Denmark–Zambia relations

Denmark–Zambia relations
Denmark-Zambia relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Zambia



Denmark-Zambia relations refers to the historical and current bilateral relationship between Denmark and Zambia. Denmark has an embassy in Lusaka, and Zambia is represented in Denmark, through its embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.[1][2] In 1980, relations were described as "warm".[3]



The first agreement between Denmark and Zambia was on 17 January 1959.[4] In 1966, Denmark with some other countries sent some trucks to Zambia,[5] and ships.[6] On 12 December 1966 a technical agreement was signed. From 1966 to 1967, Denmark developed a dairy farm in Kabwe (Broken Hill) and Mkushi and assisted 500.000 DKK to the farm. In 1967, Denmark provided 2 million DKK for the Chilanga Cement.[7][8] In the 1970s, Denmark and Zambia cooperated within agriculture and education.[3] In 1974, Denmark, Sweden and the United Nations assisted Zambia with displaced women.[9]

Development assistance

Danish assistance to Zambia is approximally 245 million DKK per year.[10] Denmark supports Zambia with good governance, democracy and human rights, education, road and water programmes, environment, HIV/aids and support to refugees.[11] Education is one of the priorities in the Danish support to Zambia. The assistance began in 2000, and 21 million USD have been given to the sector.[12] In 2008 both countries signed a Environment and Natural Resources Management and 120 million DKK was assisted to support the Zambian government and civil society organisations. The assistance consists of three components; Capacity Development, Interim Environment Fund and Civil Society Organisation Environment Fund.[13]

High level visits

In November 1964, Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda canceled a trip to Denmark because of heavy schedule,[14] but Kaunda visited Denmark in an official visit in 1968.[15] 10 Danish politicians visited Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2010.[16]


In 2008, Danish export to Zambia amounted 16 million DKK while Zambian export to Denmark amounted 13 million DKK.[17]

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