Showtime (TV series)

Showtime (TV series)
Format Entertainment, Musical, Talent, Variety Show
Created by Bobet Vidanes
Directed by Bobet Vidanes
Presented by Vice Ganda
Vhong Navarro
Anne Curtis
Kim Atienza
Jugs Jugueta
Teddy Corpuz
Billy Crawford
Judges Vice Ganda
Various celebrities
Madlang hurados (2011)
Theme music composer DJ MOD & Bobet Vidanes
Opening theme "Showtime" performed by Showtime hosts
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 623 (as of November 5, 2011)
Location(s) Quezon City, Philippines
Running time 1½ hours (Weekdays)
2 hours (Saturdays)
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original run October 24, 2009 – present
Preceded by Pilipinas, Game KNB?
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Showtime is a late morning/noon-time variety show airing on ABS-CBN in the Philippines. The show premiered October 24, 2009. It also currently airs worldwide through The Filipino Channel. The first season's grand finals was aired on July 24, 2010, Saturday at the Ynares Center, Antipolo City. Showtime's second season premiered on July 26, 2010. Second season's grand finals was held on December 18, 2010.[1] Season 3 premiered on January 1, 2011 and ended of third season on May 14, 2011. Season 4 premiered on May 16, 2011.



Main Hosts

  • Vice Ganda (2009–present)
  • Vhong Navarro (2009–present)
  • Anne Curtis (2009–present)
  • Kim Atienza (2009–present)
  • Jugs Jugueta (2009–present)
  • Teddy Corpuz (2009–present)
  • Billy Crawford (2011–present)
  • Karylle (2011–present)


There are three groups, each made up of two to twenty-five members (with no age limit), performing a single performance, whether it is a song and/or dance number or an acting performance. Before the performance, at least one member of the group is given 20 seconds to make an introduction in any way that reflects the group, but should end with the clause "It's Showtime!", but in the All Star Barangayan edition, their barangay will be given 30 seconds of their introduction but same process and the barangay with the best introduction will win ₱10,000. After the performance, the judges, as well as members of the audience, rate the group from 1 to 10. Audience ratings do not count, but can influence the ratings to be given by the judges.

A fourth competition spot is randomly given to one of three groups who did not pass the auditions, but are still worthy to perform in the show. After the group's performance, the judges would give a collective yes or no to the group. If the judges give a yes, the group is considered part of the main contest, with the judges' scores to the group's performance to be included in the calculation for the winner. A no would, of course, mean exclusion of the group from the main contest. This segment was removed during season 2. In season 3, during the February 16, 2011 episode, the said segment was returned but no random selection, instead the group automatically performs on stage.

The group with the highest average score from the judges wins and proceeds to the weekly finals. All winners throughout the whole week perform in the weekly finals. Whoever wins in the weekly finals will get the chance to compete in the monthly finals. Lastly, all the monthly finalists compete in a season grand finals.

Season 4 competition is open to everyone who has their talent, not only Groups joining, the competition will also open to Solo, Duo, and Trio performers. The season's change will also have a 1st Runner-Up, every competition, the group or performer with the second highest score will take home ₱20,000


Aside from the group competition, Showtime has a various game portion of the following:

Current segment

Sample Mo, Premyo Mo

After the audience rates the group, the hosts may randomly choose a person to show off their their score and comment to the group that has recently performed and his/her "sample" talent (Singing, Dancing, Acting, etc.) Depending on entertainment, fags, and other factors, the random five-digit money screen will stop on how much the person wins. The maximum winnings is ₱10,000.00

Discontinued segments


Five judges will be present for a whole week from Monday to Saturday. They will grade the group performances from ten being the highest, and one being the lowest possible score. Judge Vice Ganda is the only judge who can present his score right after the performance.

Every week, one or more judges will be voted off. In this portion called Hurado o Burado (lit. "Judge or Erased"), the audience and the viewers may evict judge/s through SMS. If a judge gets more than 25% of the total votes, he or she is evicted. Vice Ganda (as a permanent judge) is the only judge who is unevictable from all public votes.

