List of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing mobile weapons

List of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing mobile weapons

This is a list of mobile units featured in the Japanese anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, known in Japan as New Mobile Report Gundam W (新機動戦記ガンダムW Shin Kidō Senki Gandamu Uingu?), and subsequent spin-offs.



In the beginning of the series, five mobile suits, called Gundams, are sent to Earth from the orbital space colonies as part of Operation Meteor; a plan whereby rebels would be able to weaken the controlling influence the United Earth Sphere Alliance and the Organization of the Zodiac (OZ) held over the colonies. Although originally sent by the colonies, the Gundam pilots are more closely allied to each other than they are to any particular side in the conflict unfolding around them. As the series progresses, newer Gundams are introduced; some are upgraded versions of one of the original five, while others are completely new models:

XXXG-01W Wing Gundam (Gundam Zero-One)

Wing is one of the five Gundam mobile suits sent to Earth as part of Operation Meteor, created by Doctor J and launched from the cluster of orbital colonies located at the L1 Lagrange point. Armed with its powerful buster rifle (a directed-energy weapon capable of destroying multiple targets in a single shot), a large shield for defense, and a beam saber for close combat, Wing is the most well-balanced Gundam among the original five, and bears the closest resemblance to the original Wing Gundam ZERO design. It also has the ability to transform into a high-speed aircraft known as "Bird Mode," which enables it to fly within Earth's atmosphere. Wing is piloted by the main protagonist Heero Yuy from the beginning of the series until episode 10 when Heero, under orders from Doctor J, self-destructs the Gundam in Siberia after the colonies are held hostage by OZ. However, Zechs Merquise has Wing rebuilt in Antarctica and returns it to Heero in episode 16 so they can have a rematch of their interrupted duel. Soon after, when the Gundam pilots return to space, Heero leaves Wing behind on Earth, in order to avoid detection from OZ. Sally Po later locates Wing and has it sent to the Sanc Kingdom, where it is eventually reunited with Heero upon his return to Earth. Heero then uses the Gundam to defend Relena Peacecraft and the Sanc Kingdom from the Romefeller Foundation for some time until episode 34, when Wing is disabled during a heavy battle in Luxembourg and is subsequently abandoned for the last time by Heero, who later replaces it with the Gundam Epyon and ultimately the Wing Gundam ZERO. OZ recovers the abandoned suit, has it repaired, and also equips it with boosters, enabling it for space travel. Wing's final appearance in the series is in episode 46, when Lady Une uses it to save Treize Khushrenada in space from the battleship Libra's main laser cannon, in which Wing receives extensive damage from the blast, but is not totally destroyed, allowing Une to survive, though the Gundam is rendered completely useless. Artist Hajime Katoki, following the mecha redesigns he made for the OVA Endless Waltz, made redesigns for Wing and the other original Gundams as well, which were later used for toy model kits. These variants were meant to resemble their Endless Waltz upgraded counterparts more closely, even though Wing ZERO is not an upgraded version of Wing Gundam, despite their similarities.[1]

XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe / XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell (Gundam Zero-Two)

Deathscythe is one of the five Gundam mobile suits sent to Earth as part of Operation Meteor, created by Professor G and launched from the cluster of orbital colonies located at the L2 Lagrange point. The Gundam specializes in both stealth and close combat, and its main armament consists of its signature beam scythe and a small shield which can emit an energy blade, and the shield can be fired at distant enemies. Another feature of the suit is its Hyper Jammer ECM (electronic countermeasure) system that emits jamming particles, rendering the Gundam practically invisible to electronic sensors and giving it unparalleled stealth in combat. Deathscythe is piloted by Duo Maxwell from the beginning of the series until episode 19, when Duo is captured by OZ in space. The damaged Gundam is retrieved by OZ, studied to provide the basis of the Mercurius and Vayeate prototype mobile suits, and then destroyed as pro-OZ propaganda after the colonies declare the Gundams enemies. The five rebel scientists responsible for building the Gundams (who are at this point captured and forced to work on the two prototype suits) retrieve the components and begin to rebuild Deathscythe, upgrading its weapons and stealth abilities, as well as making it more suitable for space combat. The most notable upgrades include a double-bladed beam scythe and its "Active Cloak," which provides extra defense when closed and extra manueverability when opened. The upgraded Deathscythe, renamed Deathscythe Hell, is first activated in episode 25, when Duo escapes with Wufei from OZ's Lunar Base, despite it not being fully completed. Duo later salvages the parts to finish the new Gundam in episode 32 and Deathscythe is involved heavily in the fighting leading up to the conclusion of the series. In Endless Waltz, Duo uses Deathscythe Hell one last time to battle the Barton Foundation's forces in Brussels, and after the Foundation's surrender, he self-destructs the Gundam, as all other mobile suits are destroyed. In North America, the Deathscythe Hell is commonly dubbed as "Deathscythe H," most likely to avoid any religious controversy over its name.[2][3]

XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms (Gundam Zero-Three)

Heavyarms is one of the five Gundam mobile suits sent to Earth as part of Operation Meteor, created by Doktor S and launched from the cluster of orbital colonies located at the L3 Lagrange point. The Gundam specializes in firepower and is armed with a large-barrel beam gatling (which covers the left arm), chest-mounted Gatling guns, shoulder-mounted homing missiles, leg-mounted micro missiles, and an army knife blade attached to its right arm for close combat after all ammo is spent. Heavyarms is piloted by Trowa Barton from the beginning of the series until episode 17, when Trowa returns to space in order to infiltrate OZ and leaves the Gundam behind on Earth (as it wasn't designed for space combat). Heavyarms is later recovered by Sally Po at some point prior to episode 41, who helps deliver it into space. In episode 43, Heavyarms is upgraded for space combat, with its most notable addition being a second beam Gatling barrel, and is involved heavily in the fighting leading up to the conclusion of the series. In Endless Waltz, Trowa uses Heavyarms one last time to battle the Barton Foundation's forces in Brussels, and after the Foundation's surrender, he self-destructs the Gundam, as all other mobile suits are destroyed. In Endless Waltz, Heavyarms now has a pair of double-barreled, hand-held Gatling guns, which now fire shells instead of beam bullets, and no longer has an arm hidden in the gun. Also in the OVA, Heavyarms has more missiles than its TV counterpart and the close combat "army knife" has been removed. Heavyarms holds the distinction of being the only Gundam of the original five to survive the events of Gundam Wing relatively undamaged; it was not completely destroyed until the end of Endless Waltz, and the space upgrade did not require a complete rebuild of the Gundam.[4]

XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock (Gundam Zero-Four)

Sandrock is one of the five Gundam mobile suits sent to Earth as part of Operation Meteor, created by Instructor H and launched from the cluster of orbital colonies located at the L4 Lagrange point. The Gundam specializes in close combat. Its only long range weapons are vulcan guns in the head and two homing missiles on the shoulders. The main armament consists of two curved-bladed shotels that can be superheated to quickly slice through enemy mobile suits. The shotels can also be combined with the shield and vernier backpack to form a pincer-like "cross crusher", which is only used once. Sandrock is piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner from the beginning of the series until episode 17, when Quatre self-destructs the mobile suit in Singapore, allowing him, Duo and Wufei to launch into space. The remains of Sandrock are retrieved in episode 20 by Sally Po and the Maganac Corps, the latter wishing to rebuild the Gundam for when they next meet Quatre. Quatre learns of the rebuilt Sandrock in episode 35, and retrieves it before traveling back into space in the next episode. In episode 40, Sandrock is upgraded for space combat, equipped with a hand-held beam sub-machine gun for ranged warfare plus extra verniers for added maneuverability, and is involved heavily in the fighting leading up to the conclusion of the series. Unfortunately the Sandrocks space upgrade eliminates its ability to form the "cross-crusher". Near the end of the series, Sandrock is briefly equipped with the modified ZERO cockpit system. This installation differed from other implementations of the ZERO System as it could be activated separately from other cockpit systems by typing "ZERO" into the cockpit's command line terminal. In Endless Waltz, Quatre uses Sandrock one last time to battle the Barton Foundation's forces in Brussels, and after the Foundation's surrender, he self-destructs the Gundam, as mobile suits are no longer used.[5]

XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam / XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam (Gundam Zero-Five)

Shenlong (meaning "Spirit Dragon") is one of the five Gundam mobile suits sent to Earth as part of Operation Meteor, created by Master O, and launched from the cluster of orbital colonies located at the L5 Lagrange point. The Gundam specializes in close combat and is armed with a spear-like beam glaive and its signature "Dragon Fang" attached to its right arm, which can be extended to grapple distant enemies and is also equipped with two lethal flamethrowers. Shenlong is piloted by Chang Wufei from the beginning of the series until episode 22, when Wufei is captured by OZ in space. Shenlong is then taken apart to be studied by OZ. The five scientists who designed the original Gundams are being held prisoner by OZ at this time, and are forced to produce new mobile suits based on Gundam technology. In episode 23, it is revealed that the five scientists are secretly rebuilding Shenlong (as well as Duo's Gundam Deathscythe), upgrading its weapons, as well as making it compatible for space combat. The most notable upgrades include a double-bladed beam trident, a twin beam canon "stinger tail" mounted on the gundams back and the "Twin Dragon Fangs" attached to both arms. The upgraded Shenlong, renamed Altron (meaning "two headed dragon"), is first activated in episode 25, when Wufei escapes with Duo from OZ's Lunar base, despite it not being fully completed. Wufei later takes the new Gundam to his home colony in order to finish the upgrade. This is completed by or before episode 35, and Wufei uses Altron to take part in the events leading up to the end of the series. In Endless Waltz, Wufei joins forces with the Barton Foundation and uses the customized Altron to battle Heero (who is piloting the Wing Gundam ZERO) on two separate occasions, though Wufei eventually relents. Altron later becomes the last Gundam to be self-destructed following the end of the war. Shenlong/Altron is the only Gundam in the series to have a nickname, "Nataku," (an ancient female Chinese warrior), to honor his late wife, Long Meilan.[6][7]

OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon

Epyon is the Gundam mobile suit created by Treize Khushrenada during his exile beginning in episode 25 of the anime. It is based on the five Gundams sent from space, and on the Tallgeese, the prototype mobile suit from which all military mobile suits are derived. The Epyon Gundam first appears at the end of episode 28, a clip show. Epyon, which is Greek for "next", is claimed to be the physical manifestation of Treize's ideals. The Gundam is only equipped with close-combat weapons, as Trieze believes that a true warrior would not need "cowardly" long-range armaments. The main weapon is a large beam sword, connected directly to the suit's powerplant (as opposed to running on its own internal power source), allowing its length and intensity to be adjusted considerably to cut through heavily-armored mobile suits (like the Virgo mobile doll), and even the space station Barge in a single slice. The second is a heat rod, a segmented, whip-like projected chain attached to Epyon's shield. When deactivated, it can be used to trip or entangle the opponent. When activated, the material becomes super-heated, allowing it to cut and burn through armor. Epyon is also capable of transforming into a mobile armor mode, which bears a striking resemblance to a two-headed dragon (compared to the Wing Gundam's "Bird Mode"). In this mode, Epyon is capable of more fuel efficient long-range flight, although its weapons are inaccessible. The other main feature of the design is the inclusion of the ZERO System. The completed Epyon is presented to Heero by Treize in episode 34. Heero pilots Epyon until episode 37, when he and Zechs (who now goes by his true name, Milliardo Peacecraft and is piloting the Wing Gundam ZERO) meet in combat once again. Following the battle, which ends in a stale-mate due to both Gundams using the ZERO system, the two pilots exchange suits and part ways. Zechs pilots Epyon for the remainder of the series, becoming a symbol for the White Fang rebellion. He uses the Gundam to single-handedly destroy OZ's Space Fortress Barge in episode 41, and engages in combat with Heero again during episodes 44 and 49. Following Epyon's defeat at the hands of Wing ZERO, Zechs uses the Gundam to destroy part of the Libra battleship (a superweapon, stolen from OZ by the White Fang, set on a collision course with Earth). Both Zechs and Epyon are believed destroyed in the explosion, but while Zechs returns in Endless Waltz (piloting the Tallgeese III), Epyon is never seen again, and its ultimate fate (whether it was destroyed or not) is unknown.[8]

XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam ZERO

Wing ZERO is the original Gundam mobile suit designed by all five of the Gundam scientists, but was never constructed by them it due to its signature ZERO System. The scientists did, however, each use parts of ZERO's design as a basis for building their own separate Gundams for Operation Meteor. ZERO's armament and abilities are very similar to the Wing Gundam's, except more advanced and far more powerful; most notable is its buster rifle (which is twin-barreled and powerful enough to destroy an entire colony) and its "Neo-Bird Mode" transformation ability, which enables it to fly in space. In Gundam Wing, Quatre discovers a copy of the original Gundam's blueprints that Instructor H had preserved, and he begins work on it to replace his destroyed Gundam Sandrock. The completed Wing ZERO first appears in episode 24, with Quatre at the controls; Quatre, however, is already mentally unstable from witnessing his father's death, and is driven further insane by exposure to the ZERO System. Heero and Trowa (the latter undercover as an OZ soldier) are sent by Lady Une to take on ZERO utilizing the newly completed Mercurius and Vayeate, and are able to bring Quatre back to normal, although Trowa is thought to have been killed in the process. OZ then captures the Gundam and a soldier named Trant Clark forces Heero (and later Duo) to test the ZERO System until both Gundam pilots escape. When OZ later attempts to destroy ZERO in episode 34, Zechs Merquise sacrifices his Tallgeese mobile suit to claim the Gundam for himself. Zechs then pilots ZERO until episode 37, when he and Heero (who is piloting the Gundam Epyon) exchange suits after the dissolution of the Sanc Kingdom. Heero eventually masters the ZERO System and pilots the Gundam for the remainder of the series. Within that timeframe, Heero also lends ZERO to Wufei and Trowa on separate occasions, and the ZERO System helps them each overcome their personal obstacles. At the conclusion of the series, ZERO is instrumental in bringing an end to the war in space, when Heero uses its twin-barrel buster rifle to destroy the remains of the Libra battleship, which was falling to Earth and would have destroyed the planet. It is interesting to note that Wing ZERO is the only Gundam to be operated by all five Gundam pilots at some point during the series. In Endless Waltz, ZERO is initially sent along with the Gundams Deathscythe Hell, Heavyarms, and Sandrock to be destroyed in the Sun, but after the Barton Foundation declares war on the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, Quatre succeeds in saving the Gundams. Heero later uses ZERO to battle Wufei (who had betrayed the others and joined the Mariameia Army with his Altron Gundam), but does not fight to his full potential, believing the battle to be pointless, and ZERO receives heavy damage from both Altron and the re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Eventually, Heero decides to give up the fight, and allows ZERO to sink into the sea, at which point Wufei comes to his senses. Later however, the Gundam re-activates on its own, and supposedly convinces Heero to complete his mission. Upon arriving at the Barton Foundation's fortress (the Presidential residence) in Brussels, Heero uses ZERO's twin-barrel buster rifle to destroy the bunker shields protecting the fortress. However, the continuous recoil of the rifle, combined with the attacking Serpent mobile suits, proves too much for the battle-weakened Gundam to withstand, and ZERO ultimately explodes on itself while firing its third and final shot; however, its torso remains relatively intact following the explosion, allowing Heero to survive. Like the other Gundams in Endless Waltz, Wing ZERO was redesigned by Hajime Katoki, with the most notable addition being its giant "Angel Wings." The redesigned version of ZERO is very popular among fans of the series and has been commonly dubbed as the "Wing ZERO Custom."[9]

Other mobile suits

OZ-00MS Tallgeese / OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II / OZ-00MS2B Tallgeese III

The Tallgeese is the predecessor of all mobile suits used through Gundam Wing. Introduced in episode 3 and first operated in episode 9 by Zechs Merquise, the suit is extremely powerful, but also physically and mentally strenuous, to the point of causing physical harm to its pilots. Zechs suffers a heart attack when he first pilots Tallgeese, but he eventually masters the suit. The Tallgeese is the only mobile suit capable of matching a Gundam in combat. Its armament consists primarily of its long-range dober rifle and a beam saber for close combat. At some point between episodes 18 and 22, Tallgeese is modified for space travel, allowing Zechs (as Milliardo Peacecraft) to visit the colonies. Tallgeese is self-destructed in episode 34, allowing Zechs to claim the Wing Gundam ZERO, and later the Gundam Epyon. The Tallgeese II is built from spare parts left over from the original Tallgeese project, combined with an Epyon-like appearance and piloted by Treize Khushrenada during the final battle from episode 46 to episode 48. Its armament is exactly same as the original Tallgeese (long-range dober gun and beam saber). This Tallgeese is destroyed when Treize allows Chang Wufei, piloting the Altron Gundam, to kill him in combat. In Endless Waltz, the Tallgeese III is introduced, and is said to have been built by Treize prior to his death. It has armaments that make it superior to the previous two versions: a large beam cannon (similar to Wing ZERO's), which is used to destroy the resource satellite MO-III, and a retractable heat whip built into the shield (similar to Epyon's). This Tallgeese is piloted by Zechs when he returns from "death" (self-imposed exile) and uses it against the Mariemaia Army. Notably, the Tallgeese is visibly taller than any mobile suit in the anime, as is the real-life toy counterpart. According to the prequel manga Episode Zero, a fourth Tallgeese, identical to the original, was in existence, and was piloted by the wife of Wufei, Long Meiran. The original Tallgeese unit was designed in After Colony 170 by the Romefeller Foundation to provide an armed unit based on mobile suit technology. The resulting design was extremely powerful, but expensive to mass-produce and too rough on its pilots. The design was simplified, resulting in the standard Leo mobile suit.[10]

