50] [Released 28 September 2009]


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