As of May 30, 2011, Any person can audition to become a judge to be called a "Madlang Hurado". The first ever "madlang hurado" is former Showtime contestant, R-Dawn who also appeared in the Lenten Special, and it discontinued because it was also evicted by votes after a week.

Longest Standing Judges:

  • Ryan Bang - 48 weeks
  • Jhong Hilario - 41 weeks [30 weeks(1st run) + 11 weeks(current run)]
  • Gladys Reyes - 15 weeks
  • Karylle - 13 weeks
  • Dimples Romana - 12 weeks [7 weeks(Season 1) + 5 weeks(Season 4)]
  • Andrew E. - 10 weeks
  • Coleen Garcia - 10 weeks
  • Georgina Wilson - 7 weeks
  • Amy Perez - 6 weeks
  • Nikki Gil - 6 weeks
  • Kaye Abad - 5 weeks
  • Markki Stroem - 5 weeks

On August 16, 2011, Ryan Bang became the first Showtime judge who has been on the judging panel for one year, or an accumulated 41 weeks.


Everyday there are winner/s which will compete in the Weekly Finals, the winner/s in the Weekly Finals will directly be one the finalists for the Monthly Finals. The winner/s in the Monthly Finals will compete in the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

Season 1

July 24, 2010 was Showtime's first Grand Finals that was held at the Ynares Center in Antipolo City. Showtime brought back 38 of the former hurados (judges) to judge the 11 grand finalists. In total, 40 judges were assembled (including the unevictable judge Vice Ganda and longest-staying judge Jhong Hilario) to make the decision of who will be Showtime's First Grand Champion. At the end of the competition, the group XB Gensan won the grand prize of 1 million pesos and became Showtime's First Grand Champion with a final average score of 9.875 pts.[2]

Contestants Place Act Description Month Won Average
Kasibulan 9th Black Light Handmime Performers 1st 7.375
Perlas ng Silangan 7th (tie) Street Dancing 2nd (tie) 8.575
Mortal Combat and the Showgays 5th Comedians and Dance Group 2nd (tie) 9.3
Beat Guys 10th Dance Group 3rd 7.325
Sensei 8th Dance Group 4th 8.1
Savannah Kids Ballroom Dancers 6th Ballroom Group 5th 8.775
Philippine Islands Assassin 2nd Mixed Martial Arts Dance Group 6th 9.7
Enlighten Black Theatre Group 4th Black Light Handmime Performers 8th 9.425
E-Crew 7th(tie) Dance Group 9th 8.575
Boyz Unlimited Dancers 3rd Dance Group WC wk.(tie) 9.675
XB Gensan 1st Dance Group WC wk.(tie) 9.875
     indicates the winning contestants.
     indicates the runner-up contestants.

Season 2

The Season 2 Grand Finals was held on December 18, 2010 at Studio 2 of ABS-CBN. Vice Ganda along with 20 of the former hurados(including the 3 judges saved from the past eviction namely Ryan Bang, Karylle and Mickey Ferriols) of the 2nd season had the difficult task of judging the Grand Finalists. At the end of the competition, the group Laoag City Gymnastics Group won the grand prize of 1 million pesos and became Showtime's Second Grand Champion with a final average score of 9.86 pts.[3][4]

Contestants Place Act Description Month Won Average
Big Trio 5th Dance Group 1st (tie) 8.29
Kidz @ Trix 6th (tie) Dance Group 1st (tie) 7.9
89.9 Hoodz 3rd Dance Group 2nd (tie) 8.9
Mama's Boys 4th Comedian/Dance Group 2nd (tie) 8.33
Lal-Lo's Blacklight Performers 2nd (tie) Black Light Handmime Performers 3rd 9.10
Speed Movers Crew 8th Dance Group 4th 7.43
Xtreme 24/7 2nd (tie) Dance Group 5th (tie) 9.10
Laoag City Gymnastics Group 1st Gymnastics Group 5th (tie) 9.86
Zero Gravity 7th Dance Group 5th (tie) 7.67
Ground Zero 6th (tie) Interpretative Dance Group WC Week 7.9
     indicates the winning contestants.
     indicates the runner-up contestants.