OZ-06MS Leo

The Leo is named after the Zodiacal constellation Leo, following the convention established for needing mass-produced suits to fill the battlefield with action. Leos are operated by both the United Earth Sphere Alliance military and the Organization of the Zodiac (OZ), and multiple variants can be seen through out the series. The OZ-06MS Leo was the first mass-production mobile suit used by OZ, designed as a scaled-down version of the Tallgeese, the first basic ground unit designed by The Lords of Plague for the Alliance military before they went missing (it was deemed too expensive and too difficult to pilot for mass production). Although lightly armed and too difficult to pilot effectively against more technologically advanced suits that were later engineered, the Leo proved superior to anything produced by the space colonies, which were primarily focused on developing massed produced MS for mining and construction uses. The base Leo was equipped with a beam rifle and a shield which contained a beam saber. Being an easily upgradable design, the Leo could be equipped for almost any combat; it could be given an extra saber for duel wielding, also be loaded with a standard machine gun or heavier dober gun. In the episode 'Trieze Assassination' Lady Une attempts to fight 05 in a Leo upgraded with an atmospheric rocket pack that allows it the same mobility as the Aries suits. Later, almost all Leos on earth were equipped with vernier jets for the final space showdown. The aging Leo was eventually phased out for newer Taurus and Virgo I mobile suits, its legacy of being the prime of standardized suits finally ending with the Serpent, one of the toughest non-Gundam suits around.[11]

OZ-07AMS Aries

The Aries is a flight-capable mobile suit named after the Zodiacal constellation Aries. The Aries was described as a flight-capable mobile suit shortly after the Leo was completed, and is used to support the Alliance ground forces. To fly, the suit's legs must be folded into its body. Like the Leo, the Aries is another early mobile suit design that saw mass production for the forces of OZ. The Aries was built expressly for aerial combat; with its pair of jet engines and aerodynamic control surfaces the Aries is fully capable of independent atmospheric flight. The Aries is also one of the first transformable mobile suits capable of folding its legs up into its body for flight. The Aries' wings mounted a limited number of external hard points where chain rifles and missile pods could be loaded. Those same weapons could also be held in the hands of the Aries. While the Aries would form the bulk of the aerial forces of the majority of the world, in the Sanc Kingdom they were phased out of service in favor of modified Taurus suits.[12]

OZ-07MS Tragos

The Tragos is an old mobile suit design commonly used as artillery. It is named after the Greek word for "goat". It is the only mass-produced mobile suit designed by OZ not to be named after a Zodiac constellation, although it is considered to represent Capricorn.[13]

OZ-08MMS Cancer

The Cancer is an early series of submersible mobile suits named after the Zodiac constellation of Cancer. The Cancer was first deployed in the early AC 190s (five years before the events of the anime), and was the first amphibious mobile suit. Cancers are the least humanoid suit design, resembling the crab after which the star sign is named. Torpedo launchers are carried in the suit's "claws", and it is capable of folding into a more streamlined design for underwater travel. The OZ-08MMS Cancer was developed by OZ as its first aquatic mobile suit. Despite being a mobile suit, the Cancer lacked the basic humanoid appearance of other mobile suits; it was designed completely without legs, strictly limiting its movement capabilities to aquatic environments such as the ocean. In place of legs the Cancer's primary propulsion systems were hydrojet engines built into the main body, while maneuvering was handled through ring of reversible side-spinning propeller blades on each arm. The Cancer's primary weapons systems were four torpedo launchers in its arms. Those same arms mounted pincer-like claws, with which the Cancer could grapple targets. Each claw contains two of the Cancer's four torpedo launchers.[14]

OZ-09MMS Pisces

The Pisces is a series of amphibious mobile suits named after the Zodiac constellation of Pisces. The Pisces was first deployed in the early AC 190s (five years before the events of the anime), and was considered state of the art at the time of the series events. The Pisces is capable of transforming into a recognizably humanoid form, allowing it to walk on the ocean floor, perform labor tasks, and participate in amphibious assaults. The OZ-09MMS Pisces is one of two transformable amphibious mobile suits developed by the OZ organization. The Pisces differs from its predecessor, the Cancer, in that it possesses legs in mobile suit mode. This gives it a more human appearance as well as greater versatility, as it is capable of traversing on land. It resembles a Leo in a diving suit with tubes for arms. The machine's propellers in submarine mode become its "hands" in mobile suit mode, although it is important to note that the many rotors that become fingers have little articulation ability. The Pisces is an artillery-type assault vehicle with its primary weapons being twelve torpedo tubes, six mounted in each shoulder, and virtually no close-combat abilities. The torpedo tubes are forward-facing in both modes. A common tactic of Pisces pilots is to partially surface in mobile suit mode and bombard coastal targets with the torpedoes.[15]

