Penang State Legislative Assembly

Penang State Legislative Assembly
Penang State Legislative Assembly
Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang
Type Unicameral
Speaker Abdul Halim Hussain, Pakatan Rakyat - PKR
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Pakatan Rakyat - DAP
since March 8, 2008
Opposition Leader Azhar Ibrahim, Barisan Nasional - UMNO
Members 40
Meeting place
Dewan Undangan Negeri Penang Dec 2006 003.jpg
Light Street, George Town

The Penang State Legislative Assembly is the state legislature of the Malaysian state of Penang. It is a unicameral institution, consisting of a total of 40 lawmakers.

The unicameral state legislature, whose members are called state assemblymen, convenes at the neoclassical Legislative Assembly building at Light Street. It has 40 seats, 29 of which are held by the Pakatan Rakyat compromising the Democratic Action Party which has 19 seats, nine by Parti Keadilan Rakyat and one by Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party defeating the Barisan Nasional with only 11 seats since the 2008 general elections. It was a sharp reversal from the 38 seats held by BN in the 2004 elections and only the second time since Independence that the state fell into non-BN control, the last being in 1969.



The Penang State Assembly's main function is to enact legislation and policies relating to the State List and Joint List as defined in the Federal Constitution. Its members also provide oversight on the state's executive branch of government, ensuring the state departments and agencies enforce the aforementioned legislation.[1] Debates in the Assembly are presided over by the Speaker.

The leader of the party or coalition with a majority in the Assembly is appointed Chief Minister by the Governor of Penang. The Chief Minister heads the state's executive, known as the State EXCO, whose members are also drawn from the Assembly.

State EXCO

Penang State EXCO[2]
Portfolio EXCO
Chief Minister
Land Affairs and Land Development, Entrepreneur Development, Information and Heritage
Lim Guan Eng
Deputy Chief Minister I
Industry Development, International Trade, Cooperatives and Societal Relationship
Mansor Othman
Deputy Chief Minister II
State Economic Planning, Education and Human Resources, Science, Technology and Innovation
P. Ramasamy
Local Government and Traffic Management Chow Kon Yeow
Religious Affairs, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Abdul Malik Abul Kassim
Public Works, Utilities and Transport Lim Hock Seng
Tourism Development, Culture, Arts and Heritage Law Heng Kiang
Health and Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Phee Boon Poh
Agriculture and Agro-based Industries, Rural Development and Flood Mitigation Law Choo Kiang
Town and Countryside Planning, Housing Wong Hon Fai
Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Ong Kok Fooi
State Secretary Zainal Rahim Seman


The State Assembly also consists of committees to handle administrative matters. The committees include:[3]

  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Rights and Privileges Committee
  • Assembly Committee
  • Rules of Proceedings Committee
  • Constitutional Committee

Current Composition

For complete list of members, see List of Penang State Assemblymen.
e • d Summary of the 8 March 2008 Penang State Assembly election results
Votes % of vote Seats % of seats +/–
Pakatan Rakyat:
(Formal coalition formed after election)
319,757 58.9 29 72.5 increase27
Democratic Action Party (DAP) 175,067 32.2 19 47.5 increase18
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) 110,872 20.4 9 22.5 increase9
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) 33,818 6.2 1 2.5 steady
Barisan Nasional: 222,339 41.0 11 27.5 decrease27
United Malays National Organization (UMNO) 93,923 17.3 11 27.5 decrease3
Malaysian People's Movement Party (Gerakan) 71,255 13.1 0 0.0 decrease13
Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) 50,123 9.2 0 0.0 decrease9
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) 7,038 1.3 0 0.0 decrease2
Independents 760 0.1 0 0.0 steady
Overall total 542,856 100 40 100 steady

Source: The Star[4], Malaysia

  • Penanti State Assemblyman Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (PKR) resigned in April 2009[5] and has since been replaced by Mansor Othman (PKR) in a by-election.[6]

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