Season 3

The Season 3 Grand Finals was held on May 14, 2011 at Ynares Center, Antipolo City, the same venue where the Grand Finals of Season 1 was held in July 2010. Vice Ganda along with 24 of the former hurados(including the 2 judges saved from the past eviction namely Ryan Bang and Kiray) of the 3rd season had the difficult task of judging the Grand Finalists. At the end of the competition, the group True Colors won the grand prize of 2 million pesos and became Showtime's Third Grand Champion with a final average score of 9.92 pts.[5]

Contestants Place Act Description Edition Won Average
Anonymous Edition 11th Spoof/Dance Group Drama Edition 8.0
Cool Guys 7th Spoof/Dance Group Comedy Edition 8.58
Asian Pride 8th Spoof/Dance Group K-Pop/Asianovela Edition 8.46
Vision 20 2nd Spoof/Dance Group Variety Edition 1 (Horror) 9.83
Tribos Humanikas 9th Spoof/Dance Group Variety Edition 2 (Fantaserye) 8.25
BTLA Kidz 10th Spoof/Dance Group Commercial Spoofs Edition 8.08
Artist Youth of the Philippines 6th Dance Group All-Star Barangayan(tie) 8.67
True Colors 1st Dance Group All-Star Barangayan(tie) 9.92
Yuri Crew 3rd(tie) Dance Group All-Star Barangayan(tie) 9.75
Negros Dance Collective 4th Synchronized Dance Group Summer Special 9.67
The Next Level Octomix Dancers 3rd(tie) Jumping Rope Trickers/Dance Group WC Week(tie) 9.75
Street Noise 5th Dance Group WC Week(tie) 9.38
     indicates the winning contestants.
     indicates the runner-up contestants.


Showtime and its hosts went to Cebu to have live shows from February 1–6, 2010. Voting for "Hurado o Burado" were suspended for this week as Sheryn Regis and Gab Valenciano both guested as special judges.

A special episode featuring the highlights of One Kapamilya Go at Great America in Santa Clara, CA and the special Showtime episode with all the hosts and special hurados. The event originally took place on September 12, 2010, airing a month later October 17, 2010 exclusively on The Filipino Channel. The special hurados consisted of Pooh, Gelo of Barangay USA, Angelica Panganiban, Michael Copon, and Vice Ganda.

Special Episodes

Kids Edition

This week was dedicated to the children called "Showtime: Kids Edition". During the week, kid group performers were the ones who would show their talents and also kids were the audience. Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro were the special kid judges that joined the judging panel. No voting of judges for eviction during the week. At the end of the week, a finals was held where the winner here is the Showtime Kids Edition Champion. The kid group "Cea's Angels" won and became Showtime Kids Edition Champion, but they were not eligible to go to the monthly finals with the regular performers. But during Season 3 Summer Special, Nash and Sharlene reprises the role as kid judges receptively together with selected Goin Bulilit kids during April 4 to 9 week long kids group competition.

Holy Week Special

This week had normal contestants and mechanics although there were special guest judges, namely Mocha, Phoemela Barranda, Richard Merck and Jay Durias.

Wildcard Weeks

This was called the Wildcard Week. The best groups that either did not make it to the monthly finals or was in the monthly finals but lost got another chance to compete again in order to win a slot to the Grand Finals. During the week, the main hosts got to switch roles (except for Vice Ganda who still got to be a judge).

In season one, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, and Kim Atienza got the role of being the judges, Teddy and Jugs got the role of hosts/interviewers, and the longest-staying judge Jhong Hilario got the role of introducing the group contestants. At the Wildcard Finals that was aired on July 23, 2010, the groups XB Gensan and Boyz Unlimited Dancers tied in the competition and became the 10th and 11th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

In season two, Vhong Navarro, and Kim Atienza including the Jhong Hilario got the role of being the judges, Teddy and Jugs got the role of hosts/interviewers, and ex-judge Bianca Manalo got the role of introducing the group contestants this season before the season finale on Saturday. Anne Curtis returned on the Wednesday episode but she still had her spot as host/interviewer and did not join the judging panel. On the Thursday and Friday episode, Anne Curtis replaced Vhong Navarro as judge since he was absent. At the Wildcard Finals that was aired on December 17, 2010, the group Ground Zero won the competition and became the 10th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