OZ-12SMS Taurus

The Taurus is a space-combat mobile suit named after the Zodiac constellation of Taurus. The Taurus mobile suit is still in development at the start of the anime, although training prototypes are available for the events of episode 4, and the deployment of the first complete batch of Tauruses is central to the plot of episode 10. It can transform into a fighter spacecraft. The Taurus design was used as a basis for the Mercurius and Vayeate suits, significantly improving on the overall design. Although originally designed for human pilots, the Mobile Doll artificial intelligence system is installed in the mobile suits before episode 19, making them the first AI-controlled mobile suits. Although the Taurus would be replaced by the Virgo mobile dolls suits over the course of the anime, Tauruses found use up until the end of the series, with the Sanc Kingdom and the White Fang both using acquired Taurus suits. Sanc Kingdom Tauruses were modified for atmospheric combat, as shown in episode 31. Mobile Doll Tauruses were also used in Endless Waltz, first to protect the captured colony of L3 X18999, then to distract the Preventers for a time from the real events. When used by factions other than OZ, the Tauruses are given slightly altered designations and color schemes; SK-12SMS for the Sanc Kingdom and WF-12SMS for the White Fang organization. The Tauruses used by the Mariemeia Army in Endless Waltz retain the default OZ colour scheme and designation. The pilot most associated with the Taurus is Lucrezia Noin, who pilots a white Taurus for the second half of the anime and in the OVA. Lady Une, Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton, and Hilde Schbeiker each also pilot a Taurus on occasion, although in most appearances the mobile suits are either piloted by minor or unnamed characters, or controlled by the Mobile Doll AI.[16]

OZ-13MSX1 Vayeate

The Vayeate mobile suit was designed with a purely offensive role in mind; it was armed with only a beam cannon that has an output equal to the Wing Gundam's buster rifle, but was powered by a back-mounted particle accelerator to overcome Wing Gundam's limit of firing three shots before needing to be recharged. A smaller version of this beam cannon was later used in OZ's mass production mobile doll, the Virgo. Upon OZ's peaceful takeover of the outer colonies and capture of the engineers responsible for creating the Gundams, OZ (or more specifically Lady Une) charged the engineers with creating a mobile suit more powerful than the Gundams. The engineers ended up creating two mobile suits: the Vayeate and the Mercurius. The Vayeate was made with only offense in mind and given the largest beam cannon produced that would not compromise maneuverability in combat. The Vayeate was piloted by OZ infiltrator Trowa Barton, whose combat data was recorded to be used for the Virgo's AI control system. It was heavily damaged in a fight with Quatre Raberba Winner, who was piloting the Wing Gundam ZERO. The remains of the Vayeate were captured by the terrorist group White Fang, where the five Gundam scientists were imprisoned and forced to rebuild the suit with a mobile doll control system loaded with Trowa's combat data. The Vayeate is ultimately destroyed by Duo Maxwell's Gundam Deathscythe Hell when it was dispatched to pursue Hilde Schbeiker.

OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius

The Mercurius was designed with a purely defensive strategy in mind; it was armed with a small beam spray gun and a large shield, called a "Crash Shield", which had a powerful beam saber blade integrated into the center. It was also equipped with a set of ten planet defensors, which were small disc-shaped objects that projected an energy shield to protect the Mercurius (or another mobile suit) from virtually any attack. The planet defensors were later used in OZ's mass-production mobile doll, the Virgo. While the five Gundam pilots were fighting on Earth to defeat the OZ and Alliance forces, the scientists who created the Gundams were captured by OZ and forced to work on next-generation mobile suits capable of putting an end to the Gundam pilots' activities. The scientists set to work and came up with a pair of mobile suit designs: the Mercurius and the Vayeate. The Mercurius was piloted by captured Gundam pilot Heero Yuy, whose combat data was recorded to be used for the Virgo's AI control system. When Quatre Raberba Winner went on a rampage with the newly-built Wing Gundam ZERO, Heero was dispatched with OZ infiltrator Trowa Barton to capture or destroy the renegade Gundam. Heero fought Quatre to a stand-still, and the Mercurius was self-destructed by Heero and Quatre to try and destroy Wing ZERO. The remains of the suit were captured by the terrorist group White Fang, who had the Gundam scientists use Heero's combat data to install a mobile doll control system in the suit when it was rebuilt. The Mercurius is ultimately destroyed by Duo Maxwell's Gundam Deathscythe Hell when it was dispatched to pursue Hilde Schbeiker.