In season three, Vice Ganda joined Vhong Navarro in hosting the show while Karylle, Kim Atienza, Billy Crawford, Jugs and Teddy, and Anne Curtis became the judges. At the Wildcard Finals that was aired on May 13, 2011, the group The Next Level Octomix Dancers and Street Noize tied the competition and became the 11th and 12th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

Anniversary Week

During first anniversary, a special episode celebrating Showtime's first anniversary. The contestants consisted of the hosts with ex-hurados and guests. Jugs and Teddy's group with Yeng Constantino, Marc Abaya and Kean Cipriano, Kuya Kim's group with Alessandra De Rossi and Gloc-9, Anne Curtis' group with singers Robert Sena, Led Sobrepena III and Bugoy Drilon, Vhong Navarro's group with Jhong Hilario, Archie Alemania , Izzy Canillo and Bugoy Carino and Vice Ganda's group with beauty queens Precious Lara Quigaman and Miriam Quiambao. The groups were judged by a special set of celebrity hurados namely returning judge Gladys Reyes, Gary Valenciano, Luis Manzano, Arnel Pineda, and the Kimerald loveteam of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. At the end of the episode, the winner of the competition was the group of Jugs and Teddy.[6]

In the second anniversary, some of former contestants/groups and judges performing from the previous season to introduce their second anniversary week including showtime's game segments like Kantaranta, Arte Mo! and I know U!. Showtime suspends daily competition. At the end of the week, Anne Curtis' performance is a winner.

Christmas Week Special

This week had contestants that must have a Christmas theme in their performances. This week had special guest judges who will judge the contestants this week. The special set of judges include TV Patrol reporter Marc Logan, Miss Universe 2010's 4th runner-up Maria Venus Raj and Pilipinas Got Talent judges Comedy concert queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Philippines' Queen of all Media Kris Aquino. At the weekly finals aired on December 24, 2010, the all-girl group Ephesians won the competition.

Grand Sample Finals

This was the Grand Finals of the segment "Sample! Sample! Sample!" of Showtime held at Studio 2 of ABS-CBN. 5 contestants called "Grand Sampolistas" performed their talents to the judges and the audience to become Showtime's First Grand Sample Champion. Longest remained judge Ryan Bang acted as the guest host due to Vice Ganda's absence. The special set of judges for the Grand Sample Finals were former Showtime judges Dimples Romana, Carmen Soo, Bianca Manalo, and Gladys Reyes. At the end of the episode, Grand Sampolista #5 Remiel Galeno from Caloocan emerged as the winner of the competition. He won the grand prize of P100,000 and became the 1st Grand Sample Champion with a final average score of 9.8 pts. On February 5, 2011, the second Grand Finals was held along with the Week 5 weekly finals. The judges of Week 5 (except Vice Ganda) are the ones who made the difficult task of judging the 4 Grand Sampolistas. Grand Sampolista #4 Red & Pink, a duo group from Quezon City emerged as the winner and became the 2nd Grand Sample Champion with a final average score of 10 pts. They won the grand prize of P100,000 and the first ever duo group to win the competition.

Best of Showtime

This was the Yearend Special Week of Showtime. This was hosted by Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, Teddy Corpuz, Jugs Jugueta and Vice Ganda. This week highlighted the best and funniest scenes and performances of the contestants, judges, and hosts since the start of Showtime.

All Star Barangayan

Signaling the return of Showtime to its regular timeslot, the main competition of the show showcased various talents from groups of different barangays. The first competition was held on February 12, 2011. The guest hurados were news personalities Ted Failon, Gus Abelgas, Pinky Webb and Karen Davila. The episode also welcomed 2 new co-hosts for the show: singers Billy Crawford and Karylle.