OZ-02MD Virgo

The Virgo model are mobile dolls that require no pilots to control. It can function and fight on its own, while it can also receive commands from a central terminal. The name "Virgo" is derived from the constellation, continuing OZ's trend of naming their mobile suits in such fashion. The Virgo model is a combined gestalt of the Mercurius and Vayeate, the result being a body design heavily reminiscent of both suits, with the Vayeate's beam cannon built into the right arm and the Mercurius' planet defensors built into the left shoulder. It was later replaced by an upgraded variant, the Virgo II, which had a few minor improvements over the original. After creating the Mercurius and Vayeate, the Gundam engineers were forced by OZ to mass-produce a new line of mobile suits which would later be incorprorated into OZs' mobile doll program. The result, the Virgo, incorporated the greatest aspects of both the Mercurius and Vayeate. It was developed by the OZ engineer Tsubarov, the creator of the original Virgo, as a successor to the Virgo. Tsubarov died during the battle in which White Fang took control of OZ's mobile doll lunar factory. White Fang found his plans and used them, with the parts on hand, to build as many of the new version of the Virgo as they could. Once completed, they gave the mobile doll the new model number WF-02MD Virgo II. Physically there is not much difference between the Virgo and Virgo II, however the changes that were made significantly improved their combat capabilities. The first major design change were the improved shoulder-mounted thrusters, which dramatically improved its speed and mobility in space. Because the Virgo II was never used on Earth, it is not known whether or not the thrusters were powerful enough for atmospheric flight. The second modification is the addition of four more planet defenser energy shield generators, essentially doubling its defensive capabilities. The third and final modification was to its armaments; unlike the previous model of Virgo, White Fang equipped the Virgo II with two beam sabers stored below the shoulder joint. Also, the slow-firing mega beam cannon used on the Virgo was an optional armament for the Virgo II that could be replaced with a standard beam rifle with a faster rate of fire. Like its predecessor, the Virgo II utilized and was controlled by the mobile doll system, negating the need for a human pilot. However, they were later upgraded to be incorporated in a network that connected each Virgo II to a control room within Libra, where a human using the ZERO System would relay battle orders to the mobile dolls.

MMS-01 Serpent

The Serpent is a series of mobile suits appearing solely in Endless Waltz, and are the main opponent of the Gundams in the OVA. The only fixed armament installed on the Serpent were two 8-tube missile launchers, one mounted in each shoulder. Besides these launchers, the suit could carry a variety of hand-held weapons, including a bazooka, a beam cannon, and a double gatling gun similar to the ones carried by the improved Gundam Heavyarms. Despite these strong weapons, the Serpent lacked any close-combat weapons, putting the suit at a disadvantage if any enemy was able to come into close proximity to the suit. Defense-wise, the Serpent was made of the newest armor available, called Neo-Titanium. This material was nearly as strong as the Gundanium alloy used on the Gundams but far easier to produce. According to the background, the Serpent was designed by OZ as a general-purpose replacement for the Leo shortly before or during the events of Gundam Wing. During the events of the anime, the production facilities at L3 colony of X-18999 were claimed by the Barton Foundation, who then began to produce this type of mobile suits to use in an attack of the now-pacifistic Earth Sphere Unified Nation. All in all 500 Serpent units were produced. The first example of a Serpent fighting was with Trowa Barton (who had enlisted in the Mariemaia Army as an undercover agent) at the controls, although all later appearances were piloted by unnamed Mariemeia Army suit pilots. The Gundams Deathscythe Hell, Heavyarms and Sandrock engaged in a hard fight against a large number of Serpents, yet amazingly they were able to disable the majority of them without killing a single enemy pilot. Following the death of Dekim Barton, the whole Serpent army dropped their weapons and surrendered. The name Serpent is a reference to Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the Zodiac.

OZ-16MSX-D Scorpio

The Scorpio is a single large mobile suit appearing solely in the Battlefield of Pacifists manga. Although not stated outright, the name is derived from the Zodiac constellation of Scorpius. In the manga, the Scorpio is a one-of-a-kind mobile suit developed to guard the mobile doll factory Vulkanus. The Scorpio has a bit of a resemblance to the Rick Dias from Mobile Suit Gundam. The main weapon of the Scorpio is the beam bayonet, which combined the beam saber and beam rifle into a single unit. The A.S Planet Defensor is an enlarged counterpoint of the devices mounted on the Virgo mobile dolls, and functions as a beam shield. The transformation between modes is believed to be one-way, as the armor skirt, propellant tanks, and additional weapons were shed, and could not be reacquired in combat. The mobile suit was destroyed before a reverse transformation was depicted in the manga. Between the events of Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz, several groups began searching for Vulkanus, which had drifted out of its stable orbit. The Scorpio attacked those who found the site, until Perfect Peace People leader Victor Gaintz used the suit's codes to disable the Mobile Doll system and become its pilot. Both Gaintz and the Scorpio are destroyed by Heero Yuy in the Wing Gundam ZERO.

WMS-03 Maganac

The Maganac (pronounced "MAG-wah-NACK") is the mobile suit that makes up the majority of the Maganac Corps' private army. The Maganac is comparable to the standard Leo mobile suit fielded by the Earth militaries. It is designed for desert conditions, but is shown fighting in many Earth environments and in space over the course of the anime and manga. The Maganac Corps often fight as a combined force, either on their own or in support of Quatre Raberba Winner and his Gundam Sandrock. Manufactured by the Maganac Corps, the Maganac mobile suit was easily customized to see to the many needs it had to serve, be they combat- or labor-related. Despite the expansion of the Earth Alliance's spheres of influence and military strength, some pockets of people in the Earth Sphere continued to resist them, despite the overwhelming odds. One of these groups was the Maganac Corps, a band of Arabic freedom fighters operating primarily out of the Middle East region of Earth. They built their own frontline mobile suit, the Maganac, which proved itself to be slightly more formidable than OZ's mainstay unit, the Leo, in terms of fighting ability and firepower (as well as due to the more disciplined skills of the Maganac pilots). The Maganac Corps would operate their Maganac units for several years, hiding from the Earth Alliance and OZ at times, while resisting fiercely at others. Many of the Maganac Corps' members also customized their own suits to some degree, either cosmetically or (in the case of the Corps' squad leaders) with additional armor and weapons. As the Maganac Corps of the Middle East region waged an underground war of resistance against the encroaching military control of OZ and the United Earth Sphere Alliance, many Maganac Corps members and squad leaders customized their Maganac mobile suits. One such customized model was operated by Ahmed, a squad leader whose Maganac was altered cosmetically with heavier shoulder and skirt armor.[17]

WMS-04 Olifant

Based on the Maganac's design, the Olifant lacks manipulator arms and standard legs, instead using a hovercraft propulsion system to skim across the desert. The suit is armed with a large beam cannon and a turret-mounted gatling gun, while possessing heavy armor. Olifants are primarily defensive in nature, and appear only in a small number of episodes, first appearing in episode 11.

Gundams in G-Unit

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit, released in the United States as Mobile Suit Gundam: The Last Outpost, features six new Gundams created by Kōichi Tokita.

GU01A/GU02A Gundam Geminass

The Geminass suits were the first of Dr. Berg's experimental G-Unit mobile suits, based loosely on the original Tallgeese design. The original MO-V Gundams designed by Dr. Berg, Geminass 01 and 02 are assigned at the start of the manga to rookie Odin Barnett and his older brother Odel respectively. Both suits are identical in design and function, although the PX System in 01 was inactive until Odin could learn to use it in chapter 3. Both suits can be equipped with a 'space unit', allowing them to maneuver and fight in exo-atmospheric conditions. Geminass 01 is later upgraded to the Gundam L.O. Booster. Geminass 02 is destroyed in chapter 2, salvaged by OZ Prize, remodeled as Gundam Aesculapius, and later recaptured by its original pilot.

OZ-10VMSX Gundam Aesculapius

Following the salvage of the remains of Geminass 02, Gundam Aesculapius is constructed by OZ Prize and Dr. Berg (who is shown to be a spy for the Romefeller Foundation). The new components allow the suit to function in two roles; high mobility, and close combat. The suit is initially piloted by OZ Prize member Roche Nattono, who is unable to control the PX System. The suit is then used by Odel Bernett, who infiltrated OZ Prize following the destruction of Geminass 02. He continues to use it following the revelation of his identity and 'defection' to MO-V, up until the end of the series.

OZX-GU01LOB Gundam L.O. Booster

The Gundam L.O. Booster is upgraded from the original Geminass 01, based on plans left behind by the traitorous Dr. Berg. The upgraded components are constructed during the events of chapter 4, and the completed mobile suit is first seen in chapter 5.

OZ-15AGX Hydra Gundam

The Hydra Gundam first appears in chapter 5. It is piloted by Valder Farkill, a mobile suit ace earning distinction in the purge of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. The main feature of the Hydra Gundam is its ability to fold back its legs and use the thrusters housed underneath the skirt armor for high speed maneuvers. The suit is equipped with an electro-magnetic shield. The Hydra and its pilot are destroyed by Gundam Griepe in the final chapter of the manga.

OZ-19MASX Gundam Griepe

The Gundam Griepe is a transformable mobile suit first appearing in chapter 7 of the manga. The Griepe features the same modular design of the original Geminass suits, and shares many of the same parts, including the performance increasing PX System. The Griepe is heavily damaged in a battle against the Hydra in chapter 11. Although victorious, Odin is forced to use the modular G-Unit system and components from Odel's Aesculapius and Roche Nattano's L.O. Booster Gundams in order to keep the Griepe active for long enough to take out the OZ Prize space battleship Granshiro.

Gundams in Tiel's Impulse


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