Summer Special

This is the first time that the show will have its month-long Summer Special. Featuring talents of various groups each week, the 1st week will feature All-Girl groups while the audience and Guest Hurados will be All-Boys, the 2nd week will feature All-Boy Groups while the audience and Guest Hurados will be All-Girls and the 3rd week will feature All-Kid groups, guest hurados and audiences, and the next three weeks will be a battle between Boy Groups vs. Girl Groups vs. Kid Groups and the Monthly Finals itself will be on the last week.

Lenten Special

In honor of Holy Week, Showtime suspended the daily performances and reflected on the best highlights since the show's launch. Also, the hosts looked back at the previous groups who performed at the show and what they gave back positively in this special time of year.

2nd Anniversary Week

The show had its week-long 2nd anniversary special. As a tradition every year, the hosts have shown their hidden talents and became contestants themselves. Two hosts will perform each day and they will be judged by a special set of hurados (Celebrity doctors Manny Calayan and Vicki Belo, Director Cathy Garcia-Molina, "Queen of Fragrances" Joel Cruz and Celebrity fashion designer Liz Uy). On October 22, Anne Curtis won the competition getting a perfect score of 10 from all the hurados and received P100,000 which she donated to a charity. Billy Crawford and Vice Ganda were the runners-up and received P50,000 each for their chosen charities. [7]

Showtime: The Album

Showtime: The Album
Compilation album
Released October 15, 2010 (2010-10-15)
Recorded 2010
Label Star Records
Producer Jonathan Manalo (executive)

A self-debut album composed of five music tracks featuring the Showtime hosts has been released.[8][9]

  • Showtime Theme - Showtime cast
  • Magpasikat - Teddy Corpuz
  • Madlang People - Song created by DJ M.O.D.
  • Hari Ng Dance Floor - Vhong Navarro
  • We'll Get There - Anne Curtis


MTRCB suspension

Showtime was suspended by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) for 20 days. This was due to comments uttered by guest judge Rosanna Roces against certain groups, especially on teachers, heard live on January 7, 2010. As a form of self-regulation, ABS-CBN relieved Roces of her jury duty, but suspension was still served against the show effective January 11, 2010, thus returning on February 1. In the meantime, a placeholder show called Magpasikat would take over Showtime's timeslot.[10] The show had essentially the same format as with Showtime, except that the competing groups were composed of celebrities.

The suspension period, however, lasted only six days after the Court of Appeals issued a 60-day temporary restraining order against the MTRCB on January 15, 2010. The issuance of the order, and therefore the return of Showtime was announced later in Magpasikat.[11][12][13]

On March 26, 2010, MTRCB ordered a total 1-month suspension of the program because of the incident, including the replacement "Magpasikat." The MTRCB also directed the filing of criminal charges against Florida Tan, ABS-CBN vice-president for programming, and other officers "responsible for the violation."[14] Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN's Corporate Communications said that the suspension is not yet final and that they are seeking appeal before the Office of the President.[15] However the said variety show wins the case due to the MTRCB has not presented new arguments that would justify a reversal of its previous resolution.[16][17]


ABS-CBN's widely popular Showtime was the culprit of the cancellation of GMA's long-running daytime talk show, SiS (TV series) and also the cuplrit of Diz Iz It!'s ratings disaster and its eventual cancellation. The very poor ratings were a factor of in the cancellation of SiS and Diz Iz It! for even in GMA Network's stronghold of Mega Manila, ABS-CBN's Showtime was abled to beat SiS and Diz Iz It! by a huge margin. In the Nationwide ratings and even the Mega Manila ratings, Showtime doubled the ratings of Diz Iz It!, at times Showtime tripled, or even quadrupled the ratings of Diz Iz It!.[18][19] However, when the show was being put to the same airing time of the rival station's Eat Bulaga, its ratings were always overwhelmed by the rival show(Eat Bulaga). Thus, bringing back the show to its original airing time.


  • 24th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Talent-Search Program" (Won)
  • 24th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Talent-Search Program Host" – Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza & Vice Ganda (Nominated)
  • 25th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Talent-Search Program" (Pending)
  • 25th PMPC Star Awards for Television's "Best Talent-Search Program Host" - Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, Kim Atienza, Billy Crawford, Karylle & Jugs and Teddy (Pending)


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